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Mine the mafia possession episode 59

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Episode 59


I was already six months and a week pregnant, I feel so bloated and not !n a cute way. My hormones are really work!ng
on me now, I get mad and sad for no reason, mak!ng everyone work on egg$h£lls @r0vnd me. I can’t h£lp it though.
It’s been a month s!nce th£ surprise family d!nner and still has been really b£tweeΠ my family and I. We keep !n touch m©r£ often, Stephanie and I chat and hang ©vt togeth£r often like we did !n th£ past. I had added h£r to th£ group chat, !ntroduc!ng h£r to th£ girls. Let’s j√$t say, th£y hit it on pretty f*st, th£y were like th£ best of friends and that made me really happy.

While S!n on th£ oth£r [email protected] seemed to
be always bus!ness, that man j√$t doesn’t take a time off. h£ hasn’t been giv!ng me much attention or even been @r0vnd me for a long period of time !n a month which was very frustrat!ng. I know that h£ has lots of work to do, h£ had told me h£ had a lot of work to do before th£ wedd!ng. h£ is mostly tired but I wi$h£d h£ would spend time with me also.

Most of all, h£ hasn’t even touch£d me,
which is much m©r£ frustrat!ng. h£ comes home every night wh£n I’m asleep and leaves before I wake up. Sometimes see h¡m for a few hours, no matter how
many times I have tried with h¡m, h£ always denies me and now it is start!ng too piss me off.

I’m currently !n th£ library, sitt!ng on th£
couch as l angrily fl¡p over th£ pages of
th£ book even though th£y did no wrong. I huffed, rubb!ng my face with a [email protected], I fl¡pped off th£ book aga!n, hav!ng no clue what was go!ng on !n it. I couldn’t concentrate, no matter how [email protected] I tried to. I have been touch deprived and that has been driv!ng me crazy.

I h£ard th£ library door open but made no attempt to see who had entered. I slammed th£ book d©wΠ, my h£ad fell [email protected]¢k to th£ couch.

“I wonder what got you th¡s pissed” S!n’s voice, h£ sounded to be !n a flirty mood. I quickly turned @r0vnd, not be!ng able to h£lp th£ expression on my face. h£ chuckles. I tilt my h£ad to th£ side, ¢0¢k!ng an eyebrow up. h£ still had that ch£esy smile on h¡s face and I felt my blood start to boil. ” You” I h¡ssed at h¡m.

” Me.” h£ asked, confused. I rolled my e
yes at th¡s, huff!ng. “What did I do.”

” my hormones are high, am h**Πy every time. I want you, I want you to touch me. But no, every time I try to make a m©v£, you always turn me d©wΠ. I want your big ma$$ive d!¢k !n me.” I snapped.

h£ gave me a lvstrous look, mak!ng my
knees feel weak. It’s a good th!ng I was sitt!ng d©wΠ. h¡s dark orbs were burn!ng !nto me. h£ bits h¡s l¡ps before s1©wly releas!ng it and someth!ng starts throb |ns!de me.

“I didn’t know you missed me that much, am©r£. ” I glared at h¡m but h£ didn’t seem fazed at all and kept walk!ng closer till h£ got to th£ couch. h£ leans to wh¡sper !n my ear. “Trust me am gonna make you s¢r**m your lungs ©vt and fv¢k your t!ght little ₱vzzy till it’s get sore.”

My breath stilled wh£n h£ bru$h£s h¡s [email protected] on my neck, mov!ng my hair to th£
side to get m©r£ access to my neck. I feIt th£ w€tness of h¡s t0Πge like a soft stripe aga!nst th£ soft sk!n.

h£ m©v£d [email protected]¢k, lifted my face up and klzzed me. As our l¡ps locked togeth£r, th£ need for me !ncreases. h£ [email protected] me d©wΠ on th£ couch, lift!ng my dress high£r.

h¡s breath hitch. ” No [email protected] ” h£ says
huskily. I shrugged, tak!ng off h¡s shirt.

” mi fai perdere il ¢©Πtr0|lo, am©r£ (You mak!ng me get ©vt of ¢©Πtr0| am©r£),” h£
growls, remov!ng th£ dress of my b©dy and I was bare !n front of h¡m s!nce I had no bra on as well.

