Mine the mafia possession episode 30

Episode 30


Sin wrapped his hand around my wa-ist
and I rested my head on his shoulder, inhaling his intoxicating scent while the water fell down our body. We stayed in each other’s embrace for a while, before leaving the bathroom.

I walked into the walk-in closet to do my
make up while Sin gets ready. I did natural makeup, I didn’t put any foundation, but put a little bronzer on my eyelid and cheekbone to give me the same color. My hair was straightened but a little bit curled at the tip.

I picked up the dress i was wearing, putting it on. It looked absolutely beautiful,
it was a black dress that gummed to my body aligning every single curve in my body. I took a minute to look at myself,
I felt beautiful and powerful.

I put on the necklace Sin gave me on my birthday. I confidently walked out the room, downstairs. Sin walked away from
Luca, who he was talking to. He was wearing a black tuxedo with his shirt tucked and a bow.

Once I was on the last step, he met me
and took my hand. He k-ssed the back of my hand. “You look beautiful, my little
temptress.” he complimented and I blushed.

“Thank you.” I say, pecking his l-ips. ” Hi

“Hi Mani, you look amazing. I hope you
have a nice dinner.” he smiles.

“Thanks.” I smelled back at him.

“shall we.” Sin asked

“we shalI. ” I wrapped my hand around
his and we walked out the front door to
the car.

We got the house to the front where the
chauffeur was waiting for us in the limousine. Sin opened the back door for me and I got in as well as Sin. There was already a driver at the front waiting for instructions.

“dove boss mafioso(where to boss)” the driver asked.

“la villa della Violente (The violante Mansion)” Sin replied, and the driver drove out of the compound.

A ball of anxiety filled me up, I didn’t know what to expect but I hoped they wouId like me. Sin held my hand in his through the ride while I tried to steady my breath.

My palm was sweating like crazy in his
big warm hands. Sin gave my hand a little squeeze, trying to calm me down. He bows down, placing a tender k-ss on my l-ips.

“You don’t need to be worried, everything will be alright” He started in a loving deep velvet voice, giving me a comforting smile to ease my nerves.

But it didn’t stop the bile of nerves forming in my throat, this was one of the powerful mafia families and they are considered royals in Italy, I am anything but caIm.

Oh God!, I think l’m going to faint. Sin takes a step forward, pressing the doorbell. An old woman opened the door, looking shocked when she saw Sin in front of her. She bows her head down fearing to say anything.

“Wel..welcome back Mr Violente. Your
family is waiting in the dining room.” Sin gave a curt nod, then led me in,side his family Mansion. My eyeballs popped out of my eyes, the interior of the mansion. no castle. Was unbelievable, it was like a dream.

“Mio figlio (my son)” A woman said as she walked closer to Sin pulling him into a hug, she placed a k-ss on each side of his face before pulling back. She had dark brown hair with brown eyes, she looked like a model.

” Mama, it’s good to see you. This is Normani, Mani this is my mom Serena

I brought my hand out for a handshake
but was pulled into a hug, k-ssing both
my cheeks in the same way she did for Sin.

“It’s nice to finally meet you Mani, come take your place, dinner is about to start.” His mother smiled leading us in,side the spacious dining room. In the middle of the room was a long table. You know those kinds of tables where there is a long distance at both ends of the table.

Two figures were already sitting, I guess it was his brother and sister. Their heads turned to look at us when they noticed our presence.

“brother.” The man who called out to Sin, had their mom’s feature. The same hair, shape of face but the one thing he and Sin had in common was their dark orbs. Despite their looks it was obvious they were brothers.

“Alexander. ” Sin says, and the two brothers hugged. Even with the distance, Alexander here in Italy and Sin in New York, it’s clear to see their brotherly love for each other.

“What about me, don’t you miss me. ” The girl pouted and both brothers laughed.
She had the same mesmerizing hair like
Sin, but their eyes were not the same. She had the same eyes like that of their mother

She jumped on Sin’s, clenching onto his body for a tight hug, then went back to her seat.

” Amore, this is Alexander my younger brother and Arizona my sister. I had a smile on my face and gave out a quick wave to Alexander which he reciprocated. I
did the same to Arizona but she bluntly
ignored me like she didn’t see me and the smile dropped from my face.

Sin takes out a seat for me and I awkwardly sit down. Sin takes a seat next to me, placing his hand on my th-gh, rubbing circles with his thumb on it.

“Are you really dating my brother Mani.” Alexander’s deep voice asked with seriousness.

“Yes.. “I responded truthfully, even though we hadn’t really put any label on our relationsh¡p yet.

“Welcome to the family” he announced
with a big smile on his face. I could see
why Zoey fell for him, he was really handsome and jovial.

