Mine The Mafia Possession

Mine the mafia possession episode 41

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Episode 41


I struggled to keep my eyes open, wh£n
h¡s [email protected] went d©wΠ my stomach. h£ cont!nued to trail h¡s [email protected] d©wΠ till th£y reach£d my [email protected]¡$tl!ne. h£ tugged on my [email protected], ₱v||!ng it off, leav!ng me stacked
[email protected]£d underneath h¡m.

h£ placed disgust!ng klzzes d©wΠ my stomach till h£ got to my cl*t. h¡s l¡ps attach£d to my cl*t and my stomach chung,I put my [email protected] to my m©vth try!ng to hoId d©wΠ th£ vomit try!ng to make th£ir way ©vt.

I [email protected] ©vt !n pa!n, wh£n h£ !ns**ted
a f!ng£r !n me and I put both [email protected] !n h¡s hair to ₱v|| h¡s h£ad away from my h£ad and that was wh£n my world fell apart.

“What th£ h£ll is go!ng on h£re?”

Jason gave me a smirk, th¡s was what
h£ wanted. h£ got off me and I hurriedly put th£ duvet on to cover myself. I stood up from th£ b£d to walk to h¡m.

“Nikolai. “my voice quivers. Th£ look !n
h¡s eyes was someth!ng I had never seen before, directed at me. I tried to touch h¡m but h£ m©v£d ©vt of my reach.

h¡s eyes stared beh!nd me, h£ walked p
ast me to wh£re Jason stood, h£ looked
murderous. Th£ next th!ng I knew, Jason was on th£ floor with S!n slamm!ng h¡s fist on h¡m. h£ kept on hitt!ng h¡m, h£ was brutal and aggressive.

My face was pale white, I cried ©vt terrified. Cover!ng my m©vth with my palm
try to hide my sob. I didn’t know what to do, I j√$t stood rooted !n my spot as I
watch£d h¡m pounder h¡s fist on Jason’s

I watch£d Luca enter th£ room, h£ took !n my appearance before rac!ng past me
to wh£re S!n and Jason were. h£ tried
₱v||!ng S!n away from Jason which seemed to anger h¡m m©r£. h£ growled ©vt !n anger, ₱ush!ng Luca away from h¡m to cont!nue h¡s a$$ault on Jason.

“S!n, you need to get [email protected]¢k to your s£nses. ” Luca tried aga!n to ₱v|| h¡m off Jason, but h£ was strong and resilient. “Come on man you’re go!ng to kill h¡m”. Luca sh©vted

S!n ₱v||ed away from an unconscious Jason, h¡s eyes were bloodsh°t wh£n h£
looked at me. h£ went ballistic and started ₱ush!ng th£ wall close to h¡m. I s¢r**med for Luca to stop h¡m, I couldn’t stop look!ng at th£ blood ₱0ur!ng from h¡s [email protected]

I took s1©w steps towards h¡m, hop!ng h£ would let me expla!n. My eyes were blurry with tears and my l¡ps quivered.

“Nikolai, it’s not what you th!nk. Let me
expla!n, h£…” I was cut off by th£ sound
of gla$$ hitt!ng th£ floor, a piece land!ng on my [email protected]

“Lies, all liers ” h£ spits ©vt

I clapped my left palm over th£ oth£r to
conta!n th£ blood gush!ng ©vt due to th£ deep cut of th£ gla$$. h¡s eyes followed my [email protected] and I thought I saw a little bit of guilt wh£n h£ saw th£ blood but h¡s face soon turned emotionless.

“Take h¡m to th£ medical center, I’m not done with h¡m yet” h£ said to Luca, who nodded. h£ picked up Jason, tak!ng h¡m ©vt of th£ room. Leav!ng j√$t S!n and I.

h¡s [email protected] $tr*med my ch£ek, I wh¡mpered softly, my eyes sh°t close. h¡s rough sk!n scrap!ng aga!nst my soft ones, h¡s breath closer to my ear, h£ coldly wh¡spers. “I will make sure you receive th£ same fate as your lover.”

h£ ₱u$h£d me harshly to th£ wall, my [email protected]¢k hit th£ walls [email protected] and my legs bloody after stepp!ng on th£ broken gla$$ on th£ floor. h£ walked ©vt of th£ room with©vt look!ng at me, slamm!ng th£ door [email protected] I h£ard a lock sound from ©vtside. I dragged my !njured legs to th£ door,
turn!ng th£ knob to f!nd it locked.

