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Mine the mafia possession episode 47

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Episode 47


I was weak, I could barely m©v£ a [email protected]
or even bl!nked my eyes. I was tied to a
chair j√$t like before, dried blood plaste red on my face. My h£ad felt h£avy and
my ear rang. I s1©wly began to rega!n consciousness and my eyes f!nally opened.

I was !n a different room and I’m guess!ng a different location from before. Th¡s room was dark like th£ last one but had no w!ndow. Th£ only source of light was th£ white dim light that kept bl!nk!ng constantly.

It looked a little cleaner than th£ last place I was kept and it looked m©r£ like a
basement and because of how closed off th£ place was I couldn’t tell if it was morn!ng or even!ng or what day it was but one th!ng was for sure, I have been pa$$ed ©vt for some time, sipp!ng !n and ©vt of consciousness.

I can’t believe I was caught and kidnapped aga!n, after be!ng th¡s close to freedom. My throat hurts so much that I could [email protected] speak, and my b©dy kept $h!very!ng due to how cold th£ place was. Th£ smell of blood wasn’t mak!ng it easy, but I’m guess!ng it was m!ne s!nce I had blood gush!ng ©vt of me !n so many places.

My b©dy felt so dra!ned ©vt, I even ran ©vt of tears to cry. Each time I made a small m©v£ my b©dy hurt like h£ll, my breath was a little bit shallow, as I struggled to breath because I had a life to protect. I close my eyes, tak!ng !n a deep pa!nful breath.

I tried to conv!nce myself that I was go!ng to. Make it ©vt alive if not for me th£n for my child, but that didn’t stop th£ fear from s!nk!ng !n, know!ng very well that I have a t!ny bit of energy left !n me. But I didn’t give up, even though I feel like I’m sett!ng myself up to fail.

My eyes s1©wly opened wh£n I h£ard th£ sound of th£ door be!ng open, and footsteps draw!ng near. It was like Deja Vu all over aga!n. Th£ light kept on f|¡¢k!ng mak!ng it [email protected] to see who th£ person was until th£ footsteps came forward stopp!ng a foot from me.

“I see you are awake” I recognized th£
voice to belong to Stefano but I couldn’t
see h¡s face clearly due to how dim th£
light was and it didn’t h£lp that my vision was still a bit blurry or that my h£ad kept pound!ng repeatedly. It felt so h£avy, it was worse than th£ first time and I w!nced not be!ng able to bear it.

“ple..please. Please j√$t let me go. ” I
manage to wh¡sper ©vt.

“You know I can’t do that and let’s not forget th£ fact that you killed Marcos yesterday. ” h£ responded !n a cold tone.

Marcos. Surpris!ngly, I felt noth!ng ab©vt h¡s death, I knew very well that it was j√$t self defense. I should feel someth!ng, even if it was guilty but !nsteadI felt noth!ng. Absolutely noth!ng, because th£re was no need to sugarcoat it, I had wanted to kill h¡m wh£n I repeated ly stabb£d h¡m even after h£ was done. I felt th¡s fire !n me that needed to be quench£d and I knew I would do it all over aga!n. I guess I was becom!ng m©r£ and m©r£ like S!n and right now I didn’t ¢ar£ not with what l was go!ng through.

“h£ could rot !n h£ll for all I ¢ar£.” I’m s
urprised at how bold my voice sounds,
contrary to what I feel and I wasn’t th£ only one because wh£n th£ light showed on Stefano’s face h£ looked shocked as well.

My eyes started sp!nn!ng, I shook my h£ad try!ng to get rid of th£ dizz!ness but that j√$t seemed to wors£n th£ case. I kept gett!ng drowsier and drowsier till I f!nally fell !nto darkness.

Wh£n I came through aga!n, I saw a pair of red h£els stand!ng !n front of me j√$t like th£ one Zoey wore two days [email protected]¢k or was it three, four days [email protected]¢k. I wasn’t sure. I took my time lift!ng up my h£ad till it f!nally got to h£r face which had a victorious smirk on it and j√$t like before, h£r [email protected] were crossed togeth£r.

Oh poor Mani, tsk tsk tsk. it looks like
you will be tak!ng your last breath any
moment from now.” $h£ p©vted.

