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Mine the mafia possession episode 48

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Episode 48

S!n POV.

“I need to pick th¡s, it’s important. Zoey
says h£sitantly, not sure if $h£ wanted to leave or not.

” It’s okay, we can always cont!nue th¡s !n th£ night.” I say to h£r and $h£ smiles. I stood, ₱v||!ng h£r ch!n up to klzz h£r one last time, try!ng to make it look confus!ng and it worked. It seemed to ease h£r as $h£ ₱v||ed away with a smile on h£r face.

$h£ gave me one last look before mak!ng h£r way ©vt of th£ office. Immediately $h£ was ©vt of sight, I used my [email protected] to furiously wipe off th£ feel of h£r l¡ps on m!ne. Luca and Alesso stepped ©vt of th£ir hid!ng place.

“I guess th£ bait worked. $h£ looked tense, so I’m sure whoever called h£r, is also !nvolved !n Mani’s disappearance. “Luca voiced ©vt, th£y had both watch£d
what was happen!ng through th£ small
and [email protected] visible camera !n th£ room.
Th£ door to th£ office opened and Samantha walked !n, h£r eyes scanned th£ three of us before walk!ng towards wh£re we stood.

“Zoey j√$t drove ©vt !n a hurry. I already
planted th£ tracker on h£r car so we will be able to know wh£re $h£ goes. ” $h£
tells us.

“Good, let’s not waste m©r£ time, Mani’s life is !n danger” I said, strapp!ng my
gun !n, I put on my jacket and we all made our way ©vtside. Mateo already gath£red th£ men we needed and we made our way to th£ car, gett!ng !n. Luca sat !n th£ driver’s seat and Alesso beside me, direct!ng h¡m on th£ r©vte to follow. We
drove ©vt of th£ mansion with th£ rest of my men tagg!ng !n beh!nd us

We kept on follow!ng th£ tracker !n Zoey’s car as $h£ drove for hours till $h£ stopped. We were thirty m!nutes drive away from h£r and Luca was driv!ng as f*st as h£ could. We f!nally spotted h£r car parked on a narrow road, which meant we had to get d©wΠ from th£ car and walk because th£ car couldn’t pa$$ th£re.

I took ©vt my gun and put !n th£ sound suppressor on it and th£ rest of my men
did th£ same. I didn’t want to alert h£r ab©vt our pres£nce wh£n we sh°t d©wΠ th£ men $h£ had guard!ng th£ place. We followed th£ narrowed part go!ng deep !nto th£ forest till th£ Came an abandon house j√$t like th£ last one. Luca and I took d©wΠ th£ men !n th£ front, while my men m©v£d round th£ house to secure th£ premises. We broke !nto th£ place, Luca and I not hold!ng [email protected]¢k, kill!ng every fv¢k!ng person stand!ng !n our way. I was f!nally able to act on my anger.

A man came from beh!nd us, but I was f*ster. I raised my gun, shoot!ng h¡m right on h¡s h£ad, !n b£tweeΠ h¡s eyes. We cont!nue to make our way d©wΠ th£ corridor, knock!ng d©wΠ every door j√$t to f!nd my bamb!na.

Luca tapped me, po!nt!ng to th£ door at
th£ extreme end of th£ corridor, I stopped to listen but could only h£ar wh¡spers. We made our way towards, guns raised up.

I guess it’s h£re we f!nally part ways, I
would love to say it was nice know!ng you but you and I know I would j√$t be ly!ng through my teeth. You don’t need to res£nt me too much, at least I’m s£nd!ng you off to f!nally meet your parents aga!n j√$t like you wanted” I h£ard Zoey say wh£n we got closer to th£ door.

I s1©wly opened th£ door and saw h£r take ©vt a gun from h£r bag, aim!ng it at
Mani. My jaw clench£d wh£n I saw my
baby close h£r eyes !n fear. I po!nted my gun at Zoey, pissed

“Good bye Mani. ” $h£ said. $h£ took off th£ safety of th£ gun but before $h£ could shoot, I aimed at h£r [email protected] that had th£ gun and sh°t.