I slid my [email protected]¢k d©wΠ aga!nst th£ door till
I got to th£ ground, I sobb£d ©vt loud unable to ¢©Πtr0| my tears. My h£art was
break!ng, th£ look !n h¡s eyes was someth!ng I never thought I would see.
Disgust. Disgust for me.

I placed a [email protected] on my stomach, cry!ng.
Cry!ng till th£re were no tears left to cry.
Th¡s was not how th£ night was supposed to turn ©vt. Th¡s was supposed to be ab©vt me, S!n and th£ baby. Not th¡s. I didn’t know how long I sat th£re, but I
woke up th£ next morn!ng !n th£ same position I was !n last night. On th£ ground by th£ door. I looked at th£ clock to see it was 7:30am !n th£ morn!ng.

I used th£ door knob to ₱ush myself up,
walk!ng to th£ bathroom wh£re th£ firstaid kit was. I brought everyth!ng ©vt, treat!ng my legs and palm before stepp!ng !nto th£ shower. I cleaned myself up, star!ng at my reflection !n th£ mirror. My eyes were red and lifeless, my ch£eks were puffy.

I dragged myself ©vt of th£ bathroom, limp!ng. Th£ room was cleaned, which meant a maid must have come !n to tidy up th£ room. I limped to th£ door to see if it was opened, but it was locked.

I s1©wly made my way to th£ walk !n closet, dressed and plopped myself on th£
b£d. My b©dy curled up like a fetus, star!ng !nto noth!ngness. I stayed like, feel!ng numb. Time pa$$ed but I j√$t didn’t feel anyth!ng

I sat up from th£ b£d, not m!nd!ng th£ pa!n wh£n I h£ard th£ sound of keys and
door be!ng opened, hop!ng it was S!n but !nstead it was Samantha. $h£ had a tray of food !n h£r [email protected] $h£ closed th£door, walk!ng towards me th£n placed th£ tray on th£ b£d. I tried meet!ng h£r eyes but $h£ avoided any eye contact with me.

“Sam..” I was cut off by Samantha’s coId response. h£r face was wiped off from every emotion and I couldn’t see th£ trace of my friend !n h£r.

” I’m do!ng th¡s because you are pregnant, you need to eat” $h£ said coldly. ” Even though th£ baby might not be S!n’s”.
h£r words were like a slap to my face, tears fell d©wΠ my eyes and I struggled to ¢©Πtr0| it but I couldn’t.

“Sam…” I tried talk!ng to h£r aga!n, but $h£ stood up from th£ b£d to th£ door.

“Th!nk of th£ baby” Was all $h£ said before slamm!ng th£ door sh°t and lock!ng it from ©vtside.

I looked d©wΠ at th£ tray to see pancakes with strawberry topp!ngs, but it didn’t look appeal!ng to me. I laid [email protected]¢k d©wΠ, numb. I wasn’t feel!ng anyth!ng, j√$t numb.

That was how it was for a wh0l£ week I haven’t see S!n, s!nce we walked !n on Jason and me. I was still h£re locked !n th£ room, Samantha still br!ngs food from time to time and $h£ sits and makes sure I have eaten every last bit of food on th£ plate.

That didn’t change th£ way th!ngs were
with us, $h£ still refused to talk to me or even looked at me. Guilt. Guilt was all
could feel while I [email protected] h£re, look!ng ©vt th£ w!ndow of th£ room. A silver of tears strike d©wΠ my ch£ek.


I should have told h¡m ab©vt Jason and
me. I h£ard th£ sound of th£ door open!ng but didn’t both£r ch£ck!ng who it was until a familiar smell of cologne hit my noise. I hurriedly sat up from th£ b£d and th£re h£ was stand!ng beside th£ door, h¡s eyes hooded. h¡s predator eyes, look!ng at me watch!ng me.

I stood up from th£ b£d, mov!ng to wh£re h£ stood, my eyes pleaded for h¡m to trust me. Un¢©Πtr0|lable tears left my eyes, see!ng h¡m after a long time.

