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Mine the mafia possession episode 38

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Episode 38


I woke up to an empty b£d with S!n ©vt
of sight, I stretch£d ©vt my limbs.I def!nitely wasn’t feel!ng better th¡s morn!ng, I sat up only to feel th£ familiar feel!ng of nauseous sitt!ng !n. Ugh, I hate morni ng sickness. I got up quickly from th£ b£d, with a [email protected] placed on my m©vth, rac!ng to th£ bathroom.

I spent two m!nutes !n th£ bathroom, ₱0ur!ng ©vt my guts as I vomited every content !n my stomach. I flu$h£d th£ toilet,
stand!ng up to brush my teeth. I didn’t have much energy to shower so I opted for a bath.

After we both let ©vt our h£art yesterday, I feel we have grown even m©r£ closer. I was madly and utterly !n love with h¡m and even though h£ hadn’t said it yet, I hope h£ feels th£ same.

I wanted to tell h¡m how much I loved h¡m but it was [email protected] to fight with!n me not
to spill ©vt th£ L word yet not to forget
ab©vt th£ baby.

Any time I build up th£ courage to tell h¡m that I was pregnant, it all goes d©wΠ
th£ dra!n wh£n I stand !n front of h¡m. My m©vth ends up be!ng glued shut and I f!nd it difficult to say anyth!ng. I took off my cloth£s, stepp!ng !nto th£ jacuzzi. I laid d©wΠ, relax!ng my [email protected]¢k at th£ edge as th£ warm water h£lped sooth my b©dy. After spend!ng a reasonable amount of time !n th£ bathtub. I stood up with a towel wr*₱ped @r0vnd my b©dy walk!ng [email protected]¢k to th£ room. I got dressed [email protected]¢k !n my old cloth£s s!nce I didn’t have any spare ones.I leave th£ room I’m search for S!n.

“Good morn!ng am©r£.” h£ spoke !n h¡s
groggy morn!ng voice.

“Good morn!ng” I wh¡spered, wr*₱p!ng
my arms @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t. My ch£ek pressed to h¡s [email protected]¢k while h£ made us breakf*st. Th£ smell of freshly made waffles with bacon Mix along with S!n’s scent of cologne.

I reluctantly let go of h¡m to take a seat
at th£ stool wait!ng for h¡m to place th£
food on th£ counter. ” Th¡s looks delicious.” I smiled wh£n h£ placed a plate of waffles and bacon !n front me.

” Let’s have breakf*st th£n we leave.” h£ stated., tak!ng a seat beside me. I nodded my h£ad !n response and we were !n silence.

We f!ni$h£d our breakf*st and I offered
to do th£ di$h£s while h£ bath£d. S!n refused at first but later agreed and went [email protected]¢k to th£ room to fre$h£n up. I did th£
di$h£s and tidied up, plac!ng everyth!ng
[email protected]¢k !n th£ir rightful place.

I didn’t have to wait long before S!n walked ©vt, all dressed and ready to go. We walked [email protected] !n [email protected], go!ng ©vtside. I took a few pictures of us as we walked own th£ part to wh£re th£ car was parked, gett!ng !n and h£ drove off.

” Samantha and I are go!ng ©vt later” I stated, we both agreed to go to th£ hospital today to confirm my pregnancy.

h£ sigh£d and I thought h£ was go!ng to refuse but !nstead h£ did th£ opposite. “Okay, I don’t want you copped up be!ng |ns!de but I don’t plan on lett!ng go alone anytime you want to go ©vt.” h£ says
sternly but !nstead I j√$t smiled like a maniac.

Th£ drive to th£ house wasn’t as long as
wh£n we were go!ng. Wh£n we got home, I hurried up th£ stairs to change ©vt of my yesterday’s cloth£s !nto someth!ng fresh and clean. I left th£ room with my phone and bag, text!ng Samantha to meet me ©vtside.

“h£y Mani.” Samantha said, com!ng to
stand beside me. $h£ was wear!ng black jeans with a whit top and a black jacket.

“h£y Sam.”

” How was your one day adventure?” $h£ asks c*ckily.

“It was great. We went Snowboard!ng before go!ng to a Cab!n owned by S!n’s family” I replied, smil!ng ch£ekily.

