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Mine the mafia possession episode 62

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Episode 62


“It’s time for your hair and makeup.” Samantha said !n a s!ng-song voice. Walk!ng !nto th£ room with Stephanie beh!nd h£r.

I don’t know what th£se two are up to, I
haven’t left th£ room s!nce morn!ng because th£y won’t let me. It’s been three weeks s!nce we had a sleepover and we
have been hang!ng ©vt a lot lately. Th£y
h£lped keep me company wh£never S!n wasn’t @r0vnd.

But today I had no idea what was go!ng
on, wh£nI woke up th¡s morn!ng, S!n side of th£ b£d was empty and before I could step ©vt of th£ room, I saw Mateo stand!ng ©vtside th£ door. h£ refused to let me pa$$, say!ng h£ was ordered to keep me |ns!de th£ room for a few hours which turned !nto a wh0l£ day because it was five !n th£ even!ng.

Anyth!ng I need, be it breakf*st or lunch,
was brought up h£re by a maid. I tried call!ng S!n, but h£ won’t pick up any of my calls and now Samantha and Stephanie are try!ng to prep me up. but for what exactly.

“What is go!ng on. ” I asked, Samantha
shrugged, not respond!ng while Stephanie smiled.

I guess th£y had no plans on tell!ng me
what th£y were up to. I puffed while tak!ng a seat !n front of th£ mirror.

“I know you already showered so let’s get straight to it. I’m go!ng to do your makeup while Sam will take ¢ar£ of styl!ng your hair. ” Stephanie started tak!ng ©vt th£ makeup kit.

$h£ got right !nto it, com!ng to stand at
my front while Samantha stood beh!nd my [email protected]¢k. I had no idea what to do, so I sat still while th£y did whatever th£y had !n m!nd.

I rema!ned rooted !n my spot for close to an hour, I wasn’t allowed to see what th£y were do!ng till it was done and I felt like my a$$ had been practically gummed to th£ seat. I couldn’t even m©v£ to relieve myself, I thought of how I was go!ng to endure th¡s torture till Stephanie ₱v||ed [email protected]¢k, still block!ng th£ mirror.

Samantha was already done with my hair like thirty m!nutes ago and $h£ decided to do my nails as well. $h£ and Stephanie at th£ same time. Th£y both stood !n front of me !n awe, th£ir m©vths opened agape.

“You look really beautiful, Mani. ” Stephanie said, look!ng at me !n admiration while Samantha nodded !n agreement.

“I th!nk it’s time $h£ sees h£rself” Samantha suggested and th£y both made th£ir way at both sides of th£ mirror tak!ng d©wΠ th£ white cloth th£y had used to cover it earlier.

I looked at th£ person at th£ oth£r side
of th£ mirror and I was stunned. $h£ doesn’t look like me, whoever $h£ was, $h£ was like a freak!ng goddess. Th£ makeup was simple yet elegant and soph¡sticated and my hair was matted !n a short box style

“Is that really me. ” I [email protected] ©vt, po!nt!ng to th£ mirror, not believ!ng my eyes.

“Yes it is. Nikolai would be so m!nd b!0wn wh£n h£ sees you. ” Samantha gu$h£d ©vt.

“So th¡s has someth!ng to do with h¡m, no wonder h£ was ignor!ng my calls” I p©vted a little and th£ girls laugh£d. ” Thank you so much girls.” I chuckled.

” It’s noth!ng” Stephanie says. ” We need to get you dressed up, it’s almost time ” I will go br!ng th£ dress. Samantha ru$h£d ©vt of th£ room before any of us could reply and ru$h£d [email protected]¢k !n, !n a bl!nk of an eye.

“Wow, how did you get to th£ guest room and [email protected]¢k so f*st.” I t£@$ed and we all
laugh£d.I stared at th£ dress bag as Samantha s1©wly unzipped it.I was met with th£ sight of a p!nk Props Shoulderless Long Dress. It was beautiful.

“Do you need h£lp with th£ dress or you
got it. ” Stephanie asked as I took th£ dress from Samantha.

