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Mine the mafia possession episode 34

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Episode 34


It was days later, Samantha and I were
hav!ng breakf*st. S!n’s wounds were already h£aled and th!ngs were [email protected]¢k to th£ way th£y were before. Samantha and I were !n a conversation while we ate. That was wh£n S!n came !n all dressed up !n h¡s black Amarni suit. S!nce we came to Italy h£ has been very busy, go!ng ©vt m©r£ and com!ng [email protected]¢k late or h£ is trapped !n h¡s office go!ng through some do¢vments but I don’t compla!n because h£ always makes time for me, despite h¡s very h£ctic sch£dules.

“S!n, jo!n us for breakf*st.” Samantha beamed at h¡m.

“I can’t Sam, I’m go!ng to be late.”

I let ©vt a quiet sigh, Samantha looked
at me and th£n nudged my shoulders with h£r lightly.

“Come on Nikolai, j√$t have breakf*st. You haven’t been eat!ng well lately. Please.” I pleaded with h¡m.

h¡s gaze shifted from me to h¡s watch th£n [email protected]¢k to me and let ©vt a curse. h£ took a seat at th£ stool of th£ kitch£n Counter, sitt!ng beside me. “I can never say no to you bamb!na.”

I stood up to ₱0ur a cup of brewed black coffee !n a mug and ₱u$h£d it to h¡s front th£n took two pieces of waffles, putt!ng th£m on a plate !n front of h¡m. I went [email protected]¢k to my seat beside h¡m and took a seat.

” So S!n, Zoey and I wanted to take Mani ©vt today for shopp!ng. Samantha said, smil!ng at h¡m.

“No.” h£ answered sternly as h£ ate h¡s

“You know you can’t keep h£r copped h£re all day do!ng absolutely noth!ng.” Samantha tried to reason with me.

I must admit I was tired of stay!ng !ndoors all day do!ng absolutely noth!ng. I wanted to work, make oth£r friends and live a normal life with h¡m.

” Nikolai, I can’t stay !ndoors, do!ng noth!ng.” I covered h¡s large [email protected] with my small ones, try!ng to change h¡s m!nd.

“You know it’s dangerous, am©r£.” h£ cont!nued.

“Will I keep on liv!ng look!ng beh!nd my
[email protected]¢k with©vt do!ng th£ th!ngs I love? I can’t do that, I can’t be s¢ar£d all th£ time Nikolai.”

” am©r£.” h£ started but I cut h¡m off.

“Please we won’t take long, I promise.” I
smiled at h¡m, hop!ng th¡s would work.”

“F!ne, Mateo would be go!ng with you and along with double security.” it was m©r£ of a command and I j√$t nodded, suppress!ng my squeal. h£ klzzed my ch£ek th£n walked ©vt of th£ kitch£n.

Wh£n h£ was a good distance away, Samantha and I let ©vt a squeal, jump!ng and clapp!ng [email protected] with each oth£r.

“Okay, I will go tell Zoey while you get ready. ” $h£ suggested, th£n ran up th£ stairs to Zoey’s room.

I went up to th£ room to change !nto comfortable blues jeans with an off shoulder black top. We got !nto th£ car with Mateo at th£ front, Samantha, Zoey and I sat at th£ [email protected]¢k. Four cars followed us, two !n front of us and two beh!nd us.

Wh£n we got to th£ mall, we m©v£d to different stores as we tried on different cloth£s, shoes and bags and oth£r th!ngs.
Right now I was sitt!ng on th£ [email protected] while Zoey and Samantha try on different dresses, I had already gotten th£ th!ngs I needed already but th£ oth£r girls couldn’t decide on what th£y wanted.

I had also gotten a new thong and I couldn’t wait to show it to S!n, I smiled wh£n l imag!ned h¡s face and reaction wh£n h£ saw th£ sets of thongs. I smiled and

I saw someone at th£ corner of my eyes who looked to have been follow!ng us s!nce we got !nto th£ mall. h£ was dressed !n a black shirt and trousers with a cap on h¡s face which h£lps hide h¡s face, mak!ng it [email protected] to identify h¡s face.

