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Mine the mafia possession episode 37

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Episode 37


“Sei bellissima pr!ncipessa (You look beautiful pr!ncess),” S!n said while plac!ng h¡s [email protected] !n m!ne. h£ leans toward my ear. ” Ready. “. h£ [email protected]¢ked away look!ng at me while I nodded. “Okay, let’s go. I’m driv!ng”. h£ wr*₱ped h¡s arms @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t and we started walk!ng ©vtside.

Today S!n was dressed !n someth!ng warm with a blue jacket j√$t like m!ne. I
waved goodbye to Samantha and Zoey on our way ©vt.

I already apologized to Samantha for my sudden ©vtburst but $h£ waved it off say!ng $h£ understands, I couldn’t controI my hormones due to th£ pregnancy. Wh£n we got ©vtside, I saw a Bugatti LaVoiture Noire Parked !n front. S!n pressed th£ key button to open th£ car and we both got !n. h£ had one [email protected] on th£ wh£el and th£ oth£r on my th¡gh.

“We are go!ng snowboard!ng first.”. S!n looked at me.

“I have never been snowboard!ng before.”

“it will be fun, I’m th£re to h£lp you.”

Th£ drive to th£ ski site was a little bit long, once we got to our dest!nation. S!n
and I got d©wΠ from th£ car and was met with a h*g£ crowd. S!n brought ©vt two different sets of gloves, goggles and gears. h£ h£lped with th£ gear, putt!ng th£m on me with th£ gloves and goggles.

After gett!ng suited up we went to jo!n th£ l!ne because th£re were a lot of people, I know it was easy for us to get to th£ first l!ne with S!n’s connection but that would be ch£at!ng s!nce th£se people had been h£re before us.

After thirty m!nutes of sitt!ng and wait!ng it f!nally got to our turn, I stood up with my gear on along with S!n.

“If you go first, I will be beh!nd you. ” I nodded lett!ng ©vt a shaky breath as I stared d©wΠ th£ mounta!n, I was beyond nervous.

I let ©vt a sigh, th£n gave h¡m one last Iook before go!ng d©wΠ th£ mounta!n. I
s¢r**med ©vt loud, first from fright th£n
it later turned !nto excitement. S!n followed after me like h£ promised and I couldn’t stop th£ smile on my face wh£n I
f!nally landed.

I clapped !n excitement wh£n S!n landed, h£ had a smirk on h¡s face. We stayed for an hour and thirty m!nutes j√$t hav!ng fun and laugh!ng.

“So wh£re are we go!ng?”

We were [email protected]¢k !n th£ car and we were driv!ng ©vt to th£ next stop but S!ncere refused to tell me wh£re we were go!ng aga!n

“That’s for me to know and for you to f!nd ©vt. ”

“Why do you have to be so mysterious.” I p©vted.

“admit am©r£, you love it. ” I rolled my eyes at th¡s but smiled because I knew h£ was right.

We drove for quite some time !n a comfortable silence and I had [email protected]||en asleep !n th£ midst of th£ ride. I felt a [email protected] tap my shoulder softly and my eyes fluttered open, I stifled ©vt a yawn th£n turned to look at S!n.

“We are h£re am©r£.” I looked ©vt th£ w!ndow and all I could see were tall trees and bu$h£s. I turned to S!n with a quest
ionable look but h£ j√$t shrugged h¡s shoulders with a smile on h¡s face before
stepp!ng ©vt of th£ car and I followed suit.

“Th¡s is as far as I can go. We still need
to go up th£ hill. ” S!n said, star!ng at th£ small pathway.

“How far is it from h£re?” I asked, a little bit skeptical.

“It’s not that far, trust me. ” h£ h£ld h¡s
[email protected] ©vt for me to take.

I let ©vt a sigh and put my [email protected] !n h¡s as we both walked up th£ pathway. We stopped !n front of a lake, it had fabulous
gardens that l!ne th£ shores.

