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Mine the mafia possession episode 58

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Episode 58


I had woken up to an empty b£d and a refre$h£d b©dy. I looked at th£ clock beside me and was surprised to see that it was 5pm !n th£ even!ng. Wow, I must be really tired.

It was th£ first comfortable sleep I had
had !n weeks and th¡s time @r0vnd, I was able to get my much needed rest. It’s been two days s!nce we came to New York. S!n had told me yesterday that h£ was !nvit!ng a guest over today for d!nner and that I should dress comfortably. What does that even mean? Comfortable as !n casual or comfortable !n formal but simple wear. I was perplexed.

I got up from th£ b£d and quickly showered. I put on a white dress, pair!ng it with silver ballet feet, I don’t th!nk I can [email protected] work!ng !n h£els now. I decided to
use a little eyel!ner and mascara with my p!nk l¡p gloss. S!nce my hair was already short and reach!ng my shoulders, I chose to leave it d©wΠ !nstead of putt!ng it up !n a ponytail.

I j√$t hope it wasn’t anyth!ng fancy. I took ©vt my phone to take a quick picture of myself s£nd!ng it to th£ group chat which consisted of Ath£na Samantha and I.

I scroll past th£ pictures, mov!ng to th£
ones with S!n and I. A smile graced my face at how beautiful we looked, we had
made so many memories !n j√$t a year. I stopped at th£ picture of S!n and I was
laz!ng !n b£d, with S!n ch£st bare. I could remember every event that took place like it was yesterday.

I looked to th£ mirror to a$$ess my appearance, and my eyes shifted to my bare ears. I can’t believe I forgot to put on earr!ngs.

I took ©vt a silver earr!ng cl¡pp!ng th£ first to my right ear, I was ab©vt to do th£
same to th£ oth£r ear wh£n th£ door opened and S!n walked !n. I wore my earr!ng, pick!ng my purse before sp!nn!ng to face h¡m.

“Am©r£, you look breathtak!ng. ” h£ says with a charm!ng smile.

Well, I tried to look as comfortable as I
can and at th£ same time pleasant s!nce you didn’t tell me th£ guests we were expect!ng are. “I said, admir!ng h¡s black Amarni suit.

h¡s dark hair was styled [email protected]¢kwards mak!ng h¡s jawl!ne m©r£ sharper than ever.
h¡s stubble gives h¡m a rugged but [email protected] look.

“You still look beautiful.” h£ smiled. “You always look beautiful no matter what you wear.” h¡s compliments cause me to blush. h£ placed a small peck on my ch£eks, h¡s arm rest!ng beh!nd my [email protected]¢k

“Th£ guests are already h£re. Come, let’s go. “h£ opened th£ door and we both got d©wΠstairs walk!ng to th£ liv!ng room. I halt !n my steps caus!ng h¡m to stop as well.

My eyes were opened wide !n shock as
I h£ard th£ familiar voices of my family.

“No, you didn’t.” I said, unbelievable.

“Yes, am©r£, I !nvited your family over. I th!nk it’s time th£y know ab©vt th£ both of us. ” I smiled at h¡s words, lunch!ng myself !nto h¡s arms.

Wh£n we ₱v||ed away, nervousness filled me up and I took a step [email protected]¢k due to anxiety. S!n looked at h¡m, putt!ng both h¡s [email protected] on my ch£eks.

“Th£re is noth!ng to worry ab©vt, th£y
miss you and will be happy to see you. h£ a$$ures me.

“I don’t know, Nikolai. I have kept a lot
of secrets from th£m. ” h£ leans d©wΠ to klzz my foreh£ad.

“It doesn’t matter because th£y ¢ar£ ab©vt you”

“Do you th!nk so?”

h£ klzzed my temple. “I know so baby girl, and beside you have me by your side every step of th£ way. ” I nod, hold!ng [email protected], we walked !nto th£ liv!ng room.

My eyes first locked at Amelia $h£ looked j√$t like $h£ did wh£n I last saw h£r. h£r wavy dark brown hair was tied up !nto a ponytail and h£r beautiful features
sh!ned brighter. Carson on th£ oth£r [email protected] looked different, h¡s jet black hair was now peppered but mild.

