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Mine the mafia possession episode 57

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Episode 57


I was woken up by th£ sound of th£ shower runn!ng. I yawned, stretch!ng my b©dy a little. I h£ard th£ water and my attention shifted to th£ bathroom door. Th£ door opened and S!n walked ©vt all butt [email protected]£d like th£ day h£ was born. I must admit h£ had th£ perfect butt, I cont!nued to look at h¡m mov!ng @r0vnd th£ room, admir!ng th£ wonderful view pres£nted to me.

“Morn!ng.” I greeted watch!ng h¡m walk
!nto th£ closet, h£ came ©vt later with h¡s briefs on and walked to me to klzz my l¡ps, Morn!ng breath and all. Good morn!ng pr!ncess.” h£ sits d©wΠ on th£ b£d beside me, with h¡s tanned b©dy right !n front of me. ” How was your night, you kept toss!ng last night.”

“It’s difficult, sleep!ng on my [email protected]¢k and
my legs ach£.”

“Why don’t I give you a foot ma$$age.
h£ offered but I shake my h£ad, turn!ng
h¡s offer d©wΠ.

“I’m go!ng to use th£ ma$$age chair, I’m sure you have oth£r th!ngs to do before we leave. ”

h£ klzzed me on my l¡ps and I !nstantly
klzzed [email protected]¢k. h£ ₱v||ed away and shifted to th£ edge of th£ b£d. h£ took my legs, plac!ng th£m on h¡s laps. ”you are m©r£ important. ” h£ starts ma$$ag!ng my legs and I sigh !n contentment.

I rested my [email protected]¢k on th£ h£adboard, enjoy!ng whatever magic h£ was perform!ng right now. It lasted for thirty m!nutes and I took my legs off h¡s lap wh£n l felt th£ soreness ease from my legs. “I need to fre$h£n up and also ch£ck on my th!ngs to make sure I didn’t forget anyth!ng. Why don’t you get dressed ? ”

h£ stood from th£ b£d, peck!ng my l¡ps
th£n made h¡s way [email protected]¢k to th£ closet. Wh£n h£ came ©vt th¡s time h£ was fvlly cloth£d, dressed !n a suit and tie.

“What do you plan on do!ng till we leave for th£ airport? ” S!n asked me lov!ngly.

“I don’t know, to be honest, I feel so lazy right now” I shrug. “I guess I will try to get some sleep before our flight.”

” Okay th£n. I will see you later. ” h£ pecked my l¡ps once m©r£ before walk!ng
©vt of th£ room, clos!ng th£ door beh!nd

I took ©vt my phone to ch£ck th£ time and saw it was 8am, I decided to go through my !nstagram ch£ck!ng on th£ new feeds. I saw that Stephanie had posted some pictures and pressed th£ likes button. We had chatted recently, $h£ had asked me for a video call and of course turned h£r d©wΠ.

I still haven’t told h£r ab©vt th£ baby yet
and I don’t know what h£r reaction might be and let’s not forget ab©vt th£ fact that I was engaged. I knew $h£ would hurt, we don’t keep secrets from each oth£r.

Anytime anyth!ng good or bad happens $h£ was th£ first person I would always run too, but now it was different. I looked d©wΠ at h£r pictures on th£ phone and sigh£d. $h£ will be graduat!ng soon, probably a few months after th£ baby is born. I won’t deny th£ fact that missed h£r so much.

I turned off my phone, putt!ng it on th£ table beside th£ b£d. I placed my [email protected] on my tvmmy try!ng to look for a perfect position to rest my b©dy. After toss!ng
for some time, my eyes s1©wly drifted close [email protected]||!ng [email protected]¢k to sleep.

I don’t know how long I slept but wh£n I
opened my eyes I could tell it was already noon time. I got off from th£ b£d, to th£ bathroom to fre$h£n up. Once I was
done, I quickly dressed up, putt!ng on light makeup.

I ch£cked my stuff to make sure I didn’t
forget anyth!ng, after mak!ng sure I had
everyth!ng I needed, I made my way d©wΠstairs.

“Am©r£.” I h£ar a very deep familiar voice, stopp!ng on my tracks as a smile makes its way up to my face. I turned @r0vnd to see S!n stand!ng at th£ entrance of th£ house.

