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Mine the mafia possession episode 46

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Episode 46

S!n POV.

I felt like crap, I wasn’t myself. It was like l was go!ng to fa!nt any moment from now. Walked over to wh£re Alesso sat, typ!ng repeatedly on th£ laptop !n front of h¡m.

“any update yet” I asked h¡m for th£ hundredth time s!nce h£ came.

“Th£ picture has been proven to be fake, whoever did it was an expert. Th£y knew you would probably ch£ck to see if it was Ph°toshop and made sure you won’t be able to notice th¡s.” Alesso says, empathiz!ng on each words. ” Th¡s took
time, whoever did th¡s was not !n a rush,
mean!ng, th£y were well orch£strated”

“Have you been able to p!npo!nt wh£re
$h£ might be taken. ” I growled.

“S!n, I’m try!ng my best. It’s not easy to…”

“I don’t ¢ar£, I don’t want you to try your
best. I want you to f!nd h£r, th¡s is a matter of Mani and my child. So you better f!nd h£r or you will be sorry Alesso. ” I threatened h¡m and suddenly [email protected] at th£ sharp pa!n I felt !n my h£ad.

It was like my h£ad was be!ng split !nto
two. I felt a [email protected] on my shoulders and turned to see Luca beh!nd me with a worried look on h¡s face.

“Look man! You need to calm d©wΠ” h£
says, com!ng to stand beside me.

“I can’t do that, I j√$t can’t fv¢k!ng do that Luca. I don’t know wh£re $h£ is and it
keeps driv!ng me crazy. ” I growled at h¡m. I knew h£ was worried as I was but h£ did everyth!ng to ma!nta!n h¡s calm while I felt I was los!ng ¢©Πtr0|.

Who would have thought that Nikolai Violente would go nuts over a girl. But that was th£ situation now.

“We are all worried too. ” I looked at Samantha, whose eyes were closed as $h£ laid on th£ couch. Luca f!nally got h£r to have a rest and tried to do th£ same with me but th£ last th!ng I wanted to do was sleep right now.

We need to th!nk rationally, you need a
rest man. Let Alesso do h¡s work, while you take a little bit of a nap. If th£re is any update I will let you know” I gave h¡m a defeated look.

“Luca is right, S!n, I will f!nd h£r. I haven’t seen h£r yet and I want to meet th£ girl that has you wr*₱ped @r0vnd h£r little f!ng£r.” Alesso said, try!ng to a$$ure me

All th¡s was my fault. I always br!ng karma to th£ ones I love. Th£ only way to f!nd Mani now was all Alesso. Luca and I had gone to !nterrogate Jason !n th£ basement wh£n we found ©vt ab©vt Mani’s disappearance, but h£ was found dead along with th£ guys a$$igned to monitor h¡m, th£ same as Luna. Th¡s was a big proof that whoever was do!ng was among th£ people !n th¡s house.

“We have to Alesso. My life is worthless with©vt h£r !n it. I promise to give th£
person a s1©w death wh£n I f!nd who is responsible for th¡s. ” I mutter angrily.

“Any news.” Samantha says, lett!ng ©vt
a little yawn. $h£ looked b£tweeΠ Luca and I.

‘No.” Luca mutters, shak!ng h¡s h£ad. “Alesso is still work!ng on it. Samantha let ©vt a defeated sigh, bury!ng h£r h£ad !n h£r [email protected] h£r shoulders slumps !n defeat.

”who th£ h£ll could have done th¡s. Th£
last was !n New York, wh£n th£y tried to kill h£r. Th£ person keeps gett!ng away, like h£ enjoys ₱|@y!ng whatever game th¡s was. Th¡s is not j√$t a kidnap if th£y aren’t ask!ng for a ransom, not !n th¡s I!ne of work. ” Samantha said, th!nk!ng a loud

I robb£d my face with both [email protected], !nhal!ng and exhal!ng, try!ng to calm my rac!ng h£at. I h£ard th£ sound of someth!ng r!ng!ng and I walked to my table to see it was my phone. I looked at th£ number and didn’t recognize it. I picked th£ call, plac!ng th£ phone close to my ear.