My gaze shifted to my aunt Sera, h£r hair had grown longer than before, almost
reach!ng h£r hips, h£r sk!n was look!ng
great and nice. It showed that th!ngs were really go!ng well for h£r, I guess th£ job $h£ works !n pays very well.

And f!nally, I settled on Stephanie, $h£ still looked th£ same but better. $h£ was
dressed !n expensive look!ng cloth£s, h£r hair short and dyed black.

I looked at th£m all and also saw that th£y were a$$ess!ng me as well, th£ir eyes m©r£ focused on my tvmmy !n shock.
Stephanie was th£ one that seemed to come ©vt of it first.

“Mani. “$h£ yells, walk!ng towards me,
h£r eyes opened wide !n a hug. We hugged for sometime before mov!ng to hug th£ rest of th£ family. Th£ happ!ness !n th£ir face was visible which h£lped me relax, know!ng th£y weren’t mad at me.

“Congratulations Sweetie ”

“Congratulations Mani. ”

“Congratulations. ”

Th£y wi$h£d me at th£ exact same time. I know th£y were referr!ng to th£ baby, I could see th£ question !n Stephanie and aunt Sera’s eyes but none of th£m asked anyth!ng.

“what’s th£ gender” Amelia asked, th£re
was joy !n h£r eyes.

“we don’t know yet. i want it to be a surprise but Nikolai th!nks it’s a girl

“i know it’s a girl” h£ defends and we all laugh£d

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr… “Carson asked, h¡s [email protected] stretch£d ©vt.

“Violente, but I would prefer it if you called me Nikolai. ” S!n says, shak!ng h¡s
[email protected] I was surprised h£ was lett!ng th£m call h¡m Nikolai !nstead of S!n.

h£ w!nked at me, while h£ shook my aunt, Amelia and Stephanie. After greet!ngs and pleasantries we were directed to th£ d!nn!ng room for our d!nner. S!n ₱v||ed a seat ©vt for me, before tak!ng a seat beside me at th£ h£ad of th£ table and th£ rest of th£ family followed suit, smil!ng at S!n’s affection.

We all started eat!ng, enjoy!ng th£ wonderful meal prepared. I picked up th£ gla$$ of juice !n front of me wh£n I h£ard a
loud [email protected] from beside me and saw Stephanie star!ng at my r!ng f!ng£r.

“Is that what I th!nk it is?” $h£ asked, star!ng at th£ r!ng.

“Yes it is. ”

A loud squeal escaped h£r l¡ps and $h£
clapped !n excitement. My aunt and Stephanie’s parents looked at S!n and I with a smile on th£ir faces.

“Congratulations.” Th£y all said aga!n and we thanked th£m.

Stephanie and I chatter among each
oth£r. We had d!nner and a cake as dessert, shar!ng it among ourselves.

Wh£n we were done with d!nner, Stephanie locked [email protected] with me and we both walked ©vt of th£ d!n!ng room, leav!ng S!n and th£ rest of th£ family.

“I am happy for you Mani, but what th£
h£ll.” $h£ wh¡spered a yell. ” S!nce wh£n did we start keep!ng secrets? ” I sigh£d and closed my eyes.

“I wasn’t plann!ng on keep!ng it a secret
I didn’t know how to tell you or what your reaction might be.” I expla!ned to h£r calmly. $h£ gave me a defeated look and I know $h£ couldn’t stay mad at me forever.

“With that aside, I need your h£lp with th£ wedd!ng. Samantha and Nikolai’s family are tak!ng ¢ar£ of th!ngs but I still need you with th£ preparation and most of all to be my bridesmaid. That is if you want to. ” With glossy eyes, I looked straight at h£r, silently begg!ng h£r to agree.

“Of course I will, but you need to tell me everyth!ng that has happened th¡s past few months. ” $h£ says, hugg!ng me a
little bit t!ghtly and I chuckled.

“What would you like to know? ”

” Everyth!ng. For starters, why th£ h£ll didn’t you tell me your fiance was a freak!ng Greek god. $h£ squeaked and I laugh£d. “I was drool!ng my a$$ ©vt wh£n h£ opened th£ door.”

I was Surprised a smile as I watch£d h£r recall h£r encounter with S!n. $h£ lowered h£r eyes. “on th£ scale of 1 to 10, how good is h£ !n b£d.”

“Steph… ” I [email protected] ©vt with a blush.

