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Miracle episode 3


Miracle episode 3

An additional two years passed and nothing much had changed about Jaja’s health condition, except his 24/7 neat countenance and outward appearance improvement. Up until then, Jaja’s family still hadn’t met Solange in person because she was never around whenever they came visiting every week.

The funny thing about the whole situation is that Solange wasn’t still aware of Jaja’s family’s wealth. She knew Jaja was from a well to do family but never knew the extent of their wealth. It was somehow a good thing because it meant she was doing everything from the genuineness of her heart and not due to any desire for a reward of material things in return.

It’s apparent that God didn’t want Solange and Jaja parent’s part to cross so she wouldn’t be aware of what might alter the purity of her heart towards Jaja. The hospital was a very big one no doubt, but not big enough for Solange and David’s path not to cross if God wanted it that way.

Everything carried on the same till Jaja’s health began to deteriorate drastically overnight. His condition became worst as the day went by and the doctors were at the verge of unplugging his life support machine because it felt as though there was no need to try to save the young man that has been in Coma for good 18 years.

The very day it got to Solange’s notice that Jaja’s oxygen might be unplugged soon, she cried her eyes out. Later that day, she went to the doctor’s office to talk to him about Jaja’s case. Unknown to her, the man and woman seated at the doctor’s office were Jaja’s parent.

Immediately Solange walked in crying without knocking, she began to beg the doctor to give Jaja a second chance at life again. “I know why you are here and why you are crying. It’s sad because you are his personal nurse but we have no choice than to do what we feel is best because as things are now, his healthy is greatly deteriorating and we have no choice” the doctor sadly revealed.

Tears effortless fell off Solange’s eyes as she listened to the devastating news. Unable to give up, she kept insisting and begging for another chance for Jaja. “Sir, I know most times we get tired when things don’t go the way we hope it would, but if you look deeper, it can just be a way of God trying to prepare us for something better and bigger. Jaja’s health condition might be frustrating for now but what if God delayed everything this way for a reason? What if the devil planned to take Jaja’s life at an early stage in his lifetime and this is God’s way of keeping him safe here because something worse could have claimed his life without giving him a second chance? I know I might sound stupid but I believe in miracles and know for sure that Jaja will open his eye someday soon. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but that day is definitely around the corner because I can feel it more than I have ever felt anything in my life. Please reconsider your decisions, I beg you” she said and soberly walked away.

As the grieving lady walked out, David and his wife were left shocked to the brim.They couldn’t believe how a person that barely knew their son could love him with so much passion and genuineness of heart. Everything about the mysterious lady was angelic that Jaja’s dad had to ask questions with immediate effect. “Who is she?” Jaja’s mum curiously inquired, “Oh, she’s the nurse assigned to your son for the past 2 years now” the doctor revealed. It was then that it dawned on the couple who has been behind their son’s refreshing and neat grooming for the past 2 years they had been complimenting and asking questions but no one said anything tangible as to who was behind the recent glow up.

That day was truly a humbling one indeed for the couple because they had never seen such goodness and humanity in a long time. Due to Solange’s faith in Jaja ‘s health, David cancelled every consideration to permit the doctor to unplug the oxygen.

When it got to Solange’s attention few days later that Jaja had been given another shot at life, she was super excited and couldn’t stop the wide smile on her face that whole day. She happily danced for joy and ran to Jaja’s bed side to tell him the latest development and good news. That day, she exchanged duty time with a friend and worked overnight just to spend enough time talking to Jaja.

“Hello Buddy, I hope you can hear me today because I have good news. You are not going anywhere! Hope you are hanging on very well there? Please come back soonest because I know so many people can’t wait to hear you talk and see you lively again. Today we have a lot to talk about so let’s warm up and get ready because I’m not leaving your bed side” Solange happily said.

You know what the say about transition of life? Jaja was at the middle line between transiting to glory or coming back to his loved ones on earth. The good thing about everything is that Jaja could hear Solange very well and got to know her more than his parent because they weren’t spending so much time with him like Solange was doing. The more she drew closer and talked to him, the more he knew her better. Gradually, he began to like her as he got fond of her.

Of all the time Solange asked Jaja to come back, he wanted to but didn’t know if it was the best thing to do; due to the fact that there was a better option there if he stayed back. Heaven is beautiful and a place anyone would pick against earth, so it’s apparent why it was quite confusing for Jaja to finally make a decision; but not for too long because something unexpected finally happened one fateful day that restored joy in the lives of everyone that loved Jaja dearly.

On the 19th year, Jaja was about to clock 29 years of age so due to that, Solange decided to sing a melodious and soul calming songs for him. Earlier that day, David, Esther and Kiki came visiting to wish Jaja a Happy Birthday. That day, they all had tears in their eyes because it was a painful moment and a sad reality to take in. Not in a thousand years did that family ever believe that Jaja would stay in Coma for such a long time as 19 years. It was sad indeed but they still managed to hold their emotions together before leaving. If only they had an idea that joy was somewhere around the corner, then I believe they would have light those faces up with smiles; sadly they didn’t.

Around 7pm that day, Solange was about to get off duty so she hurried down to Jaja’s room to say ‘Goodbye’. Immediately she entered the room, goosebumps filled her body for reasons unknown so she walked really close to see his face properly. When she looked at his face, she smiled and was about to leave but her spirit moved her to look back again.

Just as her inner guts instructed, she turned only to catch a glimpse of Jaja’s eyes blinking. Surprised and flabbergasted, she held her chest with one hand and used the other to touch his forehead. “Jaja, did you just blink those eyes of yours? I might sound crazy but I know deep down that I caught you blinking those eyes” she shockingly said.

As the atmosphere gradually became tensed, Solange closed her eyes and began to pray intensely. She held Jaja’s hands gently as she brought down mountains with tongues of fire and heartfelt prayers.

Gradually, the atmosphere began to get thicker and thicker and all of a sudden, there were hand movements but Solange was too occupied with prayers to notice. She subconsciously squeezed his hands gently as she prayed and after about 10 minutes into the intense prayer session, the hand movements became very obvious and that was when Solange noticed them.

“Oh My! Doctor! Doctor his hands are moving!” Solange screamed and ran out of Jaja’s room. In less than a minutes, she arrived at one of the doctor’s office and broke the good news to them. Immediately, every medical official that was present at that ward followed Solange back to Jaja’s room in haste. When they got inside the room, their eyes couldn’t believe the miracle that was right before their eyes.

The unbelievable miracle was too much to bear that some nurse immediately burst into tears. “Holy Lord! Are my eyes deceiving me? He woke up! He woke up! Oh thank you Lord” one of the doctor’s screamed. The atmosphere was intoxicated with mixed feelings of joy, tears and gratitude.


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