Mine episode 5 – finale

Mine episode 5
Anna’s POV
Jace is really acting like a child, he asked me to spoonfeed him because he’s still sick.
Now we’re in the living room watching a movie, he’s lying down and he placed his head on my legs.
Mrs Kristen and Mandy kept giggling and whispering to themselves, so annoying.
The doorbell rang and Mrs Kristen went to get it, seconds later she came in with Jane. Jace gets up and i rushed to hug her.
“Aunty Jane!” Mandy shouted and she quickly hugged her.
“How are you my princess?” she asked Mandy.
“Am fine Aunty! Meet my Dad” Mandy said and pointed to Jace who stood up with a smile.
“Oh hello Mr Holland” she greets.
“The pleasure is mine” he said and shakes her hands.
“Please sit, what would like to have?” i asked her and she mouthed ‘am good’. I shake my head and head to the kitchen with Mrs Kristen and Mandy following me, I’m gonna make her something. She deserves more than this.
Jace’s POV
I’m left with the lady in the living room but i don’t really feel comfortable.
“So… How is work?” i asked dryly.
“It’s fine, i actually came here to see you” she replied.
“me? Why?” Am really confused.
“To tell you something important so listen, she might not tell you this but i will because you don’t know what she’s been through” she said.
She told me everything, the plane crash, the coma, the loss of memory, Mandy’s immature birth and lots more. Now i understand, she is such a good friend to tell me this.
It’s all my fault Anna had to go through that, now i know why she found it hærd to forgive me.
“Thank you so much for this Jane, i will always be grateful” i said and she smiled. Just then Anna came in, “Food is ready!”
She and Jane left and they kept chatting happily, I’m glad she’s smiling.
–Later in the evening–
I waited for Anna in her room, immediately she enters, i stood up.
She switches on the lights and scre-ms but i covered her mouth.
“hey it’s okay, it’s me okay?” i said and she nodded holding her chest.
“You scared me”
“Am sorry love”
“So…what are you doing here?” she asked.
“I know everything”
“Everything? What?”
“Jane told me everything that has happened to you, i can’t explain how sorry i am” I see tears flowing down, she must really be in pains.
“You didn’t have to remind me of that, it’s so painful to remember” she cried. Please forgive me, i hate myself. I won’t waste this opportunity ever again.
“But it’s okay, i decided to forget it so i could have peace of mind”
I hugged her more, “Thank you Anna, Thank you so much”
She wiped her tears and smiles, “You can go now, i have to change”
“What? Why can’t you change in my presence?” i asked.
“Well… Never mind, I’ll use the bathroom” she said and left.
“Can i come too?”
“What? No way! You dare not!” she shouted.
“i dare you” i said and removed my clothes and entered the bathroom.
“What are….” I cut her off with a hot k-ss, which she reciprocated, it’s hot and showed our hunger for each other.
So, i ended up sleeping in her room…

Anna’s POV
It’s been a week since Jace and i reconciled and he has been Nothing but sweet.
I can really see change in him, he’s even pampering me a lot and now i find myself falling for him the second time. By tomorrow, he’ll be going back to Chicago but he’s going to come visit us.
I feel like going with him but am not prepared. I wonder how Mandy’s gonna feel.
“Baby” Jace hugs me from behind.
“Jace, stop acting like a child. Mandy can’t see us like this” i whispered and heard a giggling behind us.
Mandy is standing with her crutches smiling at us, “I already saw it MOM”
I rolled my eyes, “This child”
“Well… Mandy and i have something to share with you” he said and i raised my brow.
***** “well mom, we’re going to Chicago with Dad tomorrow” Mandy said happily.
—–Are they being serious? “What?” i asked confused.
“The thing is… I made all the preparations two weeks ago, you don’t expect me to leave without you after seven years of searching for you” Now am getting so.emotional.
“Jace…” i called.
“I made a great mistake by letting you go but not anymore. You and my daughter are my life now, i can’t live without you. Am sorry i didn’t tell you before, i just want to surprise you. So, will you go with me?”
I nodded quickly and hugged him tight.
“I love you so much Anna”
“I love you too Jace” i said and he pulled away.
“Really?” he asked with excitement in his eyes.
“Yes, I love you”
He smiles and hugged me again, we hear someone coughing.
“Don’t i get a hug.too?” she asked.
“Of course darling” Jace said and carried her as we both hugged her.
Jace’s POV
Words can’t explain how happy i am, I never thought i would be this complete again. When.she left years ago, i felt my world ending.********
She completed most part of my life, all my other relationsh¡ps never worked out. But in her, i found my soulmate. I always knew she was MINE and would always be MINE.
——Gwen has been disturbing me for the past two weeks. I wonder why she won’t leave me alone, she cheated on me with Diego. I let her go and now she’s trying to push some pregnancy on me. I am going to do a DNA once i get back to Chicago.
****** I won’t tell her cos it’s going to be a surprise.
We have finally arrived in Chicago, we just entered the mansion. Mandy looks surprised and happy, the house is three times bigger than the one in Lagos.
“Wow.Daddy! Are we going to live here now?” she squealed happy.
“Yes darling, this is our new home” i said and she smiled. Anna isn’t surprised cos she has been here a lot of times before.
Just then all the three maids and Mrs Kristen arrives, they all bowed and took our bags.
“Wanna go see your room princess?” i asked and she nodded. I took her hand and led her upstairs while Anna followed the suit.
I opened the first room which is painted in pink with a gigantic princess bed and lots of toys. It also.has a big flat screen t.v.
“Wow” she said.
“Do you like it dear?” i asked.
“I love it Daddy!” she replied.
I hugged her, “Play with your toys, i want to show your mother our room”
She nodded and left. I took.Anna’s hand and led her to our room. She is surprisingly quiet, i don’t know why.
I hope i haven’t screwed up again.
We entered our room which is much bigger than Mandy’s room.
Anna slowly observed the room and sits on the bed.
“I.can’t believe I’m back here” she said silently.
I quickly kneel before her, “please Anna, don’t let the past haunt you. Lets think about the future darling please” i begged and she smiled.
“It’s okay, am just being emotional. Lets forget the past”,she said and i hugged her.
Just then my phone rang and i.saw that it’s Gwen. “I have to be somewhere, I’ll be back soon”
I k-ss her, “I love you”
“I love you too” She said and i stood up. Lets get this over with Gwen, I’m  taking her to my doctor.

