Mine episode 3

Mine episode 3
Jace’s POV
Her daughter?
“Anna i….”
“i hate you! You’re trying to kill my child because i told you i removed your own child. Go away! You’ve succeeded in ruining our lives” she ranted in tears.
“please calm down Anna” i begged but she began hitting me till i held her close and she cried in my arms.
An hour later….
She is a little calm now, we’re still waiting for the doctors to come out.
Finally, she comes out looking gloomy. We rushed to her.
“how is my daughter doctor?” she asked.
“she’s in a critical state, i don’t think we can handle it here. She has a lot of broken bones and has lost a lot of blood” the doctor explained.
Nice act doctor.
“oh my God” Anna began sobbing.
“we need a blood donor whose blood is O+ve'” she added.
I feel so bad, the girl lost a lot of blood because of me.
“i will donate my blood” i said.
Anna wanted to protest but i cut her off, “Anna please, it’s the least i can do for my daughter. Doctor please lets do this”
“follow me sir” she said and i followed her.
Anna’s POV
I can’t believe this is happening to me, once she gets better, i’ll take her and run away. I want to get far away from Jace.
God please save my daughter, why did he have to come to Nigeria?
He rejected a child that’s his. I was raped before he made love to me that’s why i wasn’t a V-rgin.
The rapists came to my house to do their evil deed and threatened to kill Jace if i said anything to him.
After he sent me away, i couldn’t continue my studies cos i was on scholarsh¡p. I decided to come back to Nigeria, but our plane crashed on getting here.
I was in a coma for seven months, when i woke up, i gave birth to Mandy immaturely. She had to be placed in a incubator for five weeks, i lost my memory then for two years.
I’ve been struggling to get by since then, but he has been living in Luxury, i just can’t forgive him.
He came out minutes later, with some good news.
“i have talked to the doctor and she said Mandy’s bones can be fixed” he said.
“can i see her now?” i asked desperately.
“this way” he said and i followed him.
We got to a room, he opened and i went in with a broken heart.
My daughter has machines connected all over and her body and head is bandaged.
“Mandy” i cried sitting with her and car-ssing her head.
“i am so sorry my love, i promise that if you wake up, we’ll go far away from here” i said forgetting that Jace is around.
“what did you say?” he asked and i saw fear in his eyes.
“i am going far away from you with my daughter” i yelled.
“she’s also my daughter Anna! You can’t go anywhere with her, will you stop being selfish for once!” he yelled back.
“i am being selfish? You asked me to get rid of the ‘bastard’ and now am being selfish?”
“i said am sorry Anna why can’t you just let this go? I realise my mistake and am begging you to please forgive me. Don’t push me out of my daughter’s life please” he begged.
“i don’t care, i suffered more than this, so don’t think i’ll ever forgive you” i said in tears.
“mummy” a voice called and i turned to see my daughter awake. I rushed to her.
“my baby, how are you?” i asked.
“Mr Holland?” she said instead.
They know each other?

Anna’s POV
“Mr Holland?” she said instead.
They know each other?
“darling do you know him?” i asked.
She nodded, “he’s Daddy Miracle’s boss”
Now i get it, he’s met her before, that’s why he wanted to know the truth.
“how are you princess?” he asked and she smiled.
“I’m fine sir, but my leg hurt” she replied.
“i am really sorry for this” he begged.
“it’s okay, mum is here and am so happy” she said.
“are you hungry baby?” i asked and she nodded. “please watch over her, I’ll be back”
I don’t know why am even letting him near my own child, he’s her father but has lost his right as that.
I went out and watch from the glass wall as they talked, i hope that girl doesn’t talk too much.
Jace’s POV
I sat beside Mandy as soon as Anna went out, gosh that woman can be scary sometimes but she has a good heart.
“Mr Holland?” she called, she even has an American accent despite being raised in this country.
“call me Jace dear” i said.
“I can’t, it’s disrespectful” she said.
Nigerians with respect, i like it though, Anna brought her up well.
“okay, i agree” i surrendered.
“do you know we share the same surname?” she said and i got confused.
“My full name is Amanda Holland” she said.
I can’t believe after all i did to Anna, she still named the child with my surname. This really is my daughter and i regret ever rejecting her.
“are you crying sir” she asked and i realized tears are rolling down my cheeks.
“No baby…I’m so sorry… I think something got into my eyes” i lied wiping my tears.
“Mum cries like this too, especially when i ask her about my dad. Or talk about my surname, so please don’t cry or i might cry too” she said getting teary.
“please don’t cry dear, i love you okay?” i said and she nodded.
“do you love my mum?”
“yes i do, a lot but i offended your mum and she can’t forgive me” i said.
“All my mom’s boyfriends always offend her, they don’t like me so mum always breaks up with them” she said.
“yes but don’t worry, I’ll beg her for you cos i like you”
“oh thanks a million darling” i said k-ssing her hands and she giggled.
Just then Anna entered surprised to see Mandy giggling.
“i brought your food, thanks for watching over her” she said without looking at me.
Anna, i know you’ve gone through a lot i can’t imagine but i won’t stop until you forgive me.
Anna’s POV
Jace didn’t leave, Mandy slept after i fed and cuddled her.
I just can’t wait to leave with her when she gets better.
“Anna” Jace called and i turned to look at him.
“I think we should let Mandy know am her father” he said.
“do you deserve that title?” i said harshly and i saw hurt in his eyes.
Now i feel bad for saying that.
“Okay” i said and turned away but he just kept quiet. I know i still feel something for him but i just can’t accept him back.
It’s so hærd, i just can’t.

Anna’s POV
Three hours later—
Mandy slept really well and the doctor checked on her frequently.
Jace left two hours ago to attend to some matters in the company.
“mummy” a voice called and i looked up to see Mandy awake.
“baby, you’re awake” I said k-ssing her forehead.
“my leg hurts a lot” she said.
“am so sorry dear, i don’t know how to make you feel better”
“call my dad, i want to see him please” she begged.
Why is she bringing this up today? Did Jace tell her anything?
‘”mom you’re not saying anything, where is my dad?” she asked again.
“Honey, your dad is back” i said, i already promised Jace i would tell her the truth.
“but where is he?”
“He… ” Just then he came in.
“is here”
Her eyes w¡dened at this, “he’s my dad?”
“yes darling” i said trying to fight back my tears.
“where have you been dad? Why did you leave us?” she asked crying.
Jace held her hands and wiped her tears, “please forgive me darling, i promise never to leave you again”
She nodded, “am glad that you’re here, if you’re going back, you’ll take us with you right?”
Jace looked at me and i gave him a stern look, i didn’t tell my daughter what you did in order to protect her from trauma. Don’t try anything funny
“ummm… why don’t you rest princess” he said adjusting her bed cover.
“mom please forgive dad for offending you” she said.
What? Did he tell her everything?
“your dad is right, you need to rest” i said.
She nodded and started closing her eyes. Soon enough, she was asleep.
“thank you” i heard Jace say.
“i am doing this for my daughter” i replied coldly and he kept quiet.
Jace’s POV
She hates me a lot, i don’t know what to do to win her back. I really hurt her beyond repair, i just don’t know what to do.
“Would you like to eat something?” i asked.
“am not hungry” she said.
“c’mon Anna, if you’re mad at me, at least eat something for our daughter’s sake” i begged.
“okay” she said and stood up.
“this way” i gestured as we left.

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