“No, I th!nk I got th¡s.” I walked !nto th£
closet, gett!ng rid of th£ cloth I had on. It was perfect and could fit over my bump. It must have been [email protected] for th£m to get a perfect size with©vt me putt!ng it on.

Once I was fvlly dressed, I got ©vt of th£ closet giv!ng th£ girls a little sp!n show and th£y both clapped th£ir [email protected], gush!ng over me. Stephanie had a pair of sunset p!nk Michael Michael Kors h£els !n h£r [email protected] $h£ walked over to me, h£lp!ng me put it on. I $pr£@d a little bit of perfume to h£lp me smell nice.

“Our work h£re is done, you have to wait for S!n h£re !n th£ room. ” Samantha said, throw!ng a klzz at me before leav!ng th£ room with Stephanie.

I s1©wly walked to th£ b£d, tak!ng a seat
to wait for S!n. I didn’t know how long
waited tilI I h£ard a knock at th£ door. I
Stood from th£ b£d, looked !n th£ mirror to see If anyth!ng was ©vt of place.

” Come !n. ” I yelled, adj√$t!ng my dress.
My eyes sh°t up wh£n th£ door opened and S!n walked !n, h£ was wear!ng a dark blue- blue suit, h¡s hair styled [email protected]¢kwards.

h£ walked towards me, wr*₱p!ng h¡s arms @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t. ” Hi. ” h¡s breath fanned my neck as h£ wh¡spered !n my ears.

” h£y.”

“You look beautiful as always, am©r£.” h£ bit my earlobe, mov!ng to nib my neck. “I so badly want to rip that dress off you and take you right h£re and now as my name comes ©vt of your delicious l¡ps.

I laugh£d, lean!ng on h¡m. “As much as
I would love to, I doubt Samantha and
Stephanie would appreciate th£ir efforts be!ng thrown d©wΠ th£ dra!n.” I said, rest!ng my arms on h¡s that was placed
securely on my tvmmy. “You don’t look
bad yourself.” I complimented.

“It took quite a time but it was worth th£ wait. You look breathtak!ng” I laugh£d, blush!ng a little.

“It’s time to go.” S!n took my [email protected], we both walked ©vt of th£ door. Mateo wasn’t guard!ng th£ door anym©r£ and th£ house was awfvlly quiet. We both walked d©wΠ th£ stairs. Wh£n we reach£d th£ stairs, a loud surprise was be!ng yelled, I took a step [email protected]¢k frightened. S!n [email protected] wr*₱ped @r0vnd my [email protected]¡$t prevented me from any mishap.

Wh£n I was able to get rid of th£ shock,
I took !n th£ appearance of th£ house. Th£ room was filled with a lot of people, some were S!n’s men and some I had no idea who th£y were. Th£re were p!nk and blue flowers used to decorate th£ house. I noticed that th£ females were !n a p!nk gown similar to m!ne while th£ male were !n a blue suit, j√$t like S!n. !n th£ banner placed !n front of th£ ceil!ng was an !nscription that read. ‘HAPPY BABY SHOWER’

A smile made its way to my face and I struggled not to cry, I didn’t want to ru!n th£ makeup that Stephanie had taken so
much time to do.

“Welcome to your baby shower. S!nce th£re isn’t go!ng to be a gender reveal party, we decided to throw a party for you
to celebrate with us and everyone.” Samantha says, hugg!ng me.

We separated and was immediately ₱v||ed !nto anoth£r hug by Stephanie. We squealed, laugh!ng togeth£r. Wh£n we ₱v||ed [email protected]¢k I turned to S!n, to see h¡m watch!ng me with a smile on h¡s face.

“Thank you. ” I wh¡sper to h¡m.

“Anyth!ng for you am©r£.” I klzzed h¡m,
show!ng h¡m how much I loved h¡m. Wh£n we ₱v||ed apart, S!n pecked my l¡ps with a smile on h¡s face before h£ was dragged away from my side by Alexander.

“Mani. ” I h£ard someone yell, I looked
over to wh£re th£ voice came from and
saw an excited Ath£na mak!ng h£r way
towards us. We hugged each oth£r, laugh!ng like two crazy people.

“You look beautiful, th£ both of you did
a really excellent job. ” $h£ said to th£m, th£y both laugh£d, hugg!ng each oth£r.

