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Mine the mafia possession episode 49

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Episode 49


Th£ water trickled d©wΠ my hair to my
shoulders and [email protected]¢k !n th£ same manner. Wash!ng away th£ vanilla scented soap off my hair as it stuck to my b©dy. Turn!ng th£ water off, I stepped ©vt of th£ shower with a towel wr*₱ped @r0vnd my b©dy.

I stand !n front of th£ mirror, wip!ng off th£ fog from it to get a better look at my
reflection. I looked at th£ t!ny, [email protected] visible scar on my foreh£ad and sigh.

You could [email protected] see it except if close to me and my hair does a major part !n cover!ng it up.

I walked ©vt of th£ bathroom, to th£ closet, look!ng for a comfortable cloth to put on. It was !n th£ afternoon and I already had my lunch. After dress!ng up, I waIked ©vt of th£ closet to th£ b£d to [email protected] on it. I took ©vt my phone, go!ng through
my message box, reply!ng to th£ messages s£nt by my aunt and Stephanie.

I chatted with Stephanie for some time
before $h£ went offl!ne s!nce $h£ had a
lecture. I got tired of [email protected]!ng on th£ b£d and thought of what to do.

” Come !n. “I was ab©vt to get up wh£n I h£ard a knock, th£ door opened and Samantha walked !n clos!ng it beh!nd h£r
It’s been a Month s!nce I was rescued and Samantha has been ch£ck!ng up on me constantly. Serena and Alexander also came to ch£ck up on me a week after l got [email protected]¢k home. Alexander already knew ab©vt me been kidnapped because S!n had told h¡m, but Serena had no idea. Wh£n $h£ found ©vt ab©vt it, $h£ was angry that we didn’t tell h£r ab©vt it.

We still haven’t told th£m ab©vt th£ baby yet, S!n th!nks it would be a good idea to hold a family d!nner with everyone pres£nt to announce that I was pregnant. I
wanted to recuperate first and get my energy [email protected]¢k so I have been on b£d rest.nI was gett!ng tired of be!ng locked up h£re, my view of ©vtside th¡s past month was through th£ w!ndow. I wasn’t allowed to do th¡s, I wasn’t allowed to do that. It was k!nd of frustrat!ng. Sigh..

I climb£d d©wΠ from th£ b£d and Samantha quickly ru$h£d to th£ b£d to hold my [email protected] I huffed. $h£ won’t let me do anyth!ng, $h£ and S!n are so alike. You do know I’m capable of walk!ng by myself. Right.” I say to h£r as we both made our way to th£ couch, tak!ng a seat.

”yeah I do, but th£ doctor said you need
to be !n complete b£d rest, ¢ar£ful and
avoid stress. ” $h£ exclaimed

“but right now, you and S!n are th£ ones stress!ng me ©vt. We are j√$t worreid. Th£ week you were gone was h£ll for us, especially S!n. h£ kept blam!ng h¡mself for everyth!ng”

” it’s not h¡s fault nor yours. We had no idea what Zoey was like and right now I dont want to th!nk ab©vt it. So you need to stop hover!ng @r0vnd me, feel!ng guilt. I j√$t want everyth!ng to go [email protected]¢k to th£ way th£y were.” I said and $h£ nods.

“I understand, I will try not to be too much. We looked at each oth£r smil!ng, I ₱v||ed h£r !n for a hug, thankful to have h£r as a friend.

” so wh£n are you tell!ng th£ rest of th£
family ab©vt th£ baby. ” Samantha asked chang!ng th£ subject.

“Tomorrow, Nikolai already !nvited th£m
over for d!nner tomorrow even!ng.” I answered, my [email protected] on my tvmmy, feel!ng
th£ small baby bump th£re.

“I wish, we knew th£ s£× of th£ baby. “$h£ wh!ned and I laugh£d.

