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Moon demon episode 8 – finale

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πŸ‘Ή Moon Demon πŸ‘Ή

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Chapter 8

By Authoress Promise πŸ‘»

πŸŒ—πŸŒ–πŸŒ— Grand finale πŸŒ–πŸŒ—πŸŒ—

πŸ”™ #Flashback πŸ”™

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πŸ₯ In the hospital πŸ₯

In the middle of the priest’s prayers, Ace chest went up and the nurse who had fate that the priest could resurrect him, took the cloth with Joy.

Sooner afterwards, he was awake. Ace felt pain in his head. He held hid head painfully. His eyes weakly scanned the up, wondering where he was. Ace look side ways, his vision was still blurred and he struggle to have a glance of who was standing before him. When he adjust his eyes, he found out it was a priest.

He struggled to get up coz of the pain in his head. When he realize he was in a hospital, he was startled and surprised how he got here, then he remembered that he as ran into a car earlier.

” How did i get here ” he ask the priest.

” The lord have brought you back for the dead ” the priest told him.

Ace was shock.

” Was I dead ” he inquired with his eyes widen.

” Yes, but the lord brought you to the land of the living ”

Ace couldn’t believe it, he wasn’t that religious coz his parents ain’t not that religious.

” So what happened to you, do you really ran into the moving car ” the priest ask him.

Ace decided to tell the priest his ordeals. When the priest learn about the moon demon, he beloved him and told him, he will save him from the hand’s of the demon. He encouraging him with prophetic words from the bible, telling him that God can save him from that so called demon.

Ace was took weak to go home that day. So the doc advice them to wait till the next day. Although the priest try informing Ace’s parents, but their numbers Ace gave him wasn’t reachable.

So the next day, Ace was a bit strong to go home. Two cops accompanying them to Ace’s home.


The priest convinced Mr and Mrs Thompson that what as killed their son and his girlfriend Mia was a demon and will stop at nothing to collect Ace’s soul too, just he as attempt before, but Ace escape.

They was convinced and blame their self for neglecting their children, if they were little bit considerate they won’t have loose Louis and if the priest haven’t been there, their other son would’ve probably have been dead too. The priest encourage them to be strong and told them that they won’t loose their other son.

Rev Luke, told the Thompson if Ace can carry him to the place were they found the box, so he will be able to put the demon back in that box. Ace nodded and offer to carry the priest to Charlottesville. The two cops went home seeing it was more like a spiritual case and left it for the priest. Both the priest, Ace and his parents accompany the priest to the place.

They found the box and the priest took it to their home. Since the demon only appears when the moon is out, rev Luke, promise to be in their home by 6’30 and wait till night comes.

They thank the priest, but the priest ask them to thank the lord himself. The Thompson wish that would’ve encounter the priest earlier.

Ace told his parents that they should inform Mia’s parents so they will know what have killed Mia.

They agreed and ask Ace to give them her parents number if he knew it. But Ace didn’t knew their numbers. So they went to her place their self with Ace.

It took a lot of time convincing them. But they agreed to confirm if it true or not. They promised to be there by six.

Fast forward


It was exactly six and the priest haven’t arrived. The Thompson can’t call him coz they didn’t even collect his number. Time roll into 7’00 still the priest wasn’t here. They soon doubt if the priest would come. Mia’s parents was getting pissed off. But the Thompson beg them to stay. The moon was coming out now, the Thompson make sure their son was in their sight.

The priest came at exactly 7’30. He apologize for his lateness. He said he was caught up on traffic and his car broke down on the way, the driver was struggling to fix it.

Ace thought maybe the demon was trying to prevent him from coming. He doubt if the moon demon would appear today knowing fully well that a priest will cast him away.

The box was set in the middle of the house, wide open, the priest attempt was to trap the demon in the box back.

“What of if the demon don’t come out today “Ace asked.

” It will, he knows that am trying to save you. He knows that now that I have encounter you, I will surely find a mix for him not to take your soul. He will try to fight me, but the God whom I serve will not let him have dominion. He know he is doom ” the priest assured.

Mia’s parents find it pointless, but they agreed to see how it will end. Ace was close to his parents, they don’t want him to be out of their clutches.

Rev Luke started his prayers.

” you demonic creature tormenting the people of God, I command in the name of Jesus you to come out if you have the gut to fight the power that is above you. Come out ” he prayed.

He prayed almost fifteen minutes, when something strange happened.

Ace felt something coming into him. His eyes turn red and a sinister smirk was on his face. No one notice him, not his parents coz their eyes were closed as the priest as instruct.

” You can’t save him ” Ace growled with a horrific voice.

Everyone diverted their shocking gaze to Ace. The priest was expecting it.

They all leapt back a little and shriek seeing his demonic face. The priest turn majestically to face Ace.

He pointed his bible at him and start praying. Ace glared the more, his teeth were gritted.

” You can’t save him, am the hunter of soul, I won’t rest until I collect his soul making it a total of three. I have killed his brother and Mia his girlfriend. What made you think you can save him ” Ace barked at the priest moving further.

” You greedy evil demon thinks he can collect the souls that belongs to God. You’re mistaking, Your time is up demon, am gonna cast you in that box ” the priest challenge with confidence, pointing the other hand to the box. His rosary was in that hand.

“No I want to collect his soul, and you can’t stop me ” Ace brag.

Ace moved with such a speed to the kitchen to get a knife and came back, he place the knife on his throat.

Ace’s parents yelps and Mia’s parents gasped.

“Nooo, Ace ” both parents yelled.

The priest intense the prayer and the knife fell from his hand. Ace was manifesting and try attacking the priest with his barehand, attempt to strangle the priest, but his attempt was futile. The prayers was making much effect on him.

He scre-med in a very horrifying manner. The priest command the demon to go back to the box.

Soon Ace fell to the floor, the priest was sure that the demon as left him, scurry to the box and close it, he perform a little prayer on the box.

Ace’s parents scurry to their son and help him up, he was dazzled, but struggled to get up and his parents supported him.

” The evil is gone. Gone back to were it came from. The box need to be thrown to a place no one can find it ” the priest said.

The box was thrown into a river close to the countryside, knowing no one can find it there.

The Thompson gave their son Louis a befitting funeral. Ace vowed to never be disobΒ£dient and he already have phobia going to the woods for camping of whatever. He was baleful for his brother death and learned a lesson from it.

Two years later, The Thompson had another addition to their family, but it was a double blessing, a boy and a girl. They gave to boy Louis and the girl Sadie.

Ace promised to protect his siblings and don’t engage them with any act that is dangerous. He will tell the story some day. Why their parents vowed to be more responsible and create time for them.


🌷Epilogue 🌷


Two fishermen was fishing 🎣 in the river where the box was thrown in. They cast their fishnet to the river and brought out numerous fishes.

When they got to the land they brought the fishes out of the boat and began to scan the fishes. They found a strange box and one of them picked it up.

The one with the box caught the written words at the corner of the box. They read it and both was frighten.

They threw it away, but box split open

Oh no, the moon demon is back πŸ‘Ή.
The End.

How was the story and right what do you learn, biko ghost readers please comment at the finals ooooooooo

Copyright by Promise Onome.

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