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Mine the mafia possession episode 42

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Episode 42


I woke up feel!ng like my h£ad was splitt!ng !nto two. I raised a [email protected] to my h£ad, try!ng to sooth£ th£ h£adach£. I couldn’t take any medic!ne because of th£ baby. Stifl!ng ©vt a yawn, I cont!nued to [email protected]
on th£ b£d th!nk!ng of a way I could conv!nce Samantha and Zoey to believe and h£lp me.

I patiently waited for Samantha to come
!n like $h£ has been do!ng for th¡s past week. An hour pa$$ed, two hour and stilI didn’t see h£r. I was beg!nn!ng to lose hope of h£r com!ng today wh£n I h£ard th£ sound of th£ locks com!ng undone, th£ door opened and like usual, $h£ had a tray of food !n h£r [email protected]

“I brought breakf*st.” $h£ said, enter!ng
th£ room. $h£ kept th£ tray of food on th£ table, but didn’t both£r look!ng at me.

“I’m j√$t go!ng to take a quick shower first” I said, po!nt!ng to th£ door and $h£

I needed to shower first, it might sooth£
th£ h£adach£ and I could muster a bit of strength and courage. I got off th£ b£d, feel!ng a little dizzy. I opened th£ bathroom door. Stripp!ng myself off, I got |ns!de th£ bathtub. Th£ water was warm. Th£ water feIt so good touch!ng my sk!n. I closed my eyes, relax!ng my [email protected]¢k.

My m!nd drifted [email protected]¢k to yesterday, recurr!ng every word S!n said to me and th£ ones which stood ©vt wh£n h£ told me
how much h£ hated me. I felt a pang !n my h£art, unknow!ngly, tears dropped from my eyes.

No matter how much I recall everyth!ng,
it still doesn’t feel real to me. It was like a bad dream, I so desperately wanted to wake up from it but couldn’t, no matter how much time I tried. I remembered th£ way h£ always looked at me and th£ way h£ did yesterday. m©r£ tears fell d©wΠ my eyes. It is th£ same person, th£ same S!n. Th£ one who owns a big part of my h£art.

It hurts a lot wh£n th£ one who shows you noth!ng but love, tells you th£y hate you now. It hurt so much.

I got up from th£ bathtub and dried myself, leav!ng th£ bathroom, I entered |ns!de th£ room and Samantha was still th£re. $h£ looked lost !n thought. I made my way !nto th£ closet and wore th£ first
piece of cloth!ng that caught my eyes.

I got ©vt of th£ closet. My eyes went to th£ tray of food on th£ table beside th£ b
ed th£n to Samantha who was sitt!ng on
th£ couch. I don’t have any appetite but
I need to eat. I signed and took th£ tray,
sat on th£ couch.

I started eat!ng, even though I wasn’t that hungry but I had to eat even if I didn’t want to. I looked at Samantha and $h£ looked like $h£ had6nt slept for days.

” Sam.” I said and $h£ took !n a deep breath before lett!ng h£r h£ad up to meet
my gaze. $h£ didn’t say anyth!ng, j√$t kept star!ng. It was [email protected] to read h£r face, I didn’t kn

ow what $h£ was th!nk!ng. h£r face was
blank and void of any emotions. Neth£r
th£ less, I still tried aga!n.

“Sam, j√$t let me expla!n first th£n you
can choose to hate me or not but at least give me a benefit of doubt and let me
expla!n myself.” I pleaded with h£r, my
eyes blurry with tears.

h£r m©vth parted ways like $h£ was ab©vt to say someth!ng but no words came ©vt, $h£ let ©vt anoth£r sigh, h£r h£ad cast d©wΠ like $h£ was !n deep thought before lift!ng it up to meet my eyes aga!n.

“F!ne, expla!n.” A relieved breath left my
m©vth and my l¡ps stretch£d !nto a small smile.

“It was true that Jason and I knew each
oth£r !n th£ past.” I say, w€tt!ng my bottom l¡p as my [email protected] fudged with each oth£r. “h£ was my ex boyfriend.”

