Mine The Mafia Possession

Mine the mafia possession episode 62

Episode 62


“It’s time for your hair and makeup.” Samantha said in a sing-song voice. Walking into the room with Stephanie behind her.

I don’t know what these two are up to, I
haven’t left the room since morning because they won’t let me. It’s been three weeks since we had a sleepover and we
have been hanging out a lot lately. They
helped keep me company whenever Sin wasn’t around.

But today I had no idea what was going
on, whenI woke up this morning, Sin side of the bed was empty and before I could step out of the room, I saw Mateo standing outside the door. He refused to let me pass, saying he was ordered to keep me in,side the room for a few hours which turned into a wh0le day because it was five in the evening.

Anything I need, be it breakfast or lunch,
was brought up here by a maid. I tried calling Sin, but he won’t pick up any of my calls and now Samantha and Stephanie are trying to prep me up. but for what exactly.

“What is going on. ” I asked, Samantha
shrugged, not responding while Stephanie smiled.

I guess they had no plans on telling me
what they were up to. I puffed while taking a seat in front of the mirror.

“I know you already showered so let’s get straight to it. I’m going to do your makeup while Sam will take care of styling your hair. ” Stephanie started taking out the makeup kit.

She got right into it, coming to stand at
my front while Samantha stood behind my back. I had no idea what to do, so I sat still while they did whatever they had in mind.

I remained rooted in my sβ‚±0t for close to an hour, I wasn’t allowed to see what they were doing till it was done and I felt like my ass had been practically gummed to the seat. I couldn’t even move to relieve myself, I thought of how I was going to endure this torture till Stephanie pulled back, still blocking the mirror.

Samantha was already done with my hair like thirty minutes ago and she decided to do my nails as well. She and Stephanie at the same time. They both stood in front of me in awe, their mouths opened agape.

“You look really beautiful, Mani. ” Stephanie said, looking at me in admiration while Samantha nodded in agreement.

“I think it’s time she sees herself” Samantha suggested and they both made their way at both sides of the mirror taking down the white cloth they had used to cover it earlier.

I looked at the person at the other side
of the mirror and I was stunned. She doesn’t look like me, whoever she was, she was like a freaking goddess. The makeup was simple yet elegant and sophisticated and my hair was matted in a short box style

“Is that really me. ” I gasped out, pointing to the mirror, not believing my eyes.

“Yes it is. Nikolai would be so mind blown when he sees you. ” Samantha gushed out.

“So this has something to do with him, no wonder he was ignoring my calls” I pouted a little and the girls laughed. ” Thank you so much girls.” I chuckled.

” It’s nothing” Stephanie says. ” We need to get you dressed up, it’s almost time ” I will go bring the dress. Samantha rushed out of the room before any of us could reply and rushed back in, in a blink of an eye.

“Wow, how did you get to the guest room and back so fast.” I teased and we all
laughed.I stared at the dress bag as Samantha slowly unzipped it.I was met with the sight of a pink Props Shoulderless Long Dress. It was beautiful.

“Do you need help with the dress or you
got it. ” Stephanie asked as I took the dress from Samantha.

“No, I think I got this.” I walked into the
closet, getting rid of the cloth I had on. It was perfect and could fit over my bump. It must have been hærd for them to get a perfect size without me putting it on.

Once I was fully dressed, I got out of the closet giving the girls a little spin show and they both clapped their hands, gushing over me. Stephanie had a pair of sunset pink Michael Michael Kors heels in her hands. She walked over to me, helping me put it on. I spread a little bit of perfume to help me smell nice.

“Our work here is done, you have to wait for Sin here in the room. ” Samantha said, throwing a k-ss at me before leaving the room with Stephanie.

I slowly walked to the bed, taking a seat
to wait for Sin. I didn’t know how long
waited tilI I heard a knock at the door. I
Stood from the bed, looked in the mirror to see If anything was out of place.

” Come in. ” I yelled, adjusting my dress.
My eyes shot up when the door opened and Sin walked in, he was wearing a dark blue- blue suit, his hair styled backwards.

He walked towards me, wrapping his arms around my wa-ist. ” Hi. ” his breath fanned my neck as he whispered in my ears.

” Hey.”

“You look beautiful as always, amore.” He bit my earlobe, moving to nib my neck. “I so badly want to rip that dress off you and take you right here and now as my name comes out of your delicious l-ips.

I laughed, leaning on him. “As much as
I would love to, I doubt Samantha and
Stephanie would appreciate their efforts being thrown down the drain.” I said, resting my arms on his that was placed
securely on my tummy. “You don’t look
bad yourself.” I complimented.

“It took quite a time but it was worth the wait. You look breathtaking” I laughed, blushing a little.