I knew for sure that h£ was watch!ng us,
I could feel it. After what happened at
S!n’s house !n New York and how Mateo
got sh°t and I almost got killed, you could say my s£nse had become sharpened I turned to look at th£ girls, th£y were chatt!ng among th£mselves so I turned my gaze [email protected]¢k to th£ mysterious man but didn’t f!nd h¡m th£re.

It was like l imag!ned everyth!ng, but I knew better than to th!nk that. I was sure h£ was somewh£re else, watch!ng us.

“Is everyth!ng okay, Mani. ” Mateo asked, follow!ng my glance to look !n th£ same direction th£ man was.

“Yes, Mat. ” I replied, smil!ng at h¡m. I stood up from th£ [email protected] and followed Zoey and Samantha to th£ cashier and th£y paid for th£ir cloth£s. I was crav!ng ice cream so I asked Mateo if we could stop for one before h£ad!ng [email protected]¢k home.

Mateo wasn’t k!n to th£ idea, but had no oth£r option but to stop for ice cream like I requested.

We went !nto a small ice cream parlor, I
took a seat with Zoey beside me and Samantha opposite me. Mateo and th£ rest of th£ men sat two seats away from us, order!ng absolutely noth!ng.

“I can never get tired of shopp!ng. ” Samantha gu$h£d, scoop!ng a ball of vanilla ice cream !nto h£r m©vth.

“Me too. ” Zoey [email protected]¢ked h£r up.

“I don’t know how you guys do it, but shopp!ng is very stressful. Well, at least
to me.” I wh!ned, not agree!ng with th£m. I looked ©vt th£ w!ndow to see th£ man
aga!n from across th£ street, h£ had a
phone !n h¡s ear, talk!ng to someone at th£ oth£r side of th£ l!ne. Pretend!ng to be so immense with th£ call

“I th!nk it’s best we go.” I say to th£ girls, stand!ng up.

” why. I’m not done with my ice cream yet.” Zoey compla!ns.

l ignored h£r and walked ©vt of th£ door
with Mateo and th£ men follow!ng after me. I got !nto th£ car alone with Samantha. Th£ door sw!ngs open and Zoey enters |ns!de grumpily.

I looked [email protected]¢k across th£ street wh£re I
saw h¡m stand!ng and h£ was still th£re, not so discretely star!ng at us. I h£aved
©vt a sigh wh£n th£ car ₱v||ed ©vt of th£ park!ng lot of th£ ice cream parlor to th£ direction of th£ mansion.


It was @r0vnd 2 pm wh£n I woke up. I feIt no warmth hold!ng me d©wΠ and no sign of S!n. I had thought I would wake up to S!n us!ng one of h¡s many s€×ual ways to wake me up. klzz!ng and cuddl!ng with h¡s large palm @r0vnd me but I th!nk I overslept and woke up th¡s afternoon

My stomach grumbled loudly, I was starv!ng. I adj√$ted myself on th£ k!ng sized b£d. Curl!ng up !n a position like I was a fetus, enjoy!ng th£ feel of th£ cold $h£et !n my b©dy. My eyes were s1©wly clos!ng up, want!ng to [email protected]|| asleep aga!n, all of a suddenly. I h£ard a knock from th£ door.

“Come !n, ” I said !n a croaked voice.

Th£ door swung open and a young girl !n a maid uniform walked !n, $h£ gave a
slight bow with h£r h£ad before speak!ng.

“Good afternoon ma’am. I would like to know if you want your lunch to be brought up to your room. ” $h£ asked !n a very gentle tone.

At th£ mention of food my tvmmy grumbles th£ m©r£. I was really hungry.

“Yes I would like that,thanks” I responded.

“I will br!ng it right up ma’am. ” $h£ says, slightly bow!ng h£r h£ad aga!n th£n walk!ng ©vt.

I stood up from th£ b£d, stretch!ng my b©dy and sigh£d !n contentment. I walked !nto th£ bathroom to tidy up, I wasn’t shower!ng but I bru$h£d my teeth. Th£re was no way I was eat!ng anyth!ng with©vt brush!ng, that would j√$t be gross.

After I was done I walked [email protected]¢k ©vt at th£ same time th£ maid stepped !n, $h£ had a tray of food !n h£r arms. I jumped [email protected]¢k on th£ b£d, putt!ng th£ tray on my lap. !n front of me was homemade pasta, th£ smell was !nvit!ng and I already had an idea who made th¡s.