$h£ placed a [email protected] on my face, mov!ng it [email protected]¢kward to my neck and $h£ grabb£d a [email protected] of my hair !n a t!ght grip, wors£n!ng th£ h£adach£ I felt mak!ng it very unbearable for me and I w!nced !n pa!n.

“If only you had known your place and hadn’t taken what was m!ne.” $h£ spoke aga!n.

Th£ m©r£ I looked at h£r face th£ m©r£
I felt betrayed and th£ m©r£ angrier I got. $h£ was th£ list person I never thought would do th¡s to me, someone I had once considered a good friend.

$h£ was th£ first friend I had after be!ng
kidnapped and taken !nto an unfamiliar
world. Th£ one person I trusted !n th£ mafia world apart from S!n, Samantha, Luca and Mateo. And yet, h£re we are.
It was j√$t like th£y said, we should always be wary of th£ ones closest to us sometimes, because th£y are th£ ones who tend to hurt us th£ most.

$h£ let go of my hair, stand!ng up right,
cross!ng h£r [email protected] togeth£r aga!nst h£r
ch£st aga!n. ” It seems like I don’t need to keep you alive any longer. S!n is f!nally giv!ng us a chance. With you gone, h£ has realized that I would always be by h¡s side and only I deserve to be th£ queen and future Donna to h¡s empire. Not Luna or you but me.” $h£ had a venomous smile on h£r face and my h£art broke at th£ thought of S!n be!ng with h£r.

Has h£ already m©v£d on and forgotten
ab©vt me, wh£n I had phoned h¡m for h£lp, h£ sounded so worried. Was that all j√$t !n my h£ad. Was I that less important for h¡m to m©v£ on quickly?

I shake th£ thought off my h£ad, I refuse to believe whatever comes ©vt of th¡s lunatic m©vth for all we know $h£ might
be ly!ng try!ng to hurt me even m©r£ by
h£r false !nformation.

“I guess it’s h£re we f!nally part ways, I
would love to say it was nice know!ng you but you and I know I would j√$t be ly!ng through my teeth. You don’t need to res£nt me too much, at least I’m s£nd!ng you off to f!nally meet your parents aga!n j√$t like you wanted” $h£ took ©vt a gun from h£r bag, aim!ng it at me. My eyes shut closed, I guess th¡s was my end. I hived ©vt a deep breath endur!ng th£ pa!n.

“Good bye Mani. ” $h£ said. I h£ard th£
sound of th£ safety be!ng turned on and
a gunsh°t be!ng fired.


I waited for th£ pa!n to come, but noth!ng. I peeled open my l¡p to f!nd Zoey [email protected]!ng on th£ floor, unconscious. I Iooked !n front of me and th£re stood, S!n. A smile graced my face, my vision blurry and I blacked ©vt, allow!ng th£ darkness.


S!n POV.

I walked !nto th£ kitch£n wh£re Zoey sat
with Samantha as th£y both chatted among th£mselves. I walked to wh£re th£ fridge was, th£ same direction Zoey sat. My [email protected] touch£d h£rs teas!ngly th£ same way $h£ did wh£n I set ©vt to look for Mani.

Th£se past few days, even though I was
th¡s close to los!ng my m!nd. I had to ma!nta!n my calm and not do anyth!ng irrational. I have been leav!ng h!nts @r0vnd h£r, mak!ng h£r th!nk that I had some
k!nd of feel!ngs for h£r.

I made my way to th£ fridge, tak!ng ©vt
a bottle of water. I opened it, dr!nk!ng it s1©wly and little drops fell on my ch£st. Accord!ng to Luca th¡s was an act of seductiveness and ladies like it, though
I agree to disagree with h¡m.

Th¡s was j√$t pure foolishness. I mean why will Zoey kidnap Mani and why will $h£ be !n love with me? I j√$t have to follow Luca foolish plans s!nce we are still j√$t suspect!ng h£r. But if $h£ is th£ one I promise to punish that bitch so much $h£ will th!nk of dy!ng !nstead of be!ng alive.

After I was done dr!nk!ng, I threw th£ empty bottle !nto th£ dirt b!n, brush!ng past h£r aga!n as I made my way to my office wh£re Luca and Alesso were. I took a seat !n my chair, my [email protected] clench£d t!ghtly.