“It’s time to go.” Sin took my hand, we both walked out of the door. Mateo wasn’t guarding the door anymore and the house was awfully quiet. We both walked down the stairs. When we reached the stairs, a loud surprise was being yelled, I took a step back frightened. Sin hands wrapped around my wa-ist prevented me from any mishap.

When I was able to get rid of the shock,
I took in the appearance of the house. The room was filled with a lot of people, some were Sin’s men and some I had no idea who they were. There were pink and blue flowers used to decorate the house. I noticed that the females were in a pink gown similar to mine while the male were in a blue suit, just like Sin. In the banner placed in front of the ceiling was an inscription that read. ‘HAPPY BABY SHOWER’

A smile made its way to my face and I struggled not to cry, I didn’t want to ruin the makeup that Stephanie had taken so
much time to do.

“Welcome to your baby shower. Since there isn’t going to be a gender reveal party, we decided to throw a party for you
to celebrate with us and everyone.” Samantha says, hugging me.

We separated and was immediately pulled into another hug by Stephanie. We squealed, laughing together. When we pulled back I turned to Sin, to see him watching me with a smile on his face.

“Thank you. ” I whisper to him.

“Anything for you amore.” I k-ssed him,
showing him how much I loved him. When we pulled apart, Sin pecked my l-ips with a smile on his face before he was dragged away from my side by Alexander.

“Mani. ” I heard someone yell, I looked
over to where the voice came from and
saw an excited Athena making her way
towards us. We hugged each other, laughing like two crazy people.

“You look beautiful, the both of you did
a really excellent job. ” She said to them, they both laughed, hugging each other.

I looked around the room and I sβ‚±0tted
my aunt talking to Serena at the end of the room. I excused myself with the girls and made my way over to them.

“Aunt Sara, Serena. ” I said, hugging them.

” Mani, you look great dear. I know I have said it before but congratulations dear my aunt said, smiling at me.

“I can’t wait for the baby to be born, I’m
so excited. “Serena chΒ‘ps in, giving me a motherly smile.

“Me too Serena, but he or she is one hell of a kicker. ” I joked and we all laughed.

“When did you get to New York?”

“oh. Yesterday. I wanted to let you know but since this was a surprise, I had to wait.” Serena explained.

“Have you started picking a name yet?”
My aunt asked, staring at my baby bump.

“Yes, Nikolai and I have been coming up with a lot of boys and girls names but we still haven’t decided yet.”

“I have never seen my son this happy, Thank you for coming into his life. “Serena took a hold of my hands, giving it a little squeeze.

“How many times would you thank me,
it’s been up to a hundredths. ” l joked and the three of us laughed.

“I can’t thank you enough. ” I pecked her
cheek, leaving her and my aunt to go back to conversing with each other. Stephanie’s parents couldn’t make it, she told me they sent their apologies and promised to make it up with me.

“It’s time for pictures. ” Athena scre-med. We all made our way to the photo both the girls had set. It has a mixture of pink and blue design making it look cute.

We gathered around and I took a few pictures. I first talked with everyone then
with the girls, my aunt and Serena. I took a couple of pictures with Sin before taking a personal one.

I looked up to the far end of the room close to the garden and saw a figure standing there. I instantly recognized who it was Luca. He raised a glass of wine to me in the form of a toast. I nod my head, acknowledging him with a smile on my face.

I knew the reason why he didn’t want to
show his face. Stephanie was here and
she had no idea about Luca’s involvement with Sin. He still hasn’t told her anything yet but Sin had already given him the go ahead as long as he was sure she wouldn’t break their oath. I also helped vouch for him that Stephanie wouldn’t do some that would harm them.

After we were done with the pictures, I heard the sound of a glass clicking and turned to see Stephanie trying to get the
attention of everyone. When they all focused on her she stopped, placing her drink down on a table close to her. She cleared her throat before speaking.

“I know this kind of party usually ends
with the revealing of the baby but since
that is not happening because my best friend over there wants to keep us in suspense. ” Everyone laughed lightly at Ste
phanie. ” There are two balloons with two different colors, now this part is for the two love birds. ” She handed Sin and a dart for us to aim at the balloons. “We are going to count to three and the two of you will aim for the balloons at the same time.”

“One, Two Three. ”

We shot at the target, a blue and pink confetti fell from the sky and a resounding clapping filled the room. Sin leaned down, capturing my l-ips in his, as the people cheered on. When we pulled away walked over to where the girls were, pulling them in for a group hug. This wont have been possible with them.

I was really thankful and grateful to have them here with me.

Best baby shower ever 😫😫😫😫
Finally this story is come to an end, four more episodes to go😌😌😌😌
Make una dey get my reward ready o😌😌😌😌😌


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