“Thank Sarah for me. ” I said to th£ maid as $h£ walked ©vt of th£ room. I picked my fork, !nhal!ng th£ wonderful aroma before I dug !n. I had a b¡t£ of th£ delicious, ch£esy pasta and I [email protected] It tasted really amaz!ng.

Sarah really was a great cook.

I was enjoy!ng my lunch wh£n th£ door
opened and S!n came !n look!ng casual. I looked at h¡s direction and gave h¡m a
smile which h£ reciprocated. h£ walked towards th£ b£d, tak!ng a seat. I studied h¡s facial expression and noticed h£ looked pissed.

And voic!ng my thoughts I asked. ” What is it.”

h£ raised h¡s dark eyes to m!ne and I nearly [email protected] at th£ !ntensity of th£m. Th£y were dark and dangerous and p!nned
me to th£ b£d. I stared [email protected]¢k deep !nto h¡s eyes, not bl!nk!ng. h¡s rang!ng eyes cla$h£d with m!ne as I waited for h¡m to respond.
“I had !nterrogated th£ man who sh°t me” h£ says ,try!ng to ¢©Πtr0| h¡s anger. I’m j√$t angered by what h£ said. That’s all bamb!na. ”

I nodded !n understand!ng, pick!ng my fork. Th£ pasta was gett!ng cold, I knew h£ wasn’t go!ng to tell me m©r£ ab©vt it
s!nce h£ wanted to keep me ©vt of th£
mafia’s bus!ness so I didn’t ask any furth£r questions. I wanted to f!nish th£ pasta, so I could spend time watch!ng my favorite soap opera. I went to lift th£ fork up to my m©vth, wh£n a long f!ng£r wr*₱ped @r0vnd th£ bow.

I raised an eyebrow at S!n, but was welcomed with a devilish smirk on h¡s face, as h£ attempted to ₱v|| th£ tray to h¡mself. I wasn’t go!ng to let h¡m have my food so I h£ld t!ghtly to th£ bowl and th£ grip on th£ fork t!ghtened as well.

“get your own, th¡s one is m!ne. ” I told
h¡m, narrow!ng my eyes at h¡m. I had no plan of shar!ng my food with anyone.

An amused look crossed h¡s face. ” I want th¡s one bamb!na. “S!n said, mov!ng th£ tray from my leg. I put th£ pasta !n th£
fork quickly !n my m©vth, th£n m©v£d to
take th£ test from h¡s hold.

“th¡s one is m!ne.” I answered stubbornly.

” you’re m!ne, which makes it m!ne as well. ” h¡s l¡p stretch£d !nto a slight gr!n
and h¡s eyes tw!nkled with pride. My breath cut !n my throat at how devilish [email protected] h£ looked right now.

Wh£n I f!nally managed to register h¡s w
ords !n my m!nd, a blush rose on my ch£eks and my hold on th£ tray flattered, h£ ₱v||ed th£ tray completely ©vt of my hold and took th£ fork !n my oth£r [email protected] before plac!ng th£ tray on h¡s lap. I looked at h¡m !n surprise and h£ w!nked, trawl!ng th£ fork round th£ pasta and brought it up to h¡s m©vth. I j√$t sat th£re baffled as h£ cont!nued to eat my lunch.

After h£ was done, h£ placed th£ tray on
th£ table, press!ng a bell I had no idea
existed at th£ side of th£ b£d. Not seconds later th£ young maid who had served me my lunch knocked before com!ng !n after S!n’s command. h£ po!nted to th£ tray and said someth!ng to h£r but wasn’t listen!ng.

Th£ maid nodded, tak!ng th£ tray along
with h£r as $h£ walked ©vtside. S!n on th£ oth£r [email protected] was look!ng at my reaction with an amus!ng gl!nt !n h¡s eyes. h£ walked towards me, klzzed my foreh£ad th£n walked to enter th£ bathroom.

Did I j√$t lose my lunch.!

I couldn’t even be sad at that because h£ made it up to me, I had no idea what h£ told th£ maid but $h£ walked !n thirty m!nutes later with two boxes of pizza,chips, and ice cream.

Who was I to compla!n?

Chai I can’t believe m jealous of my own story 🙆🤦


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