Mine the mafia possession episode 37

Episode 37


“Sei bellissima principessa (You look beautiful princess),” Sin said while placing his hand in mine. He leans toward my ear. ” Ready. “. He backed away looking at me while I nodded. “Okay, let’s go. I’m driving”. He wrapped his arms around my wa-ist and we started walking outside.

Today Sin was dressed in something warm with a blue jacket just like mine. I
waved goodbye to Samantha and Zoey on our way out.

I already apologized to Samantha for my sudden outburst but she waved it off saying she understands, I couldn’t controI my hormones due to the pregnancy. When we got outside, I saw a Bugatti LaVoiture Noire Parked in front. Sin pressed the key button to open the car and we both got in. He had one hand on the wheel and the other on my th-gh.

“We are going snowboarding first.”. Sin looked at me.

“I have never been snowboarding before.”

“it will be fun, I’m there to help you.”

The drive to the ski site was a little bit long, once we got to our destination. Sin
and I got down from the car and was met with a huge crowd. Sin brought out two different sets of gloves, goggles and gears. He helped with the gear, putting them on me with the gloves and goggles.

After getting suited up we went to join the line because there were a lot of people, I know it was easy for us to get to the first line with Sin’s connection but that would be cheating since these people had been here before us.

After thirty minutes of sitting and waiting it finally got to our turn, I stood up with my gear on along with Sin.

“If you go first, I will be behind you. ” I nodded letting out a shaky breath as I stared down the mountain, I was beyond nervous.

I let out a sigh, then gave him one last Iook before going down the mountain. I
scre-med out loud, first from fright then
it later turned into excitement. Sin followed after me like he promised and I couldn’t stop the smile on my face when I
finally landed.

I clapped in excitement when Sin landed, He had a smirk on his face. We stayed for an hour and thirty minutes just having fun and laughing.

“So where are we going?”

We were back in the car and we were driving out to the next stop but Sincere refused to tell me where we were going again

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out. ”

“Why do you have to be so mysterious.” I pouted.

“admit amore, you love it. ” I rolled my eyes at this but smiled because I knew he was right.

We drove for quite some time in a comfortable silence and I had fallen asleep in the midst of the ride. I felt a hand tap my shoulder softly and my eyes fluttered open, I stifled out a yawn then turned to look at Sin.

“We are here amore.” I looked out the window and all I could see were tall trees and bushes. I turned to Sin with a quest
ionable look but he just shrugged his shoulders with a smile on his face before
stepping out of the car and I followed suit.

“This is as far as I can go. We still need
to go up the hill. ” Sin said, staring at the small pathway.

“How far is it from here?” I asked, a little bit skeptical.

“It’s not that far, trust me. ” He held his
hand out for me to take.

I let out a sigh and put my hand in his as we both walked up the pathway. We stopped in front of a lake, it had fabulous
gardens that line the shores.

“It’s really beautiful up here. ”

My dad used to take me out here once
in a while. Sometimes we spend the night here, Just the two of us. That was the first time I ever tasted Torta rustica and that became our favorite food to eat anytime we came here. During the week days the wh0le family gathers around here, getting away from whatever stress or problems as we all have fun. Were the times I spent with my family without the drama, He made it so easy.

“it’s nice that you have such wonderful
memories of your dad to remember. My
mom and my dad were just the same, on weekends we had a family game night where we invited our friends and neighbors, and we played amongst each other. On other days we have a barbeque night and just relax. I must say, I miss them. They always manage to brighten up every place they step in. I really really miss them ” I say truthfully.

“I understand you, I feel the same way
for my dad. ” Sin stated and looked at m

“I know you already ate breakfast and since it’s already afternoon, I wanted you
to try this Torta rustica”. He said before
taking the cover of the plates off. It looked like a brisee or puff pastry sheIl concealing pureed vegetables blended with soft cheese, crispy bacon bits, caramelized onions, with a beaten egg to hold it all together.

Sin and I ate the Torta rustica as we talked about random things. We talked about our likes and dislikes, after some time we decided to go into the cabin. It was Beautiful, cozy house with a nice swimming pool, patio and wonderful fairy tale view of the lake.

” Wow, the interior really looks good. ” I
compliment, looking round the cabin.

“Yes, my dad was in charge of choosing the design. He wanted something unique and that my mom would like as welI. He loved her so much. ” He said.

“Your…. Dad, what really happened the night he died. I know you were kidnapped.” I asked, I wanted to know. Zoey had
already told me the basics but no one knew what really happened except for Sin and it changed him drastically. What happened the night Sin’s father was killed.

