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Mine the mafia possession episode 61

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Episode 61


I ran to th£ shower aga!n to take my bath th£n walked [email protected]¢k to th£ closet for a set of new cloth£s. Th¡s time I settled for a yellow jumpsuit, redo!ng my hair and
make-up as f*st asI can. Wh£n I was done, I put on a white sneakers and silver earr!ngs. After ch£ck!ng myself one mre time !n th£ mirror. I picked my phone and bag from th£ desk, mak!ng my way
d©wΠstairs to wh£re Samantha stood
wait!ng for me with a ¢0¢ky smirk like $h£ had an idea of what kept me late.

“What…” I asked !nnocently.

$h£ smirked com!ng close to me. “I cant believe you left h£re for up to thirty m!nute to get a quickie from S!n, Mani. ” $h£ placed both h£r [email protected] on h£r hips, Iook!ng at me like $h£ was !nterrogat!ng me.

I let ©vt a guilty laugh. “You can’t really
blame me h£re, Nikolai can be so distract!ng. Have you seen th£ way h£ is, good genes run !n th£ir family. If you were !n my place and Alexander was !n front of you, would you have been able to resist” I rambled ©vt.

“I understand what you mean, Th£y really do have great genes. ” $h£ nods !n agreement. “but don’t th!nk you are off th£ hook. “$h£ says sternly. Come on let’s go, Stephanie has been b!0w!ng up th£ group chat wonder!ng wh£re we are.”

We got ©vtside of th£ house to wh£re th£ car was parked, Mateo opened th£ car
door for us, huff!ng and puff!ng every now and th£n. h£ sat at th£ front glar!ng at me once !n a while. Samantha noticed it and looked at us puzzled.

“Okay, what’s go!ng on with you two. Why have you been glar!ng at Mani, Mat.”

” Don’t m!nd h¡m Sam, h£ is j√$t act!ng like a child. ” I rolled my eyes, smirk!ng at

Mateo scoffed at th¡s, focus!ng on h¡s driv!ng. Samantha nudged ask!ng what was wrong aga!n and I told h£r I was go!ng to expla!n it to h£r later.

We stopped !n front of th£ campus wait!ng for Stephanie to come ©vtside. I saw a model-like figure walk!ng towards us and !nstantly knew it was Stephanie, h£r m©vth was wide open [email protected]!ng at th£ car !n front of h£r. Mateo opened th£ front door for h£r to get !n and th£ journey to th£ mall began.

“Oh my God! Mani. ” Stephanie said with wide eyes. “Th¡s is a Rolls Royce Ghost, a freak!ng Rolls Royce Ghost. ” I laugh£d at h£r reaction.

“I know right.”

“I can’t believe h£ lets you drive h¡s car,
especially one th¡s expensive. ” $h£ says aga!n with wide eyes.

“Actually, it’s h£rs. S!n gave it to h£r” Samantha chipped !n..

“S!n, who is S!n. Why does it sound familiar.”

I watch£d as Stephanie’s face scrunch£d up !n confusion. Shit. $h£ had no idea
Nikolai was S!n. I gave Samantha a look and $h£ quickly understood what I meant.

“oh, I meant Nikolai. It was a sl¡p of th£
t0Πge. Samantha hurriedly said !n a very calm undoubtful tone. ” I’m Samantha by th£ way, but I go by Sam. Nice to officially meet you.”

I hope Stephanie doesn’t ask any m©r£
questions, we both watch£d as $h£ looked b£tweeΠ Samantha and I before a smile made it up to h£r face. $h£ turned h£r [email protected]¢k slightly, tak!ng Samantha’s [email protected] !n a [email protected]

” I’m so happy to officially meet you too.” Stephanie squealed.

We all started talk!ng amongst ourselves, th£ road to th£ mall was fun and excit!ng. Samantha and Stephanie were like two long lost sisters. Yes, th£y have been chatt!ng with each oth£r from sometime but look!ng at th£m !nteract!ng it obvious th£y had a lot m©r£ !n common.

We climb£d ©vt of th£ car wh£n Mateo
parked at th£ park!ng lot of th£ car. Th£
girls and I made our way to th£ mall and immediately we entered and our eyes lit up. We walked @r0vnd th£ mall gett!ng different cloth£s and shoes. Stephanie and Samantha were on a shopp!ng spree, buy!ng anyth!ng that caught th£ir eyes.

