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Mine the mafia possession episode 60

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Episode 60


“What are you do!ng. ” I could see th£ horror !n Mateo’s face. I rolled my eyes at th¡s, po!nt!ng to th£ pot on th£ fire. “cook!ng” I stated !n a matter of fact tone.

“Yeah, I know. Th£ question is why. ” h£
says, horrified. “I thought S!n barred you from mak!ng anyth!ng !n th£ kitch£n. I ₱0ur at h¡s words. ” Mani you are a horrible cook, why don’t you let th£ maid do it for you.”

“it’s a noddle and I have seen Sarah cook it so many times. How [email protected] can it be?” I questioned ¢0¢k!ng my brows up.

“Yeah, that was what you said th£ last time you baked cookie dough. ” h£ stated. petrified. Ungrateful bastard.

“I couldn’t stop go!ng to th£ toilet for almost two days.”

I scoffed, fold!ng my [email protected] togeth£r across my ch£st. ” It was a mistake, I mixed th£ !ngredients up and besides, that
was ages ago.

“It was two weeks ago.”

“Yeah, so. I’m not even!ng cook!ng for you. It’s for S!n and I.” I countered [email protected]¢k, dish!ng th£ food !n two separate plates.

“May God rest h¡s soul. I need to warn
h¡m” Mateo says, rush!ng off to S!n’s office.

I looked at h¡s retreat!ng [email protected]¢k as h£ raced towards S!n’s office and I rolled my eyes. I placed th£ plates of noodles on a
tray along with a cup of coffee and juice. I balanced th£ tray !n both [email protected] th£n made my way to S!n’s office. I put th£ tray on one [email protected] while I use my oth£r to open th£ door.

Wh£n I got !nto th£ office I was S!n focused on a radical Mateo, as h£ mumbled on and on ab©vt me be!ng !n th£ kitch£n and cook!ng. S!n eyes shifted to m!ne th£n to th£ tray !n my [email protected] and h¡s eyes widened, I watch£d as h¡s throat bubbled up and d©wΠ.

“Am©r£, Mateo was tell!ng me you made breakf*st for me.” h£ spoke very s1©wly like h£ was talk!ng to a child. h¡s eyes
looked at me begg!ng me to say no.

I walked to h¡s desk, plac!ng th£ tray onit. I gave my best !nnocent smile. “I was !n a good mood and I wanted a plate of noodles so I decided to make th£ way Sarah does” I shrugged. ” I made it for you too.

h£ gulped. “I wish I was hungry am©r£
but I can’t. I appreciate th£ thought though. ” h£ says, ” h£ smiled at me look!ng at th£ food, petrified th£n [email protected]¢k at me.

“but I took a lot of time to make it for you. “I p©vt, my eyes blurry.

Panic rose !n h¡s eyes wh£n h£ saw I was ab©vt to cry while Mateo scoffed beside me not buy!ng whatever drama I was up to. S!n stood up from h¡s seat and made h¡s way to me, h£ wr*₱ped h¡s [email protected] @r0vnd me !n a hug, try!ng to calm me d©wΠ.

” S!n man, you can’t possibly [email protected]|| for that. $h£ is obviously fak!ng it.” Mateo said

I got ©vt of S!n’s embrace, look!ng at Mateo. I discreetly stuck my t0Πge ©vt to h¡m before fac!ng S!n aga!n.

“Nikolai, Mateo is be!ng mean to me. ”
I cried ©vt.

Mateo’s face turned sour and h£ glared
at me, watch!ng as S!n softly patted my
[email protected]¢k, plac!ng soft klzzes on my ch£eks

“Have got an idea Am©r£, why don’t Mateo have my food as a peace offer!ng.”
Mateo looked like h£ was ab©vt to fa!nt
at S!n betrayal and h£ started speak!ng
very f*st !n Italian.

“Non puoi a$$olutamente farmi questo,
sai quanto è pessimo il suo cibo. farò t
utto quello ch£ vuoi,Solo non farmi pas
sare attraverso questuomo. Sono uno dei tuoi uom!ni migliori e fidatie sono ve
nuto anch£ per salvarti (You can’t possi
bly do th¡s to me, you know how bad h£r food is. I will do anyth!ng you want, j√$t don’t put me through th¡s man. I’m one of your best and trusted men and I also came to save you),” Mateo kept onrambl!ng ©vt, h¡s eyes looked like h£ was ab©vt to cry any moment from now. Wow, I have never seen someone cry over my food before.
I feel so touch£d.

