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Mine the mafia possession episode 36

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Episode 36


I woke up th£ next morn!ng with S!n asleep beside me, one [email protected] wr*₱ped @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t while th£ oth£r had my h£ad rest!ng on it. I turned to face h¡m and
h£ looked so peaceful and calm.

I s1©wly traced th£ tattoos on h¡s arms
while h£ slept like a baby. Look!ng at h¡m, it feels like I have known h¡m for a lifetime wh£n !n reality it’s j√$ta few months. I still haven’t told h¡m ab©vt th£ baby yet, with all Samantha’s perp talk I was still s¢ar£d to tell h¡m because I wasn’t sure what h¡s reaction might be. Suddenly h¡s eyes started flutter!ng open, h£ had a smile on h¡s face wh£n h£ opened h¡s eyes fvlly to see me star!ng at h¡m.

“Good morn!ng Bamb!na. ” h£ said !n h¡s deep s€×y morn!ng voice.

“Good morn!ng. ” h¡s leans !n so that h¡s l¡ps can claim m!ne.

Th£ klzz started off s1©w and steady until it became feverish and our t0Πges fought for dom!nance but of course S!n won. I ₱v||ed away, trail!ng klzz s1©wly d©wΠ h¡s exposed ch£st to h¡s stomach. I ₱v||ed h¡s boxer d©wΠ and h¡s d*ck sprung ©vt [email protected] I s1©wly used my t0Πge to trace th£ tip and h£ [email protected]

My [email protected] wr*₱ped @r0vnd h¡s big c*ck,
putt!ng h¡m to my m©vth and my p*ssy
starts to throb wh£n I h£ar h¡s tender [email protected] [email protected]||!ng ©vt of h¡s m©vth.

“fv¢k.. j√$t like that Bamb!na.. fv¢k” h£ says !n b£tweeΠ [email protected]

I s√¢k and swirl my t0Πge @r0vnd h¡m f*ster, Ma$$ag!ng h¡s balls with one [email protected], while I!ncrease my pace. I m©v£d my h£ad up and d©wΠ a few m©r£ times, mak!ng sure h£ completely released h¡s semen before klzz!ng th£ h£ad of h¡s length and sitt!ng up with a smile on my face.

” You’ve had you go now, it’s my turn. I want to taste you. ” h£ said, plac!ng a klzz on my l¡ps. I rem©v£d my s!ngle night gown and [email protected], gett!ng b£tweeΠ my
legs and place a s!ngle klzz !n th£ middle of th£ s€×. I [email protected] !n ₱1ea$vre, my b©dy buckled up. h¡s [email protected] wr*₱ped @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t and h£ld me still as h¡s t0Πge m©v£d up and d©wΠ rapidly. h£ sl¡pped a f!ng£r !nto my fold, th£n anoth£r one.

“fv¢k Nikolai, I need m©r£. “I [email protected] as I feel a build up !n my stomach. h£ goes f*ster and f*ster, mak!ng me [email protected] ©vt loud at th£ !ntense ₱1ea$vre thrv$t!ng !nto me with fvll force. h¡s [email protected] sqv££sed my br£@st as h¡s hips ₱u$h£d aga!nst me f*ster. I wr*₱ped my f!ng£r @r0vnd h¡m and dug my nails at h¡s [email protected]¢k.

“Tell me Bamb!na, Who makes you feel
th¡s way..”

“You Nikolai. Please, don’t stop. “I begged.

“Non ti lascerò mai andare pr!ncipessa
( I never !ntend to stop pr!ncess)” h£ promised as h£ slammed h¡s l¡ps on m!ne.

h£ placed my legs on h¡s shoulders and
started slamm!ng !nto me [email protected] and [email protected] caus!ng th£ wh0l£ b£d to m©v£, We were both [email protected]!ng and [email protected]!ng as our bodies m©v£d togeth£r !n perfect sync. h£ was relentless, driv!ng f*ster and [email protected] !nto me with each thrv$t.

“fv¢k pr!ncess, you are so t!ght. ” h£ cupped my br£@st with my [email protected] and th£ oth£r cupped my cl*t ma$$ag!ng it rapidly
h¡s [email protected] grabb£d a [email protected] of my hair, yank!ng me up so that my l¡ps could meet h¡s. With!n a second I was !n my second [email protected] of th£ night.

” Who do you belong to, piccola tentatrice (Little temptress)” h£ says through gritted teeth. Th£ ₱1ea$vre beg!ns to over power my b©dy as I start to shake due to immense

“You.. fv¢k ..Only you Nikolai “. I [email protected] aga!nst h¡s neck.

h£ grabb£d my [email protected]¡$t with both [email protected] and started pound!ng !nto me roughly. Our [email protected] were !n sync.

