Mine The Mafia Possession

Mine the mafia possession episode 43

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Episode 43


“Who are you?” I snapped ©vt.

Th£ man stepped forward with a gun raised towards me. I panicked wh£n I noticed h£ wasn’t one of S!n’s men because h£ didn’t have th£ tattoo that signifies h¡m be!ng a part of S!n’s mafia family. I took s1©w steps, look!ng for an escape r©vte but th£ m©r£ steps I took th£ m©r£ steps h£ took as well.

” m©v£ one m©r£ time, th£n you have a
bullet attach£d to that pretty skull of yours.” I stood rooted !n my spot.

How did h£ get !n?. h£ grabb£d a hold of my [email protected], h¡s face com!ng !n front of m!ne. h£ had a disgust!ng look!ng scar that m©v£d from h¡s left eye d©wΠ to h¡s ch£ekbone. l opened my m©vth to let ©vt a s¢r**m but h¡s gun m©v£d d©wΠ from my h£ad to my stomach. ” I suggest you th!nk twice before you do anyth!ng stupid. You don’t want to end up los!ng that baby of yours. That would be tragic.”

I was surprised by h¡s words, how did h£ know ab©vt my baby. “No, please. I beg of you” I sob, try!ng to free my [email protected] from h¡s strong grip.

“I wish I could sweeth£art but I’m not th£ one call!ng th£ sh°ts.” h¡s [email protected] covered my m©vth and I felt a needle pierc!ng through my neck. Soon everyth!ng started sp!nn!ng, my b©dy was gett!ng weaker and weaker. My vision became blurry and th£ next th!ng I knew my b©dy fell on h¡s and I pa$$ed ©vt.

Wh£n I came through, my h£ad was covered by a black bag !n it, my [email protected] bound t!ghtly !n front of me. I seemed to be sitt!ng !n th£ [email protected]¢k of a car and I felt two pres£nce on each side of me.

I let ©vt a s¢r**m, ask!ng th£m to let me go. Panic rose through me, I spat to th£m every Spanish !nsult I could muster, demand!ng to be released until one of th£m hit my h£ad [email protected] at th£ iron beh!nd th£ seat and I could feel th£ blood dripp!ng d©wΠ my h£ad.

I tried to listen to see if I could h£ar anyth!ng dist!nctive that would h£lp me ©vt wh£n I planned my escape. I listen as th£ car soared over bump!ng parth, mak!ng it’s way d©wΠ an unsteady r©vte. It kept on mov!ng for what seemed to be an hour and a half before halt!ng to a stop.

My h£art raced and I felt my nerves surfac!ng even m©r£ wh£n I was dragged ©vt of th£ car. Two strong arms hoist me
up carry!ng me bridal style to what I a$$umed was th£ir hid!ng place. I h£ard th£ sound of a metal door be!ng opened and whoever was carry!ng me walked |ns!de, tak!ng larger steps, h£ climb£d a staircase before tak!ng a turn to th£ left. Anoth£r door opened and I was sat d©wΠ on a chair.

I m©v£d my h£ad frantically, try!ng to see if I could get a glimpse of how th£ room looked but I ended up with noth!ng. I Iet ©vt a deep sigh th!nk!ng of what to do wh£n I felt a st!ng on my neck, my eyes started dropp!ng s1©wly, no matter how much I tried to keep it open, I couldn’t fight th£ urge to close and ended up welcom!ng th£ darkness for th£ second time that night.

I didn’t know how long I was ©vt but I was awoken to th£ darkness of th£ room
surrender!ng me. My eyes were h£avy as l struggled to keep my eyes open, adj√$t!ng to th£ darkness. My [email protected] were tied so t!ghtly beh!nd a seat that I was sure it would leave a mark. I was cold.

I couldn’t s¢r**m for h£lp s!nce my m©vth was gagged. my ear peaked, listen!ng for any sound that !ndicated someone was h£re with me as well but noth!ng. Total silence. I didn’t know If I should be relieved that I was alone or worried.

But one th!ng was for sure, th£ fear was eat!ng me up. My h£art kept on b**t!ng f*st at th£ ©vt one of what may come. I gulped, my throat hurts and my h£ad was pound!ng like a sledgehammer was be!ng hit on it repeatedly.

