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Mine the mafia possession episode 45

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Episode 45


I was starv!ng and my only focus was th£ food places on th£ ground.

” I’m go!ng to undo th£ rope on your [email protected], th!nk twice before do!ng anyth!ng stupid. ” h£ warned, and I nodded. h£ went beh!nd me, los!ng th£ ropes that bound my [email protected] to th£ chair, I looked d©wΠ on my bruised wrist which had purple and red marks on it and I w!nced !n pa!n. Stefano placed th£ plate on my lap and I hurriedly ate despite th£ pa!n I felt on my wrist.

I kept on stuff!ng my m©vth with th£ food, no matter how disgust!ng it tasted, I could feel a little bit of energy !n me. I cont!nued to eat till th£ sound of loud h£els caught my attention and I looked up
at th£ entrance. a woman walked !n with a t!ght red dress and stock!ngs with red h£els on. h£r face was pa!nted with h£avy makeup. $h£ stood !n front of me, h£r l¡ps stretch£d !nto a devilish smirk, look!ng d©wΠ at me with total disgust.

“Zoey. ” I [email protected] ©vt !n disbelief. My eyes widen at th£ person !n front of me.

“!n th£ f|£$h.” $h£ answered with a smirk on h£r face.

” What’s go!ng on, why are you h£re? “I
asked !n a voice that I hoped would hide
th£ panic I was feel!ng |ns!de.

“Oh, come on Mani. do you really have to ask me that, You can’t be that dense. $h£ asked with a smug smile.

” why… wh.. Why are you do!ng th¡s.” i stutter ©vt, my eyes blurry

“I don’t know Mani, why would I do th¡s” $h£ said with a creepy smile. $h£ keeps answer!ng every question with a question of h£r own with h£r [email protected] crossed togeth£r.

“What do you want, why would you do
someth!ng like th¡s?” I th!nk $h£ was done ₱|@y!ng because th£ look !n h£r eyes changed.

“What do I want, you are seriously ask!ng me wh£n you are th£ cause of everyth!ng.” $h£ s¢r**med. Look!ng like a complete lunatic, totally different from th£ Zoey I knew. I couldn’t believe my eyes even with h£r stand!ng !n front of me and I felt a p!ng of a needle numb!ng my h£art.

“If I have done someth!ng wrong to hurt
you, please forgive, but th£re are better
ways to sort th!ngs ©vt and not like th¡s.” I tried to reason with h£r, hop!ng to see th£ Zoey I once knew.

“you took h¡m from me, you j√$t swapped right past and took h¡m from me with©vt know!ng your place. ” $h£ seeth£d
th£ last part with venom.

Who was $h£ talk!ng ab©vt, who did I take from h£r. ”What do you mean I took h¡m from you. ” I asked h£r.

“S!n was m!ne first. I saw h¡m first. ” $h£ spats. S!n. $h£ was do!ng all th¡s for S!n

Author/Authoress note: werey h£ was never yours🙄 lunatic bitch

Was $h£ !n love with h¡m? “S!n.” I was baffled. “I thought you said you were !n love with h¡s broth£r, Alexander.”

“I couldn’t give two shits ab©vt Alexander, I wanted to use h¡m to get to S!n but that old man (S!n’s fath£r) spoiled everyth!ng. h£ found ©vt ab©vt my obsession with S!n and wanted me ©vt of th£ir life’s so I thought of anoth£r way to stay and that was gett!ng pregnant with that a$$ h0l£s child wh£n all wanted was S!n. ” $h£ f!ni$h£d with a sick smile.

I have never seen Zoey with a child before, if th!ngs didn’t turn ©vt like $h£ expected. What ab©vt th£ baby?

“I know you must be wonder!ng what happened to th£ baby. It h£lped better wh£n it was gone than be!ng alive.” wh£n $h£ means gone, does $h£ mean dead. I [email protected] ©vt, look!ng at h£r like $h£ had grown two h£ads.

“Did you kill your baby Zoey. ” I asked, fearful of what h£r response might be.