“You are such a t£@$e, little temptress.” h£ eyes darkened wh£n h£ saw my now bigger br£@st and immediately dived !n. h£ kept s√¢k!ng and nibbl!ng, I [email protected], hold!ng h¡s hair begg!ng for m©r£. h¡s l¡ps m©v£d from my br£@st trail!ng klzzes d©wΠ my b©dy, from my big tvmmy till h£ got to my ₱vzzy. h£ gets d©wΠ on h¡s knees, my legs $pr£@d apart for h¡m.

h¡s l¡ps meet my cl!t as h£ s√¢ks and fngers me, h¡s teeth grab a hold of my bud, swirl!ng it and h¡s t0Πge dive right |ns!de me. I was a [email protected]!ng mess, my legs were shak!ng. It didn’t take long before a wave of [email protected] ru$h£d through me and h£ flat scoped every last juice.

h£ stood up, tak!ng h¡s [email protected] off. “I want you to sit on th£ table, your legs $pr£@d ©vt for me.” h£ commends and I gladly obliged. I got off from th£ couch to sit on th£ library table, my legs $pr£@d ©vt ready for h¡m.

I gaped wh£n h£ took off h¡s boxer, gett!ng w€tter j√$t by look!ng at h¡m. h¡s [email protected] cupped my ₱vzzy, Mak!ng me put
my h£ad on h¡s ch£st. h£ placed h¡s d!¢k @r0vnd my entrance, I $pr£@d my legs wider, wait!ng for h¡m but h£ didn’t ₱ush it !n. h£ kept on teas!ng me, mov!ng it round my cl!t and I [email protected]

I let ©vt a soft sigh. ” enough fore₱|@y Nikolai. Will you j√$t fv¢k me already, quit
teas!ng me and j√$t… ” I was cut off with h¡m slamm!ng !nto me, ₱ush!ng deep !nto me.

“Shit.” I [email protected], my legs wr*₱ped @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t enjoy!ng th£ feel of h¡m |ns!de me. Th£ irritation on my face was
completely wiped off and replaced by ₱1ea$vre.

“You miss th¡s don’t you, you miss me
pound!ng !nto you. ” h¡s voice was raspy. I could feel h¡m rubb!ng aga!nst th£ waIls of my [email protected]@.

“Yes, yes I do. “I [email protected] ” you fv¢k me so good.” my [email protected] and words seemed to turn h¡m m©r£ as h£ thrv$t !nto me f*ster. h£ smacked my a$$ and I yelped, bit!ng d©wΠ on my l¡ps. I looked at h¡m with so much ₱1ea$vre and desire for h¡m to see.

h£ kept on slamm!ng !nto me show!ng
me mercy, I s¢r**med begg!ng h¡m for
m©r£ and h£ complied. I clench£d onto
h¡m and h£ grunted, I could feel th£ [email protected] build!ng up !n me.

“It’s not over am©r£, we are go!ng to cont!nue th¡s !n th£ b£droom. So l want you, $pr£@d ©vt on th£ b£d wait!ng for me
after d!nner. Do you th!nk you can do that for me, baby girl. ” l eagerly nod,

oh fv¢k my walls t!ghten, and I let my
self go. S!n kept on thrv$t!ng !nto me, I
m©v£d my hips meet!ng every m©v£.

“oh yeah give me that fv¢k!ng sperm of yours daddy.” h¡s eyes widened at my word, br!ng!ng h¡m to th£ edge. I feel h¡m spill h¡s seed |ns!de me, fill!ng me up. I [email protected] !n contentment.

Our breaths were [email protected] and our b©dy sweaty. S!n chuckled, ₱v||!ng ©vt of me.
love you.”

I smiled at h¡m. “I love you”.


“Nikolai, let go of me. ” I wh!ned as h£
wr*₱ped h¡s [email protected] @r0vnd me, refus!ng to let me go. It was th£ next morn!ng and as much as I loved cuddl!ng with h¡m, I needed to use th£ bathroom.

I was lean!ng on my [email protected]¢k, while I cuddled closer to S!n. My h£ad on h¡s [email protected] while th£ oth£r [email protected] on my tvmmy. I tried to m©v£ th!nk!ng h£ wouldn’t notice but h£ t!ghtened h¡s hold on me so I stopped try!ng.

“Come on, I need to pee. Get off me you oaf.” I said to h¡m, attempt!ng to m©v£ h¡s [email protected] away.

“you weren’t say!ng that yesterday wh£n you begged me to thrv$t !nto you, while you [email protected] ” I blu$h£d at h¡s words. “Besides, you feel so warm right now. ” h£
says aga!n, nuzzl!ng h¡s face at th£ crook of my neck. Th£ feel!ng of h¡s stubble on my sk!n s£nt t!ngles d©wΠ my sp!ne.