Samantha’s eyes widened and $h£ sat up right with a confused expression on h£r face.” Wait…. Boyfriend” $h£ questioned and I nodded.

“From what you told me before, you only had one boyfriend !n high school who was noth!ng but a s¢vmbag after h£ ch£ated on you with your cous!n at your parents funeral” $h£ asked aga!n with furrow brows.

“Yeah, you are right. That s¢vmbag was
Jason” I said, confirm!ng h£r thought.

h£r m©vth opened !n a [email protected] like $h£ couldn’t believe what I had j√$t said.

“I always knew h£ was a s¢vmbag but
what I don’t understand is, if h£ hurt you
so badly why did S!n walk !n on th£ two of you !n b£d with you [email protected]£d.” $h£ questioned, look!ng m©r£ confused than ever.

“I told you I planned on tell!ng Nikolai ab©vt th£ baby. Right.” I asked and $h£ nodded. ” So, I had already gotten ready
and put on th£ l!ngeries I bought from th£ Victoria secret store. I was wait!ng for Nikolai but ended up [email protected]||!ng asleep. Wh£n I woke up, I felt a pres£nce beside me and thought it was Nikolai j√$t forme to f!nd ©vt it was Jason.”

I cont!nued to narrate everyth!ng that happened and what Jason had said ab©vt
a woman be!ng !nvolved and how h£ set me up so that S!n could walk !n on us. I
watch£d as h£r face changed from different emotions, from confusion to shock to relief and lastly anger.

“I can’t believe that d*ckh£ad. ” $h£ snapped angrily, h£r fist clench£d togeth£r.
“Wh£n I get my [email protected] on h¡m and go!ng to chop off h¡s balls and feed th£m to h¡m.” $h£ had an evil smirk on h£r face. ” I’m so sorry Mani that I didn’t believe you” $h£ apologized, $h£ gave me a guilty look.

” It’s okay Sam, what matters is that you
do now” I take h£r [email protected] !n m!ne, giv!ng it a sqv££se.

“We need to tell S!n ab©vt th¡s.” $h£ voiced ©vt, boldly.

“I tried Sam, but h£ won’t even let me taIk. h£ is really hurt.” I said to h£r and $h£ furrowed h£r brows.

“h£ can be really stubborn but h£ loves
you alot Mani. I have never seen h¡m like th¡s before, h¡s emotions were bare for everyone to see.

“We could try gett!ng to th£ bottom of

“What do you suggest we do?”

“If we can j√$t f!nd ©vt who h¡s Partner is, that is why I need you and Zoey’s h£lp. You both are th£ only ones I trust h£re to h£lp me ©vt.” I pleaded, my voice crack!ng a little bit.

“I will tell Zoey, but you should rest. Stress isn’t really good for you right now.
$h£ says, h£lp!ng me up from th£ couch
[email protected]¢k to th£ b£d. ” rest.”

$h£ walked to th£ table to pick up th£ tray, giv!ng me a slight nod before walk!ng ©vt of th£ room. I felt a part of th£ burden leave my shoulders and I could see a glimmer of hope. I j√$t pray th¡s works ©vt.

I tried gett!ng some sleep like Samantha suggested but I couldn’t. My m!nd kept on wander!ng @r0vnd th!nk!ng of who would be responsible for someth!ng like th¡s and only one person’s name came to m!nd. Luna.

$h£ was th£ only one I could th!nk of, I knew how desperate $h£ was. h£r obsession towards S!n was someth!ng any one could see. $h£ didn’t look like someone that would [email protected]¢k off that easily. I’m sure th¡s was all h£r plan. It has to be h£r.

I was brought ©vt of my thoughts by th£
sound of th£ door open!ng and Luca stepped !n. h£ had a worried expression
on h¡s face, wh£n h¡s eyes found m!ne, it turned !nto pity. h£ walked forward, tak!ng a seat on th£ couch.

“How are you?” h£ asked worriedly.

“Given everyth!ng that has happened th¡s week, I would say not good.” I responded blankly.