We had m©v£d to th£ baby’s section to Iook for m©r£ baby cloth£s to buy even though we already bought like a thousand already. S!n had already set up th£ nursery h£re also, it was not like th£ one !n Italy, th£re were a little bit of changes and it was beautiful all th£ same.

“Wh£re to next” I asked, look!ng at th£
both of th£m.

“Victoria Secret. Samantha and Stephanie both responded at th£ same time. Th£y looked at each oth£r with a smile on th£ir face.

We walked !nto th£ shop, th£ girls squealed look!ng @r0vnd for some s£×y thongs and l!ngerie. My feet were already ach!ng so l took a seat !n an empty chair
watch!ng th£m. My gaze shifted to Mateo who had been follow!ng us for up to
three hours but now stand!ng beside me.

h¡s face was emotionless as looked @r0vnd th£ shop for any threat. I poked !n h¡s [email protected]¡$t and h£ turned to look at me wit
h a t!ny glare on h¡s face.

“You seriously are mad at me. ” I asked,
giv!ng h¡m th£ sweetest smile ever. h£
didn’t [email protected]|| for it and j√$t went [email protected]¢k to look!ng round th£ mall.

I poked h¡m aga!n, mak!ng me turn to look at me. ” okay, I promise not to torture
you with my food aga!n. Will you stop be!ng mad at me, hmm, hmm, hmm. ” I p©vt, giv!ng my best puppy face. I watch£d as th£ side of h¡s l¡ps s1©wly raised up and did victory dance !n my h£ad.

Th£ girls were done with shopp!ng, after pay!ng for what th£y bought, we made our way ©vtside and [email protected]¢k to th£ car.

“why don’t we have a sleepover tonight.
j√$t us girls. ” I suggested, look!ng at th£m expectantly.

“Sure, it’s th£ weekend tomorrow so l don’t have cla$$.”

“I don’t m!nd eith£r, I th!nk Alexander would be able to survive with©vt me for a day. ” Samantha shrugged agree!ng with me.

“So we are hav!ng a sleepover” I squealed.

“Yah..” Th¡s time th£ three of us squealed oth£r, excited


We were !n a spare b£droom, we had come up after d!nner. Wh£n I told S!n ab©vt us girls hav!ng a sleepover, h£ had no problem with it though h£ was a little
h£sitant to let me go. Samantha and Stephanie had dragged me ©vt of h¡s hold,
to th£ b£droom we were !n now.

We were sitt!ng !n a circle on th£ b£d, with candy, snacks and pizza. My [email protected]¢k rested on th£ h£adboard with a ch£ese pizza !n my [email protected], Samantha and Stephanie were laugh!ng th£ir a$$es ©vt as I told th£m what had happened th¡s morn!ng b£tweeΠ Mateo and I.

“I can’t believe you put a poor Mat through someth!ng like th¡s. “Samantha cleaned th£ off tears by th£ side of h£r eyes

“Well, I orig!nally made it for Nikolai bu
th£ ₱u$h£d it all to Mateo. “I shrugged,
tak!ng a b¡t£ of my pizza.

“Mani, you are a horrible cook. Th£re is
no hope for you, cook!ng isn’t j√$t for you.” Stephanie said emphasiz!ng m©r£ on each word. $h£ grabb£d a [email protected] of popcorn from th£ bowl laid on h£r lap.

“I know that now. ” I wh!ned.

My phone p!nged beside me, I unlocked
it to see it was a message from S!n. A
smile made its way up to my face and
!nstantly replied. I was wait!ng for h¡s response wh£n Samantha dragged th£ phone ©vt of my hold, putt!ng it on th£ table beside h£r.

“th¡s is th£ tenth time h£ has s£nt you a message !n a span of an hour. ” $h£ exclaimed. It’s a girls night mean!ng no boys allowed !n whatever way and that !ncludes text!ng” I sigh£d dejectedly but nodded anyway.

“Good, now I believe Stephanie has so
me juicy stories to tell us.” Stephanie’s [email protected] was raised half way to h£r m©vth with a [email protected] of popcorn star!ng at Samantha surprised.

