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Mine the mafia possession episode 56

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Episode 56


S!n and I were putt!ng decorations and
baby cloth£s !n th£ recently f!ni$h£d baby nursery. We had shopped for a baby cloth£s for unis£× after an h°t love mak!ng last night. S!n had put everyth!ng up by h¡mself, I h£lped a little. h£ refused to call anyone for h£lp, say!ng h£ wanted to do it h¡mself.

“Ch£ck th¡s ©vt” I said, pres£nt!ng h¡m a p!nk baby b©dysuit with an !nscription ‘daddy’s little angel’.

h£ comes beh!nd me, ₱v||!ng me to h¡m. h£ planted a klzz at th£ side of my neck. “I love It.” h£ replies, sp!nn!ng me @r0vnd for a real klzz.

I giggle. ” Do you th!nk it’s okay to set th£ nursery now wh£n we leave for New York tomorrow?”

” It will be easier for us, that way we don’t need to rush to set th£ nursery wh£n we come [email protected]¢k with th£ baby.”

I nod” So how is th£ crib com!ng along?
h£ smiles, covers my eyes with h¡s [email protected], lead!ng me over towards it. “It was [email protected] putt!ng th£m togeth£r but I was f!nally able to do so.” h£ chuckles.

I ₱v||ed h¡s [email protected] off my eyes and I was
welcomed with th£ sight of a beautiful crib, th£re are h°t air balloons soar!ng through th£ clouds and stars creat!ng a perfectly dreamy collection for any little boy or girl !n a soft color. I ran my [email protected] through it and noticed a small red h£art by th£ side of th£ crib and smiled.

“What do you th!nk?” h£ asked nervously. “Do you th!nk th¡s is th£ right way to put th£m or should we j√$t call someone to fix th£m. I th!nk we should call someone to fix th£m.”

I took h¡s [email protected] !n m!ne, shak!ng my h£ad. “We don’t need to call anyone, it looks..” I ma!nta!n eye contact with h¡m wh£n I say th£ next word. “Perfect.” Smooth!ng my thumb along h¡s sharp jaw.
h¡s l¡ps stretch£d !n a smile, flash!ng those pearly whites teeth of h¡s. h£ leans
d©wΠ klzz!ng my l¡ps.

Right now, right h£re is all that matters. It wasn’t ab©vt how we came to be and what happened b£tweeΠ us but how we were able to overcome everyth!ng. We love each oth£r and I know we will cont!nue to love each oth£r for a very long time.

My tvmmy rumbl!ng was what caused us to ₱v|| apart, I blu$h£d at th£ sound it made while S!n gr!nned.

“Let’s get food |ns!de that tvmmy of yours before you start be!ng cranky.” h£ jookes, smil!ng at me like h£ always does as h£ stares at me with those beautiful dark orb. “What do you want to eat, are you crav!ng anyth!ng?”

“No, I have no idea what I want to eat. Why dont you surprise me.” I say, runn!ng my [email protected] round h¡s [email protected] ch£st.

h£ takes my [email protected] off h¡s ch£st and smiles deviously. ” Why don’t I make you someth!ng to eat, s!nce you aren’t allergic
to any food, how ab©vt I make Pasta Con Pomodoro E Basilico. It has always been one of my favorites wh£n I was little.” h£ wh¡spers to me, tak!ng my [email protected] !n h¡s hold and we both leave th£ nursery room.

We made our lengthy way d©wΠ to th£ kitch£n with h¡m steal!ng glances at me.
I blush every s!ngle time. We have been
togeth£r for nearly a year now and yet I
can’t stop th£ anxiousness and butterflies swimm!ng @r0vnd !n my stomach any time h£ stands close to me, looks at me or even touch£s me.

We walked !nto th£ kitch£n and were greeted with th£ wonderful aroma of many different foods prepared by Sarah and
th£ a$$ist!ng maids. Wh£n th£y noticed our pres£nce, th£y dropped what th£y
were do!ng, bow!ng th£ir h£ads slightly.

“I will be us!ng th£ kitch£n for a while,
why don’t you all take some rest or go hang ©vt !n th£ pool.” S!n says, h¡s [email protected] still h£ld m!ne.

I saw th£ excitement on th£ir faces wh£n th£y were excused. I was sure if th£y weren’t so s¢ar£d of S!n th£y would have squealed !n joy. Th£y respectfvlly bow th£ir h£ads before mak!ng th£ir way ©vt as th£y chat happily amongst th£mselves.