“well, Nikolai th!nks it’s a girl. h¡s little

“what ab©vt you, what do you th!nk it is.”
$h£ asked

“you could always ask doctor Fernandez to tell you, if you are a that eager to know” I told h£r and I watch£d h£r face lit up th£n dim aga!n.

“I don’t th!nk I would be able to conta!n
my excitement and might end up spill!ng it ©vt. ” $h£ shakes h£r h£ad.

“I guess I have no choice but to wait. speak!ng of choices, don’t th!nk I didn’t notice th£ way you and Alexander kept steal!ng glance at each oth£r.”

Samantha eyes widened and $h£ gulped nervously, avoid!ng my gaze. ” I have no idea what you are talk!ng ab©vt ” $h£ splattered ©vt !n a rush, a blush crept up h£r face.

” of course you do. Someth!ng must have happened b£tweeΠ th£ both of you because h£ couldn’t take h¡s eyes off you. h£ looked like a lost puppy try!ng to get your attention while you kept look!ng eIsewh£re pretend!ng not to notices, j√$t to glance at h¡m wh£n h£ wasn’t look!ng” I stated !n a matter of fact tone.

“wow, you really should be a detective.”
$h£ says slyly and I gave h£r a blank look before $h£ let’s ©vt a defeated sigh. “okay you are right, someth!ng did happen b£tweeΠ us. ”

” quit hold!ng ©vt on me, I’m dy!ng of curiosity h£re. ” I say to h£r with a plead!ng look and $h£ laugh£d.

“we k!nda of…” $h£ paused, clear!ng h£r throat. “th!ngssortofhappenedandweklzzed” $h£ said !n one breath.

I squealed, clap!ng my [email protected] !n excitement. ” wh£n did that happen and how. Samantha looked at me surprised.
you understood what I said”

“yeah I did.” I answered !n a duh tone.
you both klzzed each oth£r, now quit stall!ng and tell me what happened”

” it was th£ time you got kidnapped, I was depressed and didn’t know what to do. S!n had !nvited Alexander over to talk
ab©vt what was go!ng on. I was seat!ng by th£ pool side till I felt a pres£nce beside me and that’s wh£n Alexander came to seat beside me. We talked for some time, h¡m mostly. h£ was try!ng to comfort h¡m and admist th£ comfort!ng, th!ngs got a little bit h£ated up. I don’t know who leaned !n first, if it was h¡m or me, th£ next th!ng I knew I had my l¡ps pressed to h¡s, mak!ng ©vt. ”

I squealed aga!n. ” you both look good togeth£r”

”you th!nk.” $h£ asked skeptically.

”yes, I saw th£ way h£ looked at you. h£ really likes you”

“ugh.. I don’t know. I guess I will see how th!ngs turns ©vt b£tweeΠ us but that doesn’t mean I will give !n to h¡m easily. Have got to keep h¡m on th£ leash” Samantha jokes and th£ both of us laugh£d.

$h£ really know how to breath my day


” please…Please.” I gave my best puppy

“No Mani, you need rest. ” S!n said. ” and nice try with th£ face, no matter how !nsanely cute you look. I’m not go!ng to faIl for it.”

I huffed, mak!ng my way ©vt of th£ b£d to th£ balcony.

I was try!ng to conv!nce h¡m to let me go ©vt of th£ house even if it’s for an hour. But !nstead as always h£ is be!ng stubborn, h£ won’t listen to me all h£ keeps say!ng is that I needed m©r£ rest.
Like what I have been for th£ past one month wasn’t enough.

I stood th£re !n th£ balcony for a few m!nutes wait!ng for h¡m to come ©vt as well, to conv!nce me but h£ didn’t. That stubborn man

I left th£ balcony wh£n l couldn’t [email protected]
th£ cold anym©r£, walk!ng [email protected]¢k to th£ room to f!nd it empty. I walked ©vt of th£
room d©wΠstairs to th£ d!nn!ng room to f!nd h¡m sitt!ng th£re, happily munch!ng on h¡s d!nner. I glared at h¡m but h£ didn’t both£r acknowledg!ng my pres£nce. h¡s focus cast d©wΠ to th£ plate of spagh£tti and meatballs !n front of h¡m. I took a seat opposite h¡m, at th£ extreme end of th£ d!nn!ng table. I sigh£d ©vt as loudly as I could, hop!ng to get h¡s attention. h£ ignored me and kept eat!ng, like it was someth!ng h£ had never tasted before.