“You don’t have to answ…”

“No, I trust you amore. ” He sighed before talking. ” It was all my fault, I never really told anyone about it. About how they were to plan a surprise attack on my dad. I trusted the wrong person and it got my dad and I kidnapped which ended up with my dad being killed in front of me. ”

He paused as if he was trying not to relieve that moment.

“When I was a kid I was homeschooled
and I didn’t like the idea of that, I wanted to hang out with other children my age and make friends. I had an idea what my dad was into but that didn’t change the way I feel about him, I just didn’t wasn’t any part of it. After pestering my dad for months to let me go to an actual school, he finally agreed to let me go but only to a private school. I had no problem with that, I was so excited. At that time i was fourteen years old, I was enrolled into prestigio, that was where I met Luca and Lorenzo. The three of us were inseparable, we were like the kings of the school and we did everything together. We were the best of friends, or so I thought.”

Before I could say anything, he continued. “I knew Lorenzo was influential but didn’t know he was rom-nov, he refused to tell us what his dad did and Luca and I didn’t bother questioning him since we all had our own shares of secrets. My dad and I were planning our usual trip here, I had seen Lorenzo going through my phone two day before the trip but didn’t read too much into it. I was such
a fool, I should have questioned him but
no , I trusted him. Turned out that his dad was a rival to my dad and when he had found outI was attending the same school as his son, he used him to get to me because that was the only way they could get to my dad. My dad was the one who named me Nikolai because he said I was his victory, but after I took over the mafia people became scared of me, I was called Sinister because i was just like the devil, to bring destruction.”

“But it isn’t your fault, you had no idea Lorenzo was going to betray you. You were just a kid”

“Yes, it is Mani. I should have listened to my dad when he told me to be careful
who l trust, but no I did not listen. Maybe he would still be alive if I hadn’t insisted on going to school instead of sticking to being home schooled” He voiced out, the pain was imminent in every word he said and his eyes had a hint of tear.

I moved to sit on his lap, my hands wrapped around his neck and I pulled him in for a hug. I gently patted his back as spoke. “It’s not your fault Nikolai, and I’m sure everyone would agree with me. If you hadn’t gone to prestigio then you wouldn’t have met Luca. Death is not the end, we all die. the goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will and your dad did that.. So don’t be at yourself too much because you aren’t responsible for what happened and l’msure your dad would also agree with me if he was here right now. “I say to him, hoping he understands.

My heart breaks when I feel his shoulders move up and down, and I continue to pat his back as he cries. This was the first time I had ever seen Sin pour out his emotions, it must have been painful keeping it all bottled in for a very long time, constantly blaming himself for his father’s death and feeling guilty being around his family.

I pulled back to look at his face. My hand cupped his face the way he did mine anytime cried and l used my thumb to
wipe the tears off his eyes. He looked at me, he moved his head till his l-ips met

He k-ssed my l-ips before gently trailing
k-sses down my neck and I mo-ned when he s-cked a soft s₱0t on my neck and bit down softly, I tilted my neck to give him more access.

He lifted his head to look at my eyes. “I need you amore.”

That was all he needed to say for my hand to trail down his p-nts pulling it off along with his boxers, I removed my jeans as well as my p-nties leaving us both
with our shirt and top. I watched as his
mouth parted slightly when I Iowered myself on him. I let out a loud scre-m at
the feel of his d*ck almost ripping me open, his l-ips locked on my in a passionate k-ss.

I closed my eyes and mo-ned when Sin
was fully in,side me. I started moving up
and down over him rocking my h¡ps in
a circular motion. His hands wrapped around my h¡ps, quickened my pace and I
moved faster. He was thr-sting in to me
faster and h-rder, I hand on his chest to
steady myself.

” Nikolai.” I breathed as my nails dragged behind his clothed back.

I started to feel my stomach tighten and
my mo-n was getting louder and louder. He smacked my ass making me want to pass out from the euphoria feeling.

“c-m for me baby girl.” he breathed out
and his head fell into the crook of my neck.

I clench around him as I orgasm, he mo-ns and I feel his d*ck pulse in,side me before I feel him spill his seed in,side me. We breathed out, our foreheads together.

I pulled out from him, taking his hand and we walked into the bathroom. We scarded our remaining clothes, stepping into the shower to wash ourselves. He
pulled me closer into his embrace, holding me tight in his arms.

“Thank you amore, for being with me.”

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