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More than a game episode 2


More than a game

→→→ Jilting the tits ←←←

By Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB)

Book two

Hans’ standpoint

‘Absolutely not,’ Melody disagreed sternly. ‘There is no way I’m going to let you play with iris’s emotions, that girl deserves nothing of such.’

‘I’m not going to hurt her Melody, she’ll be aware of the plan, I’ll pay her if I have to.’

‘Name three people that have tried this and both left the same way?’ She asked sneeringly, folding her arms. ‘It’s either one falls for the other or they both fall in love or something twisted.’

‘Oh brother,’ I said, rolling my eyes. ‘I’m not falling in love with any girl, not now at least. And she don’t have to worry about falling for me, there is no reason for her fall for me.’ I said confidently. She leaned on the table and placed her hands under her chin.

‘Tell me my beloved cousin, are you ugly? Are you arrogant? Do you have a personality that chase people away? As far as I know, you are completely loveable. Even I would fall for you if I wasn’t your younger cousin.’

‘Look, it will be just for business, I promise.’ We found out enough about her, she needed money for her mother’s treatment. Her mother had been struggling with cancer for seven years now, unable to raise enough money to get proper treatment. However, we also found out that she wouldn’t listen to what anyone have to say except if she knows the person. Which is ironic because she don’t talk to anyone, all alone and always quiet. Melody was our best shot.

‘There it is,’ she said, pointing at my face. ‘That is the look everyone have when they meet her. You are already curious to know what she is about, why she is like that, who she really is. That is the exact inquisitive that will trap you. The chances of her falling for you is low but you will fall for her badly Hans, I know you.’

‘Bah,’ I said, waving her off. ‘Are you going to help me or not? Remember you owe me five.’

‘Fine,’ she huffed. ‘I’ll talk to her on your behalf but don’t expect me to put in any effort, she says no, no it is.’ I raised my hands in surrender. Seeing Melody annoyed is a rare one.

‘Thank you Mel,’

‘Don’t thank you yet,’ she stood up from her chair. ‘Now, get out of my shop, you are distracting my female workers.’

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‘Oh?’ I asked innocently. ‘Am I?’ I smirked, leaning back on the chair.

‘Buy something or get out,’

‘Then, can I get a cup of Bluey to go?’

‘Lunatic,’ she murmured and walked off to the kitchen. I threw my legs on the table and crossed my legs, folding my hands behind my head. ‘Get your legs off my expensive table!’ She shouted playfully. I laughed and wiggled my legs. I whistled as I looked around the sea and icy blue ice cream palace, it looked like we were under the sea with the way the place was painted and the lights.

‘Hello,’ someone purred. I diverted my eyes to the girl leaning on the other side of the table. My eyes first landed on her dress that fell open. She wasn’t even wearing a bra. I moved my eyes from her chest to her face.

‘Holy cheese!’ I exclaimed, jumping away as far as possible. Wrong idea. The sudden movement and lack of balance made me double over the comfy sofa. My left elbow and ribs suffered the blow. It bashed against the other table before I fell on the floor.

‘Are you okay?’

‘Ow,’ I groaned. Rolling over on my stomach. I pushed my body up to stand on my knees, grunting as I looked up at her.

‘Did I startle you? I’m sorry,’

‘You should look into the mirror and tell yourself sorry,’ I spat. ‘Did you look at yourself in the mirror before leaving your house?’

‘What?’ She quickly brought out her mirror from the pulse. She screamed when she saw herself and ran out. I shook my head and stood up, rubbing my bruised head.

‘Sir?’ I looked at the new disturber, it was the girl I came here for. ‘Sorry to disturb but Miss Briceno said to give you your bills…’

‘My what?’

‘Bills,’ she stretched the bills to me.

‘But I didn’t order anything!’

‘She said, I quote. “Tell that moron I was sitting with to pay this bill. The bill is for occupying the space a valuable customer would have enjoyed sitting and also for wasting my time.” Her words, not mine.’

‘Melody,’ I grumbled.

‘And also for the fact that your monkeys have been disturbing the chefs in the kitchen,’

‘Where are those two animals…’ My monkey; Eden ran out, being chased by Bluey. Bluey had the other one in her mouth as he struggled for liberty. ‘Bluey, drop Reece,’ I commanded her. I can swear she raised a brow at me. ‘Please,’ she let Reece go. Eden and Reece quickly ran to me and climbed my body. ‘Thank you.’

