Mine episode 2

Mine episode 2
Jace’s POV
I stood there shocked, this is the woman I’ve been looking for years now.
“Anna” i called again and moved closer to her but she didn’t move. I guess she’s so shocked to see me.
“Jjjace” she called and fainted but i was quick to catch her.
I carried her on the bed and called Mrs Kristen. She came in rushing with water and milk.
After attending to her, she excused us. I watched her sleep, she’s so beautiful. I touched her hair, then leaned close and k-ssed her.
“i miss you Anna” i said.
Now that I’ve found her, i know it wouldn’t be easy to win her back considering what i did.
But one thing is sure, i won’t stop until she’s mine again.
She turned and slowly opened her eyes, “what happened?”
“you passed out” i said and she jumped up.
“i have to go now! I quit this job!” she said going to the door but i held her back.
“Anna please lets talk” i begged but she flinged my hand away.
“i don’t want to talk to you!” she yelled and walked out.
I followed her.
Anna’s POV
I walked out of his room angrily and felt him follow me. I turned sharply and met with those blue eyes i used to love.
I hate him so much now, i felt tears slide down my cheeks.
“Anna” he called softly.
“i am quitting this contract, i can’t work here anymore sir” i said simply and walked out.
I arrived home and cried my eyes out, i can never forgive him for what he did. I suffered because of him, i don’t want him in my life again.
He rejected my child, i can’t let him know about her.
“i hate you Jace ”
Anna’s POV
I woke up with a big headache the next morning, my head hurts a lot after the crying i did.
I took my bath, dressed Mandy up and dropped her off at my neighbours house since there is no school today.
I got to the house, i showed Mrs Kristen my resignation letter and she looked at me with sadness in her eyes.
I don’t want to stay here even for a minute anymore, i want to get far away from him.
“you know you signed a six months contract, i don’t think you can resign but show it to Mr Holland” she said sadly.
Right, i forgot i signed a stupid contract because they hate changing employees anyhow.
I knocked on the door of the study cos that’s where i was told he is.
I heard a come in and i entered. He got up with a smile immediately he saw me and walked up to me.
Now my heart is kinda beating fast.
“you came” he said.
He smelled alcohol, has he been drinking? I won’t fall for this act.
“i came to give you my resignation letter. I quit this job sir” i said trying to sound formal.
The smile on his face dropped, now am really getting scared of him.
His eyes portrayed anger and pain but what do i care? I suffered more than that.
“you what?” he yelled.
“i want to leave here!” i yelled back.
“but why Anna?” his voice is calm now.
“i found another job” i lied and he saw it, he always knows how to figure me out when am lying.
“you can’t leave” he said.
“you signed a contract didn’t you?”
“yes” i said silently.
“i can only give you three months but you can’t resign now” he said and sat down leaving me dumbfounded.
“what do you want from me Jace?” i asked sadly.
“You Anna, i want you back” he stood up again and faced me.
“Well i don’t want you, i hate you so much. Don’t just think you can come into my life after what you did” i yelled.
“I am truly sorry Anna, i made a mistake and i want to correct it. Please, forgive me” he tried to hold my hand but i jerked it away,
“Is my life a joke to you? You think you can humiliate me then i’ll accept you back like nothing happened? I have a life now, forget about me and let me be” i said and walked out angrily.
Jace’s POV
I know she’s mad at me, she has every right to be. She hates me and i feel so hurt.
I rejected her pregnancy years ago just because i thought she was cheating on me. She always says she was a V-rgin but i didn’t meet her like that so i got angry.
I broke up with her, she begged and begged but i didn’t listen to her.
Some weeks later, she told me she was pregnant. I got angry again and sent her away. Now i regret everything because i found her diary and discovered she was raped.
She didn’t tell me because the raper threatened to harm me.
Am such a jerk.
A call came to my phone, “hello”
“sir you have a meeting in an hour, where are you?” my PA asked.