” ¢vm for me pr!ncess. ” S!n wh¡spers

“Nikolai.” I [email protected], [email protected] pooled through me like a wildfire.

I put my [email protected] on my l¡ps try!ng to ¢©Πtr0| my [email protected] as I found my release., h£ cont!nued thrv$t!ng !n and h¡s ball smacked my a$$.

h£ thrv$t for a few m©r£ times before spill!ng !n on me. h¡s sk!n glitter !n sweat and I ran my [email protected] over h¡s ch£ek, ₱v||!ng h¡s hair [email protected]¢k that was stick!ng on h¡s foreh£ad due to sweat. h£ smiled at me klzz!ng my l¡ps, d©wΠ to my neck th£n [email protected]¢k to my l¡ps aga!n.

h£ klzzed me on my l¡ps and I !nstantly
klzzed h¡m [email protected]¢k. h£ ₱v||s away and starts gett!ng ©vt of b£d.

“I have to [email protected] someth!ng for an hour, after that I want to take you somewh£re.


“somewh£re special to me. Have break
f*st and fre$h£n up.

“wh£re exactly is that? ” I asked as h£
went !nto h¡s closet

“it’s a secret am©r£.”

I rolled my eyes as h£ shut th£ closet door, I walked !nto th£ bathroom to tidy up myself and get rid of th£ sticky feel!ng underneath my legs. After clean!ng up myself, I put on my fluffy sl¡ppers and
march£d d©wΠstairs to th£ kitch£n. Sarah was stand!ng beside th£ stove, stirr!ng someth!ng !n th£ pot.

“Buon giorno (Good morn!ng) Sarah. “I greeted, tak!ng a seat !n th£ stool.

“ah.. My child, Buon giorno(Good Morn!ng).”

“How was your night. “I asked h£r.

” it was f!ne dear and yours

“it was great. ” I answered, it went silence for a while until I perceive th£ great aroma.

“What are you mak!ng, it smells really nice. ” I asked h£r as I watch£d h£r cont!nue to stir whatever was |ns!de th£ pot. It’s Stracciatella, an egg soup. ” $h£ took ©vt a spoon fvll of soup, put it !n my m©vth and almost [email protected] ©vt loud at how great it tasted.

“Th¡s is really delicious. “I compliment,
po!nt!ng d©wΠ at th£ soup.

“Thanks dear, it was my moth£r’s recipe.” Sarah Smile, but kept on do!ng h£r work.

I h£ard two sets of soft footsteps com!ng towards th£ kitch£n and turned my h£ad to see Samantha and Zoey walk!ng !n.

“Wow, it smells great h£re. Samantha said, rubb!ng h£r stomach as $h£ walked
to wh£re Sarah stood, while Zoey came
to take a seat beside me.

” h£y” I said, putt!ng anoth£r spoonful of soup !n my m©vth.

“h£y” $h£ smiled watch!ng how Sarah
was scold!ng Samantha because $h£ tried dr!nk!ng from th£ pot. “I didn’t see you yesterday. ”

“oh., it’s noth!ng. I was j√$t tired and decided to rest. ”

Sarah dropped a plate of Stracciatella !n
front of Zoey and Samantha had h£rs !n
h£r arms, plac!ng it on th£ table to take a seat at th£ oth£r side of me.

“How are you feel!ng ” $h£ wh¡spered to my ears so that Zoey and Sarah wouldn’t h£ar.

“I’m good. Surpris!ngly, I slept well last night. “I wh¡spered [email protected]¢k to h£r.

” what are you guys wh¡sper!ng ab©vt. ”
Zoey asked shift!ng closer to h£ar what
we were say!ng.

“non of your bus!ness Zoey. ” Samantha said ₱|@yfvlly and ₱v||ed my stool gentle close to h£r

“So piccolo fagiolo (little bean) didn’t disturb you.”

“piccolo fagiolo” I asked h£r.

” that’s what I’m call!ng th£ baby !n your
womb s!nce we don’t know th£ s€×. ”

I shake my h£ad !n amusement. I guess Samantha is really excited ab©vt th£ baby.

“Speak!ng of babies, we need to goto th£ hospital today and see how far along you are.”

“I can’t, Nikolai is tak!ng me ©vt. ” I said quietly to h£r.

” Okay, tomorrow th£n. I can already see th£ baby bump, I thought you were j√$t add!ng weight with th£ way you ate but I guess that was not th£ case. ”

My eyes started to water up and my l¡ps
bent !n a p©vt. Samantha’s face suddenly turned concerned as h£r eyebrows screwed d©wΠ !n worry.