‘Maybe next time, you shouldn’t carry two stubborn troublemaking monkeys,’ the girl glared at my monkeys. I silently brought out my wallet, looking at her. She was beautiful, though I would prefer if she wasn’t looking like purple baff.

‘Here,’ she took the money and rolled her eyes as my monkeys made annoying sounds.

‘Shut up you two,’

‘Yes, you hear that, shut up.’ She repeated. I chuckled lightly. If she should be my fake girlfriend, then she will never get along with Eden and Reece.

♪♪♪ Melody ♪♪♪

I gathered my makeup into my pulse, glancing at Iris as she swept my office. I needed to tell her but to me, it was ridiculous. I knew it was good for her, an opportunity to save her mother but what if one of them gets hurt? What if Hans fall for her and she don’t to him? I love my cousin, I don’t want him to get a heartbreak.

‘If I didn’t know any better, I’ll say you have something to tell me,’ she spoke softly, breaking the silence. I smiled and looked at her fully. She was smart and very observance. ‘What is it?’

‘How’s your mother?’

‘Oh,’ her face molded into a pained expression. ‘Hanging, she’s hanging on.’ Her hands holding the sweeping brush began trembling.

‘What is it?’


‘Iris, you can tell me what is going on. If I don’t know what is going on, how can I help you?’ I rolled my eyes mentally. I can help with or without knowing but I don’t know why I haven’t helped.

‘It’s nothing serious,’ she sobbed.


‘The doctors said that if she don’t begin the real treatment before the end of this month, the cancer will evolve to level…’

‘And you don’t have the money yet?’ I interjected.

‘I haven’t even gotten half of the money Mel, I’m so screwed.’

‘If I tell you that there is a way for you to get the money easily, would you do it?’

‘Anything, anything to save my mother. She’s the only family I have left, the only.’ She wailed. She dropped the brush and sat on the floor, miserably trying to dry her tears.

‘You know that cousin of mine that came here today?’

‘The one with the annoying monkeys?’

‘Yes, that one.’

‘What about him?’

‘He wants to play a payback game with his backstabbing best friend and ex who played him. He needs someone to help him play that game and you fit perfectly with his plans…’

‘I can’t…’

‘Wait,’ I raised an index finger. ‘Let me finish. You won’t be really dating him, just faking it in front of everyone. In exchange for your help, you will be given free admission to his mother’s school, Dark Empire and…’

‘Dark what!’ She shrieked, eyes wide open. I knew it had always been her dream to attend that school. ‘His mother owns that school? I can go there for free?! How do you even know him!’

‘Don’t you remember whose daughter I am? Who I am?’ I chuckled. She cupped her mouth with disbelief.

‘I can go to Dark?’ She whispered incredulously. ‘And all I have to do is fake a relationship with a guy?’

‘It’s not that easy, the students will give you a hard time. They will all find out about your background, all want to make you feel bad for dating their King. The ladies especially but as for the guys, you can leave them to Hailey and Lee, they will handle them. If you accept this, your life will become harder in a way…’

‘It can only be hard if I let it. As long as no one have been able to frustrate me, no one ever will.’ She said certainly.

‘So you’ll do it?’

‘I can save my mother’s life, go to my dream school just by dating a guy. The relationship would be false, I wouldn’t have to do anything real with him. Why wouldn’t I accept?’ She asked softly. I licked my lips and nodded.

‘Then get dressed tomorrow, I’ll have my driver pick you up and take you to his house. Tell them your terms and conditions, make the deal…’

‘Won’t you be there?’

‘I have an interview to attend to in Portland.’

‘Oh,’ she furrowed her brows. ‘Am I dreaming? This isn’t real, right?’

I chuckled. ‘Very real.’

‘How? Miracles like this don’t just happen,’ her own disbelief was clothing her voice.

‘It does, and it just did.’

🎀 Hailey’s standpoint 🎀

I kept staring out of my window, waiting for her to arrive. Once the deal can be confirmed, then Lee would beg mom to let the girl into the school. Hans didn’t seem to care much, he was busy practicing at his indoor football court. Lee had been singing in front of the standing fan she bought, enjoying the echo in her voice. Those stupid monkeys were singing with her.

‘Yes!’ I shrieked when I saw the car. Our gateman opened the gate for the car to drive in. ‘Lee! She’s here!’

‘Is that why you are so excited? Calm down Hailey, it’s just a girl.’ She sang. I understood the double meaning of her words.

