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Mine the mafia possession episode 35

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🔥M!nE 🔥
Episode 35


“Come !n “I Said wh£n I h£ard a knock on th£ door. I was sitt!ng on th£ b£d watch!ng Netflix on tv. I h£ar as th£ door creaks open s1©wly.

“I come bear!ng food. ” Samantha said,
rais!ng th£ tray of food up. ” breakf*st. ”
I let ©vt a laugh, I could have easily gone d©wΠ for breakf*st but I appreciated h£r gesture. I stood up from th£ b£d and went to sit on th£ couch s!nce th£re was a table at th£ center of it. Samantha walked towards me, plac!ng th£ tray on th£ table th£n took a seat beside me.

“I hope you are hungry. ” $h£ says as I stared at th£ large dish of favorite topp!ng pancakes and sausage on th£ side.

“I would have a one d©wΠ for breakf*st.
you didn’t have to stress yourself. “I say to h£r.

“It’s noth!ng, I don’t want to eat !n th£ kitch£n or th£ d!n!ng room nor eat alone !n
my room. So !n a way, I’m us!ng you to
keep me company.” $h£ replied with a gr!n on h£r face.

I breath£ !n th£ wonderful aroma of th£
meal and my m©vth is salivat!ng. I looked at th£ oth£r side of th£ tray to see a
different plate of pancakes with a banana flavored topp!ng dripp!ng from th£ top to th£ bottom. $h£ takes a b¡t£ of h£r pancakes, h£r eyes focused on th£ TV !n front of h£r. I ate my food but th£ smeIl of banana from Samantha’s plate didn’t sit well with me.

“Are you okay, you look pale. “$h£ asked.

My stomach rumbl!ng weirdly. ” I’m okay.” I directed my eyes to my food and tried to take anoth£r b¡t£, but th£ smell was so prom!nent that I felt my stomach beg!n to churn.

“are you seriously eat!ng pancakes with
banana topp!ngs. “I asked puzzled.

“yeah, I Iike it. I saw th£ video of some
one try!ng th¡s on Y©vtube and it actually tasted great to me. ” Samantha replied putt!ng m©r£ pancakes !nto h£r m©vth. I tried to not put my attention on th£ smell, while I ate my food s1©wly. I kept my gaze straight to th£ TV and kept repeat!ng !n my m!nd ‘it’s f!ne, l’m f!ne.’. But I made a mistake of look!ng at it on top of h£r plate and th£ next th!ng I know, I f!nd myself hunch£d over th£ toilet lett!ng ©vt my guts.

” Mani. ” I h£ar Samantha call ©vt, followed by th£ sound of h£r hurried footsteps. I feel as h£r soft, gentle [email protected] ₱v||s my hair ©vt, away from my face and beh!nd my [email protected]¢k !n one swift m©v£ment as I cont!nue to hurl.

I flu$h£d th£ toilet and sat [email protected]¢k rest!ng
my [email protected]¢k aga!nst th£ wall with a thud. “ugh…, I feel like crap. “I [email protected]

Samantha sat next to me ” you may have a stomach bug”

I nodded my h£ad !n agreement ” Maybe someth!ng expired or rotten was accidentally used wh£n prepar!ng meals yesterday. ” I suggest, I use my [email protected] to rub th£ nausea build!ng up I’m my stomach.

“maybe. ” $h£ says almost dismissively

” but you also vomited th£ last time and refused to see a doctor” $h£ po!nts ©vt what happened weeks [email protected]¢k !n th£ kitch£n and how I was pestered to see a doctor and I told S!n it it cont!nues th£n I would see one bit it didn’t. It was j√$t a simple stomach bug.

“Yeah, what ab©vt it. “I asked h£r, try!ng to understand what $h£ was gett!ng at.

“Can I ask you a question. ” $h£ says, fac!ng me.

” sure. “I answered, feel!ng uneasy.

” Wh£n was your last period. ” is th£ first
th!ng $h£ asked and I looked at h£r confused before answer!ng.

“Th£ week we went to th£ d!nner party.”

“Are you sure?” $h£ asked, I nodded my
h£ad wonder!ng wh£re $h£ was h£aded to.

$h£ mumbled to h£rself before speak!ng aga!n.”Have you been tak!ng birth ¢©Πtr0| pills with th£ way you and S!n get at it.”

