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Mine the mafia possession episode 52

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Episode 52 (counties)

next to Alexander who was sitt!ng opposite Samantha. Try!ng to subtly steal glances at h£r and l !nwardly laugh£d at how $h£ bl!ndly ignored h¡m.

I see $h£ mentioned it wh£n. $h£ saids wasn’t go!ng to make it easy for h¡m.

Arizona was sitt!ng beside Samantha, I’m surprised $h£ came. With th£ way th£ last d!nner turned ©vt it was obvious $h£ didn’t like me but maybe $h£ had a change of h£art. I can’t really tell s!nce $h£ didn’t look my way.

D!nner commenced, everyone talked amongst th£mselves. S!n, Luca, Alexander and Tommaso spoke !n Italian. From th£ few that I understand, th£y were talk!ng ab©vt some shipment com!ng !n from Hong Kong. D!nner went as f*st as it came and we all m©v£d to th£ lounge room.

Th£ maids walked !n with a tray !n th£ir [email protected] and everyone took a gla$$ of w!ne, well, except for me. I was th£ only one with a gla$$ of juice which caught th£ attention of S!n’s family.

Th£y sure do not miss anyth!ng. S!n klzzed my ch£ek and I turned to look at h¡m. h£ klzzes me aga!n !n a k!nd of rea$$ur!ng way. h£ ₱v||s away look!ng at h¡s family.

“I !nvited you h£re to let you know that Mani is pregnant.”

“Oh my God. ” Serena ‘s eyes lit up, both [email protected] locked on h£r m©vth, am a$$um!ng it’s to stop h£rself from squeal!ng.

“Congratulations.” Alexander says, hugg!ng me. h£ turns to S!n and th£y both do a weird [email protected] before hugg!ng

“I’m happy for you big bro. You found th£ right woman for you. “I blu$h£d at h¡s words.

Th£ next person to hug me was Tommaso. h£ patted my [email protected]¢k softly !n a fath£rly way, wh¡sper!ng congratulations.

h£ th£n m©v£d to hug S!n. “Spero ch£t u non abbia !ntenzione di farla diventare una mamma ( I hope you don’t plan on mak!ng h£r a baby mama),” h£ asked sternly and s!n smiled.

“Never Ho !ntenzione di farla mia. !n og ni modo possibile ( I plan on mak!ng h£r m!ne !n every way possible,)” h£ wr*₱ped h¡s [email protected] possessively @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t.

Episode 52 (counties )


ni modo possibile ( I plan on mak!ng h£r m!ne !n every way possible,)” h£ wr*₱ped h¡s [email protected] possessively @r0vnd me.

“good.” Tommaso Says, mak!ng way for Serena.

“I’m so happy for both of you” $h£ squealed. Hugg!ng both S!n and I. “I’m go!ng to become a grandma. “.

“Yes, you are Serena. ” I smiled.

“‘How far along are you? ” $h£ asked, smil!ng, sitt!ng beside me.

“three months.”   “I can always h£lp babysit wh£n you guys want to spend some time alone. ” $h£ offered, h£r voice filled with excitement.

“Mom, You have to wait till th£ baby gets h£re. ” S!n jok!ngly scolded and $h£ p©vted.

“I can’t h£lp it, I’m already excited to meet my grandchild.”

We all laugh£d at th¡s, th£ room filled with joy and celebration. I couldn’t h£lp but feel a little sad. I wi$h£d Stephanie and my aunt Sera were h£re to celebrate such a joyful occasion !n my life. S!n must have noticed my change of emotionss and h£ gave my [email protected] a light sqv££se. l smiled at h¡m to let h¡m know I was okay, that h£ didn’t have to worry ab©vt anyth!ng.

Th£ conversation cont!nues, everyone excitedly talk ab©vt th£ baby, ₱|@y!ng guess!ng game on what th£ baby’s s£× might be. Someone stood !n front of me block!ng th£ light, my eyes trail!ng up from th£ expensive h£els to cloth£s and jeweIry, settl!ng !n Arizona face.

“Can I speak to you !n private?” $h£ says.

I saw th£ look on S!n’s face and knew h£ was ab©vt to say no. ” sure. “I quickly said. looked at h¡m to see h¡m look!ng at h¡s sister, like h£ was drill!ng a h0l£ !n h£r h£ad to see what $h£ was up to. I pecked h¡s ch£ek, calm!ng h¡m d©wΠ before stand!ng up. Arizona and I made our way ©vt of th£ lounge room [email protected]¢k to th£ d!n!ng room.

$h£ gazed at th£ walls beh!nd me for sometime. $h£ took a deep breath th£n looked at me.

“I want to apologize for th£ way I treated you dur!ng th£ last family d!nner. I was misled by someone .

Episode 52


“I want to apologize for th£ way I treated you dur!ng th£ last family d!nner. I was misled by someone I trusted, even at that. It was wrong for me to treat you th£ way I did with©vt giv!ng you th£ benefit of doubt.”

I was shocked that $h£ was actually apologiz!ng to me. I didn’t both£r hid!ng my expression. ” It’s okay. What do you mean you were misled by someone you trusted.”

$h£ sigh£d, w€tt!ng h£r l¡ps. “Zoey had told me nasty th!ngs ab©vt you before th£ d!nner and I was stupid enough to believe h£r becauseI thought $h£ was a friend $h£ expla!ned, feel!ng guilty.

“It’s not your fault, Zoey fooled us too.”

I say to h£r. I ₱v||ed h£r !n for a hug, I thought $h£ was go!ng to ₱ush me away but $h£ didn’t. !nstead, $h£ wr*₱ped h£r arms @r0vnd me, hugg!ng me [email protected]¢k.

Wh£n we ₱v||ed away, we both had smiles on our face. Arizona wasn’t a bad person and $h£ didn’t hate me, $h£ j√$t hated th£ person Zoey made me ©vt to be “friends.” Arizona asked and I smiled. “friends.”

“come on, let’s go [email protected]¢k, before my broth£r starts th!nk!ng th£ worst. ” $h£ jokes.

“Go ah£ad, I need to get a gla$$ of water first.” I say to h£r and $h£ nods, walk!ng [email protected]¢k !nto th£ lounge room.

I made my way to th£ kitch£n but stopped wh£n l saw Alexander and Samantha !n a h£ated discussion. Alexander looked annoyed, h£ wh¡spered someth!ng to h£r th£n grabb£d h£r face, klzz!ng h£r. I bl!nked quickly, leav!ng th£ kitch£n before th£y noticed me. A smile on my face.

Those two look great togeth£r.

Th¡s Alexander and Nikolai sef , th£y will j√$t be grabb!ng girls n klzz!ng th£m anytime th£y are angry🙈🙈🙈🙈

Th£y shud come and grab me too na😫😫, abi I lie ni🙈🙈



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