‘Why you…’ I ran to her. She squealed and ran out, running straight to the football court to hide behind Hans.

‘Hans! Hans! She’s onto me! She’s onto me!’ She kept shouted. I changed direction and ran to the front door instead. I tugged the door open, putting on my signature intimidating smile. I walked out, cat walking to the car. She was still inside, probably thinking or scared.

I got to the car and knocked on the tinted window. The door pushed open a little. I stepped back so she could walk out. ‘Good morning,’ she greeted. I eyed what she was wearing and made a mental note to take her shopping. If she is going to date my brother, she needs to at least look a little expensive. Her violet hair was in a bun, lips shining with lavender lipstick.

‘Good morning,’ I greeted back. ‘Aren’t you getting out of the car?’

‘Oh, I’m sorry,’ she apologized quickly. I turned and walked inside, smiling to myself. It was either she was intimidated by me or our wealth. I heard the sound of the door slamming shut. I opened the front door, only to get tackled to the ground by Lee.

‘Lee! What are you doing?! Get off me!’ I shouted. She pinned my hands at the side of my head, knelt on my legs and put her whole weight on me. ‘Lee!’ I cried.

This is so humiliating.

‘Hans said be a fighter and don’t let little sister intimidate you…’

‘I’m older than you,’

‘Only by seven minutes,’ she argued.

‘That makes me the eldest you windbag! I’m seven minutes older than you and twelve minutes older than hands, that makes me the commander of this base!’

‘One, stop shouting or I’ll shout and you know I was born to shout. Two, the first shall be the last and the last first, remember?’

‘Doesn’t that make me the first?’ Hans’ voice asked chuckling with mischief. I gasped, he tricked her!

‘How?’ Lee asked, looking over her shoulder.

‘I’m the youngest and the last shall become first. Think about it, doesn’t that make me the king of this house?’

‘Yes, it does make you the king,’ she looked at me with a smirk. Hans knows she’s stronger than me when it comes to brawns. ‘You’ll obey the new commander now.’ And might I add, stupid.

‘Hans, you murderous traitor!’

‘I’m doing what you said to do,’ he said with an innocent shrug. ‘Taking command and showing them whose son I am.’

‘Not to me! I’m your queen! You ought to always obey me and me alone! What the hell do you think you are doing!’

‘But I don’t want to take orders from a girl, I’m a big boy,’ he pouted. I looked at Lee, gathering all my authoritative command into my voice and eyes.

‘Hadley, I will say it only once, get off me,’ she whimpered and stood up. I smirked at Hans. ‘Once a queen, always a queen.’

‘That’s what you think,’

‘Wanna test that?’ I challenged.

‘Yes, I dare you.’

‘Alright,’ I sat up. ‘Hans, come right here and help me up,’ I commanded harshly.

‘No.’ He deadpanned.

‘Hans,’ I growled. He cursed under his breath. I smirked victoriously. He pushed himself off the door he was leaning on and walked over to me. I stretched my hand to him elegantly, twinkling my lashes cutely. He pulled me up, holding my hand tight.

‘Remember how I told you I’m going to change by starting with you?’ He asked slyly. Before I could jump away from him, he pushed me back down, my butt landing on the hard tiled floor. I can swear the bones in my butt cracked.

‘And the ass goes bam!’ Lee shouted and started laughing with Hans. I rolled on the ground, holding my broken ass and howling in pain.

‘Let’s see how Richie will fvck that ass now,’ Hans said between his laugh.

This is unacceptable! They can’t stop following my command! Insult!

‘Oh my poor bones, my buttocks…’

‘Cry baby, cry,’

‘Ahem,’ we all stiffened and simultaneously looked at her. She was staring at us with irritation.

‘Why are you looking at us like that?’ I barked.

‘Not you, them,’ she growled the “them” out with so much contempt. I traced her eyes to Eden and Reece, (The monkeys) who was staring back at her with equal contempt.

Finally! Someone who understands me!

‘Hello my new nemesis,’ she spat. Eden rolled his eyes and Reece blew raspberry.

‘Cough, cough,’ Hans coughed.

‘She’s so pretty!’ Lee shouted. Before we could blink, she was spinning the girl in the air. The girl shrieked with fright, holding tight to Lee’s head.

‘Lee, put her down and Hailey, will you get up already?’

‘You broke my bones,’

‘Get up,’ he snapped. To my greatest surprise, I forced myself up.

Who don’t like this new Hans, say I.

‘I can’t walk,’ I cried.