Th£ gun fell from h£r [email protected] and $h£ looked surprised to see us. h£r m©vth parted to say someth!ng but before $h£ could speak, Samantha hit h£r [email protected] on th£ h£ad with th£ [email protected]¢k of h£r gun knock!ng ©vt cold.

my angel s1©wly peeled open h£r eyes
mov!ng from an unconscious Zoey to me. A smile lit up h£r face, th£n h£r eyes
closed shut, [email protected]||!ng !nto unconsciousness.

My pr!ncess, my beautiful am©r£… I ran towards h£r, los!ng th£ ropes that were tied @r0vnd h£r [email protected] and legs. I looked at th£ blood on h£r h£ad, legs and arms. It was all my fault, th£ guilt was eat!ng me up as I looked at h£r. Hold!ng h£r aga!nst my [email protected], my [email protected] shook. I gently carried h£r, cradl!ng th£ one person I ch£rish and love most !n th¡s world !n my arms, sobb!ng !nto h£r sk!n, mumbl!ng an apology.

It felt like if I let h£r go, $h£ would disappear and I don’t know if I could ever [email protected] a life with©vt h£r near me.

I made my way ©vtside th£ abandoned
house, mov!ng d©wΠ th£ narrowed path to wh£re th£ car was parked. Luca opened th£ [email protected]¢k door for me so that I could Iay h£r d©wΠ !n th£ car seat. I got !n as well, lift!ng h£r up to my lap. I cradled h£r, not will!ng to let h£r go. Th£ dried blood on h£r h£ad matted h£r hair. I used my [email protected] to m©v£ th£ stra!ns of h£r hair to th£ [email protected]¢k of h£r ear.

” chiama il dottor Fernandez a casa ( call
doctor Fernandez to th£ house) I said to Samantha and $h£ nodded, br!ng!ng ©vt h£r phone to comply with my request.

Th£ car started mov!ng, with Luca driv!ng us [email protected]¢k to th£ mansion. I looked d©wΠ at Mani !n my arms, mumbl!ng !ncoh£rent apologies. mak!ng a promise to h£r, never to let h£r go and to always protect h£r. Promis!ng h£r never to ₱ush h£r away aga!n. I will do my best to protect and stand beside h£r no matter what.


“Why isn’t $h£ wak!ng up?. ” I pace [email protected]¢k and forth round th£ room, while Mani Iaid on th£ b£d, eyes closed. It’s been three days s!nce we saved h£r from Zoey, doctor Fernandez had ch£cked h£r up and th£ baby. h£ was surprised at how strong th£ baby’s h£artb**t was, despite everyth!ng Mani had to go through.

My baby girl was a fighter j√$t like h£r
mom. I don’t know th£ s£× yet, but I have th¡s feel!ng deep !n my h£ar that it was go!ng to be a girl. A beautiful girl, j√$t like h£r moth£r.

But right now, despite th£ doctor’s a$$urance, say!ng $h£ was go!ng to wake up and yet h£re $h£ was, eyes closed.

“$h£’s home S!n, $h£ is safe.” Luca was
also !n th£ room, seat!ng on th£ couch,
watch!ng me pace round th£ room. “Like doctor Fernandez said, h£r b©dy needs to regenerate. $h£ has been through so much, I’m sure $h£ will wake up anytime soon.”

“I know, but it’s been three days and I can’t stop th£ anxiousness I feel till I see
those beautiful blue eyes star!ng at me
aga!n. ”

“but your pac!ng won’t solve anyth!ng. You need to relax, you haven’t eaten or slept !n days. Do you really want h£r to wake up, see!ng you like th¡s? ” h£ has been try!ng to talk me !nto gett!ng some sleep but I j√$t can’t, every s!ngle time I close my eyes, I see h£r all tied up bleed!ng.

“If we had been a m!nute late Luca, $h£
would have died. ” I sigh£d, rest!ng my
[email protected]¢k aga!nst th£ wall.

” But $h£ didn’t, we got th£re on time and you were able to stop Zoey. Mani will be okay, $h£ is a fighter, you know.”

I was ab©vt to respond to h¡m wh£n I h£ard a soft wh¡sper com!ng from th£ b£d, I ru$h£d over to wh£re Mani laid and immediately scooped h£r up !nto my [email protected], hugg!ng h£r t!ghtly.

”Mani, am©r£. Baby, I’m so glad you are
okay. I will never let anyone hurt you aga!n.” I buried my face !n h£r hair.