“What… ” $h£ looked at me like $h£ j√$t
asked what th£ weath£r was. ” Don’t hold ©vt on me now, spill. ” I smiled, bit!ng my l¡ps.

A gr!n ₱v||ed at h£r l¡ps. “Judg!ng from
th£ smile on your face, h£ must be really good. fv¢k Mani your so lucky, I thought you were go!ng to be a v!rg!n forever. That guy must have done some magic spell on you”.

I h£ld my [email protected] ©vt to my m©vth to shush h£r. ” Steph, do you m!nd keep!ng your voice d©wΠ. We don’t want th£m h£ar!ng from th£ d!n!ng room.”

“Okay okay… ” $h£ raised h£r [email protected] !n
surrender, th£n wh¡spered. “How big h¡s is d!¢k.”

“Steph.. God! Do you ever have any filters.”

” Jok!ng.., no need to get so worked up” $h£ w!nks. “Come, let’s go [email protected]¢k to th£ d!n!ng room and save your poor fiancé from be!ng tortured by my parents and your aunt.”

We walked [email protected]¢k !nto th£ d!nn!ng room and I was surprised by th£ sight I saw. Th£y were all casually talk!ng to each oth£r like th¡s wasn’t th£ir first time meet!ng.

S!n had a smile on h¡s face like th£ rest of th£ family. We spent up to three hours togeth£r as a family. I wi$h£d th£ rest of th£ family [email protected]¢k !n Italy were h£re

“We will be leav!ng.” My aunt Sera stated

“Wait, what. Stay some m©r£.” I said.

“It’s already late Mani, Nikolai offered for us to stay but we don’t want to impose, besides h£ already booked us a penthouse suite !n a very luxury h°tel ” Carson responded.

I nodded my h£ad !n understand!ng, touch£d at th£ ¢ar£ S!n was show!ng to my family. “Okay, I will call you soon.”

“You look happy, pumpk!n and it br!ngs
joy to me.” my aunt said aga!n.

“I am happy, I never thought l would be
but I am.” I told h£r, a smile placed on my l¡ps.

“That’s nice to know, we have to go now. Bye”.I hugged th£m one last time as th£y left.

After th£y left, I went [email protected]¢k to th£ room to fre$h£n up, chang!ng !nto nice clean pajamas.I waited for S!n to come !nto th£ room.

Th£ m!nute h£ entered, I walked up to h¡m. ” Nikolai, I really appreciate what you
did today.” I said !n an overly sweet voice. “I don…”.

I was stopped mid-s£ntence by S!n’s l¡p
on m!ne. As soon as I felt h¡s l¡ps on m!ne !n th£ softest possible way, my eyes voluntarily closed. A t!ngly s£nsation grew across my b©dy. I parted my l¡ps and klzzed h¡m [email protected]¢k. Th¡s klzz wasn’t !ntense, it was gentle and pa$$ionate. It was like ₱0ur!ng our feel!ngs !nto one s!ngle klzz.

My [email protected] found its way to h¡s dark hair,
softly twirl!ng @r0vnd a sta!n of h¡s hair
@r0vnd my f!ng£r. Our l¡ps m©v£ !n sync
with each oth£r almost like th£y were fight!ng for dom!nance..

My f!ng£r gripped th£ material of h¡s shirt know!ng that I would turn !nto a pile of mush If I didn’t. Desperate for air, we both ₱v||ed away from each oth£r but didn’t let go of each oth£r.

“You don’t need to thank me, I know how much you missed th£m. Th£re was no way we would marry with©vt th£ir bless!ngs..”

I tiptoed br!ng!ng h¡s l¡ps to m!ne aga!n. I [email protected] !nto th£ klzz, enjoy!ng th£ feel of h¡s l¡ps.

Wh£n we ₱v||ed [email protected]¢k, I pecked h¡m one
last time. We both laid under th£ duvet,
Nikolai ₱v||ed me close to h¡m and I snuggled !nto h¡m. My h£ad rested on h¡s
ch£st with h¡s [email protected] on my hair. My eyes
closed as I welcomed th£ darkness with a smile on my face.

F!nally 7 m©r£ episodes to go😌, I’ll miss th¡s story😫😫😫
Stephanie is a bad gurl chai😏😏

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