‘Carry you!’

‘No Lee, don’t… Aaaaaaaah!’ I screamed as she threw me over her shoulder, she’s too fast. ‘Hans, help!’ She ran inside, intentionally bouncing me roughly. She threw me on the couch, causing a loud yelp to erupt from my mouth. ‘God,’ I cried, a tear escaping. ‘My ass will never remain the same.’

‘Yeah baby!’

‘Can we discuss this fast so I can get away from them?’ That girl said with annoyance.

‘My name’s Hans, this is Hailey and that loud one is Hadley but you can call her Lee. Please sit,’ she sat down, still glaring at the monkeys. ‘Mel already briefed you about the plan, right?’

‘Do I really get to attend Dark?’ Lee nodded. ‘And you will help my mom, right?’ Hans nodded. ‘What else is involved?’

‘PDA,’ I said, turning to lay on my stomach. ‘That’s all. You can act, right?’ She shrugged. ‘Can you handle insults?’ She shrugged. ‘Can you talk fancy?’ She shrugged. ‘Can you act elegantly?’ She shook her negatively. ‘Can you at least pretend to be rich?’ She sneered at my question. ‘What then can you do?’ I huffed.

‘Ignore you for a start,’ Hans snorted out a laugh and cleared his throat. ‘My name is Iris Hathaway by the way.’

‘Okay, Iris, everything my sister asked, can you deal with it?’

‘I can’t pretend to be anybody other than myself. My name is Iris Hathaway, I work in Merry Snow Taste, I don’t have a dad and my mom is sick, full stop.’

Wow, she’s cold.

‘Okay, fine. But I’m taking you shopping to at least get new clothes,’

‘I don’t need anything from you guys, other than the school and my mother’s hospital bill.’

‘You need to…’

‘I can handle myself, just help me with the transfer papers and I’m good.’ She was serious. Hans smiled, he likes her boldness.

‘Just one more thing,’ he removed a car key from his pocket and threw it to her. She caught it puzzledly. ‘Part of my thank you for agreeing.’

‘You bought her a car!’ I shrieked. ‘Just to say thank you?!’ He shrugged as if it was no big deal. Iris stared at him with mouth open.

‘She’ll need the car if she wants to attend mom’s school,’ he said simply. Lee shrieked and clapped her hands.

‘Let’s see!’ She ran to iris and dragged her out. I already knew the car. Hans bought a violet Lamborghini sport car, a new and rare model. I thought he wanted to gift it to Melody’s younger sister who loves purple.

‘You are nuts, that car must be expensive!’

‘I felt like giving, so I gave.’

‘Hans, if you don’t know how to spend your money, give it to me. That car must have cost millions!’

‘Not that much, just 3.5,’

Are you fvcking kidding me!

🎊 🎉 Lee’s standpoint 🎉🎊

My job was to beg mom because I’m irresistible and annoying. I flung the door open and shrilled out. ‘Oh mom!’ I ran into the living room where she was. She groaned when she saw me. ‘Hello mother!’

‘What do you want?’ She sighed knowingly.

‘Lee!’ My little sister, Dahlia squealed. She ran to me still squealing. I carried her up and threw her into the air. She squealed and laughed, skillfully maneuvering herself in the air like a cat. I caught her and pinched her nose. Dahlia is five, the replica of mom.

‘Hey sweetie,’

‘Where’s Hailey? She hasn’t come visit for weeks,’

‘Hailey’s busy.’ I lied.

‘And Hands?’ I chuckled at her wrong pronunciation of Hans’ name.

‘He’s heartbroken, Ivan is a bad man.’

‘Oh no,’ mom muttered. ‘Don’t involve me…’

‘Mom, won’t you let Hans’ new girlfriend into your school for free? She’s not that rich and her mother is sick…’

‘Hans’ girlfriend or game friend? Hadley, I love you all but no.’

‘Mom! This is a social crisis here! An emergency! A matter of life and death!’ I shouted dramatically.

‘Lee, no. Tell Hailey that.’

‘Even if I say pretty please?’ I said sweetly, twinkling my lashes. She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.

‘How’s Hans?’

‘Becoming dad,’

‘You say her mother is sick?’

‘Level ninety nine cancer but the doctors said it can be treated.’ She tapped her lips with an eye roll.

‘And she’s doing this for the money?’ I nodded. She sighed. ‘Okay, I’ll have her transf….’

‘HeeHaw!!!!!!’ I shouted.

To be continued.

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