Mine The Mafia Possession

Mine the mafia possession episode 26

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Episode 26

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“Where are we going”

” that’s for me to know and for you to find out Amore.” Sin was mysterious as ever, just like the night of my birthday when he took me out.

We were inside one of Sin limousines.
shouldn’t even be surprised when I found out we were riding the limousine for our date.. He always knew how to spice things up and leave me in awe, that is one of the things I love about him. We stopped in a deck but there weren’t many cars there, just an average quantity. Sin’s men that were following behind us, stepped out to secure the premises.

I looked out of the window and I was stunned when I saw a very big yacht that
had beautiful lights shining out of them.

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“Are we having our dinner on a yacht?”
I voiced out surprised and at the same time extremely excited.

“And what if I told you yes”

I let out a squeal, pulling his face in for a quick k-ss.

I plan on making our first official date
special, she’s with many special dates. He smirks. That familiar s€×y smirk of his

“What do you have in store. ” like I said,
he was one to leave you stunned.

“We are about to find out” we got down from the car, my hands clasped with Sin own as we walked hand in hand into a fancy restaurant.

The restaurant had a dark rom-ntic light
with soft pianos playing it’s tones at the corner. We were welcomed by the manager.

” Your table has been reserved for you, Mr. Violante.” he said, showing us to a secluded area of the restaurant. Sin got my seat for me and I sat down then he made his way round the table to sit opposite Me.

“Thank you. ” I said to the manager. He nodded his head. ” very well, ma, sir, have a wonderful evening.”

“We plan on it” Sin says, his gaze on me with a smirk and my breath became £[email protected] I looked around the place taking in the view. It looked like a five star, the furniture was eloquent and didn’t get me
started with how amazing the chandeliers were. They reflected the perfect lighting of the restaurant.

I picked up the menu place on the table
and my eyeballs almost fell off my eyes at how freakishly expensive it was. One would think that after leaving with Sin, getting a lot of lavious girt, I would get used to it but I just couldn’t. ” It’s freaking expensive here Nikolai”

An amusing look crossed his face at my
reaction. “Don’t worry Amore, I can very well afford it.”

“I know you can but we can easily go to mcDonalds or Starbucks and have some fries and chicken nuggets and it would still be a wonderful date.”

“Maybe next time, let’s focus on the now.” he chuckled.

“Would you like to order now. “the waiter asked. I looked down at the menu and it was filled with lots of food I had never heard of. I told Sin to order for the both of us since I trusted him and he had a better idea of what was on the menu.

He ordered some Italian food and a champagne that I couldn’t pronounce the name of.

The waiter left just to come back a few
minutes later, carrying a curved bottle in
his hand. He left it on the table, walking
away not before telling us to enjoy our drink.

“Thanks for coming into my life. ” He smiled. I laughed already feeling giddy without taking any alcohol, Sin popped the champagne open, p-ouring it into our respected glass.

“cheers”. We both clinked our glasses together with a big smile on our faces. I
took a sip of my drink and it tasted so divine.

“I absolutely love it” I said, smiling widely at him.

“It’s a good thing you do. That’s my brother’s favourite drink. ” he replies. This
was the first time he has ever brought up any one in his family without me asking, and it warms my heart to finally see that he trusted me.

“You must care about him a lot. ”

“of course I do l, he is family. l always care about my family” he answered.

“What is your family like. ”

“You can say Alexander is the jovial one
of us two and my younger sister is kind
of like a spoiled brat but still nice.” He
stops to take a sip of his champagne. “My mom, she is the kindest person I have ever met. He really cares about them a lot, but I have never seen him talk to any of them since I started living with him.

A different waiter came in with our food
and I took the first bite. ” Hmm, this is really good.” I said with my mouth full.

“I knew you would like it and you have got something at the side of your mouth.”
Sin in his deep s€×y voice as he stretched his hand to clean the corner of my mouth with his thumb moving slowly to my l-ips as he car-ssed it. His eyes not leaving them, I felt my neck grow h-ot at the with other people enjoying their blissful dinner.

“I think we should call it a night and end our dinner here. ” he voice sounded deeper than ever. I nodded in agreement to his words and Sin brought out his phone to make a call.

I stood up along with him and he placed
some money on the table pulling me towards the door, out of the restaurant and out of the Yacht.

“We didn’t get the bill.”

Sin looked at me, clearly frustrated by
my question. ” I own the restaurant amore, so the bill was written off.”