“It’s really beautiful up h£re. ”

My dad used to take me ©vt h£re once
!n a while. Sometimes we spend th£ night h£re, j√$t th£ two of us. That was th£ first time I ever tasted Torta rustica and that became our favorite food to eat anytime we came h£re. Dur!ng th£ week days th£ wh0l£ family gath£rs @r0vnd h£re, gett!ng away from whatever stress or problems as we all have fun. Were th£ times I spent with my family with©vt th£ drama, h£ made it so easy.

“it’s nice that you have such wonderful
memories of your dad to remember. My
mom and my dad were j√$t th£ same, on weekends we had a family game night wh£re we !nvited our friends and neighbors, and we ₱|@yed amongst each oth£r. On oth£r days we have a barbeque night and j√$t relax. I must say, I miss th£m. Th£y always manage to brighten up every place th£y step !n. I really really miss th£m ” I say truthfvlly.

“I understand you, I feel th£ same way
for my dad. ” S!n stated and looked at m

“I know you already ate breakf*st and s!nce it’s already afternoon, I wanted you
to try th¡s Torta rustica”. h£ said before
tak!ng th£ cover of th£ plates off. It looked like a brisee or puff pastry $h£Il conceal!ng pureed vegetables blended with soft ch£ese, crispy bacon bits, caramelized onions, with a b**ten egg to hold it all togeth£r.

S!n and I ate th£ Torta rustica as we talked ab©vt random th!ngs. We talked ab©vt our likes and dislikes, after some time we decided to go !nto th£ cab!n. It was Beautiful, cozy house with a nice swimm!ng pool, patio and wonderful fairy tale view of th£ lake.

” Wow, th£ !nterior really looks good. ” I
compliment, look!ng round th£ cab!n.

“Yes, my dad was !n charge of choos!ng th£ design. h£ wanted someth!ng unique and that my mom would like as welI. h£ loved h£r so much. ” h£ said.

“Your…. Dad, what really happened th£ night h£ died. I know you were kidnapped.” I asked, I wanted to know. Zoey had
already told me th£ basics but no one knew what really happened except for S!n and it changed h¡m drastically. What happened th£ night S!n’s fath£r was killed.

“You don’t have to answ…”

“No, I trust you am©r£. ” h£ sigh£d before talk!ng. ” It was all my fault, I never really told anyone ab©vt it. Ab©vt how th£y were to plan a surprise attack on my dad. I trusted th£ wrong person and it got my dad and I kidnapped which ended up with my dad be!ng killed !n front of me. ”

h£ paused as if h£ was try!ng not to relieve that moment.

“Wh£n I was a kid I was homeschooled
and I didn’t like th£ idea of that, I wanted to hang ©vt with oth£r children my age and make friends. I had an idea what my dad was !nto but that didn’t change th£ way I feel ab©vt h¡m, I j√$t didn’t wasn’t any part of it. After pester!ng my dad for months to let me go to an actual school, h£ f!nally agreed to let me go but only to a private school. I had no problem with that, I was so excited. At that time i was fourteen years old, I was enrolled !nto prestigio, that was wh£re I met Luca and Lorenzo. Th£ three of us were !nseparable, we were like th£ k!ngs of th£ school and we did everyth!ng togeth£r. We were th£ best of friends, or so I thought.”

Before I could say anyth!ng, h£ cont!nued. “I knew Lorenzo was !nfluential but didn’t know h£ was Romanov, h£ refused to tell us what h¡s dad did and Luca and I didn’t both£r question!ng h¡m s!nce we all had our own shares of secrets. My dad and I were plann!ng our usual trip h£re, I had seen Lorenzo go!ng through my phone two day before th£ trip but didn’t read too much !nto it. I was such
a fool, I should have questioned h¡m but
no , I trusted h¡m. Turned ©vt that h¡s dad was a rival to my dad and wh£n h£ had found ©vtI was attend!ng th£ same school as h¡s son, h£ used h¡m to get to me because that was th£ only way th£y could get to my dad. My dad was th£ one who named me Nikolai because h£ said I was h¡s victory, but after I took over th£ mafia people became s¢ar£d of me, I was called S!nister because i was j√$t like th£ devil, to br!ng destruction.”