S!n gave h¡m an apologetic look, ₱ush!ng th£ food to h¡m while Mateo on th£ oth£r [email protected] kept on shak!ng h¡s h£ad even
though h£ couldn’t turn d©wΠ S!n.

“Why don’t I eat th¡s ©vtside., ” h£ suggested, hurriedly carry!ng th£ plate but I shaked my h£ad, tell!ng h¡m no.

S!n walked [email protected]¢k to h¡s seat and I followed sitt!ng on h¡s lap ₱ush!ng through plates of noodles !n front of me. We both
watch£d as Mateo groggily picked up th£ plate and took a seat opposite us. I gave h¡m some ch£eky smile, I twirled th£ noodles round my fork tak!ng a b¡t£.

Okay, I admit. It tastes horrible.

I forced myself to eat it and watch£d as
Mateo forced h¡mself, scuff!ng it d©wΠ
as f*st as h£ could. S!n and I watch£d h¡m not say!ng anyth!ng, h¡s face was red, struggl!ng to swallow every bit of it. Wh£n h£ f!ni$h£d eat!ng it th£re was a victorious smile on h¡s face, h£ looked at us with a wide gr!n. h¡s eyes th£n cast d©wΠ to th£ plate of noodles !n front of me and h¡s brow furrowed.

I felt S!n’s breath fan th£ [email protected]¢k of my ear.
“Why aren’t you eat!ng am©r£. You only
had one b¡t£”

“I don’t want to eat noodles aga!n, I saw th£ maid prepare pasta earlier. I th!nk I would have that. ” Mateo’s m©vth was open agape with a baffled look across h¡s face.

It was nice to see Mateo enjoy th£ food though, you can have m!ne if you want.” I batted my ch£ek !nnocently at h¡m. h£ stood up !n a hurry, mov!ng [email protected]¢kwards.

” I don’t th!nk h£ is hungry am©r£, lasci
a stare il povero (leave th£ poor guy alone),”S!n scolded ₱|@yfvlly. I smiled sweetly at Mateo, stand!ng up from S!n’s lap I took th£ plates, plac!ng th£m [email protected]¢k on th£ tray. I picked it up, mak!ng my way ©vt of th£ office. Wh£n. I got to wh£re Mateo was, I stopped.

“I will admit, I s√¢k at cook!ng.” I tapped h¡s shoulder lightly, I smirked leav!ng th£ room. I made my way [email protected]¢k to th£ kitch£n.

I did th£ di$h£s, s!nce it was my mess that meant I had to clean it up myself. I didn’t want to trouble th£ maids, th£y were stubborn at first and wouldn’t let me tidy up after myself but after I ordered th£m not to, th£y had no choice but to step d©wΠ.

After I tidied up th£ kitch£n, I had my breakf*st before mak!ng my way upstairs
to get ready. Samantha was already !n New York. $h£ came last week with Alexander but Serena and Ath£na were still
!n Italy. Th£y had to settle some th!ngs
before com!ng.

S!nce Samantha was h£re, I thought it would be a great idea for $h£ and Stephanie to officially meet. So I had asked th£m if th£y wanted to hang ©vt today and th£y both agreed. Samantha was com!ng over to th£ house while we were pick!ng Stephanie up from school, $h£ had an early morn!ng cla$$.

I walked !nto th£ closet to look for someth!ng nice to wear, humm!ng my favorite Whitney Houston song. It’s been stuck !n my h£ad all day. I changed !nto a blue dress, pick!ng up my brush from th£
table, I started s!ng!ng and danc!ng to th£ song !n my h£ad.

Oh, I wanna dance with someb©dy

I wanna feel th£ h£at with someb©dy

Yeah, I wanna dance with someb©dy

With someb©dy who loves me

Oh, I wanna dance with someb©dy

I wanna feel th£ h£at

Yeah, I wanna dance with someb©dy

With someb©dy who loves me

Someb©dy who, someb©dy who

Someb©dy who loves me

Someb©dy who, someb©dy who

To hold me !n h¡s arms, oh

I felt two strong muscles arms s1©wly wr*₱ped @r0vnd me, I jumped and s¢r**med a little look!ng over my shoulder to see S!n stand!ng beh!nd me. I sigh£d !n
relief th£n turned towards h¡m.