“Mani, are you OK. ” $h£ asked !n a panic voice and let ©vt a loud sob. Sarah and Zoey Looked at me !n concern th£n Zoey turned to glare at Samantha while l kept boil!ng my eyes ©vt.

“What th£ h£ll did you say to h£r, Sam.
Zoey snapped at h£r.

Samantha stood, arms raised up with a
shocked expression. “I didn’t say anyth!ng, one m!nute we were talk!ng and th£n $h£ was cry!ng h£r eyes ©vt.”

“Dear, what is wrong. Sarah Moth£rly voice came through as $h£ patted my [email protected]¢k softly to try and calm me d©wΠ.

I let ©vt a series of hiccups. My f!ng£r rai
sed to po!nt at Samantha , my eyes blurry. “Samantha called me fat. ” I said !n th£ midst of hiccups.

It was silent for a m!nute, Samantha had h£r m©vth opened wide while Sarah and Zoey stared at me !n disbelief.

“wait..what. ” Zoey asked like $h£ couldn’t understand what I had j√$t said. “So let me get th¡s straight. you’re cry!ng because Samantha called you fat. ” $h£ said very s1©wly and I nodded my h£ad confirm!ng it aga!n.

Samantha kept on star!ng at me !n shock while Zoey let ©vt a loud laugh and I let ©vt a loud laugh.

We all h£ard footsteps rush!ng !nto th£
kitch£n and S!n came to view, along with Luca tagg!ng beh!nd h¡m. h¡s eyes scanned everyone before settl!ng at my tear sta!ned face and h£ s£nt a glare to everyone !n th£ kitch£n. I stood up from my stool and ran towards h¡s embrace,
bury!ng my face !n h¡s ch£st as h¡s [email protected] m©v£d up and d©wΠ my [email protected]¢k softly, try!ng to calm me d©wΠ.

I was able to calm d©wΠ, lett!ng ©vt a shaky breath. S!n’s [email protected] cupped my face, us!ng h¡s thumb to wipe away th£ tears from my face.

“What is it am©r£, why are you cry!ng?.” h£ said worried and I turned to po!nt at
Samantha and Zoey.

“Samantha called me fat and Zoey kept
on laugh!ng. ”

“wait… What” Luca asked, look!ng at everyone before look!ng at me. h¡s face was red as if h£ was try!ng to conta!n h¡s laugh.

“My thoughts exactly, wh£n $h£ told me why $h£ was cry!ng. ” Zoey said.

“You aren’t fat, it’s true you added a little bit of weight but you’re not fat. !n fact you look beyond s€×y, so dont listen to a word Sam says. ” S!n says, strok!ng my hair lov!ngly and a smile stretch£d on my face.

” why don’t you go up and fre$h£n up. We still have an excit!ng trip ah£ad of us today. ” h£ says and I nodded my h£ad, go!ng ©vt of th£ kitch£n. Before I climb£d upstairs I h£ard th£ voice of Luca and S!n convers!ng

“Hai molto nel tuo piatto uom!ni (You’ve got a lot !n your plate man).”

“Raccontami!. Ma non mi importa se ha
qualcosa a ch£ fare con la mia piccola t
entatrice (Tell me ab©vt it, but I don’t m!nd if it has anyth!ng to do with my little temptress),” Th£ fad!ng sound of S!n’s voice flowed through th£ stairs as I walked !nto th£ room.

I took off my cloth£s, put it !n th£ laundry basket th£n stepped !nto th£ bathroom.I got !nto th£ shower, wash!ng my b©dy and th£ stress away. my hormones keep go!ng sideways, I can’t tell wh£n I would be emotional aga!n. I can’t ¢©Πtr0| th£ way I feel, like what happened a few m!nutes ago.

If you asked me why I was cry!ng I had
no idea, I j√$t can’t ¢©Πtr0| my emotions. I guess it’s th£ peak of be!ng pregnant. I quickly showered th£n stepped ©vt of th£ bathroom, towel!ng my b©dy.

I walked !nto th£ closet to look for someth!ng nice and comfortable to wear, so l settled for blue jeans, a white top and white sneakers. I took a blue jacket but didn’t put it on yet, I put my hair !n a low bun and did m!nimal makeup before h£ad!ng [email protected]¢k d©wΠstairs to look for S!n. I hope th¡s will be an excit!ng trip.

Hmmm I hope th¡s love will last Sha
who notice our Mani can now speak Italian small small😍😍

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