” yes..s. I got a new one j√$t recently.”

“And does h£ wear ¢0nd0ms?” $h£ asked, calm and collective as possible. While on th£ oth£r [email protected], I could feel my
h£art b**t ten times f*ster than before.

“No, that’s th£ reason for birth ¢©Πtr0|.”
I wh¡spered.

Tak!ng a deep breath, $h£ stood up and
I followed, stand!ng up as well. We both walked [email protected]¢k |ns!de th£ room.

“Give me a sec, I need to get someth!ng from my room. ” $h£ da$h£d ©vt of th£ room before I could say anyth!ng and l j√$t stood th£re confused.

I h£ard footsteps of someone com!ng and a second later Samantha walked !n aga!n with h£r [email protected] filled with white and
blue sticks.

$h£ walked towards me, ₱ush!ng h£r hnd to go give th£ sticks to me. ” go !nto th£ bathroom.

I took th£ stick from h£r and exam!ned it, my eyes widened. ” I’m not pregnant Samantha, I already told you I had my period last month. “I let go of th£ test kit
and watch£d th£m drop, hitt!ng th£ ground. !n a rattle.

Samantha sigh£d and picked th£ test aga!n. j√$t go ch£ck first, that’s th£ only way we would know if you’re pregnant or not Mani. ” $h£ says with a plead!ng eyes.

I half m!ndedly took th£ test from h£r [email protected] th£n made my way [email protected]¢k |ns!de th£
bathroom. I locked th£ door and tossed
th£ sticks on th£ counter, not car!ng if it
got broken or not. I recall th£ time Stephanie had asked me th¡s same question, $h£ was so sure that I was pregnant. | felt my [email protected] shake on th£ir own accord. What if $h£ was right. What if Stephanie and Samantha were right and I am pregnant. I let ©vt a shaky breath.

Before reach!ng for th£ sticks, I wiped my sweaty palms on my shirt and tried to calm my nerves. I took th£ stick and peed on five of th£m. Wh£n I was done, I set th£ stick [email protected]¢k on th£ counter. Th£n take a seat at th£ toilet seat, wait!ng for th£ set time.

My eyes set on th£ clock !n my phone, 15 m!nutes was all I needed to know how my life was go!ng to turn ©vt to be.

3 m!nutes pa$$ed..

6 m!nutes pa$$ed..

15 m!nutes.

Th£ timer rang, alert!ng my trembl!ng b©dy as I forced myself to stand up from
th£ toilet seat. I reach£d ©vt to th£ counter and grabb£d th£ test stick with my sweaty palms that were now sweatier than before.

“Please please please please..I murmured softly to myself at th¡s very moment as I turned th£ sticks @r0vnd to see th£ results.

“Oh my God!. ” I wh¡spered as I felt th£
h°tness !n my eyes grow with every second that pa$$ed, star!ng at th£ test.

Two l!nes!


Pregnant. I was pregnant. I didn’t know
what to feel, should I be happy, sad or even worried. I couldn’t m©v£, my [email protected] subconsciously raised to grab my stomach. I was pregnant. I thought aga!n. Was l ready to have a child especially right
now with th£ k!nd of bus!ness S!n was !nto. Was it right to br!ng a child !nto a world like th¡s. I pondered.

I h£ard th£ sound of someone knock!ng
repeatedly on th£ bathroom door and knew it was Samantha, s!nce $h£ was th£ only one h£re with me.

“Mani, is everyth!ng alright !n th£re. What was th£ result? ” $h£ asked all at once and I noticed a h!nt of worry from h£r voice due to my lack of response. I took !n a deep shaken breath, star!ng at my reflection !n th£ mirror. My eyes were red and my ch£ek puffy.

How did I miss all th£ signs, I should have known. Wh£n Stephanie had told me, I shouldn’t have turned d©wΠ h£r words. I turned on th£ tap, us!ng my [email protected] to take water th£n spla$h£d it on my face. I did th¡s four times, wash!ng th£ tears off my eyes.

“Mani, answer me or my barg!ng !n if you don’t say anyth!ng. “$h£ Said sternly and I knew $h£ meant every word.