” It’s obvious the reason why she Is dating him. She just wants his money, you can’t easily welcome her” Arizona hissed, sending a glare my way.

My eyes snapped open, gazing at her with a blank face. I probably looked like I
had seen a ghost. Why does she hate me, does she really think I wat in Sin’s life for his money. That I wasa golddigger.

“Ari” Sin growls “I suggest you think carefully before saying another word to Mani. ” His tone was calm but I knew better that under that dangerous calm exterior was a storm brewing.

“I don’t know why you would think that
was of me but I’m not like that. ” I tried reasoning with her but she seemed adamant and refused to believe it.

” oh really, why else would he keep you. You must be good in bed, my brother must pay really well for you to still be here. After all that’s why you are here, because of the money. ” she smirks evilly. l give up, I’m trying to be the mature one here but, she just has this notion that I want Sin’s money. I don’t want to say anything, or I mean end up saying something extremely rude to her which might escalate the situation. Picking a fight would be unreasonable.

“enough.” Sin growled out, slamming his hand on the table. His voice beamed through the room and everywhere went
quiet,I could feel his rage radiating over

Sin’s fists were clenched tightly beside
me, so tight that they were becoming pale white. His hand was shaking, trying to control himself. I hurriedly put my hand in his, stopping him before he did something.

His eyes met my pleading ones, I could
see he was fighting to control himself. I
shook my head, in a way of telling him not to do anything, he huffed but complied even though he was still pissed. He sent a glare to his sister and she quivered in her seat.

His face, which had a welcoming smile
for his sister, was now completely blank
while looking at her with no emotions and I felt like it was my fault for the sudden change of mood.

“I’m just trying to look out for you. I hea..” Arizona was cut short by her mother’s voice which was stern.

“Enough zona, I didn’t teach you to be disrespectful towards a guest. Your brother hasn’t been back for almost three years and the first thing you do after seeing him again is pick a fight with the woman he love.” She voiced out with an authoritative voice, making Carla huff in her seat but didn’t say anything else.

“I apologize for her unprofessional behavior and the way she talked to you Mani.” Serena voiced out with sincerity. “Let’s have the food served. ”

In less than a second, maids came out
serving each of us our food before bowing and walking away. The tray of food which was laid in front of me looked beyond delicious and my tummy let out a low growl wanting to get a taste of it.

“Let’s dig in.” Alexander announced, trying to ease away the tension and awkwardness of the room. Arizona on the other hand, rolled her eyes, picked up her fork and started eating, occasionally sending death glare my way.

Alexander manages to take Sin’s mind off as they converse. He placed his hand back on my th-gh, leaving it there while still talking to Alexander.

“So tell me, who do you do. ” Serena spoke softly, looking at me with a smile on
her face.

“Right now nothing but I’m going to start my residency.”

”oh. … You want to be a doctor. “She stiIl had a warm look on her face.

” yes.”

”why haven’t you started yet” Serena questioned

Nikolai won’t let me do anything, I’m still trying to change his mind. ” I replied casually while chewing on the steak.

The sound of someone choking caught
my attention and I removed my focus from the food in front of me to look up. They were all staring. Serena, Alexander and even Arizona. Mouth agape looking between Sin and me.

Alexander was able to control himself and get his cough under control while Sin
rolled his eyes and continued eating, not minding their stunned expression.

“He let’s you call him by his name.” Serena exclaimed with surprise. She looked at Sin then back at me.

“ummm. Yes”

“wow. “Alexander and Serena mouthed
in surprise, while Arizona looked more pissed and she continued to stab her food, I’m sure she was imagining me as the meat.

I don’t get it, I didn’t dress like a wh-re or say anything that would imply me wanting Sins money and I wished she would give me a chance. I know she is just protecting her brother, but I don’t know what to do to warm my way into her heart.

It seemed like everything I said just seemed to piss her the most. I knew Sin told me his sister was spoilt but I don’t expect her to be this way.

The conversation continued despite Arizona’s sour mood, I was having a great time talking to Serena and Alexander . We were speaking with each other and laughing even when Sin joined in, letting go of his bad mood.

I learnt a lot about Serena and Alexander, they were both friendly and open. While I was speaking with Serena, Sin would occasionally play with a strain of my hair, k-ssing the crown of my hair while ch¡pping in on the conversation when he wanted to.

“oh yeah.” Arizona suddenly said, catching every one’s attention. She had a smirk on her face. ” my bad, I forgot to mention, I invited a friend of mine or should I say a close friend of Sin.”

At that time a high pitch voice sensual called out. ” Sin. ”

Everyone turned their head around and
a tall figure walked into the room with a
sed-ctive smile on her face.