Jace’s POV
I got to the Skylar resturant, one of the big restaurants in Chicago which i also own. Gwen was sitting with a bottle of champagne in front of her, i chuckle inwardly. How can a pregnant woman still be taking alcohol? If only she knows what is coming to her.
She looked up with a smile and hugged me, then sat back down.
“I’ve really missed you darling” she said pouring me a drink.
“What was that you said about a pregnancy?” i asked in pretense.
She frowned, “It’s our child Jace”
“How old?”
“Well… Like two and half months”
“Is that thing mine?” i said with disgust and she saw it.
She’s lying, we broke up three months ago. How could i have impregnated her when I’ve already left her then.
She burst into tears which is not moving me, “How dare you Jace? You dare to call my child a thing?! You’re taking responsibility whether you like it or not!”
People were beginning to stare so i took her hands and dragged her to the car.
“Where are we going?” she asked immediately i ignited the engine.
“Watch me” i said and drove straight to the hospital.
“What? The hospital? Really?” she asked a little nervous and scared. What is she scared of since she’s sure it’s my child?.
“DNA” i answered and got down but she didn’t follow. I went to her side of the car and dragged her out. Now she’s acting stubborn and am really losing my patience.
“What is wrong with you Gwen? Get in,side the hospital already!” i yelled making her flinch.
“I…I’m not going in” she said stubbornly.
“Ugh” i gro-ned, i have to do this anyway.
I carried her into the hospital, she fought but isn’t strong enough. I took her into Dr Harry’s office and dropped her on the bed there.
“Mr Holland…what a… Ummm… Any problem Mr Holland?” he asked confused.
I locked his office and went over to him. “My ex is pregnant for ‘me’. I want a DNA test conducted now”
He nodded and went over to Gwen who stopped him.
“Wait, it’s fine. I’m sorry Jace, i lied. I did it so you would come back to me but it seems i lost on this one. I’m not pregnant at all, i just found Diego’s nothing but a player. I know i hurt you but can you forgive me and let’s go back to how we were” she begged.
I sighed, “I forgive you Gwen, every one deserves a second chance and i realized that when i was also given the chance. But we going back together isn’t going to work out because i have a new life now. I’m grateful for this second chance and am not gonna waste it, i hope you find a man that will love you someday” i said and left the hospital. Well am actually glad it’s not true, i don’t want anything ruining my relationsh¡p with Anna.
I love her so much and would do anything for her and my daughter.
Anna’s POV
It’s been an hour since Jace left and am missing him already. I can’t believe am actually saying this. I entered the bathroom and had a refreshing shower. I tied a towel and came out dripping w-t. I didn’t notice someone at the door watching me. I flinched and held my chest p-nting.
“You scared me” i said and he smirked.
He’s coming closer just staring at me, i saw his eyes had turned dark.
What….oh, i look at myself and realized am still wearing a towel that is showing my legs.
“Jace…” i called but he ignored me and pulled me close. I didn’t fight it because my towel will fall. He started k-ssing my neck, i let out a soft mo-n.
“Mmmmm… ” he answered not letting me go.
“Can we do this later?” i said even though am enjoying it.
“Not when you already turned me on”
I feel my cheeks heat up, as i tried to push him, my towel dropped on the floor. A smirk forms, “You’re really beautiful darling”
What do i do?
I quickly dodged him and ran into the bathroom, but he managed to stop the door before i could even lock it.
I’m screwed.
“You shouldn’t have done that” he said pulling off his clothes.
He pulled me in and turned on the shower,
“Anna…” he called,
“Jace i…”
“Marry me” he said and my heart skipped. Did i just hear right? I think it’s the effect of the shower.
“W…what?” i asked to be sure.
“I know this is not the right place or time but i don’t think i can wait any longer to make you mine forever. We’ve been through a lot all these years but destiny has brought us back together. I made a grave mistake by letting you go and trust me I’m never gonna play with this opportunity. You went through a lot because of my foolishness, i know i might not be able to wipe that memory but i will do everything i can to make the new memories cover it up. Anna, i love you so much and i can’t do without you. You gave birth to my greatest joy, my daughter, you brought her up even when i failed you. It would never happen again… Please marry me Anna”
I am in so much tears but the shower is washing it away.
“Jace… You’re right when you said the memories can’t be forgotten but i really wanna forget it and move on. I’m grateful to God for everything, I’m grateful for Mandy. I love you so much Jace” i said.
“Is that a yes?” he asked with excitement.
I nodded and he smiled widely and brought out a diamond ring. He slipped it gently into my finger and we k-ssed. This is the craziest proposal ever.
Who likes this episode like i do?
Jace and Anna got married a week later because he didn’t want to waste any more time.
His family accepted her, Jane attended their wedding courtesy of Jace. Gwen had to leave to the country to start a new life with the new guy she met.
Diego got arrested as soon as Anna recognized him as her raper and the police had evidence of other rape cases against him.
They decided to put their past behind and focus on their future.
This story is mainly about forgiveness and trust. Whatever the sin is, everyone deserves a second chance.
Thank you all for reading, please help me to drop comment.

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