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More than a game episode 4


More than a game

→→→ Jilting the tits ←←←

By Bunmi B. Gabriel (BB)

🀄 Book four 🀄

🎊 Lee 🎊

I tapped my foot on the ground as the music played into my ears. I tapped my thigh, lips twisted and head being nodded. I was waiting out for Iris, since I was the less busy one, I was to show her around. I expected her to be an early riser, but I expected wrong. I started snapping my fingers, dancing slowly to the song; rescue me by One Republic. I shook my head, I probably looked like an idiot dancing in front of the school, really pathetic but when have I ever cared. It was like that with me, something in my head always make me do crazy things. It’s like the crazy things kept me from overloading my awkward nature.

It’s hard to explain.

I twirled around but bumped into someone. ‘Oomph!’ I grunted. Whoever the person was held me from falling and humiliating myself, – not that I care – his grip was tight. ‘I’m sorry,’ I apologized, straining my neck to see who held me tight by my shoulders. ‘You can let me go now, please?’

‘Humph,’ his deep voice made his gender known. I cleared my throat and wiggled out of his hold. I jumped around with a big grin, my signature grin. My grin got stuck to my face as I saw who I was looking at.

Standing in front of me was the cutest guy I have ever seen – beside my brother – and the first to make my heart skip. His hair was perfectly tousled, falling all over the place in razor spikes. He had a flawless, chiselled chins and plump shocking pink lips. Tall, bulky and oyster like skin. He had a pretty little beauty mark right on his nose. Mouth watering.

‘Hi,’ I said with my grin, moving my earphone to my neck.

‘You should look where you are dancing and be careful,’ he spat coldly. I frowned.

‘That was rude,’ I said frowningly. ‘Hi again, my name is…’

‘Don’t care, just stay away from me, you look like a crazy one.’ For some reason, that hurt.

‘Well this crazy one takes offense and insulting me because of a mistake is not acceptable. Who do you think you are to talk to me like that?’ I snapped, folding my arms intimidatingly. He scoffed, glared at me and walked off. I gritted my teeth, I usually don’t get mad but he scored that goal. ‘Nice, very nice,’ I said with displeasure.

‘Lee,’ Iris’s voice called. I looked at the direction of her voice. She had parked her car, most eyes on her. I was surprise she actually looked different. Casual but her clothing looked expensive. She went with jeans through and through and her violet hair and purple make-up stood out in the sunlight. She was wearing that small smile she always have on, nothing more, nothing less. ‘Good morning,’

‘Good morning, you look stunning… Where did you get the expensive jeans from?’

‘Since your brother is paying my bills now, I spent my own money changing my wardrobe. Is it nice enough… Wait, I don’t care.’ She waved her own concern off.

‘You honestly look everything I want you to look like; decent but yet expensive and sexy.’

She chuckled lightly. ‘There is nothing about what I’m wearing that is sexy.’

‘So you say,’ I drawled out. I took her hand and pulled her in with me. She’s very beautiful, a little bit on edge when making physical contact with anyone but she knew I wouldn’t take no for answer. ‘Hans went to see the doctors treating your mother…’ Her head snapped to me. ‘Yeah, he had a paper signed to transfer her to our family hospital. She’ll be taking very good care of there.’

‘Why wasn’t I informed?’

‘Oh, he wanted to surprise you after school today by taking you to the hospital. She’ll be transfered in three hours…’

‘Didn’t you say he wanted it to be a surprise?’ She asked gigglingly.

‘Yeah, it’s suppose…’ I gasped, my hand flying to my hand. ‘Oh, I ruined the surprise,’ I cried. ‘Please, pretend like you didn’t hear me, please pretend or I’m going to get killed.’

‘Hmmm, should I really keep quiet?’ She asked thoughtfully, a hint of playfulness in her tone.

‘Please, new in-law,’ I pleaded, squeezing her hand. She chuckled and bumped her hips with mine.

‘Does this look surprised enough?’ She asked, making a dramatic shocked face, opening her mouth. I laughed.

‘That’s too obvious,’ I whined, nudging her rib. She chuckled.

‘Don’t worry, I’ll act very surprise when he takes me, trust me, I’m a good actress.’ She winked at me. I nodded my head. I showed her around the school; the gym, library – her first favorite part – clubs, laboratory, – she loved it – computer club… I wasn’t surprise at her likes and the clubs she chose to join.

‘And this is the cheerleaders indoor practice room, we work most of our secret routines here. This is my favorite place in the school, next to the music section.’

‘Is it possible for me to join the cheer squad? I really want to join since I couldn’t back at my school. I was always so busy with work, I really wanna make use of my time now.’ She asked as we head out of the building for cheerleaders. I was leading her back to the main school building.

‘I never saw you as a cheerleader person,’

‘Yeah, I don’t look like a lot of things. I also want to join the dance classes available in this school, is that possible?’

‘I fear you don’t have that kind of schedule, you have to work, right?’