“How did it go, did $h£ [email protected]|| for it. ” Alesso asked, com!ng to stand beside me.

“I have no idea, I did whatever stupid th!ng Luca asked me to do. ” I growled ©vt

“I know it will work ” Luca defended. I take !n, h¡m and Alesso appearance and
j√$t like me, we [email protected] had any sleep th£se past few days. I ran my [email protected] over my face, lett!ng ©vt anoth£r sigh.

Luca’s phone p!ng and h£ brought it ©vt
of h¡s pocket to see who had messaged
h¡m. h£ hurriedly replied, shov!ng th£ phone [email protected]¢k |ns!de th£ pocket.

We need to hide Alesso, Samantha j√$t texted me. Zoey is mak!ng h£r way over h£re right now” Luca says, dragg!ng Alesso !nto a hidden door at th£ side of my office. Th£ knob to my ma!n office twisted open j√$t as th£ hidden room Luca and Alesso entered close with Luca giv!ng me a thumbs up.

Zoey made h£r way !nto th£ room, with
a seductive smile on h£r face and h£ took a lot of effort not to br!ng ©vt my gun and shoot h£r now at th£ spot $h£ stood. $h£ made h£r way towards me, h£r [email protected] trail!ng d©wΠ my ch£st.

Th!nk ab©vt Mani and th£ baby. I chant
repeatedly to myself while forc!ng a smile to grace my face. $h£ took a seat on my lap, straddl!ng me on both sides.. My [email protected] wr*₱ped th£mselves round h£r
[email protected]¡$t, smil!ng at h£r like I meant it.

h£r l¡ps trail klzzes from my ch£st, mov!ng up to my neck th£n to my jaw, stopp!ng at th£ side of my l¡ps. I decided to take th£ !nitiative and klzz h£r first, and I aImost gagged.

$h£ kept gr!nd!ng h£r hips on m!ne, mov!ng th£m s1©wly probably hop!ng to get a reaction from me but that’s j√$t someth!ng I can’t ¢©Πtr0| even if I wanted to.

Before th£ klzz could progress m©r£, h£r phone rang and $h£ ₱v||ed away to see who it was.

h£r face paled a little, stand!ng up from
my lap. $h£ s£nt me a look and I quipped an eyebrow, !n a way of ask!ng h£r what was wrong.

“I need to pick th¡s, it’s important. ” $h£
says h£sitantly, not sure if $h£ wanted to leave or not.

“It’s okay, we can always cont!nue th¡s !n th£ night.” I say to h£r and $h£ smiles. I stood, ₱v||!ng h£r ch!n up to klzz h£r one last time, try!ng to make it look confus!ng and it worked. It seemed to ease h£r as $h£ ₱v||ed away with a smile on
h£r face.

$h£ gave me one last look before mak!ng h£r way ©vt of th£ office. Immediately $h£ was ©vt of sight, I used my [email protected] to furiously wipe off th£ feel of h£r l¡ps on m!ne. Luca and Alesso stepped ©vt of th£ir hid!ng place.

I guess th£ bait worked. $h£ looked tense, so I’m sure whoever called h£r, is also !nvolved !n Mani’s disappearance.” Luca voiced ©vt, th£y had both watch£d
what was happen!ng through th£ small
and [email protected] visible camera !n th£ room.

Th£ door to th£ office opened and Samantha walked !n, h£r eyes scanned th£ three of us before walk!ng towards wh£re we stood.

” Zoey j√$t drove ©vt !n a hurry. I already
planted th£ tracker on h£r car so we wilI be able to know wh£re $h£ goes. ” $h£ tells us. “have always suspect that bitch,” $h£ said gritt!ng h£r teeth

“Good, let’s not waste m©r£ time, Mani’s life is !n danger” I said, strapp!ng my gun !n, I put on my jacket and we all made our way ©vtside. Mateo already gath£red th£ men we needed and we made

Our way to th£ car, gett!ng !n. Luca sat !n
th£ driver’s seat and Alesso beside me,
direct!ng h¡m on th£ r©vte to follow. We
drove ©vt of th£ mansion with th£ rest
of my men tagg!ng !n beh!nd us.

I’m com!ng Am©r£

I’m Com!ng to save you both.

😭😭Our Nikolai to th£ rescue
F!nally Zoey will get it h°t 🔥h°t🔥


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