“But it isn’t your fault, you had no idea Lorenzo was go!ng to betray you. You were j√$t a kid”

“Yes, it is Mani. I should have listened to my dad wh£n h£ told me to be ¢ar£ful
who l trust, but no I did not listen. Maybe h£ would still be alive if I hadn’t !nsisted on go!ng to school !nstead of stick!ng to be!ng home schooled” h£ voiced ©vt, th£ pa!n was imm!nent !n every word h£ said and h¡s eyes had a h!nt of tear.

I m©v£d to sit on h¡s lap, my [email protected] wr*₱ped @r0vnd h¡s neck and I ₱v||ed h¡m !n for a hug. I gently patted h¡s [email protected]¢k as spoke. “It’s not your fault Nikolai, and I’m sure everyone would agree with me. If you hadn’t gone to prestigio th£n you wouldn’t have met Luca. Death is not th£ end, we all die. th£ goal isn’t to live forever, th£ goal is to create someth!ng that will and your dad did that.. So don’t be at yourself too much because you aren’t responsible for what happened and l’msure your dad would also agree with me if h£ was h£re right now. “I say to h¡m, hop!ng h£ understands.

My h£art breaks wh£n I feel h¡s shoulders m©v£ up and d©wΠ, and I cont!nue to pat h¡s [email protected]¢k as h£ cries. Th¡s was th£ first time I had ever seen S!n ₱0ur ©vt h¡s emotions, it must have been pa!nful keep!ng it all bottled !n for a very long time, constantly blam!ng h¡mself for h¡s fath£r’s death and feel!ng guilty be!ng @r0vnd h¡s family.

I ₱v||ed [email protected]¢k to look at h¡s face. My [email protected] cupped h¡s face th£ way h£ did m!ne anytime cried and l used my thumb to
wipe th£ tears off h¡s eyes. h£ looked at me, h£ m©v£d h¡s h£ad till h¡s l¡ps met

h£ klzzed my l¡ps before gently trail!ng
klzzes d©wΠ my neck and I [email protected] wh£n h£ s√¢ked a soft spot on my neck and bit d©wΠ softly, I tilted my neck to give h¡m m©r£ access.

h£ lifted h¡s h£ad to look at my eyes. “I need you am©r£.”

That was all h£ needed to say for my [email protected] to trail d©wΠ h¡s [email protected] ₱v||!ng it off along with h¡s boxers, I rem©v£d my jeans as well as my [email protected] leav!ng us both
with our shirt and top. I watch£d as h¡s
m©vth parted slightly wh£n I Iowered myself on h¡m. I let ©vt a loud s¢r**m at
th£ feel of h¡s d*ck almost ripp!ng me open, h¡s l¡ps locked on my !n a pa$$ionate klzz.

I closed my eyes and [email protected] wh£n S!n
was fvlly |ns!de me. I started mov!ng up
and d©wΠ over h¡m rock!ng my hips !n
a circular motion. h¡s [email protected] wr*₱ped @r0vnd my hips, quickened my pace and I
m©v£d f*ster. h£ was thrv$t!ng !n to me
f*ster and [email protected], I [email protected] on h¡s ch£st to
steady myself.

” Nikolai.” I breath£d as my nails dragged beh!nd h¡s cloth£d [email protected]¢k.

I started to feel my stomach t!ghten and
my [email protected] was gett!ng louder and louder. h£ smacked my a$$ mak!ng me want to pa$$ ©vt from th£ euphoria feel!ng.

“¢vm for me baby girl.” h£ breath£d ©vt
and h¡s h£ad fell !nto th£ crook of my neck.

I clench @r0vnd h¡m as I [email protected], h£ [email protected] and I feel h¡s d*ck pulse |ns!de me before I feel h¡m spill h¡s seed |ns!de me. We breath£d ©vt, our foreh£ads togeth£r.

I ₱v||ed ©vt from h¡m, tak!ng h¡s [email protected] and we walked !nto th£ bathroom. We scarded our rema!n!ng cloth£s, stepp!ng !nto th£ shower to wash ourselves. h£
₱v||ed me closer !nto h¡s embrace, hold!ng me t!ght !n h¡s arms.

“Thank you am©r£, for be!ng with me.”

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