” No I don’t”

“Of course you do. Don’t th!nk for a moment I didn’t see you text!ng on your, giggl!ng and all. My eight s£nse tells me it’s def!nitely a guy, so tell us who is th£ guy that’s got you all blush!ng and happy.” Samantha asked, cross!ng h£r legs, wait!ng for Stephanie who looked like a deer caught !n a h£adlight.

“F!ne, I’m see!ng someone.” Samantha
positioned h£rself so $h£ was comfortable, look!ng at Stephanie !n anticipation.

“I already told Mani ab©vt h¡m th£ last time we met. ” $h£ expla!ned.

“wait.. You are still see!ng h¡m. ” I [email protected]
ed ©vt. I had asked S!n ab©vt it to know if it was actually Luca or it was simply a co!ncidence but S!n had told me h£ had a$$igned a few of h¡s men to watch over my family. h£ wanted to make sure th£y were safe and had no threat directed at th£m and that was wh£re Luca came !n.

S!n had a$$igned h¡m to watch over Stephanie for some time, h£ had no idea th£y were !n any k!nd of relationship. Wh£n S!n found ©vt h£ wasn’t mad but h£ had asked Luca what h¡s !ntentions were and Luca had h¡m h£ wasn’t sure if h£ wanted to br!ng h£r !nto th¡s world.

I agree it was filled with danger and all, I thought h£ had ended th!ngs with h£r wh£n we left for Italy but I guess I was
wrong. With th£ look on h£r face, it was obvious th!ngs b£tweeΠ th£m had progressed extremely well.

“We k!nd of ended th!ngs Months ago because h£ wasn’t sure h£ wanted to be
with me, say!ng someth!ng ab©vt it be!ng dangerous. Th£n h£ went away, I h£ard absolutely noth!ng from h¡m. Two month ago h£ came to my dorm room look!ng for me, imag!ne th£ shock on my face wh£n I saw h¡m stand!ng at th£ oth£r side of th£ door. ” $h£ smiled, recall!ng th£ memory.

“I didn’t want to give h¡m a time of day
or even a t!ny bit of my attention, after aIl h£ bailed on me for four months but h£ looked so adorable and [email protected] h£ is very persistent also, so l decided to give h¡m a chance and th!ngs b£tweeΠ us have been rosy s!nce th£n. Believe me h£ is th£ best” $h£ said and I could see how much $h£ really loved h¡m.

“Wow, I’m speechless. ” Samantha says
stunned. ” I’m so happy for you girl. ”

” Me too Steph, you deserve every love
that comes your way.

“Thanks girls.”

“So what’s h¡s name. I need to know th£ charmer that warmed h¡s self !nto your h£art” Samantha asked, gr!nn!ng from
ear to ear.

” Luca. Stephanie says filled with excitement wh£n Samantha looked like $h£ was struggl!ng to catch h£r breath.

“Who. ” $h£ asked aga!n, probably th!nk!ng $h£ didn’t h£ar h£r well.

” Luca, Luca Ramirez.”

Samantha turned to look at me, I could read th£ look !n h£r eyes. As $h£ asked if it was what $h£ thought it was or j√$t a co!ncidence. I bl!nked my eyes twice to let h£r know it was th£ former, $h£ quickly composed h£rself and th£ smile returned to h£r face.

“I can’t wait to meet h¡m.”

” Don’t worry, I will make sure to !ntroduce you both to h¡m. ” Stephanie smiles ch£ekily. ” Enough ab©vt me, it’s your turn. A little birdie told me ab©vt you see!ng a certa!n someone’s younger broth£r.”

“I see Mani already told you. ” Samantha laugh£d, shak!ng ah£ad.

“Come on spill, tell me m©r£. Mani kept
hold!ng !n on me, say!ng I had to h£ar th£ rest from you.”

That was how th£ night progressed, with th£ three of us talk!ng ab©vt th£ men !n our life, omitt!ng a little bit of details. We talked ab©vt th£ crazy th!ngs we have done. Samantha and Stephanie started shar!ng stories ab©vt me while we laugh£d and had fun.

Wh£re can I f!nd friends like th¡s 😫😫😫
Hmmm we have a new couple o (Stephanie and Luca)😉😉😌😌

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