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Mistakes episode 2


Mistake episode 2

When they got home, Chima couldn’t say anything. He just paced up and down in front of Makuo who sat on one of the couches crying. Chima was confused and surprised. He had known Makuo for some years and had never seen any sign of kleptomania in her. Yes, kleptomania is the only thing that could make someone steal something he or she can afford a million times. For Makuo to have stolen slices of fish which wouldn’t have costed more than two hundred Naira was a clear sign of kleptomania. When he couldn’t comprehend what just happened, he shut his eyes tightly and wished the events never took place. But they did anyways.

When he couldn’t contain his confusion anymore, he calmly inquired from Makuo. “Baby, can you please tell me what happened? Because I know that what Ken told me was a lie”, Chima asked hoping that Makuo would come up with a different version of the incident. But she didn’t. Instead, guilt registered more clearly on her face and she cried the more. With Makuo’s nonverbal admittance to what Ken said, Chima’s heart sank. A few drops of tears escaped from his eyes while he sank his defeated self into a couch. As he sat and shed silent tears, Makuo spoke. “Chy, I don’t know what happened to me. I felt an overwhelming urge to steal something and before I knew what was happening, I’ve stolen the fish. Baby, this is not the first time this is happening. The other day I stole a packet of straws. Luckily, I was not caught, but I went back and paid for it. Whenever this urge comes, I wouldn’t be myself until I’ve stolen something. This started happening immediately the date of our wedding was fixed”, Makuo said while still sobbing.

Immediately Chima heard that, he was alarmed. He asked Makuo to repeat what she said and she did. When she said that the second time, Chima went and sat beside her, and put his hand around her neck. By then, Makuo was already crying uncontrollably while Chima consoled her with misty eyes. “My love, that person that stole those things was not you. The Makuo I fell in love with would never steal, let alone stealing useless things. Something is wrong somewhere and we would get to the root of it. I’m with you each step of the way and I will never leave your side. I promise you my unending love, sweetheart”, Chima consoled and reassured Makuo who was already having hiccups.

Chima advised Makuo never to mention what happened to anyone, even her family members. He also kept it from his own family and pleaded with Ken not to discuss it with anyone. He also started seeking for the probable cause of the sudden kleptomania and possible solutions. Makuo in her own effort to prevent another occurrence of such incident, started avoiding market places and stalls. She made sure to have a list of what she wanted to buy before going to the shops. Once she gets there, she would hand the list over to the seller and stylishly stay as far as she could from the items displayed on the outside. All these was for her not to have any reason to get close and be tempted to steal.

Time went on and the supposed kleptomania did not manifest again. Makuo had also started seeing a therapist whom she believed would help her with the solution to her problem. She was happy that she hadn’t felt the urge again and hoped it would never return. Chima on the other hand was more happy. What Makuo told him about the overwhelming urges she felt right before stealing those things gave him sleepless nights. Some of the people he wittily discussed the issue with suggested that something natural must have triggered the kleptomania while others suggested a spiritual manipulation from someone who didn’t want Makuo’s happiness. The suggestion of the second group frightened him so much that he found himself wishing the former was the case. However, the absence of any sign of kleptomania in Makuo since the last incident relieved him a lot.

One evening, two weeks to the date fixed for their wedding, Chima went to Makuo’s office to take her to a dinner outing. They had previously agreed to have their dinner in a fancy restaurant to celebrate their six years of togetherness. That day marked the sixth year they started dating and they decided to celebrate it. That day, Makuo took a taxi to work since Chima would be coming to get her in the evening for their outing. After work, she retouched her makeup and waited for Chima. She waited for a while and started feeling sleepy. In order not to go out with a dull face, she decided to take a stroll while waiting for her man.

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About forty minutes after she went downstairs, Chima arrived. At the gate, he blew the horn of his car to alert the gateman to open the gate for him, but the gateman didn’t come out. He continued blowing the horn for some minutes, yet the gateman was no where to be found. He was getting angry and frustrated. He called Makuo’s phone severally to inform her that he was at the gate, but she didn’t answer. His frustration and anger increased. When he couldn’t contain his anger anymore, he got down from the car and went to the gate. He thought the gateman was probably sleeping in the security house which was by the gate. Luckily, the smaller gate was open. He entered the premises and headed straight to the small security house. Angrily, he hit his hand on the door of the cubicle and the door popped open. What he saw made him cover his mouth with both hands and stagger backwards.

There inside the cubicle were Makuo and the gateman stark [email protected] while the gateman banged away his old life on Makuo’s waist. Immediately the door opened, they startled and scampered to cover their [email protected] Just then, the manager of the company who heard the sounds of the horn and had come down to find out what was happening came out. The first sight he beheld was Makuo who was wearing her pant while her bare [email protected] dangled.

What happened next?

Find out!!!

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