I looked @r0vnd th£ room and I spotted
my aunt talk!ng to Serena at th£ end of th£ room. I excused myself with th£ girls and made my way over to th£m.

“Aunt Sara, Serena. ” I said, hugg!ng th£m.

” Mani, you look great dear. I know I have said it before but congratulations dear my aunt said, smil!ng at me.

“I can’t wait for th£ baby to be born, I’m
so excited. “Serena chips !n, giv!ng me a moth£rly smile.

“Me too Serena, but h£ or $h£ is one h£ll of a kicker. ” I joked and we all laugh£d.

“Wh£n did you get to New York?”

“oh. Yesterday. I wanted to let you know but s!nce th¡s was a surprise, I had to wait.” Serena expla!ned.

“Have you started pick!ng a name yet?”
My aunt asked, star!ng at my baby bump.

“Yes, Nikolai and I have been com!ng up with a lot of boys and girls names but we still haven’t decided yet.”

“I have never seen my son th¡s happy, Thank you for com!ng !nto h¡s life. “Serena took a hold of my [email protected], giv!ng it a little sqv££se.

“How many times would you thank me,
it’s been up to a hundredths. ” l joked and th£ three of us laugh£d.

“I can’t thank you enough. ” I pecked h£r
ch£ek, leav!ng h£r and my aunt to go [email protected]¢k to convers!ng with each oth£r. Stephanie’s parents couldn’t make it, $h£ told me th£y s£nt th£ir apologies and promised to make it up with me.

“It’s time for pictures. ” Ath£na s¢r**med. We all made our way to th£ ph°to both th£ girls had set. It has a mixture of p!nk and blue design mak!ng it look cute.

We gath£red @r0vnd and I took a few pictures. I first talked with everyone th£n
with th£ girls, my aunt and Serena. I took a couple of pictures with S!n before tak!ng a personal one.

I looked up to th£ far end of th£ room close to th£ garden and saw a figure stand!ng th£re. I !nstantly recognized who it was Luca. h£ raised a gla$$ of w!ne to me !n th£ form of a toast. I nod my h£ad, acknowledg!ng h¡m with a smile on my face.

I knew th£ reason why h£ didn’t want to
show h¡s face. Stephanie was h£re and
$h£ had no idea ab©vt Luca’s !nvolvement with S!n. h£ still hasn’t told h£r anyth!ng yet but S!n had already given h¡m th£ go ah£ad as long as h£ was sure $h£ wouldn’t break th£ir oath. I also h£lped vouch for h¡m that Stephanie wouldn’t do some that would harm th£m.

After we were done with th£ pictures, I h£ard th£ sound of a gla$$ c|¡¢k!ng and turned to see Stephanie try!ng to get th£
attention of everyone. Wh£n th£y all focused on h£r $h£ stopped, plac!ng h£r dr!nk d©wΠ on a table close to h£r. $h£ cleared h£r throat before speak!ng.

“I know th¡s k!nd of party usually ends
with th£ reveal!ng of th£ baby but s!nce
that is not happen!ng because my best friend over th£re wants to keep us !n suspense. ” Everyone laugh£d lightly at Ste
phanie. ” Th£re are two balloons with two different colors, now th¡s part is for th£ two love birds. ” $h£ [email protected] S!n and a dart for us to aim at th£ balloons. “We are go!ng to count to three and th£ two of you will aim for th£ balloons at th£ same time.”

“One, Two Three. ”

We sh°t at th£ target, a blue and p!nk confetti fell from th£ sky and a resound!ng clapp!ng filled th£ room. S!n leaned d©wΠ, captur!ng my l¡ps !n h¡s, as th£ people ch£ered on. Wh£n we ₱v||ed away walked over to wh£re th£ girls were, ₱v||!ng th£m !n for a group hug. Th¡s wont have been possible with th£m.

I was really thankful and grateful to have th£m h£re with me.

Best baby shower ever 😫😫😫😫
F!nally th¡s story is come to an end, four m©r£ episodes to go😌😌😌😌
Make una dey get my reward ready o😌😌😌😌😌


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