“I’ll be there soon” i said and ended the call.
I know am a jerk Anna but please forgive me.
Jace’s POV
I am at the company, we just finished the meeting and am working on some files before i go home.
I can’t seem to get Anna out of my head, she asked me to forget her. Does she have someone else? Please let it not be what am thinking Anna.
I guess she got rid of the baby, i just can’t forgive myself for rejecting it.
I went to the reception to talk to a branch manager, Mr Adeolu. It seems he came with his kids.
“good day sir” he greeted.
“welcome Mr Adeolu, to what do i owe the honour?” i asked.
“don’t mind me sir, my kids wanted a tour of the company and to meet my white boss” he said and i smiled.
“sure, let me say hi” i said moving close to the kids.
“hello kids”
“HELLO UNCLE!” they chorused and i chuckled.
They were all dark skinned except for one who caught my eyes. She is quite white and beautiful.
“hey princess, what’s your name?” i asked crouching to her size.
“Mandy” she said shyly.
“wow boss! This girl looks just like you, is she your daughter?” my secretary’s voice said behind me.
How is that possible? I looked at the girl and it’s true, now God is really great.
“she’s my neighbours daughter” i heard him tell my secretary.
I have a strange feeling about this girl, and am going to investigate her background.
“alright kids, lets go now” he said ushering the kids out.
“wait” i said and brought out some money, i gave it to Mandy.
“you all share the money princess, see you some other time” i said.
“thank you sir” she said and they all left happily.
My child could have been her age if he or she were alive.
Anna’s POV
Mandy came home happy, she just returned from a tour of my neighbours working place but am wondering why she keeps smiling.
I like it that way though, she said she looks just like the boss.
I wonder who the boss is.
Jace asked me to forgive him, i can never do that not after all i suffered for him. I almost died, i can never forget that so he should just leave me and my daughter alone.
How is it?
Episode 7
Anna’s POV
I went to work as usual, he’s not really around these days. I wonder why but i don’t care.
I quickly tidied up his room, i don’t want him to meet me here. I went to the door and there he stood.
“excuse me sir” i said and made to pass but he blocked my way.
“i need to talk to you” he said as i heard the door close behind him.
“what do you want to talk about sir?” i asked and he grunts in frustration.
“stop calling me sir Anna, please answer this question with sincerity” he began, “did you keep the baby?”
Oh God, why is he asking me of the baby now? Did he find out? Oh no, please don’t let this happen God.
I can’t let him take my happiness away from me.
“what baby?” i asked in pretence.
“the pregnancy you had for me years ago” he said desperately.
“the one you rejected and asked me to get rid of? Well yes i did remove it. Why the sudden interest?” i asked.
“i just wanted to know that’s all”
I nodded and turned to leave but he grabbed my arm.
“Anna, i know you hate me but please if my child is alive, let me meet her” he said and my heart skipped a beat.
“i have to go now” i said nervously and ran out.
Oh God, please tell me he didn’t find out about my daughter.
Jace’s POV
I know Anna is hiding something from me and i will find out.
I took my car keys and went to the Skylar estate. Mr Adeolu lives there, i don’t really know his apartment but i won’t give up yet.
I drove round looking for the place, i was driving quickly that i didn’t notice a girl cross the road.
I stepped on my brakes but unfortunately, i hit her hærd that she flew off and fell hærd.
I quickly rushed down, “OMG! Mandy!” Mr Adeolu said running to us.
She was already in a pool of blood, what have i done?
We quickly rushed her to the nearby Skylar hospital, my dad owns it too.
The doctors and nurses took her into the theatre while we waited at the reception.
“i should call her mother” he said and i nodded. He left and came back minutes later.
“she’s on her way and she’s freaking out” he said. I’m in big trouble.
Thirty minutes later, a woman rushed towards the reception, i stood there shocked.
“Anna” i called.
“you! You! You tried to kill my daughter!” she yelled.
Her daughter?
Who’s fault is this?

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