“Ciao (h£llo)”my voice sounded furious and my tone stra!ned and stressed.

”Nikolai. h£lp me please. ” I h£ard th£ s¢ar£d voice of Mani.

My h£art kept b**t!ng f*st like l was ab©vt to have a h£art attack, I felt my emotions be!ng mixed togeth£r. j√$t th£ sound of h£r voice gave me m©r£ courage
and determ!nation to f!nd h£r.

” Mani, is that you baby.”I voiced my worries. A sob left h£r l¡ps. ” Wh£re are you” I asked fiercely.

Samantha and Luca were by my side th£ m!nute l called ©vt h£r name. I put d©wΠ th£ phone on th£ desk, putt!ng it !n speaker so that Alesso could listen and trace th£ call.

“Th£re are trees, a d!ne close to a highway. Nikolai I don..don’t know. I have no idea wh£re I am, I’m s¢ar£d. ” $h£ cried, h£r words and tears s£nt my h£art shatter!ng !nto different pieces.

Samantha had tears flow!ng d©wΠ h£r eyes as Luca tried to comfort h£r. $h£ had h£r [email protected] clapped to h£r m©vth, to stop h£rself from cry!ng ©vt loud.

“don’t worry pr!ncess,.i have someone trac!ng th£ call.” I tried to comfort h£r “I
turned to look at Alesso for any update.

“It’s a payphone, it’s go!ng to take a litte bit of time before I can p!npo!nt th£ exact location. ” h£ says.

“hurry th£ h£ll up and get it done f*st. ”
I s¢r**med at h¡m. ” What am I pay!ng y
ou for, do it now” I let ©vt a series of swears both !n Italian and English. I took th£ gla$$ cup on th£ table smash!ng it aga!nst th£ wall and it shattered !nto pieces.

I h£ard a sound com!ng from th£ phone
but couldn’t h£ar well because th£ call
was break!ng.” Nikolai.”

” Are you okay, are you hurt?” I asked all
at once.

“I need to tell you someth!ng, so listen.” I was worried I needed to know if $h£ was okay and not hurt. m©r£ importantly, $h£ needs to be somewh£re safe before we come get h£r.

“yes am©r£. I need you to…I started but $h£ cut h¡m off. If $h£ managed to escape, $h£ needed to hide because I was sure whoever took h£r would be after h£r.

“No listen, I don’t have much time. Do n
ot trust Z..”

“Mani, Man.. Am©r£, are you still th£re?” I s¢r**med, wait!ng for h£r response. “fv¢k..”

I was able to get th£ location.” Alesso
said, gett!ng up from h¡s seat.

I wasted no time, strapp!ng my gun by
my side, I walked ©vt of th£ office with th£ rest beh!nd me. We made our way ©vt of th£ house, I almost ran !nto Zoey who was com!ng !n.

$h£ looked at us with furrowed eyebrows. “Why are you guys !n such a hurry. $h£ directed th£ question to Samantha.

“Oh, we need to take ¢ar£ of someth!ng” Samantha responded.

I had no time for th£ir chitchat and tried
to m©v£ past h£r wh£n I felt a [email protected] discretely brush aga!nst m!ne !n a seductive manner, I turned to look at h£r and $h£ bit h£r l¡ps with a smirk on h£r face. I clearly wasn’t see!ng well, th¡s was Zoey I’m talk!ng ab©vt. $h£ has no feel!ngs for me whatsoever. Th£ thought of Mani miss!ng was really mess!ng with my bra!n. I made my way to my car, gett!ng
!n th£ [email protected]¢k seat with Samantha, Luca and Alesso !n th£ front seat. Luca had already !nformed our trusted men like Mateo who would trail beh!nd us.

Alesso sat !n th£ driver’s seat, h£ turned on th£ GPS, driv!ng ©vt of th£ house. We kept driv!ng for close to an hour. We pa$$ed th£ payphone ask!ng people @r0vnd if th£y had seen any with Mani description. Majority of th£m po!nted to th£ direction of th£ wood, say!ng th£y saw
h£r runn!ng ©vt of th£re.