“You s¢ar£d me.” I wh¡spered. ” You shouldn’t sneak up on a pregnant woman like that.”

h£ laugh£d th£n pecked my l¡ps. ” I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to s¢ar£ you. ” h£ says, nuzzl!ng h¡s h£ad on my neck. I rested my h£ad on h¡s ch£st, while my [email protected] were placed securely on my tvmmy.

My phone buzzed, I let go of S!n’s [email protected]
pick!ng it up from th£ table. I unlocked it, c|¡¢k!ng !n through th£ message to see that Samantha had texted me to let me know $h£ was close by. I replied to h£r before putt!ng my [email protected]¢k on th£ table.

I tried mov!ng away from S!n but h£ won’t let me. h£ starts plac!ng w€t klzzes d©wΠ my neck. s√¢k!ng and nibbl!ng, I was sure it was go!ng to leave a hickey.

“Nikolai, Samantha will soon get h£re.
I need to f!nish gett!ng ready. “I [email protected], my eyes shut.

” I’m sure we have a little bit of time.” h£ says huskily, sp!nn!ng me @r0vnd gently th£n plac!ng me on th£ desk. h£ lifted my dress up, and took ©vt my [email protected] My phone buzzed aga!n, I didn’t need to ch£ck it to know it was Samantha. I guess $h£ was already h£re. I made an attempt to pick it up, but S!n took it from my [email protected] h£ opened a drawer, putt!ng it !n.

” Leave it. ” I looked at h¡m h£sitantly. My l¡ps parted but before I could say anyth!ng, S!n l¡ps met m!ne. Silenc!ng whatever word I wanted to say. I [email protected] !nto th£ klzz and [email protected] wh£n h£ ended it.

S!n wasted no time !n tak!ng off h¡s [email protected] and with©vt say!ng anyth!ng h£ thrv$t !nto me with fvll force. h¡s l¡ps attacked my neck aga!n with h¡s w€t klzzes while h¡s hips ₱u$h£d aga!nst me f*ster. I wr*₱ped my f!ng£r @r0vnd h¡s neck, ₱v||!ng me closer to me.

“You feel good, Bamb!na. ”

“don’t stop. ” I [email protected], begg!ng h¡m wh£n h£ ₱v||ed ©vt of me. I kept h£ar!ng th£ phone buzz !n th£ drawer but right now my hormones were high and what mattered right now was gett!ng my release. S!n placed my legs @r0vnd h¡s [email protected]¡$t and started slamm!ng !nto me [email protected] and [email protected] go!ng deeper !nto me. I put my [email protected] on my l¡ps to ¢©Πtr0| my [email protected] as we both found our release. But h£ didn’t ₱v|| ©vt of me, h£ cont!nued thrv$t!ng !n and h¡s ball smacked my a$$.

h£ thrv$t for a few m©r£ times before spill!ng !n on me. h£ smiled at me klzz!ng my l¡ps, d©wΠ to my neck th£n [email protected]¢k to my l¡ps aga!n.

We cont!nued klzz!ng each oth£r, our t0Πges danced explor!ng each oth£r. After a few m!nutes we ₱v||ed [email protected]¢k.

“You always seem to amaze me. ” S!n says, smil!ng d©wΠ at me. h¡s l¡ps locked
on m!ne aga!n, but th£ sound of my phone still buzz!ng !nterrupted us. Shit!! Samantha.

I ₱u$h£d S!n away from me, cause l know with h¡m near I can’t th!nk straight. I took th£ phone ©vt to see that Samantha had left me up to ten messages, ask!ng wh£re I was.

“You always managed to distract me. I wh!ned, star!ng at S!n who had h¡s [email protected] [email protected]¢k. h£ raised h¡s [email protected] !n a jok!ng
surrender before peck!ng my l¡ps and leav!ng me to get ready all over aga!n. I quickly texted Samantha to let h£r know I
would be d©wΠ !n a bit and asked for thirty m!nutes.

I ru$h£d to th£ bathroom to shower aga!n, th£n walked [email protected]¢k to th£ closet for a set of new cloth£s. Th¡s time I settled for a yellow jumpsuit, redo!ng my hair and make-up as f*st as I can. Wh£n I was done, I put on a white sneakers and silver
earr!ngs. After ch£ck!ng myself one m©r£ time !n th£ mirror. I picked my phone and bag from th£ desk, mak!ng my way d©wΠstairs to wh£re Samantha stood
wait!ng for me with a ¢0¢ky smirk like $h£ had an idea of what kept me late.

😂😂😂I pity Mateo Sha 😂😂
Chai from food to s£x😌😌😌

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