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Miracle episode 1


MIRACLES: A Short Story

Episode 1
✍️🏼Written by Sonia Okehie

Miracles are more real than anything you can currently see or touch, but it’s quite unfortunate that some people still don’t believe that extraordinary things can happen in an ordinary world. This tale will open the eyes of many to the realness of Miracles. Are you ready? Well, I hope you are because this is one of a kind.

Several years back, a prominent and powerful man in the society had two beautiful kids; a boy and a girl. David was his name and he was married to only one wife name Esther. These two highly influential couple were blessed with two kids and they pampered their children more than you could ever imagine. The names of their kids were Jaja and Kiki.

Before the age of eight, Jaja and Kiki had landed properties of their own that were bought in their names.Their birthdays were always a show of wealth display because David and his wife usually went over the top to spoil their kids whenever it was their birthdays. Kiki was the envy of so many girls at that age, same with her brother Jaja. They were spoilt and never lacked anything they ever wanted.

Saying that David’s kids were born with a silver spoon is an understatement because their standard of living was much more than a regular rich man. Life so smiled at David’s family to the extent that they became a prayer point and reference for other people seeking to experience the good side of life.

Years passed and Jaja slowly approached 10 years old. For his 10 years birthday, David was ready to paint the town Red and Blue and shut it down if possible. An event planner was hired to make that day a memorable one indeed and invitations began to reach the hands of fellow wealthy men in the society who were the couple’s friends.That day was designed to be a great one indeed but something drastic happened that very day that changed the lives of the wealthy family and turned their smiles to tears.

On that beautiful day, Jaja was so happy for this 10th birthday and went playing with his elder sister Kiki. Prior to that day, Jaja received a pre-birthday gift from his dad and it was a cute bicycle. The little boy was extremely happy with his gift and couldn’t wait to go for a ride the next day. On that fateful day he went for a ride, the gateman wasn’t close by so the kids were left alone to play in the massive compound with no guardian to watch them and make sure they were safe.

“Kiki, push it to go faster!” Jaja said with so much excitement as he drove the bicycle, “Let me drive, let me drive too!” Kiki desperately voted out, “Push me first, you will drive after me” he said and they continued their play. Few minutes into the bicycle ride, something sad happened.

It turns out that there was a slide pavement around the main entrance of the gate so while Kiki pushed Jaja with so much energy, the bicycle sped up and went very fast. Unable to gravitate well, the bicycle jammed the wall with full speed and Jaja hit his head on the hard concrete wall near the gate. Immediately the incident happened, he fell on the hard floor with force and instantly became unconscious.

As Jaja unconsciously laid on the floor, blood began to drip from his head, nose and ears. When Kiki saw that her brother was bleeding and wasn’t responding to her attempt to revive him, she burst into tears and ran inside the house to alert her parents on what was happening. “Daddy! Mummy! Jaja is not waking up, blood is on his body…Come please, Come!” she soberly said.

The look on Kiki’s face was enough to tell that there was serious fire on the mountain. Before she was even done talking, everyone rushed outside to see what was happening and saw Jaja lying helplessly on the hard floor. Esther almost collapsed due to the shock she felt that very moment; “What happened to my son? Get the car! Get the car!” she screamed. The driver drove one of the cars to the scene and they headed to the hospital with immediate effect. Kiki stay back home and wasn’t allowed to follow her parents to the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, David and Esther was nervous and scared of the unknown because Jaja was still very much unconscious. They tried to revive him by shaking his body or calling his name but all to no avail. The blood never stopped dripping from his head, nose and ears. After about 20 minutes, they arrived at their family hospital and Jaja was rushed to the emergency ward with immediate effect. A doctor was contacted and treatment began instantly to revive the unconscious little boy whose birthday was unfortunately that very day but all effort yielded no tangible results.

It’s been over an hour since a whole medical team of qualified professionals have been trying to revive the little boy but all efforts proved abortive. After several hours, they became tired and resorted to the reality that Jaja was in a Coma state. They put him on oxygen because he wasn’t breathing well on his own. When they were done, Jaja was transferred to another ward and had lots of machines plugged to his body to sustain and keep him alive while still in Coma. After a fruitless day, one of the doctor’s called the couple to his office to break the unfortunate news to them.

“Firstly, I want you to calm down and not panic because this isn’t the end of the road. Your son is doing fine but we haven’t been able to revive him yet. He sustained a serve injury in the brain and it isn’t looking too good. There’s still hope that he might wake up anytime from now so there isn’t any need to feel too sad or hopeless. Your son has been transferred to another ward and breathing with the aid of an oxygen. Don’t worry too much, just take everything to God in prayers and keep your faith alive” the doctor said with a warm comforting smile on his face. The couple thanked the doctor for his assurance that Jaja was in good hands. David told the doctor to do everything within his power to make sure that his son wakes up from Coma and comes back to consciousness, no matter the amount of money involved. The doctor told them to go home and come back the next day in hopes of a good news. The couple thanked him once more and left.

Before leaving the hospital, David paid a hug sum of money to the hospital for a professional medical doctor to visit Jaja’s room every 10 minutes to check up on him since they were leaving. The hospital appointed one of their best doctor to keep an eye on the unconscious boy.

What a sad way for that beautiful day to end. A day that was supposed to mark a new age in the life of the obedient little boy. The exorbitant birthday party that was meant to be the talk of the town sadly had to be cancelled. A phone call was put through to everyone that was invited to inform them of the sad news. The disappointed and shocked guests shared in their pain and assured the couple that Jaja was going to be alright before the next day. “Amens” were said at the end of every good prayer by the disappointed guests.

All through the remaining hours of that sad day, David, Esther and Kiki never stopped sobbing and praying. The atmosphere was filled with sad vibes and negative energy because no one stopped crying. David called the hospital every now and then to get updates on Jaja’s health but the sad news still remained the same. It was such a terrifying day for that family but despite the fear and tension, they still had hope that everything would be alright the next day. Well, if only they knew what lied ahead. Sad!

First thing the following day, Esther was at the hospital to watch over her son and see how he was faring. She hoped that things would have gotten better by then but it only got worse than the day before. It broke her heart greatly to see her son lying helplessly on his bed; too bad she couldn’t do any other thing than stare at him. The nurses and doctors came in occasionally to administer treatment to the little boy. After about three hours later, David arrived at the hospital to see how things were going. It broke his heart to find out that Jaja’s revival couldn’t be determined by any person but God. They kept their faith alive and hoped for a miracle to take place.


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