“I didn’t” I let ©vt a sigh of relief. “I had a miscarriage but who ¢ar£s, I didn’t even want th£ baby. S!n must have felt concerned after th£ miscarriage and asked
me to m©v£ !n with h¡m. All th¡s shows how much h£ is !n love with me till you came and ru!ned everyth!ng. ” $h£ says
with a deadly look !n h£r eyes.

$h£ was obviously delusional and obsessed with S!n.

“You know what happened b£tweeΠ S!n
and I. Before I fell !n love with h¡m, I never wanted th¡s. You yourself told what a good person h£ was.”

“Yeah, that was because I thought h£ was go!ng to get over whatever sick obsession h£ had with you and end up dump!ng you [email protected]¢k !n th£ ditch wh£re h£ was found or better yet kill you but no. You must have cast a spell at h¡m to make h¡m h£ad over h£els for you, not anym©r£. I’m go!ng to be th£ one to end it, I’m th£ only one fit to be by h¡s side. h£ doesn’t need you or that whore Sophie but me, I’m th£ one who deserves to be Donna. ” h£r eyes looked unsettl!ng.

“What happened to you Zoey, you were
never like th¡s. ” I said !n a defeated tone.

$h£ got !n front of me and grabb£d my
ch£eks with h£r [email protected] sqv££s!ng it t!ghtly. “I have always been like th¡s, you guys were j√$t to stupid to realize. I never once considered you as a friend, you were j√$t anoth£r whore to warm S!n’s b£d but now you have overstayed your welcome and to top it all you had to get pregnant with that brat !n your stomach. ”

“You were th£ one Jason was talk!ng ab©vt, who set me up.

“I had to get rid of you !n a way that S!n
won’t even bait an eye and don’t worry I will make sure to take ¢ar£ of h¡m. h¡m and I , we will all be one big happy family. ” $h£ says, that’s wh£n I realized th£ look !n h£r eyes I’d gotten used to look!ng crazy.

“You are crazy” I spat at h£r.

“Oh darl!ng, I believe that fact has been establi$h£d.” $h£ said with a fake smile and took a step [email protected]¢k from me.

$h£ gave me one last look, turn!ng tomake h£r way ©vt. $h£ laugh£d maniacally as $h£ made h£r way ©vt of th£ room. Stefano tied my [email protected] [email protected]¢k, took th£ plate and walked ©vt of th£ room as

I can’t stay h£re, I must protect my baby.
I need to tell S!n everyth!ng. I scanned th£ room, look!ng for anyth!ng that I could use to free myself but didn’t see anyth!ng, so I decided to ₱v|| my [email protected], sqv££s!ng th£m togeth£r to make th£m smaller. I bit d©wΠ on my l¡ps to stop myself from s¢r**m!ng ©vt loud..

Blood ₱0ured d©wΠ from th£ side of my
m©vth as I kept ₱v||!ng. I was sure I had broken my [email protected] but I had no oth£r choice.

!n what felt like an hour, I managed to successfvlly ₱v|| my [email protected] ©vt and I w!nced !n pa!n. I bent d©wΠ to free my legs. Runn!ng to th£ door barefoot. I opened it slightly not want!ng to attract any attention. I peeped to see if th£re was anyone ©vt th£re, breath!ng ©vt !n relief wh£n l saw no one.

I opened th£ door, Runn!ng ©vt with no idea wh£re I was go!ng. I saw pieces of
gla$$ on th£ floor and picked up a piece !n case I needed to defend myself. I kept on runn!ng till I slammed !nto a wall. No, not a wall but a person.

I s1©wly raised my h£ad up to see Marcos star!ng d©wΠ at me with a demonic smile on h¡s face. h£ grabb£d my h£ad t!ghtly mak!ng me w!nce !n pa!n

“I guess it’s my turn to have fun” h£ says slyly. h¡s grip t!ghtened, almost ₱v||!ng ©vt my skull.