I cleaned my face with a towel, took th£
sticks from th£ counter and m©v£d to open th£ door. Samantha was stand!ng j√$t a feet apart, h£r [email protected] raised up ready
to bang on th£ door. $h£ took !n my red eyes and puffy ch£eks, h£r facial expressions calm!ng. I walked past h£r to sit on th£ b£d.

“So I take it, you are pregnant. ” $h£ asked, com!ng to sit beside me. I gave h£r th£ sticks for h£r to ch£ck h£rself. $h£ took it from my [email protected], look!ng d©wΠ at it and a gr!n graced h£r face.

Th£ gr!n was wa$h£d off wh£n $h£ looked at my face.

” aren’t you happy ab©vt th¡s. ”

“I don’t know Sam, a part of me Is happy and anoth£r is worried. Th£ latter dom!nates th£ first. ” I say to h£r, my [email protected] placed on my tvmmy, rubb!ng it softly.

“I get that you are worried, I guess that
should be a normal reaction. You’re still
young and haven’t started your life yet, not to talk ab©vt th£ mafia stuff.”

“exactly Samantha, would th¡s be th£ right time to br!ng a baby !n on all th¡s mess.

$h£ looked at me worried. “Please don’t tell me you are th!nk!ng of abort!ng th¡s baby”

I [email protected], shocked at h£r words. ” what.. No way, never. I know it wasn’t planned for, but th¡s is my child and I would be damned if I let anyth!ng happen to h¡m or h£r.”

$h£ let ©vt a breath of relief and a smile
formed on h£r face. $h£ put h£r [email protected] on m!ne that was placed securely on my

“See, you are already protective of h¡m
or h£r. You are go!ng to be a great mom Mani, and also you aren’t do!ng th¡s alone. I know S!n will be with you every step of th£ way. ”

“you th!nk. What if h£ isn’t ready to be a fath£r or what if h£ had no plans of hav!ng a child. We have never really talked ab©vt it and I don’t know what h¡s reaction would be. ” my voice quavered. I didn’t know what to expect.

“I know h£ would love and ch£rish th¡s
child, it’s h¡s child after all.” $h£ says, ₱v||!ng me to a side hug.

“and besides you have me as well. I will
always be th£re every step of th£ way, so I better be th£ godmoth£r. Okay” $h£
t£@$es and we both let ©vt a laugh.

I pretend to th!nk ab©vt it, mak!ng h£r nudge my shoulders and we laugh aga!n.

“Thanks Samantha, I don’t know what I would do with©vt you. Thanks.”

” no problem girl. ” $h£ says, wav!ng my words off. ” how are you go!ng to tell S!n..”

“ab©vt that. ” I let ©vt a breath. “I th!nk
I’m go!ng to hold off from tell!ng h¡m for

” what. Why.. ” $h£ voiced ©vt surprise.

“It’s j√$t for a few days, I will tell h¡m but j√$t not now. ”

“Mani, I don’t th!nk that’s a wise decision. If S!n f!nds ©vt, h£ will be really pissed that you didn’t tell h¡m th£ moment you took th£ test. ” $h£ said, emphasiz!ng
m©r£ on th£ word pissed.

“please Samantha. “I say !n a plead!ng

“F!ne, but you need to tell h¡m before th£ end of th¡s week.

I let ©vt a smile, nodd!ng my h£ad. “Thanks a lot Samantha. I j√$t have one m©r£ request. “I raised a f!ng£r up with a
plead!ng look.

“What is it. “$h£ asks ₱|@yfvlly, roll!ng h£r eyes.

” Can we keep th¡s b£tweeΠ us until I have told S!n. I don’t want anyone to know

”Okay, I understand. It’s best S!n knows before th£ oth£rs.” $h£ replies.

“I’m hav!ng a baby. ” I laugh£d, f!nally com!ng to terms with it.

“You hav!ng a baby. “Samantha repeated with a smile on h£r face.

F!nally th¡s is wh£re wahala will come😲😲😲
from h£re, some of th£ episodes of th¡s story will make u feel so so so sad guys u might even wanna drop th£ story lol but trust me we j√$t start 😜😜
M even sad to even cont!nue gan cause th£se episodes ehn are so sad 😭😭😭😭💔💔 buckle ya shoe o n follow me🚶🚶🚶🚶

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