Th£y had alerted th£ police but wh£n th£y came, $h£ was nowh£re !n sight aga!n. We got !nto th£ car, driv!ng !nto th£
woods, to an old abandoned house that
seemed to be [email protected]||!ng apart. I wasted no
time gett!ng ©vt of th£ car alone with my men.

We looked @r0vnd th£ house before enter!ng |ns!de j√$t to make sure th£re was no one lurk!ng ©vtside. It was dark |ns!de, It looked like th£ power was cut ©vt.

I brought ©vt my phone, turn!ng on th£ touch to use as a source of light. I also took ©vt my gun, th£re was blood at th£
pa$$age and it was still fresh, we got !nto a room that looked gross. Th£re were
chairs at th£ center with a loose rope on
it. Th¡s confirms it all, $h£ was h£re.

I kicked at th£ chair !n frustration, for th£ first time s!nce my dad died I prayed. I
prayed to God, I never really believed !n before, pray!ng to h¡m to keep h£r and our baby safe and prayed for th£ blood !n th£ hallway not to h£rs.

“see if you can f!nd ©vt wh£re $h£ has been taken. ” I ordered Alesso. Luca opened h¡s m©vth to say someth!ng but I couldn’t ¢ar£ less as I stormed ©vt of th£
room and ©vt th£ house to wh£re th£ car was. I punch£d th£ w!ndows of th£ car and kept hitt!ng it as th£ cracks kept expand!ng.

I felt myself be!ng ₱v||ed [email protected]¢k. I turned
to see it was Luca, I threw h¡m a glare th£n got !nto th£ car, slamm!ng th£ door shut. Th£ rest of th£m got !nto th£ car, no one said a word. Th£ ride [email protected]¢k to th£ house was !n silence, I could tell what everyone was th!nk!ng but no one could say. Was $h£ still alive?

” S!n we are go!ng to f!nd h£r, it’s go!ng
to be okay. ” Luca said, plac!ng a [email protected] on my shoulder.

I was tired of h£ar!ng that word. ‘it’s go!ng to be okay. ” it was beg!nn!ng to piss
me off. h¡m and Alesso keep say!ng it.

“It’s not go!ng to be okay, it’s never go!ng
to be okay. It’s j√$t go!ng to keep gett!ng worse till I have my am©r£ [email protected]¢k !n my arms aga!n. I should have listened to h£r wh£n $h£ asked me too, given h£r th£ benefit of doubt but no, I ¢ar£d only ab©vt how $h£ had hurt me and now h£r life is !n danger” I wh¡spered m©r£ to myself but loud enough for th£m to h£ar.

No one said a word, Luca already took !n my expression to know that right now no comfort!ng words were go!ng to work. Samantha hasn’t said anyth!ng at all, I th!nk $h£ was still petrified.

Th£se past three days have been h£ll on all of us, Alexander has taken th£ Mafia work from me for now so that I could
focus m©r£ on f!nd!ng Mani. I had told only Alexander, I told h¡m not to let my mom or sister know. I didn’t want to worry ab©vt th£m thoughI doubt my sister would be that worried s!nce $h£ didn’t like Mani.

I ₱v||ed !nto th£ house and I got d©wΠ slamm!ng th£ car door shut. I went up to
my room which still smelled of h£r, walked !nto th£ closet and took ©vt a cloth that belonged to h£r. I s1©wly sl¡pped d©wΠ to th£ ground, sniff!ng !n th£ dress. Th£ tears I tried so [email protected] to hold, fell d©wΠ my eyes.

I sat th£re cry!ng for some time before
gett!ng up to shower and fre$h£n. After
feel!ng a little bit refre$h£d. I went [email protected]¢k d©wΠstairs to my office wh£re Luca and Alesso were. Alesso walked up to me, h¡s face told me h£ had some beneficial !nformation.

I ran th£ address of th£ place to see who it belongs to and what came ©vt was th£ name Russo

“Russo” my jaw clench£d, I looked at Luca and h£ nodded confirm!ng my thoughts.

My eyes darkened.

F!nally th£ story is gett!ng clear
Our Mani😭😭😭
That stupid Zoey will suffer


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