I remembered th£ broken bottle piece on my [email protected] and used it to stab h¡m !n th£ [email protected]¡$t. While loos£n!ng th£ grip on my h£ad,I didn’t stop th£re and kept stabb!ng h¡m till h£ didn’t m©v£. I had blood splattered all over my face and [email protected]

I cont!nued mak!ng my way look!ng for th£ exit till I saw one, I wasted no time rac!ng ©vt of th£ door and !nto th£ forest, it was dark ©vtside as I kept runn!ng @r0vnd. I had no idea how long it was s!nce I escaped but I felt exhausted and my feet were bleed!ng after be!ng picked by thorns !n th£ word. My stomach rumbled ©vt, Th£ sun was already ris!ng which meant i have been runn!ng all night stiII no sign of civilization.

My ch£st h£aved as I cont!nued to run,
mak!ng no attempt to take a rest. I must
protect my baby, I kept chant!ng to myself. Wh£n I h£ard th£ sounds of cars and people talk!ng, tears fell d©wΠ my eyes. I dragged my weak b©dy, follow!ng th£ noise. People @r0vnd stared at me like l had grown two h£ads. Th£y all had a
look of worry and fright on th£ir faces. I
guess I would too if I saw myself.

I walked !nto an old d!ner, th£ place had
few people eat!ng !n it. I made my way to th£ counter, wh£n an old woman walked !n. $h£ took !n my appearance, a look of worry crossed h£r face.

“oh caro, non sembri a posto(oh dear, youu don’t look okay),” I saw th£ k!ndness !n h£r and it sort of felt welcom!ng.

“Please can I use your phone? “I manage to wh¡sper ©vt. $h£ raised a palm !n a way of tell!ng me to wait, $h£ walked !nto a small room before walk!ng ©vt. $h£ [email protected] me a couple of co!ns and po!nted to a pay phone j√$t ©vtside th£ d!ner.

“Thank you. “I smiled weakly.

I walked ©vt of th£ d!ner to wh£re th£ payphone was, !nsert!ng !n th£ co!ns. I dialed th£ one number I could th!nk of, it rang three times, anxiety eat!ng me up wh£n h£ f!nally answered

“Ciao (h£llo),” h¡s voice sounded furious and h¡s tone stra!ned and stressed.

“Nikolai. h£lp me please.”

Despite th£ situation created by Zoey, aII could do was hope that h£ would listen to me and come to my rescue.

“Mani, is that you baby” h£ voiced ©vt
worried. A sob left my l¡ps. “Wh£re are you.” h£ said fiercely. I looked @r0vnd my surround!ngs with no clue wh£re I was.

” Th£re are trees, a d!ne close to a high
way. S!n I don…don’t know. I have no idea wh£re l am, I’m s¢ar£d. “I cried, I covered my m©vth with my palm to ¢©Πtr0| my sob. I looked @r0vnd for any one suspicious.

“dont worry pr!ncess,….. i have someone trac!ng th£ call.” h£ tries to comfort me tears kept flow!ng d©wΠ my eyes, some landed at my bare feet.

I h£ard S!n s¢r**m!ng !n th£ [email protected]¢kground at someone. ” get it done f*st, what am I pay!ng you for, do it now” wh£re all I could h£ar. h£ swears loudly and I h£ard someth!ng hitt!ng th£ floor, shatter!ng !nto pieces.

“Nikolai.” I called ©vt to h¡m before th£ l!ne dies ” Nikolai.” I say m©r£ loudly.

“Are you okay, are you hurt?” h£ asked
all at once.

“I need to tell you someth!ng, so listen

“I said but h£ started talk!ng aga!n.

” yes am©r£. I need you to… ” h£ started
but I cut h¡m off, I needed to warn h¡m
ab©vt Zoey.

“No listen, I don’t have much time. Do not trust Zo.. ” before I could complete my s£ntence I felt someth!ng [email protected] hit my h£ad and I stumbled before [email protected]||!ng d©wΠ to th£ ground. My eyes are blurry, mak!ng it [email protected] for me to see anyth!ng. Two strong arms picked me up carry!ng me bridal style to a car while I struggled to keep my eyes open.

Please S!n, come save me. Come save
us. I wh¡spered to myself before [email protected]||!ng
!nto darkness.

Th£y don catch our Mani aga!n o😭😭😭💔
Who else th!nk Zoey is a maniac, stupid bitch😫😫😫


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