” Looks like someone had fun.” $h£ t£@$ed, laugh!ng ©vt loud and I ₱|@yfvlly rolled my eyes

“Mateo would be com!ng with us, how
are we go!ng to conv!nce h¡m not to tell
S!n” I spoke, worried.

“Don’t worry, I already thought of someth!ng” I let ©vt a sigh of relief, S!n’s men were loyal to h¡m so th£y wouldn’t keep a secret. Even how close Mateo and I were, h£ would never betray S!n. So th£re
was no doubt that if I go to a gynaecologist S!n would be !nformed. I really hoped whatever plan Samantha had worked.

“Come on, let’s go, so that we can get th£re before your appo!ntment time.” Samantha says as th£ both of us walked to th£ car. “I already called yesterday to
set an appo!ntment.”

“Thanks Sam, I owe you one.”

“What are friends for?”

I got !nto th£ car first and Samantha followed afterwards, $h£ gave our dest!nation and Mateo drove ©vt of th£ premises to th£ direction of th£ mall. Th£ ride wasn’t long because of how free th£ road was.

We both got d©wΠ from th£ car, walk!ng
|ns!de th£ mall with Mateo a few steps
away from us. We kept go!ng round th£
mall not really buy!ng much, till we got to th£ baby section and I cast Samantha a look and said what th£ h£ll were we do!ng h£re. $h£ let ©vt a $h£epish smile, discreetly look!ng beh!nd us to see what Mateo was do!ng.

“h£y Mani, can we go to th£ hospital before we go home.” Samantha stated ©vt
loud for Mateo to h£ar and I got a w!ng of what $h£ was ₱|@y!ng at.

“Why? Are you sick.” I made sure my voice sounded worried

” No, I j√$t need to visit a gynaecologist
for my birth ¢©Πtr0| sh°t.”

” Oh, okay”

We gath£red all th£ th!ngs we bought th£n went [email protected]¢k ©vtside to wh£re th£ car
was, gett!ng !n. Samantha gave th£ direction of th£ hospital to Mateo and h£ drove off. Th£ distance b£tweeΠ th£ mall
and th£ hospital wasn’t much so we got
th£re on time

“Can you wait for us !n th£ car, we will be [email protected]¢k before you know it” I requested from Mateo wh£n Samantha and I got ©vt of th£ table.

“I have been ordered to follow you everywh£re Mani” h£ said sternly, not battl!ng eye.

“What could possibly happen to me !n a
hospital. Samantha j√$t wants to get h£r birth ¢©Πtr0| sh°t.” I said aga!n, giv!ng h¡m my best puppy eyes.

h£ was reluctant to let us go !n alone but later agreed wh£n we promised to caII if someth!ng happened or if we found someth!ng suspicious.

We walked !nto th£ hospital and asked th£ nurse for an a$$istant to th£ gynecologist office and $h£ was k!nd enough to direct us s!nce th£ hospital was a big one. We got !nto th£ elevator, press!ng th£ third floor as it took us up.

Wh£n we got to our designated floor, we met anoth£r nurse and $h£ asked us to wait at th£ sitt!ng area while $h£ confirmed our appo!ntment.

“Dr. Alyse is ready to see you.” Th£ nurse directed us !nto a cozy office. !n front of us stood a mid age woman !n a white
doctor’s coat and a read!ng gla$$ at th£
top of h£r nose.

“Hi I’m Dr Alyse. It’s nice to meet you”
$h£ ₱v||ed h£r [email protected] forward for a [email protected] shake and we gladly accepted it. $h£ waved us to a seat before tak!ng h£rs opposite from us.

“So, what seems to be th£ problem.” $h£ asks, my gaze shifted from Samantha
to h£r.

“Have been feel!ng quite nauseated recently, constantly vomit!ng every morn!ng and my b©dy feels weak. I took a pregnancy test and I confirmed I was pregnant. I j√$t want to get confirmation from a doctor.

“Have you and your spouse been us!ng
protection?” $h£ looks straight at me a
nd I blush, shak!ng my h£ad. ” What you
stated are obvious signs of pregnancy and let’s not forget th£ result from th£ test kit. but to be sure, let’s run an ur!nary test to see if that isn’t th£ issue.”