A plate of spagh£tti and meatballs was
put !n front of me. I sigh£d aga!n, sipp!ng on th£ gla$$ of juice before slamm!ng it on th£ table loudly and yet aga!n h£ still ignored me.

“are you seriously j√$t go!ng to ignore me like you didn’t h£ar me.” I said frustrated.

h£ looked at me. ” oh.! I didnt realize you were say!ng someth!ng, it’s not like you were say!ng actual words.” h£ stated pla!nly.

I [email protected] ©vt, my l¡ps cast d©wΠ !n a p©vt. “I j√$t wanted to a little bit of your attention, but I guess I’m not that important aga!n. ” my voice breaks and tears started ₱0ur!ng ©vt of my eyes.

S!n stopped eat!ng, h£ stared at th£ tears on my face. h£ stood up, walk!ng towards me th£n at th£ table. h¡s [email protected] on my ch£eks, wip!ng th£ tears off my face
with h¡s thumb. h£ leaned a little th£n klzzed my foreh£ad, h¡s l¡ps trails d©wΠ to my ch£ek, mov!ng d©wΠ to rest beh!nd my ear.

“am©r£, you should have been an actress !nstead of a doctor. See!ng how good you are at it.” h£ klzzed my ch£ek aga!n, ris!ng up from th£ table, mak!ng h¡s way [email protected]¢k to h¡s seat with a smirk on h¡s face.

Dang it.

I actually thought h£ was go!ng to [email protected]|| for it. I wiped th£ rema!n!ng tears off my eyes glar!ng at h¡m.

“do you know how many times you have used that trick on me th¡s past few weeks am©r£. You really need to up your game.” h£ stated, h¡s l¡ps lifted up !n a smirk as h£ cont!nued eat!ng.

I really need to th!nk of someth!ng else,
I can’t let h¡m w!n. I was tired of stay!ng
copped |ns!de do!ng absolutely noth!ng
and j√$t [email protected]!ng !n b£d, watch!ng movies.
What should I do.?

I racked my bra!n, try!ng to come up with someth!ng until an idea strucked me. I
knew th¡s was childish and dramatic but I hoped it would work. Sorry baby.

I rested my [email protected] on my tvmmy, pretend!ng to talk to th£ baby. ” Baby, Daddy is be!ng mean to mummy. I j√$t wanted to go ©vt for a little bit of air but keeps say!ng no.” that caught h¡s attention because h£ was look!ng at me. I cont!nue. “I guess it’s j√$t you and I baby. Mommy loves you okay, even though we are locked |ns!de all day like prisoners, dy!ng of absolute boredom. Its you and I aga!nst th£ world, only you and I. ”

S!n sigh£d rubb!ng h¡s face with h¡s [email protected] “f!ne, you can go ©vt for j√$t an hour
I smiled ch£ekly . ” Three.”

“One hour Mani. ” I sigh£d. ” see. I told you baby. It’s j√$t you and I.”

“Two hours.” h£ said sternly, leav!ng no
room for arguments. ” Samantha and
Mateo will be go!ng with you.”

“I have no problem with that, Sam and
I could have a little girls day ©vt. “I replied nonchalantly.

A smile !nstantly appeared on my face.
” it looks like I was wrong baby. Daddy
does ¢ar£ for us.”

I stood from my seat, let ©vt a quiet squeal before mak!ng my way upstairs. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Hmm so Alexander and Samantha ( our new couples !n town 😜😜😜
😂😂Mani no how to [email protected] Nikolai

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