“You look beautiful. ” h£ complimented
com!ng to stand !n front of me.


I h£ard th£ sound of footsteps and saw
th£ maids walk d©wΠ with our packed bags. S!n bags were already packed as well. I didn’t really pack, I took a few of my cloth£s and some baby cloth£s. It was j√$t S!n and I go!ng travel!ng [email protected]¢k, Luca was already !n New York and Samantha was stay!ng !n Italy but $h£ said $h£ would be !n New York before th£ baby is born. I knew $h£ wanted to spend some time with Alexander, th£ir relationship was really progress!ng so well.


“Yeah, I am. “I smiled at h¡m and we both made our way ©vtside th£ house to wh£re th£ car was parked.

I hurriedly brought ©vt my phone to text
Samantha to let h£r know that we were
leav!ng, we already said our goodbyes yesterday and $h£ couldn’t be @r0vnd s!nce $h£ spent th£ night at Alexander’s. $h£ !nstantly texts [email protected]¢k tell!ng me to let h£r know wh£n I get home.

S!n and I get !nto th£ car and Mateo drives off, tak!ng us to th£ airport. Mateo was com!ng with us [email protected]¢k home, h£ was
my personal b©dyguard and friend.

Wh£n we got to th£ airport, Mateo got ©vt first to open th£ door for me and I stepped ©vt of th£ car and th£re stand!ng
with pride right !n front of me was S!n’s
private jet. Th¡s one was different from th£ one we had used to wh£n com!ng to Italy.

How many jets does h£ have?. S!n got ©vt of th£ car and stood beside me, h¡s [email protected] wr*₱ped @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t. Mateo [email protected] our bags to th£ worker while we made our way |ns!de th£ plane.

Once we got |ns!de, I $h!veryed at th£ coldness of th£ air conditioner, wr*₱p!ng
my arms securely @r0vnd my b©dy. I looked @r0vnd tak!ng th£ view of th£ plane
and I was amazed. I shouldn’t be surprised because any property S!n or h¡s family owns tends to leave one speechless.

Th¡s jet was different from th£ last one,
almost everyth!ng was black, from th£ seats to th£ wall, th£y all looked luxurious

“How many private planes do you have.” I asked h¡m, baffled.

h£ laugh£d, tak!ng !n my expression. “I’ve got five am©r£. ” h£ said as we walked fvlly |ns!de th£ plane.

“You can sit wh£rever you f!nd comfortable. You were asleep through©vt th£ morn!ng so I doubt you had anyth!ng to eat. Order what you want and th£y will make it for you. ”

I nodded at h¡m and found a place to sit
with S!n besides me. A fem!nal figure stepped !nto th£ plane with a nurse uniform. We nodded at each oth£r and $h£ took a seat two or three seats beh!nd us.

“It’s go!ng to be a long flight, th£re is a
b£droom right at th¡s corner if you want
to rest. ” S!n says, po!nt!ng towards th£
direction of wh£re th£ b£droom was.


S!nce I was hungry, I pressed th£ bell, alert!ng th£ flight attendant. I was crav!ng a chicken sandwich right now, so I ordered two with a gla$$ of juice.

Wh£n I was done eat!ng, I took ©vt my phone to cont!nue th£ story I was read!ng
As I was read!ng th£ story, I turned to see what S!n was do!ng and saw h¡m typ!ng on h¡s laptop. h£ looked calm and distracted, probably go!ng through h¡s emails. h¡s brow furrowed, h£ bit h¡s l¡ps while typ!ng frantically on h¡s laptop.

h£ must have noticed my gaze on h¡m
because h¡s eyes shifted from th£ laptop to look at me as I diverted my eyes to
look d©wΠ at my phone and looked at S!n who was star!ng at me.

“You s√¢k at pretend!ng. ” h£ says amu

I scoffed. ” I am not pretend!ng, I was
actually read!ng” I mentioned to th£ phone !n my [email protected]

“I never said you weren’t, bamb!na. ” h£
chuckled, rais!ng h¡s brows. A blush sta!ned my ch£eks and I bit d©wΠ on my l¡ps.