“I figured. Th£ both of you are a mess,
S!n won’t leave h¡s office and keeps dr!nk!ng to stoppor and Samantha told me
ab©vt how you are constantly cry!ng”

“Do you also th!nk I ch£ated on h¡m?”I

“I have seen th£ way you are with h¡m,
only a fool won’t notice how much you
love h¡m.

“Th£n I guess that makes your friend one.”

“I guess it does.” It was silent for some time before h£ spoke aga!n. ” Mani, S!n Ioves you and h£ still wants you. I have seen it, after be!ng with!n th¡s week, s¢ar£d h£ will do someth!ng irrational” h£ paused. “h£ is still th£ same old S!n who is crazy ab©vt you, who is ready to m©v£ h£aven and earth j√$t to make sure noth!ng bad happens to you. h£ is j√$t hurt,h£ has every right to be.”

I smiled sadly. “I would never do anyth!ng to hurt Nikolai, believe me.”

“I know Mani. I f!nd it strange how Luna came to th£ office with evidence of you and Jason togeth£r j√$t for S!n to waIk !n on you both. It’s too much of a co!ncidence.” I was right after all. It was Luna.

“Can I see th£ pictures?”

” Sadly I’m not with th£m, but don’t worry and I trust you. You’ve got to forgive S!n for not believ!ng you, you know h£’s got a h*g£ trust issue not after what happened b£tweeΠ h¡m and Lorenzo.” I smiled gratefvlly at h¡m.

“Thanks Luca, I really appreciate it. It means so much to me that you actually believe me.”

” It’s noth!ng Mani, th£re were j√$t too many h0l£s !n th£ story.” h£ stood up from th£ couch. ” eat h£althy and quit th£ tears.” h£ gave me one last look th£n made h¡s way ©vt of th£ room. I h£ard th£ sound of h£r door be!ng locked aga!n from ©vtside and I h£aved ©vt a sigh. I j√$t want th¡s phase to be over.

After Luca left, I was able to get some sleep. Wh£n I woke up, it was already dark and I waited for my eyes to get used to th£ dark. I saw a figure, stand!ng j√$t a foot apart from me, at first I thought it was S!n and until I looked closely and noticed I had no clue who th¡s man was because h¡s face wasn’t familiar.

A feel!ng of deja vu slopes !n and I hurriedly rise from th£ b£d.

“Who are you?” I snapped ©vt .

Th£ man stepped forward with a gun raised towards me. I panicked wh£n I noticed h£ wasn’t one of S!n’s men because h£ didn’t have th£ tattoo that signifies h¡m be!ng a part of S!n’s mafia family.

I took s1©w steps, look!ng for an escape
r©vte but th£ m©r£ steps I took th£ m©r£ steps h£ took as well.

“m©v£ one m©r£ time, th£n you have a
bullet attach£d to that pretty skull of yours” I stood rooted !n my spot. Who was h£?. How did h£ get !n?

h£ grabb£d a hold of my [email protected], h¡s face
com!ng !n front of m!ne. h£ had a disgust!ng look!ng scar that m©v£d from left eye d©wΠ to h¡s ch£ekbone.

l opened my m©vth to let ©vt a s¢r**m
but h¡s gun m©v£d d©wΠ from my h£ad
to my stomach. ” I suggest you th!nk twice before you do anyth!ng stupid. You don’t want to end up los!ng that baby of yours. That would be tragic.”

I was surprised by h¡s words, how did h£ know ab©vt my baby.

“No, please. I beg of you” I sob, try!ng to free my [email protected] from h¡s strong grip.

“I wish I could sweeth£art but I’m not th£ one call!ng th£ sh°ts.” h¡s [email protected] covered my m©vth and I felt a needle pierc!ng through my neck. Soon everyth!ng started sp!nn!ng, my b©dy was gett!ng weaker and weaker. My vision became blurry and th£ next th!ng I knew my b©dy fell on h¡s and l pa$$ed ©vt.

Our Mani have been kidnapped o🤦
At least some people believe h£r Sha

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