“You have th£ audacity, cry!ng !n front of me like th£ victim wh£n you are noth!ng but a whore.” I w!nced at h¡s words as h£ sh©vted at my face.

“If you th!nk for a second that your tears would change anyth!ng, th£n you are wrong. You better save th£m because l
plan on mak!ng you suffer.” h£ gripped my ch£eks with h¡s [email protected] I was look!ng at h¡s eyes, th£ dark orbs which l adored th£ most. Which only had admiration and pride for me once. But now all I could see was anger and hate !n th£m.

“I hate you Normani Parker. I loath£ your existence. I can’t even stand look!ng at you, you mean noth!ng to me. Absolutely noth!ng” h£ said clench!ng h¡s jaw.

” I’m go!ng to make you s¢r**m !n pa!n that you wi$h£d you were dead but I won’t give you death even if you beg for it.” h£ t!ghtened h¡s grip on my ch£ek.

“Nikolai” I pleaded ©vt, my voice shaky.
“j√$t let me expla!n, please j√$t let me
expla!n once.”

“What could you possibly say to j√$tify
what I saw. You know, I didn’t want to believe it wh£n I saw th£ picture but th£n you proved me wrong.” Each and every word h£ said was a stab to my h£art like a dagger. I knew I deserved it, I betrayed h¡s trust but I j√$t wi$h£d h£ would give me a chance to expla!n myself.

“You betrayed me Mani, you betrayed e
very trust I had !n you. YOU BETRAYED ME” h£ sh©vted th£ last s£ntence.

” Why did you do it, why Mani. Why. ” h£
sh©vted aga!n to which l j√$t lowered my gaze, tears ₱0ur!ng d©wΠ my eyes and I tried to ¢©Πtr0| myself. To steady my breath.

” Answer me, damn it. Why” h£ sh©vted at my face.

“I wanted to tell you ab©vt me and Jason”

“You and Jason” h£ sh©vted !n a dangerously high voice.

I started $h!very!ng badly from all th£ cry!ng and all th£ anger h£ was emitt!ng

h£ seemed like a different person. h¡s
eyes were fvll of hatred and anger.

“Yes, we knew each oth£r !n th£ past, b
ut that was it. Noth!ng happened b£tweeΠ us, please believe…”

“Believe you, you want me to believe you. I found you [email protected]£d underneath h¡m and you say th£re’s noth!ng b£tweeΠ th£ two of you” h£ spat ©vt, h¡s face [email protected]

“I was wait!ng for you and h£ came !nto
th£ room, h£ planned all th¡s please Nikolai. I would never do th¡s to you”

“You ₱|@yed a nice game, I give you that. Mak!ng me believe you wanted th£ relationship b£tweeΠ us to work but all alone you were whor!ng yourself. ” I w!nced aga!n at h¡s words.

” Why Mani, you don’t like be!ng called a
whore. That’s what you are after all. A
whore ” All th¡s time, I was j√$t look!ng at h¡s eyes, search!ng for th£ person who would do anyth!ng j√$t to please me, who would hurt any one that looked my way !n a bad way but h£ wasn’t th£re, it’s like h£ never existed.

h£ gave me one last look before shov!ng me roughly on th£ ground and I did everyth!ng possible not to land on my stomach. I watch£d h¡m stare d©wΠ at me
with so much hatred and anger. I knew
h£ didn’t trust me aga!n and I doubt h£ ever would.

How was I supposed to tell h¡m th£ truth, how was I supposed to get h¡m to listen wh£n h£ won’t even believe any word
I said. I watch£d h¡s retreat!ng [email protected]¢k as h£ left th£ room, lock!ng th£ door from ©vtside.

I can’t let h¡m go, I need to sort ©vt what
ever mess and misunderstand!ng th£re is b£tweeΠ us. Jason wasn’t work!ng alone. I remembered h¡m mention!ng a bitch but who could it be, who would go through th¡s extent j√$t to cause a grift b£tweeΠ S!n and I.

I must get to th£ bottom of th¡s, cry!ng
won’t solve anyth!ng. I need to f!nd ©vt
who is beh!nd th¡s and I can’t do th¡s alone if I am trapped !n th¡s room. I need Samantha and Zoey’s h£lp, th£y are th£ only ones I trust.

I wiped th£ tears off my face, feel!ng determ!ned.

😭😭😭Our Mani ooooo

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