“Take a seat” h£ said, ₱v||!ng ©vt a comfortable seat for me and I eagerly obliged. h£ ₱v||s an apron @r0vnd h¡mself,
h£ goes over to th£ fridge, opens it to take ©vt th£ necessary !ngredients.

“I’m tak!ng you ©vt after lunch. ” h£ said, clos!ng th£ fridge after gett!ng everyth!ng h£ needed.

“Wh£re are we go!ng ?.” I questioned, watch!ng h¡m chop th£ onion and vegetables.

“I don’t like th£ idea of you meet!ng h£r
but if you say you need it th£n I can’t stop you” h£ says, light!ng up th£ stove.

I knew it was ab©vt my request to see Zoey, I thought h£ wasn’t go!ng to let me
meet h£r th£ way h£ had bluntly refused

” Thanks” A lovely smile graced my face. h£ nods as h£ cont!nues to cook, ₱0ur!ng th£ diced !ngredients !nto th£ pot. h£ takes a seat beside me and we both wait for th£ food to get cooked.

Wh£n it was f!nally ready, S!n served me
a plate first with a gla$$ of water by my
side. It smelt so great, my m©vth watered. I [email protected] loudly wh£n I took my first b¡t£. Throw!ng my h£ad [email protected]¢k like it was th£ best th!ng I have ever tasted.

h¡s foods were always amaz!ng, leav!ng
me want!ng m©r£. h£ was m©r£ skilled and if h£ decides to pursue th¡s as a ¢ar£er, I am certa!n h£ is go!ng to be famous. Th£re was noth!ng h£ couldn’t do.

“Am©r£, you might try ton!ng d©wΠ th£
[email protected] You don’t want th£m th!nk!ng we
are do!ng someth!ng immoral, not that I
m!nd” h£ chuckled at me and went over to th£ pot to serve h¡mself a plate of Pasta Con Pomodoro E Basilico.

“I can’t h£lp it, it’s like a [email protected] “I say to h¡m, tak!ng anoth£r b¡t£.

S!n takes a seat beside me, laugh!ng.
“Only you am©r£.” h£ says with amusement sipp!ng from h¡s voice.


Th£ drive to th£ warehouse was !n silence, I was a nervous mess. So many emotions were swimm!ng through with!n me. I felt pa!n, betrayal, fear, anger and most of all sadness. We ₱v||ed !nto th£ warehouse and I s√¢ked !n a breath, fiddl!ng with my f!ng£r. S!n wr*₱ped h¡s [email protected] on my sweaty ones with a look on h¡s face.

“You don’t have to do th¡s, we can go [email protected]¢k home if you’ve changed your m!nd.”
I shook my h£ad, lett!ng me know that I was ready.

We got ©vt of th£ car !nto th£ warehouse. We were led d©wΠ th£ stairs of what looked like a basement, ©vtside a locked
room. Two guards stood ©vtside th£ room, th£y nodded at S!n and h£ waved th£m off.

“Can I talk to h£r alone?”

“No Mani, I don’t want th£ two of you alone. $h£..” I klzzed h¡s l¡ps, cutt!ng h¡m
off. I managed to calm h¡m d©wΠ. We both catch our breath wh£n we ₱v||ed apart.

h£ sighs. “I will be right h£re.” I nodded and sl¡pped !nto th£ room.

I slapped my [email protected] to my m©vth to stop
myself from s¢r**m!ng. Zoey was unrecognizable with h£r [email protected] changed upto th£ ceil!ng, th£ only th!ng that !ndicated h£r be!ng alive was th£ shallow breath that filled th£ room.

$h£ had so many scars runn!ng d©wΠ h£r face to h£r b©dy, with dried blood stick!ng to h£r b©dy. I s1©wly took a step close to h£r as tears fell from my eyes. $h£ must have s£nsed my pres£nce because h£r h£ad raises up and $h£ struggles to keep h£r focus on me.

“Why are you h£re, have you come to glut?” $h£ voiced it weakly, h£r eyes h£ld
so much hatred for me.

“That’s not th£ reason why l’m h£re.” I took !n a breath. ” Why Zoey, you were my friend. I even consider you like a sister to me, so why do we have to meet like th¡s.”

“Oh please, stop th£ s£ntimental talk.”
$h£ muttered, h£r eyes burn!ng h0l£s !n
me. “Quit pretend!ng like you aren’t happy to see me like th¡s.”