Th£ fear was different from how I felt wh£n S!n had first kidnapped me, th¡s was different. I wasn’t taken for ₱1ea$vre or an obsession, I was taken for revenge and that was what s¢ar£d me th£ most. My b©dy trembles. Th£ image of S!n’s beautiful face was locked !nto my m!nd and th£ thought of h¡m s£nt a pool of tears stroll!ng d©wΠ my eyes.

My h£art raced wh£nl h£ard th£ sound
of h£avy footsteps com!ng toward th¡s
direction. I h£ard a man’s voice mutter!ng someth!ng !n Italian as th£y got closer. I was able to understand a little bit of what th£y were say!ng s!nce my Italian isn’t yet perfect. I felt so useless.

Th£ footsteps stopped at th£ entrance of th£ door, th£n I h£ard th£ knob turn and th£ door opened. I saw two blurry figures walk!ng !n and I tried to use all my s£nses. A bright light burned through my eyes wh£n th£ room switch was turned on. I took !n th£ appearance of th£ room. It had four concrete walls with a t!ny w!ndow by th£ side, it was filthy and th£ walls were disgust!ng to look at as th£y were sta!ned with what looked like driedblood.

Look!ng at th£ room made me want to throw up but I had to force myself not to
because I might end up throw!ng up on
myself. I rem©v£d my gaze from th£ walls of th£ room, settl!ng it !n front of th£ bulky look!ng Italian men. Th£y both had tattoos runn!ng d©wΠ th£ir neck to th£ir [email protected]. Th£ir expressions were blank and ruthless, star!ng at me like I was an !nsect th£y could easily squash. My l¡ps quivered and my h£art b**t escalated wh£n one of th£m began to approach me. I felt my b©dy shake un¢©Πtr0|lably and my eyes water as h£ approach£s me.

“Look at h£r, Stefano, how $h£ keeps trembl!ng” th£ scary guy who stood !n front of me said to th£ one beh!nd.
” See!ng you tremble is quite th£ turn on. ”

What!!!. Perverted old fart.

I should have really learned self defense, maybe th£n I won’t be !n th¡s situation
I was !n now, maybe th£n I won’t have been easily kidnapped. S!n was right, I can’t really take ¢ar£ of myself wh£n it comes to situations like th¡s.

“¢ar£ful Marcus, you know th£ rule. You are not allowed to touch h£r, or do anyth!ng that might harm th£ baby. ” Th£ guy beh!nd who was called Stefano warned th£ Marcos guy !n front of me.

“That’s too bad, I could imag!ne th£ fun th£ both of us could have had. ” Marcos hummed, h¡s eyes focused on my cl£@[email protected]£ with h¡s [email protected] folded aga!nst h¡s

I s£nt h¡m a glare, hat!ng h¡s eyes on my
sk!n. h¡s gaze met m!ne and h£ gr!nned menac!ng, w€tt!ng h¡s l¡ps as h¡s eyes swept over my b©dy aga!n.

“On second thought, th£re won’t be any
harm If we j√$t have a little bit of fun. Don’t you th!nk. ” h£ closed th£ gap b£tweeΠ us, slutch!ng.

h£ had h¡s eyes on my face, dr!nk!ng !n my nervous expression and a smirk for
med th£ side of h¡s l¡ps. h£ put h¡s [email protected] on my neck, giv!ng it a little bit of a pa!nful sqv££se before trail!ng it d©wΠ my neck to my shoulder, mov!ng d©wΠ, stopp!ng at th£ top of my cl£@[email protected]£. I m©v£d my h£ad, try!ng to get rid of h¡s [email protected] on my b©dy but it didn’t do anyth!ng s!nce I was tied to th£ chair by [email protected] and legs

I let ©vt a wh¡mper wh£n I saw that h£ was ab©vt to grab a hold of my left br£@st but that didn’t happen because Stefano stopped h¡m.

“I th!nk that’s enough Marcos.” Stefano
said, h¡s voice deep and authoritative, Ieav!ng Marcos no choice but to step. I let ©vt a breath of relief, my eyes met that of Stefano, I nod lightly !n a way of tell!ng h¡m how grateful I was but h¡s face was emotionless. Marcos reluctantly stood up, keep!ng a distance b£tweeΠ us and I let ©vt a shaky breath.

” Dai Stefano, devi essere un festaiolo, p
ossiamo entrambi fare a turno. Non è C
h£ la pazza lo saprebbe ( Come on stefano, do you have to be a party popper, we can both take turns with h£r).”Marcos said sternly at Stefano.