‘Can I at least join one?’ She asked calmly. ‘Ballet to be precise.’

‘You like ballet?’ I asked with wide eyes.

‘Bun haired girls in tight leggings and tutus, no, I don’t like it.’

‘Then why do you want to join?’ I asked curiously.

‘I did my homework, Maggie is in ballet class, right?’ She smirked. ‘I’m playing my part very w… Isn’t that Hans?’ I trailed her eyepoint to Hans who had a girl pinned to a locker; one hand at the side of her head and the other one in the pocket of his denim jeans pants. The poor girl was blushing convulsively, her neck flushed from sheepishness and nervousness. She was giggling like an idiot, not daring to look into his eyes. ‘So, I’m dealing with a flirt,’ Iris chuckled. ‘Why am I not surprise.’

‘I’m sorry about this, Hans isn’t usually like this… Flirty,’ I said apologetically.

‘I don’t really care but it is in my character to act like as the “girlfriend”, bitchy huh?’ She smiled. ‘That’s the Maggie? The one staring at Hans like a lioness?’ I roamed my eyes around the hall and found Ivan in the midst of his new gang and Maggie and her three idiot wannabes. I chuckled at the look on Ivan’s and Maggie’s face. Ivan looked annoyed, Maggie was jealous.

‘Yes, those are the tits,’

‘Alright, now it’s my turn.’

‘Light, camera…’ I started saying playfully.

Action!’ She said with me. She chuckled while I giggled.

Drama time.

⚡ Hans’ standpoint ⚡

Who knew being flirty could be so fun, I should have done it more often than less. The girl – whose name I was still yet to memorize – was blushing, her face a light carmine. Her giggles were soft, annoying but bearable. She was hugging her books so tight her hands were turning pale. Poor books, wouldn’t be able to breathe.

‘Ahem,’ someone cleared her throat. The voice was slightly deep but very pleasant and quite silky. I turned my head to look at the owner of the voice, my flirty smile rising to a big bursted grin. She rolled her eyes and folded her arms, a incredulous look on her face.

‘Morning beautiful,’

‘Don’t even start with that cute attitude,’ she said in annoyance.

Wow, is she really mad? I thought this was just a game.

‘Fine,’ I pushed myself off the locker my hand was, raising both hands up in surrender. ‘It’s not what it looks like, we were just talking.’

‘Oh is that now? Should I lean on a locker and have a boy talk to me the exact way you are doing then,’ she said ironically. ‘I’m sure you would be so please about that.’

‘I’m sorry, I wasn’t going to do anything with her, she’s not my type anyways.’ I glanced at the girl as she gasped.

‘Don’t insult her, she didn’t beg you to flirt with her… You know what, I’m not going to do this right now. This is my first day here and I’m already noticing nonsense. Thanks for the grand welcome boyfriend.’ She spat venomously. I was torn between deciding if she was faking or for real.

She pushed me aside aggressively, showing her irritation and annoyance. I looked over at Lee who didn’t look pleased at all. I grit my teeth against my bottom lip gently, turned and jogged after her. ‘Come on Unicorn, I’m sorry!’ I shouted, loving the way everyone was noticing her. Honestly, with that hair and outfit, who wouldn’t. She gave me her middle finger, intentionally walking pass Ivan and his group of hooligans. ‘Unicorn!’

‘Stop calling me that,’ she snapped. ‘It’s annoying,’ I broke into a run to close the distant between us. I snatched her wrist and pulled her into an empty class. She didn’t argue, just let me pull her in. ‘What was the meaning of that!’ She flared, immediately I closed the blinds.

‘Meaning of what?’

‘That flirty thing you did out there with that girl,’

‘Wait, you are genuinely mad?’

‘Of course I am,’ she huffed.

‘But, you aren’t suppose to get attached. This isn’t real. I can’t have you falling in love with me so soon.’ She face palmed herself, drawing it down her face. She snapped those fingers and exhaled.

‘Falling in love with you is never going to happen, always remember that. Two, don’t you think making me look like the girl you claim to love but can easily cheat on is bad for my reputation? Many would use that against me and that would make annoying them almost impossible.’ She spoke calmly. I itched the scruff of my neck.

‘I didn’t think about that, I’m sorry.’ I apologized. She gave me her small smile.

‘Just stop flirting for now. If you wanna flirt, flirt with me only when the tits are looking. Hope my acting was good.’

‘Fuck, I almost believed it myself.’ I laughed. She nodded a little, her smile wiped out of her face. She don’t smile too much, just a small one.

‘I am a class lower, eleventh grade. What do we do about that?’ She asked softly, leaning on a desk.

‘Nothing much,’ I shrugged. ‘I help you carry your bag and books to your classes everyday, when I have time. We eat lunch together at the cafeteria and make enough love sick drama each day. It would be like normal couples. You are free to have friends, mingle with anyone you want to and no other ear must know about our deal.’

‘I don’t need friends, they are waste of my valuable time. And if I do need any friend, Lee is enough acquaintance.’