I ₱v||ed away, look!ng at h£r. $h£ looked sk!nnier than before, h£r ch£ek looked hollow and ghostly. $h£ glanced up at me, h£r blue eyes look!ng dim. $h£ had bruises everywh£re and a deep cut at th£ side of h£r h£ad.

$h£ didn’t really look okay, but I was thankful that $h£ had woken up.



My h£ad was ach!ng, and my ears were
r!ng!ng.I started to m©v£ my h£ad s1©wly, it was still a pa!n to m©v£, I could h£ar voices of someone talk!ng, but not too clearly. I opened my eyes j√$t to shut it [email protected]¢k close due to th£ sun sipp!ng !n.

I took !n a deep breath before open!ng
it aga!n, Iook!ng @r0vnd th£ room, I spotted Luca sitt!ng on th£ couch with S!n rest!ng on th£ wall as th£ two of th£m talked amongst th£mselves.

“Nikolai. ” I say but it was barely a wh¡sper mak!ng it difficult for h¡m to h£ar. I used my t0Πge to w€t my dried l¡ps before try!ng aga!n. “Nikolai.”

h¡s eyes sh°t towards th£ direction of th£ b£d and h£ wasted no time !n gett!ng
to my side and immediately scooped me up !nto h¡s [email protected], hugg!ng me t!ghtly

“Mani, am©r£. Baby, I’m so glad you are
okay. I will never let anyone hurt you aga!n.” h£ buried h¡s face !n my hair.

I h£ld on to h¡m. h£ came for me, h£ stilI ¢ar£d for me. I thought h£ would never hold me !n h¡s arms aga!n but now I knew I had noth!ng to worry ab©vt.

Luca stood up from h¡s seat and came
closer to th£ b£d.

” I’m glad you are awake, ” Luca said, tak!ng a deep breath.

“call doctor Fernandez.” S!n ordered Luca who quickly ru$h£d ©vt of th£ room. Th£ door opened aga!n, Luca walked !n with familiar look!ng faces. It was th£ same doctor who had treated S!n wh£n h£ was sh°t along with Samantha. S!n let go of me slightly wh£n $h£ entered |ns!de.

h£r eyes met m!ne and walked over to th£ b£d, giv!ng me a hug. ” I’m so happy
that you are awake.”

“Thanks Sam. ” my voice sounded cracked.

Samantha stood up from th£ b£d to stand beside Luca, so that doctor could exam!ne me. h£ did a little ch£ck up, po!nted a Ophthalmoscope !n my eyes. h£ ch£cked my h£artb**t, blood pressure and so on. After h£ was f!nally done with h¡s ch£ck!ng to see if I was okay, h£ stood up from th£ b£d.

“h£artb**t is okay, blood pressure too.
Th£re doesn’t seem to be any problem but I suggest you rest and eat th£ necessary nutrient, no [email protected] work and maybe a little walk a day will be okay. ” h£ said, talk!ng directly to S!n.

“what… What ab©vt th£ baby? ” I stuttered ©vt worried, h£ didn’t mention anyth!ng ab©vt th£ baby be!ng okay, that worried me.

“Am©r£, th£ baby is okay. Th£ doctor already ch£cked to see if th£ baby was okay and $h£ is, j√$t like h£r moth£r. ” S!n a$$ured me and a sigh of relief left my
m©vth until h¡s word c|¡¢ked.


“yeah, I know it’s a girl. papà piccolo a
ngelo ( daddies little angel).” h£ says with a smile on h¡s face.

“What if it’s a boy th£n”

” It’s a girl, even if il mio piccolo combat
tente( my little fighter),” turns ©vt to be a boy. It doesn’t matter as long as h£ or $h£ is okay and h£althy. “S!n said.

“So you aren’t angry ab©vt th£ baby. ” |
asked aga!n, j√$t to be sure.

” I’m not am©r£. I can’t wait for h¡m or h£r to be born” excitement shone !n h¡s eyes.

“Thanks for sav!ng me.” I wh¡spered ©vt, look!ng at Samantha and Luca for a brief moment before glanc!ng at S!n

”forgive me for com!ng late am©r£. ” h£
wh¡spered, ₱v||!ng me closer to h¡m.

F!nally I keep to my promise o😋😋😋
Our lovely couples are [email protected]¢k 😭(tears of joy)


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