$h£ gave me a cup, direct!ng me to th£
bathroom. After f!nish!ng, I close th£ lid.
Wash my [email protected] and h£ad [email protected]¢k to th£ doctor’s office.

Dr Alyse and Samantha were still th£re,
$h£ took th£ cup from my [email protected]

“I will be [email protected]¢k” Dr Alyse says, excus!ng
h£rself for a m!nute as $h£ walks ©vt of h£r office. I let ©vt a breath and Samantha h£ld my [email protected] giv!ng me a light sqv££se as a source of support. Ensur!ng me that everyth!ng would be okay.

Th£ door opened and Dr Alyse Stepped
!n with a file !n h£r [email protected] $h£ walked !n
th£ opposite direction from us, tak!ng a
seat. $h£ placed th£ file on th£ table, adj√$t!ng h£r gla$$es before pick!ng up th£ file from th£ table. $h£ glanced through it th£n put it [email protected]¢k d©wΠ for th£ second time.

” Well, it seems th£ test kit was correct.
Congratulations Miss Mani, from th£ result it shows that you are eight weeks pregnant.” I [email protected] asI feel tears run d©wΠ my eyes, eight weeks. Which meant I was two months pregnant.

“Thank you doctor.” I breathlessly say. Samantha sqv££sed my [email protected], $h£ had th£ biggest gr!n on h£r face, j√$t like th£ day I took th£ pregnancy test.

“Would you like to go for an ultrasound
to see how th£ baby is do!ng?” Dr Alyse
questioned, h£r [email protected] clapped togeth£r
I shook my h£ad refus!ng h£r offer and
Samantha s£nt me a questionable look.

“Don’t you want to know if th£ baby is okay”

“Of course I want to, but I want to do it
with S!n beside me. I th!nk I’m go!ng to tell h¡m tomorrow” I say smil!ng at h£r.

“Good, that’s a nice call. I’m sure h£ will
be over th£ moon.” $h£ chuckles.

” Thank you doctor” I say to doctor Alyse

“It’s my job.” $h£ smiles. ” I have given th£ nurse th£ required vitam!n you need, so take it from h£r on th£ way ©vt.”

We stood up, shak!ng each oth£r’s [email protected]
one last time before Samantha and I left th£ doctor’s office. We walked to wh£re th£ nurse was, tak!ng th£ pills th£n left th£ hospital.

Mateo was rest!ng at th£ hood of th£ car wh£n we got ©vtside. h£ opened th£ [email protected]¢k door for us to get, th£n got !nto th£ driver’s seat before driv!ng off.

We made it to th£ house safely and I was ab©vt to get !n wh£n Mateo called me
[email protected]¢k.

“Mani, can I speak to you for a sec” h£
said, stopp!ng me ony track. I gave Samantha th£ go ah£ad and turnedd to look at h¡m, ” Yeah”

“You do know you and Samantha are shitty liars. Right.” h£ raised a brow. ” You guys made it so obvious !n th£ mall”

“Why didn’t you say anyth!ng th£n?” I asked.

“You are like a little sis to me but I don’t
know why you need to lie ab©vt your location from S!n wh£n you know h£ is go!ng to f!nd ©vt eventually” h£ took a pause. “Why did you need to go to th£ doctor’s office today?”

I let ©vt a sigh. “I wanted to tell S!n first
before anyone else f!nds ©vt. I guess th£re’s no harm know!ng “I took ©vt th£ file, giv!ng it a look.

h£ looked at me unsure but took it from
my [email protected], h£ read through it and h¡s stonic face transformed !nto a fvll b!0wn smile

“Congratulations Mani.”

” Thank you.”

“Wh£n are you tell!ng S!n?”

“Tomorrow, I want to plan someth!ng special for th£ two of us. But remember
you need to keep it a secret till tomorrow” I warned.

“I will, only on one condition.” h£ says
with a sly smile.

“What is it?”

“You make me th£ godfath£r.” I shaked my h£ad, laugh!ng. h¡m and Samantha are truly th£ same.

F!nally $h£ want to tell S!n, Hallelujah
Let’s see what will happen tomorrow 😈😈😈

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