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Mistakes episode 3


Mistake episode 3

Chima couldn’t believe his eyes. The woman, his fiancee he was coming to take to their anniversary celebration was before him scampering to cover her [email protected] after being caught having s£x with a man who was old enough to be her father. And of all places, in the cubicle which served as a the security outpost in her place of work. That was too much for him to take in. He entered his car and zoomed off. The manager was also speechless. He stared disgustingly at Makuo who was soaked in guilt for some minutes before climbing up to his office. The gateman fastened his belt which he had loosened to let his John Thomas out for the show and fled from the premises. Makuo was left alone as she wondered what she just did in her guilty mind. The last thing she remembered was finding the gateman so attractive and having an irresistible urge to have him inside her.

Before Chima could get to the lounge where he was heading to have a few drinks and arrange his thoughts, his father called him on the phone. The manager who was his father’s close friend had informed him (Chima’s father) of the incident immediately he got back to his office. “What did I hear Makuo did?”, Chima’s father asked on the phone. Chima had no answer for that question at that time. He wasn’t sure of what he saw yet. His thoughts were still scattered. He only managed to reply “I don’t know, dad”, in a breaking tone. The sight he beheld broke his heart and he hadn’t decided how to deal with it yet. His father ended the call and Chima started crying as he drove.

Makuo left the office and never came back. She confined herself in her apartment and made tears her daily food. She hadn’t understood how that happened and the scene where she was caught having s£x with someone way below her class and rank kept replaying in her head. With each replay of that shameful scene in her memory, she cried the more and wished for death. Death, she thought was the only thing which could save her from the humiliation and shame that waited for her out there. She turned off her phones, starved and locked up herself, waited for death to come.

With the news of Makuo’s shameful act going round in both families and among her colleagues at work, Chima’s parents cancelled their wedding. Somehow, Chima wanted to fight that decision, but lacked the moral grounds to do so. Cancelling the wedding was the right thing to do at that time and he knew it. One week passed and Makuo was off the grid. Nobody could reach her; her phones were off and her house was tightly locked. Her family was so worried and didn’t know what to do. Chima was the most worried. He was the only one that knew about the market incidents and what Makuo told him about the mysterious urges. In his many thoughts, he reasoned that the force which led her to steal could be the same force which propelled her to lie with the gateman. He also reasoned that if that be the case, Makuo needed help. But he didn’t know where to find her. All her close friends he contacted didn’t know her way about and Chima became scared. “What if she had…….?”, he thought while avoiding the keyword.

When Chima couldn’t hold the thought of Makuo committing suicide anymore, he hired some men and went to her apartment. He prayed not to find her corpse but to find some clues that would lead him to her. When the door was forcefully opened, Makuo was found lying on the floor. She was very weak from starvation and her body was shrunken. She was committing suicide by starving herself. Beside her was a note that read: I’m sorry my love. This is for the best. Immediately Chima saw her, he rushed to her side and raised her head. With tears flowing freely down his cheeks he asked, “why do you want to leave me alone, my love?”

Makuo was taken to a hospital and it took sometime for her to recover. While at the hospital, Chima was always by her side. He kept assuring her that together they would find a solution to whatever force that was tormenting her. That was after Makuo told him that she didn’t know what she was doing with the gateman until they were caught. She further revealed that when she looked at the gatemen after she got out of her office, she saw a very attractive young man and an irresistible urge to have s£x with the young man enveloped her instantly. Before she knew what was happening, she was already taking strokes from him until they were caught. At that point, both families had become aware of the kleptomania incidents and the force which manifested right before the irrational acts happened. Makuo’s family embarked on a prayer march while Chima’s family warned him to cut every ties he had with Makuo. A warning he swore never to heed to.

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When Makuo was discharged from the hospital, Chima suggested that they should seek the help of a strong man of God in dealing with her problem, but Makuo declined. She didn’t want to associate with people as she was afraid of the next event that may occur. She rather chose to fast and pray on her own until God fights her battle. She also moved to her family house so she’d have people around her. Chima saw reasons with her and allowed her decision. He also prayed as much as he could for God’s intervention in the life of the woman he loved. Time went on and Makuo carried on with her prayers. She’d pray and cry unto God every midnight in total [email protected] She fasted almost everyday and the books of Psalms became her food. Sometimes, she would pray all day and sleep off while at it. She devoted her life to a few prayer points which were “God, please fight my battles and show me a sign that I’m free”.

This prayer marathon continued for a few months, but no sign had been revealed to her yet. She was getting tired, but she carried on. One day, after saying the midday Rosary and Angelus, Makuo was reading the book of Psalms when she fell into a deep sleep. In that sleep, the cause of her predicament and the immediate solution to it were revealed to her in the dream. The cause of her predicament was meant to be a joke, but turned out to become a costly mistake.

What was it?

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