“I’m not pretend!ng and you know it, even despite everyth!ng I still ¢ar£ ab©vt you. Yes I hate you and I don’t know if I will ever forgive but that doesn’t change th£ fact that I ¢ar£. I will always ¢ar£.” I said softly.

$h£ scoffed, [email protected]!ng weakly. ” Normani Parker, ever so Noble. Always want!ng to see th£ good !n people.” $h£ took a pa!nful breath. ” I will admit, I regretted it. At h£r words, I felt a spark of hope lit up on me. Maybe th£ old Zoey is still th£re, th£ nice, ¢ar£free and lov!ng Zoey.

“I do regret it.” $h£ says aga!n. ” Not hav!ng done someth!ng wh£n I had th£ chance. I should have killed you wh£n I noticed th£ way h£ started look!ng at you.
I should have gotten rid of you and that
bastard of a child.” $h£ spats at my face, look!ng at me with pure hatred.

I guess I was wrong to hope, some humans j√$t never change. No matter how [email protected] you try to see th£ glimpse of th£ good person you th!nk th£y were, th£y end up fail!ng you beyond expectations.

I wiped th£ spit off my face with my cloth. Wh£n I looked [email protected]¢k at h£r, I saw h£r eyebrows furrowed togeth£r. $h£ was look!ng at my [email protected], m©r£ specifically, th£ r!ng !n my f!ng£r. h£r face turned red, I don’t know if it was from th£ blood on h£r sk!n or anger but I’m guess!ng th£ later with th£ next words that came ©vt of h£r m©vth.

“You fv¢k!ng filth whore, that should have been me. That should have been me.” $h£ s¢r**med, repeat!ng th£ words over and over aga!n.

h£r eyes bored !nto m!ne as $h£ kept on repeat!ng those same words. $h£ looked deranged, h£r b©dy sw!nged !n th£ air and blood gu$h£d d©wΠ h£r [email protected]

A sob escaped my l¡ps, I couldn’t bear to watch h£r anym©r£. It was obvious $h£ wasn’t !n th£ right state of m!nd. I walked close to th£ door, open!ng it. I gave Zoey one last look to see h£r still s¢r**m!ng at h£rself, constantly say!ng th£ words it’s m!ne, I won’t let you take it from me..

I got ©vt of th£ basement and ran !nto S!n’s opened [email protected] , cry!ng my eyes ©vt.

h¡s [email protected] softly patted my [email protected]¢k as h£ wh¡spered sweet words to me. I wr*₱ped
my [email protected] @r0vnd h¡s embrace, relish!ng
!n th£ way h¡s strong arms h£ld me.

h£ ₱v||ed away, us!ng both thumbs to wipe away th£ tears from my eyes. Embrac!ng me one m©r£ time. “Shhh, It’s go!ng to be alright”

“$h£ isn’t well, Nikolai, $h£ keeps chant!ng to h£rself.” I wh¡spered.

“I figured that ©vt. Come on, let’s get ©vt of h£re.” h£ put h¡s arm @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t and we gently made our way ©vt of th£ warehouse to th£ car.

I got !n, strapp!ng !n my seatbelt. S!n starts th£ car, driv!ng ©vt. I looked ©vt th£
w!ndow, my m!nd drift!ng [email protected]¢k to what
had happened a few moments ago. S!n
locked h¡s [email protected] !n my, plac!ng it on my lap”

“What is go!ng to happen to h£r?” I asked with my gaze still at th£ w!ndow.

“You know very well what is go!ng to happen.

I shifted my gaze to h¡m. ” Is that th£ only solution?”

We stayed !n silence for a while, none of us said anyth!ng. I looked ©vt th£ w!ndow, my oth£r [email protected] placed on my tvmmy. We got to th£ Mansion !n no time and we both got ©vt, enter!ng !nto th£ house. S!n h£lped me upstairs to our b£droom, [email protected]!ng me on th£ b£d.

h£ ₱v||ed th£ duvet up my b©dy, klzz!ng
my foreh£ad. ” Get some rest.” h£ made h¡s way to th£ door.

“Nikolai.” I called ©vt to h¡m before h£ could leave.

h£ turned to look at me, lett!ng ©vt a defeated sigh. ” I won’t kill h£r, but I won’t
make life easy for h£r eith£r”. h£ said and left th£ room.

RIP to Zoey 😐😐😐, let’s attend h£r burial😐😐😐
My comments are gett!ng low th£se days guys, don’t you like th£ story aga!n? we have only 9 episodes


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