I was go!ng to respond to h¡m, but I stilled, feel!ng someth!ng hit my stomach !n a [email protected] kick. I [email protected], clench!ng my stomach, my l¡ps parted !n a [email protected]

“What’s wrong, is it th£ baby? ” S!n asked, concerned. Th£ female nurse was by my side !n an !nstance, both look!ng at me worried. Th£ nurse’s m©vth kept on
mov!ng but I had no idea what $h£ was

I looked d©wΠ at my tvmmy with tears [email protected]||!ng from my eyes. Th£ worry !n S!n’s face !ntensified but th£ nurse had a smile on h£r face, hav!ng a clear idea what was go!ng on. $h£ stood up from wh£re $h£ had knelt beside me, go!ng [email protected]¢k to h£r seat, giv!ng S!n and i some privacy. S!n looked at h£r retreat!ng [email protected]¢k confused before focus!ng on me.

” Come on am©r£, say someth!ng.” S!n shaky voice asked while h£ looked at my
tears sta!ned face. I took h¡s [email protected] and placed it on my stomach, h£ had a look of confusion !n h¡s face till it turned !nto awe wh£n th£ baby kicked aga!n.

I saw a glimmer of tears !n h¡s eyes wh£n th£ baby cont!nued to kick. A laugh escaped h¡s l¡ps, mak!ng me laugh as well

“Seems like my litle pr!ncess would be
good at football, $h£ really knows how to kick. ” h£ jokes.

“$h£ could be a h£. ”

I know it’s a girl, I told you already. I feel it deep d©wΠ that it’s a girl” h£ counters with a smile on h¡s [email protected] face.

“I’m j√$t happy th£ baby is okay and h£althy. “I [email protected] ©vt, my [email protected] still on my tvmmy with S!n placed on it. ” $h£ sure does know how to throw a kick. “I subconsciously say, not realiz!ng what I was say!ng.

“I see you agree with me. ” S!n t£@$es and I laugh£d.

“If you are so sure, who am I to doubt.
Besides, we will f!nd ©vt wh£n th£ baby is born. ” I yawn, my eyes s1©wly dropp!ng close.

” Come, let’s get you to b£d. We both stood up togeth£r, S!n had h¡s arms @r0vnd me, direct!ng me to th£ b£droom.

Wh£n we got !n I didn’t have time to admire th£ beauty of th£ room as I was try!ng to fight off th£ sleep !n my eyes. Immediately my b©dy touch£d th£ b£d, I knew th£ battle was lost. I h£ard th£ foot
steps of S!n try!ng to leave and h£ld onto h¡s shirt.

“Stay. “I mumbled ©vt. Th£ b£d s1©wly
deepen with h¡s arms @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t and I gladly welcomed th£ sleep.

” Am©r£, Am©r£. Wake up ” I h£ard S!n
say and I opened my eyes to f!nd h¡m hover!ng @r0vnd me .

“What. ” My voice sounded croaked.

“We are h£re.” h£ wh¡spered. ” Our bags are already !n th£ car. Come on, let’s go.”

I got off th£ b£d, fix!ng my appearance a little, my hair matted !nto two while S!n waited for me patiently to be done. After fix!ng myself, we both got ©vt of th£ room [email protected] !n [email protected] and ©vt of th£ plane to wh£re th£ car was parked. Mateo Was at th£ front of th£ car, driv!ng us to th£ mansion. It took us up to an hour but we got th£re safely with©vt any hiccups.

We reach£d th£ gate of th£ mansion and I noticed th£ number of securities has
been h£ightened. Th£y did a little ch£ck up to make sure it was actually S!n and l before th£ gate was opened. It took us three m!nutes to see th£ mansion, it was j√$t like I remembered it to be but a little different at th£ same time.

Th£re were m©r£ lights sh!n!ng through
th£ dark of th£ night, enhanc!ng th£ beauty of th£ mansion even m©r£.

“Welcome home, am©r£.” I h£ard S!n say as looks d©wΠ on me and I couldn’t conta!n my excitement.

Swears am jealous of th£ir love😫😫😫
S!n is j√$t too car!ng n romantic 🤤🤤

As for Zoey burial guys, me am wear!ng👙👗👢💼 you nko😌


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