“oh.” that was alI I could manage to say as we continued on our way out.

So overwhelming, I subconsciously bit my lower l-ips and pressed my legs t¡ghtly
together under the table. I couldn’t deny the burning s-nsation I had been feeling between my th-ighs all night.

“You clearly don’t know how h-rd I am trying to control myself, especially with
you sitting across from biting those tasty l-ips of yours.” he said in a low soft tone that woke the butterflies In my stomach.

I giggled softly, looking away from his
gaze as tried to control my racing heart. The tension between us was raising wildly and I wanted nothing more than to push away the table separating us and get on his lap with my l-ips on his, k-ssing him like crazy as I grab hold of his hair but I knew i couldn’t do that here, not with other people enjoying their blissful dinner.

“Goodbye Mr. Violenta.” I heard the manager yell from the far end of the yacht.
The car was already out front, we got in to the back seat and the driver drove towards Sin’s mansion. Neither of us said a word because we were holding on to a little bit of control that we had left.

The minute we stepped into the b£droom as was pinned against the wall, with Sin’s l-ips on mine and we k-ssed like two deprived humans. He broke it off. Impatiently, I was about to protest until my eyes met his. His eyes were darkened with lvst.

He trails his f-nger down my collarbone and hover just above my br-ast. He slowly pulled my dress off and it landed on the ground around my leg, leaving me exposed in just my b-ra and p-nties.

“I can never get used to how gorgeous you are.” He grabb£d my neck, pulling me to another urgent k-ss. He planted a k-ss on my neck, my shoulder then back to the ridge of my throat and I tilt my head giving him more access.

My body was on fire with the way Sin was nipping me lightly on the neck as he
car-ssed my inner th-ighs. His hand trails up my hips to the hem of my underwear. He kneeled as he pulled it down and I stepped out of it with my heels still on. I uncl-ipped my b-ra, throwing it at the side of my dress, standing completely nude in front of him.

His mouth got a hold of my left n-pples,
licking and s-cking them while he tugged the other. I gro-ned and my f-nger dug
into his soft dark hair, gently tugging the root. I squeaked when he lifted me up and placed me on the b£d.

“I..” he k-ssed my jaw. ” missed you. “then k-ssed my l-ips before moving to my
chest. He used one of his hands to support himself on top of me.

“I missed you too.” I mo-ned, my hands
reached down to undo his belt and he took over, getting rid of his shirts and p-nts leaving only his boxers on. He latches his mouth on my n-pples again, s-cking, nipping and biting.

“Nikolai..” I mo-ned, unable to hold my self.

His l-ips left my n-pples, trailing down to
my stomach until he got to my throbbing core. He started licking my cl*t and continued with his t0ngue.

“f-ck! Nikolai.”I cried out In pleasure when he dipped his f-nger Into me. I arched my back as I felt both his t0ngue and f-ngers in my cl*t. He held my legs down and I thr-ust myself into his face as he kept on licking and f-ngering me mercilessly.

A wave of pleasure took over me and l was really close to my release and with one final lick, I came apart crying out his name.

He smiled, whipping his mouth off with
the back of his hand, slowly he removed his boxer, his h-uge h-rd c*ck came sprinting out, standing tall and proud. I could see the pulsing veins along his length.

w-rapping my legs around his wa-ist, he
positioned himself against my entrance.He slid into me and I let out a gasp as he slowly thr-ust Inside me. He went in deeper with every thr-ust which made my body shake as we mo-ned together, our bodies moved in unison.

“Nikolai. faster” I mo-ned.

He pulled out abruptly then slammed back immediately Into me h-rd and I whimpered. This time he went at a faster speed, his f-ngers car-ssing my cl*t in circular motion, Intensifying the pleasure.

” I’m going to come”. I rasped, holding
t¡ghtly to the sheets.

“Wait for me amore.” He k-ssed me and
I winded myself around him as he sank
deeper into me, my p*ssy clenched around his d*ck and he mo-ned along with me. I could feel he was getting closer to his climax now. That was all I needed as we both came undone, a wave of orgasm rushed out of me. His white h-ot liquid filled
me up. Sin rolled off me to the other side of the b£d. We were both breathing heavily and the only thing going through my head was, wow.

I was pulled close to him, Sin w-rapped around my wa-ist and my legs dangled with his. My head rested on his chest and our bodies molded together into one. My eyes felt drowsy and I slowly shut them close, welcoming the darkness.

No be me write am o🙈
Ta lo ma mu emi no on a date bayi


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