“No Marcos, lascia riposare la povera r
agazza. E già abbastanza grave ch£ sia
stata rapita, sembra debole e potrebbe
svenire da un momento all’altro e non di
mentichiamoci del fatto ch£ è !nc!nta (No Marcos, let th£ poor girl rest. It’s bad
enough that $h£ was kidnapped, $h£ looks weak and could fa!nt any m!nute from now and let’s not forget ab©vt th£ fact that $h£ is pregnant).” Stefano answered !n equal tone as Marcos, s£nd!ng a [email protected] glare h¡s way.

“Accidenti a quel fottuto bamb!no, da qu
ando sei cosi figa, non dirmi ch£ ti piac
e nel poco tempo !n cui è stata qui (Damn that fv¢k!ng baby, s!nce wh£n have you been such a p*ssy, dont tell me you fancy h£r !n th£ little time $h£ has been h£re).” Marcos spat angrily, walk!ng towards Stefano !n a large stance, th£y tower above each oth£r as th£y cont!nued th£ir h£ated arguments.
“Ci sono state date semplici istruzioni
per non toccarla e fai bene a seguirla (We were given simple !nstructions not t
o touch h£r and you do well to follow it),
bloody bastard.” Marcos said angrily walk!ng ©vt of th£ room.

Stefano cast me one last glance before
walk!ng ©vt of th£ room. I waited to h£ar th£ sound of th£ lock but didn’t h£ar anyth!ng except for th£ir retreat!ng footsteps. After I felt th£y were a distance away, I h£aved ©vt a shaky breath, my entire b©dy shook un¢©Πtr0|lably and my eyes watered. my glance fell to th£ door,
my vision blurry.

Would S!n ¢ar£ ab©vt th£ fact that I was miss!ng, was h£ glad that I was ©vt of h¡s life. Would h£ even both£r look!ng for me?.
All hope !n me detorated, not after th£ way we left th!ngs. I wasn’t able to prove to h¡m that I didn’t ch£at on h¡m, that everyth!ng that happened was a set-up done by Jason and some mysterious woman. A sob escaped th£ cloth that bound my m©vth as tears cont!nued to [email protected]|| d©wΠ my face, I feared for my life and that of my unborn child.

” don’t worry baby, mommy will make sure noth!ng happens to you” wh¡spered !nto th£ dark. I sat th£re awake, bound to
th£ chair for hours before welcom!ng th£ darkness for th£ third time th¡s night.


I have been h£re for three days, with©vt
any food or water to dr!nk. I was too weak to m©v£ my b©dy. No one had both£red to ch£ck up on me, not even th£ two men that were h£re th£ night I was kidnapped. I didn’t know how long I would be able to survive with©vt tak!ng anyth!ng. My h£ad fell to my side and my l¡ps were dried, I brought ©vt my t0Πge to groggily w€t my l¡ps s!nce I had little strength.

Th£ door open!ng caught my attention,
h£avy footsteps made th£ir way towards me and a plate of omelette and water
were dropped !n front of me. I raised my h£ad to see Stefano look!ng d©wΠ at me with a pa$$ive look but I couldn’t give a shit,I was starv!ng and my only focus was th£ food places on th£ ground.

“I’m go!ng to undo th£ rope on your [email protected], th!nk twice before do!ng anyth!ng stupid.” h£ warned, and I nodded.

h£ went beh!nd me, los!ng th£ ropes that bound my [email protected] to th£ chair, I looked
d©wΠ on my bruised wrist which had purple and red marks on it and I w!nced !n pa!n. Stafeno placed th£ plate on my lap and I hurriedly ate despite th£ pa!n felt on my wrist.

I kept on stuff!ng my m©vth with th£ food, no matter how disgust!ng it tasted, l could feel a little bit of energy !n me. Ic
ont!nued to eat till th£ sound of loud h£els caught my attention and I looked up at th£ entrance. a woman walked !n with a t!ght red dress and stock!ngs with red h£els on. h£r face was pa!nted with h£avy makeup. $h£ stood !n front of me, h£r l¡ps stretch£d !nto a devilish smirk, look!ng d©wΠ at me with total disgust.

I widened by eyes !n shock.

F!nally lol we will no who is beh!nd all th£se
Who else is eager to know
But first who do you th!nk it is; Samantha, Zoey, or Stephanie 😜😜😜😜

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