‘Are you sure?’ I asked with concern.

‘There is nothing to be concern about, I am fine the way I am,’ she tiled her head cutely. ‘Should I be worried about any other girl here?’

‘Skipper Leighton, Leslie Louis and Tamar Wine…’

‘Wine,’ she chuckled. ‘Anyone else?’

‘There are like eleven more girls that fight themselves over me,’ I said, not being able to hide my smirk.

‘Just eleven?’

‘The ones I know. I think they are more but I am more aware of these fourteen girls,’ I said coolly, my correction in my tone. She nodded in understanding and exhaled again.

‘I can do this,’ she said more to herself than to me. I watched her stand there, gritting her teeth on her lips. Her fists were clenched, beautiful brown eyes somewhere other than here. ‘Of course I know it’s going to be hard, I’m fighting it.’

‘Iris,’ I called softly, snapping my fingers in front of her face. She jerked and looked at me flustered. ‘Are you afraid?’

‘No, just nervous. Never in my life did I expect to find myself playing such game. When would this end? What is the point?’

‘It has no point,’ I said honestly. ‘I just want to make him feel a lot of pain. Sorry if you feel like I’m using you.’

‘I don’t mind, my mother is more important…’ She trailed off, leaving her words hanging. I studied her body language; the way it shuddered with excitement, nails twitched, eyes sheening with happiness and many other different emotions. Her lips raised in a half sneer like smile, it was amazing how cute she looked with that look.

With a knowing chuckle, I shoved my hands into my back pockets and swayed myself on my foot with a bounce at the end. ‘Lee told you, didn’t she?’ It sounded like a question but it wasn’t. She gasped, her eyes snapping to mine. ‘Don’t worry, I wasn’t really expecting her to keep her mouth shut, she’s Lee.’

‘Can you pretend like I don’t know? I don’t want Lee to be upset.’

‘Trust me sweetheart, Lee never gets mad.’

‘Can we go now?’ Don’t wanna be late.’

‘Okay, shall we milady?’ I asked with a low bow, stretching my hand to her. She rolled her eyes and stood up from the desk she was leaning on. ‘Come on, take my hand,’

‘Rule number two, social distance, let’s practice that.’

I snorted and walked to her, she shifted back to get away from her. ‘Stop commenting on his look, that’s annoying.’ She snapped at herself?

I chuckled. ‘Are you seriously thinking about my looks?’ I asked amusedly. She squealed. With an unexpected speed, she ran around me and out of the class. And Melody said she’s more worried about me?

🔷 Ivan 🔷

I stood far away from Iris’s classroom door. I wanted her to come out so I could talk to her. It was a class before lunch period. Ten minutes to go, I was growing nervous. The teacher stepped out of the class with her bag, heading the other way. Barely two seconds later, she walked out in a hurry.

‘Stop it Violet, you are bothering me,’ she huffed. She’s fond of talking to herself like there is someone there. ‘I don’t care if you think he’s sexy, just leave me alone.’ Her eyes met mine. She rolled it away and made to walk past me but I held her back by her arm.

‘We need to talk,’

‘Too bad, I don’t want to talk to you.’ She spat.

‘So you are dating him,’ I said bitterly. She whipped her hand away from mine and flexed her muscles.

‘Yes Violet, I know he’s annoying too.’ She said to herself again, looking at her side.

‘Iris, you can’t date him, I love you and he doesn’t. See how he was flirting with that girl earlier?’ She tilted her head with a smirk.

‘He’s horny and sexually starved. I guess I would have to finally give him my body to keep him to me,’

‘Don’t even think about that,’ I growled. ‘Your body is mine!’

‘Keep telling yourself that over and over again, and maybe then it would come true,’ she paused and looked at her left. ‘In ten thousand years.’

‘You will break up with him or else…’

‘Or else what,’ she said with a threatening tone, cocking her hips and folding her arms under her breasts. Her boobs pushed up, her cleavage becoming more apparent through her V-neck lilac top. I wiggled my nose. ‘Do you pay my bills? Are you my father? Fuck, never. That shit can never occur. Stay away from me.’

‘I would never do that,’

‘Then that’s your own bad luck,’ she made to walk out on me but I held her back and spun her around, pushing her against the wall. ‘What the fuck! Let go of me!’


‘Ian, let go of me this moment or you’ll be sorry,’ she threatened again, her calm voice turning icy.

‘My name is Ivan!!!’ Student were already gathering, watching the scene.

‘I…don’t..care,’ she spat. I was hurled backward with a great force, colliding into three girls. My head butt with one, pain surging through my head. I stood up ready to attack the person. My nostrils flared when I saw that it was Hans who had thrown me away.

‘Piss off Mould,’ he snarled, his golden brown eyes completely black. I knew fighting him would be a hopeless turnout. With my pride trampled on, I turned and walked out of the gathering crowd.

The fight would be for another day.

To be continued.

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Question: what’s up with Iris?

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