I hold still for a m!nute, want!ng to let hi
m rest a little m©r£. It was up to five m!nutes wh£n I felt I couldn’t [email protected] it any

“Nikolai Alvize Violenta, you better let
go of me th¡s !nstant, before I end up pee!ng on th£ b£d. ” I growled. h£ rem©v£d h¡s [email protected], h¡s eyes snapped open watch!ng me with amusement as I spr!nted ©vt of th£ b£d butt [email protected]£d, rac!ng to th£ bathroom.

I felt a calmness !n me wh£n I relieved
myself. I decided to shower s!nce I was
already !n th£ bathroom. I got !nto th£ shower, leath£r!ng my b©dy with my vanilla scented soap. I shampooed my hair. Wh£n I got ©vt of th£ shower, I wr*₱ped a towel @r0vnd my b©dy.

Look!ng at th£ mirror, I found a bright smile plastered on my face. It was obvious what th£ reason for my smile was. S!n had kept h¡s promise after our library exercise yesterday. After d!nner, I showered and laid on th£ b£d, legs $pr£@d ©vt wait!ng for h¡m.

Wh£n h£ got !nto th£ room, h£ had a ¢0¢ky smirk danc!ng on h¡s face. Let’s j√$t say, we had little sleep. We kept go!ng on and on like two starved animals. I guess make up s£× after not touch!ng for
a month were th£ best.

I dried my b©dy, wr*₱p!ng a towel on my h£ad before walk!ng ©vt of th£ room. It was empty, I guess h£ was !n h¡s study d©wΠstairs. I made my way to th£ closet, look!ng for someth!ng warm and comfortable to wear. I picked a very long light dress, matt!ng my hair !nto two. I was too lazy to apply m©r£ than a moisturizer and balm.

I looked at myself !n th£ mirror one last
time. I walked ©vt of th£ closet, putt!ng
on my fluffy sl¡ppers and left th£ room. I made my way d©wΠstairs to see th£ new maids that were a$$igned to th£ house work!ng and tidy!ng it up.

“Do you want me to make you breakf*st, miss. ” A young maid asked, bow!ng slightly at me.

I shake my h£ad. You don’t have to, am !n a good mood today so I th!nk I’m go!ng to cook. ” I watch£d h£r eyes widen and $h£ nervously fiddled with h£r f!ng£rs.

“I don’t th!nk Mr. Violente would like that.” $h£ says nervously.

“Don’t worry, h£ wouldn’t m!nd” I waved
h£r words off, wak!ng to th£ cab!net. I was !n th£ mood for some noodles. I took ©vt two packs of noodles for S!n and humm!ng to myself, I turned on th£ stove and started prepar!ng my noodles j√$t th£ way I saw Sarah do it [email protected]¢k !n Italy. I waited for a few m!nutes for it to cook as I cont!nued to humm to myself.

I h£ard th£ sound of h£avy footsteps approach!ng th£ kitch£n and I turned to see Mateo walk !n. h£ looked at my puzzle th£n to th£ stove and [email protected]¢k to me.

“What are you do!ng.” I could see th£ horror !n h¡s face.

I rolled my eyes at th¡s, po!nt!ng to th£ pot on th£ fire. “cook!ng” I stated !n a matter of fact tone.

“Yeah, I know. Th£ question is why. ” h£
says horrified. “I thought S!n barred you from mak!ng anyth!ng !n th£ kitch£n. ” I ₱0ur at h¡s words. ” Mani you are a horrible cook, why don’t you let th£ maid do it for you.

“it’s a noddle and I have seen Sarah cook it so many times. How [email protected] can it be?” I questioned ¢0¢k!ng my brows up.

“Yeah, that was what you said th£ last time you baked cookie dough. ” h£ stated, petrified. Ungrateful bastard.

“I couldn’t stop go!ng to th£ toilet for almost two days.”

I scoffed, fold!ng my [email protected] togeth£r ac
ross my ch£st. ” It was a mistake, I mixed th£ !ngredients up and besides, that was ages ago.

“It was two weeks ago.”

“Yeah, so. I’m not even!ng cook!ng for you. It’s for S!n and I” I countered [email protected]¢k, dish!ng th£ food !n two separate plates.

” May God rest h¡s soul. I need to warn h¡m” Mateo says, rush!ng off to S!n’s office.

Th¡s Mani ehn😏😏😏
😂😂 c as th£y are runn!ng away from Mani cause of food


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