Mine episode 1

Episode 1
Anna’s POV
It’s not always easy to get by in this country, especially if you’re on your own like me. I am working as a sales girl in a big Mart but the pay is not much so i also take other jobs like cleaning and the rest.
“Anna please answer this customer, i have to visit the restroom” my co-worker Jane said and i nodded.
I turned to the woman who is about 40, she had a smile on her face that proves she’s nice.
She placed all she bought on my table and i did the account one by one. Then i put it in the nylon bag and gave it to her while she paid me.
“thanks for coming ma, do come again next time” i said in my customer pleasing tone.
“what is your name my dear?” she asked surprising me.
“Anna” i answered and she smiled.
“such a beautiful name”
“thanks ma” i bowed.
She searched through her bag and brought out a card, “this is my card, i would like to talk to you some other time”
I collected it and nodded, she smiled again and walked out.
Such a strange woman.
It’s four already, i quickly changed and went to pick up my 7 years old daughter Mandy from school. Not that she can’t come home but i prefer picking her up.
She runs to hug me when she saw me, her blue eyes beamed in happiness. Her eyes are blue just like her father’s, he’s an American and someone i don’t want to talk about.
“how was school today dear?” i asked stroking her long Black hair.
“fine mum, I’m so tired”
“alright dear, lets go” i said and took her hand and we boarded a bike  home.
Anna’s POV
We got home and i made lunch for Mandy after she freshened up.
I took her to my neighbours who lives in a three bedroom flat, Mrs Adesuwa. She’s my very kind neighbor who helps to take care of my daughter when i go for my second job.
“good day ma” i said greeting her.
“ha! My dear Anna, how are you doing?” she asked as she ushered us in.
“am fine ma” i replied.
“Mandy how are you?”
“fine” she answered with her sweet voice and American accent.
“i have to go now ma” i said standing up.
“alright, be back soon” she said.
I hugged Mandy, “be a good girl”
She nodded, “bye mum”
I dashed out and took a cab to my second workplace, SKYLAR INC RESTAURANT.
A big restaurant owned by a business company, they also own the house i live in.
I changed into my waitress uniform and started working, it’s all for Mandy. I don’t want her to lack anything.
9 pm
I walked out of the restaurant to get a cab home and i bumped into someone.
“oh no, am sorry ma” i apologized realizing it’s the woman i saw earlier today.
“it’s okay my dear, we meet again” she said smiling. Why does she like smiling?
“what are you doing here?”
“i also work here ma” i replied.
She shook her head she’s not happy, “it’s because of money right?”
I nodded.
“how about a job at the owner of this restaurant’s house? You’re going to be paid ten times what they pay here. I like you that’s why am telling you”
Wow! Ten times my salary? That’s like two hundred thousand a month.
“will you think about it?” she asked and i nodded again.
She smiled, “good night dear”
“good night ma”
We went our separate ways, that job is a chance to make a better life for Mandy. I’m going to take It.
I got home and found her asleep, i carried her home and tucked her into bed then lay beside her.
She’s my everything.

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Jace’s POV
I got down from the private jet as my guards followed me to my limo. Well am here in Nigeria, but am doing this for dad.
I’ll sign the contracts for two weeks then go back to Chicago.
Am so exhausted. Once i got into the house, i went straight to my room and slept off.
I woke up an hour later, i showered and went downstairs to meet with Mrs Kristen.
She is our housekeeper in Chicago, she was sent here to help me out since am used to her.
“welcome Mr Holland, come have dinner sir” she said with a smile, she just loves smiling.
Quite cute of her.
After dinner, i went to my room and worked on some files on my laptop then lay on my bed to sleep.
But she came flooding my mind again, i still love her after all these years. I’ve searched for her but it’s impossible because she doesn’t seem to be in this world.
I miss her. I screwed up.
Am sure she must’ve aborted the pregnancy, which i can never forgive myself for.
I hurt her, i just want her to forgive me and be mine again, where are you Anna?
Anna’s POV
“am here baby” i answered from the kitchen.
I am packing Mandy’s food in her lunchbox, she’ll soon be late if i don’t act fast.
“mum be fast, i don’t want to be late” she said from the door.
I quickly packed everything and held her by the hand as we both walked out of the house.
I dropped her off at school and left for my new work. Well I’ve been working there now for the past two days and i love it.
I told Jane and she’s very happy for me, she’s a friend like no other. All these years she has always been with me, i love her so much.
I got in and met Mrs Kristen making coffee in the kitchen. I set my bag down and walked close to her.
“good morning ma” i said bowing.
“good morning dear, how was your night?” she asked with a smile.
“fine ma, let me help you ma” i attempted to collect it from her but she stopped me.
“don’t worry dear, you can help me take it to the boss’ room” she said and i nodded.
Five minutes later, i collected it and headed upstairs, i have never seen this boss before.
I wonder what he looks like, tall, short, ugly, handsome. Whatever! I don’t care anyways.
I knocked on the door and i heard a come in, i slowly opened and went in with my head bowed.
I gently dropped the tray, i glanced at him but his back was to me tho i saw that he’s white.
I was about to leave when he stopped me.
“wait” he said and i turned back.
“help me get some water” he said turning.
“yes sir”
“and some….” he stopped shocked, i froze on my s₱0t.
My worst nightmare.
“Anna?” he called..
What do you  think Anna should do?
Run away or stay?

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