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šŸ’‹ MR
CEO šŸ’‹
( Too cold and possessive)

( Single Mum?)

Episode 14
By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

Anika’s POV

The smile on my face didn’t leave since I entered the Kingsley’s mansion.

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After I left Adnan’s apartment, I came here direct not without spraying enough perfume.

I can’t risk being caught up in the act! I mean for anyone to notice I just left a man’s house when I am going to be engaged to someone else.

” Feel at home baby girl ” Mr Kingsley said and I bowed my head shyly.

Mrs Kingsley gave me a hearty smile as the maids serve me a drink.

” You see why I chose her Hanna, she’s very reserved ” Mr Kingsley said and that made me blush harder.

” I do agree with you, you are a beautiful lady Anika ” Jeffery’s Mum complimented.

” Thank you ma’am ” I replied putting on my best actress smile

” Oh please, call me Mum ” she said and I nodded.

” So how’s your father?” Mr Kingsley asked

” He’s fine si.. Dad, he sent his regards ” I replied taking a sip of the orange juice.

Gosh! I just wish I can see Jeffery already, I can’t wait to be all all over him .

I don’t mind giving him my body on our first meet if that will make him love me.

I am sure he will love me anyways, I have lots of guys asking me out.

I am beautiful, classy and sĀ£xy! I know he will fall for me at first sight.

Even if he doesn’t, I will make him. Seduction is what I knows best.

” You will have to stay with us for dinner before you leave ” Mrs Kingsley said.

Well! I don’t mind spending all my time in this mansion, my problem is that Jeffery doesn’t live here.

I bit my lip and nodded! And…. Edna, where’s she?
Gosh! I just wish she…

” Mum I….”

Oh talk of the devil! Here she comes!

She paused immediately her eyes landed on me.

We stared at ourselves for sometimes before I quickly smiled. Faked a smile!

If you must know, she’s been my rival since kindergarten!

We were once friends but one thing led to another and now, we are rivals!

That should be a story for another day.

I don’t want her parents suspecting there’s no good relationship between us.

” Edna!” I called beaming my face and equally standing up.

She faked a smile back opening her arms wide for me to hug her.

Very well! I gave her a hug! A hug that screams irritation!

” Don’t think you will last here Anika ” she whispered into my ear while the smile was still on her face.

I smiled back and patted her back, did she thinks she can take me out of this family?
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I am already a part of this family since her parents chose me.

They love me and definitely going to treat me like a princess so who’s she?

” Chill Edna, you can’t stop me from marrying your brother right?” I asked

” Of course not, you will leave by yourself when the fire becomes much for you. This is my brother we are talking about, not my boyfriend you snatched ” she replied.

Huh? Fire? I chuckled softly.
Did she think she can scare me?

” Let’s see who laughs last baby girl ” I said disengaging from the hug.

My eyes met with Mr Kingsley and I could see a pleased expression on his face.

If only he knows everything is fake!

” You two know each other?” Mrs Kingsley asked.

” Yes Mum, Anika and I attended the same kindergarten remember? And equally the same highschool ” Edna beat me to the answer.

Yes that’s true” I added.

” I have totally forgotten about that, anyways. You can show her around the mansion while the dinner is ready ”

Mr Kingsley said and I could hear her groan!
Gosh! Stuck with her!

” But Dad, I was about going out ” she whined.

” It’s not a bad thing spending sometimes with your sister in-law and besides, wherever you want to go can wait ”

Mr Kingsley said.
Edna scoffed rolling her eyes!

” Yeah right? Let’s go on a tour sister in-law ” she said in a mocking tone taking my hand in hers.


Jeff’s POV

I checked the mail again and again blinking my eyes rapidly.

Eric sent it for me few hours ago, and I have been staring at it .

Alexa Sidney!
22 years old single mother of two.
has a best friend. Andrew!

The news of the person she gave birth for is blank! No one knows how come about her pregnancy but perhaps her best friend might know……

I closed my laptop taking in everything I just read!

She’s a single Mum? All this while, I thought that Andrew guy was her husband but I was proved wrong.

Who could have been responsible for her pregnancy?

Was it her boyfriend or was she raped?

This little information I just got is getting me more curious!

I need to know more! More about her! This is not a detail!!

I brought out my phone and dialed Eric’s number and he picked in one ring!

šŸ“² You’ve seen it? šŸ“²

His voice came in.

šŸ“² Yeah I have but, that’s not the details Eric, I need more information. Find out about the father of her kids šŸ“²

šŸ“² Well, I was on it though, that’s not all the information, I just sent this one to tell you she never deserved everything you did to her for your stupid reasonsšŸ“²


rasped and I sighed. Not that he knows her that well, why’s he backing her?

šŸ“² You can blame me how ever you want but reserve it for later, you need to get me the informations about her immediately šŸ“²

šŸ“² I am not promising you bro but I will try to get that šŸ“²

He hung up before I could speak again.

I dropped the phone trying to concentrate on my work but my mind kept drafting to her.

She’s a single Mum! How could I have been s stupid not to notice her struggles?

She’s been enduring everything because of her children?

She raised those two kids all by herself without a pillar called husband or father to to kids?

She must have gone through a lot and I added to eat!

Remembering how I insulted her this morning gave me a pang on my chest!

I insulted her and her children, Including the husband that doesn’t exist!

For bringing up those two kids, I must admit she’s the strongest woman I have ever come across!

A lot of ladies will rather abort the pregnancy at early stage!

Goodness! I feel so ashamed of myself right now!

I don’t know why, I am happy that she’s not married knowing that it’s weird to have kids and no father.

I feel happy she’s still single!

What do I do? And now she left, I can’t deny that I miss her presence!

šŸ’‹ MR
CEO šŸ’‹
( Too cold and possessive)

( Unlike Mr Kingsley)

Episode 15
By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

Alexa’s POV

I took a cold shower, dressed up in my casual outfit and walked out of my room to meet Andrew.

What could I have done without that soul ?

Without him,I am just a mere lady! A lady that is broken forever!

” Feeling better?” He asked as I entered into the kitchen where he was preparing lunch for us.

” Yeah, a lot better ” I replied ….

I don’t want to remember everything that has happened in the past few days and that of this morning!

I just want to feel myself again and not stuck in Mr Kingsley’s thought of how he’d treated me.

I am glad, now seat here likes princess while I make a quick tea for you ” he said picking me up in a bridal style.

A stranger will think we are in a kinda lovey dovey relationship.

” I can walk Andrew ” I said laughing.

” I know that buttercup, I just want to pick you up so sit here and watch me do everything. A Queen shouldn’t be stressed, only some fools that doesn’t know your worth does that ”

He tone changed into that of a anger gritting his teeth while placing me on the kitchen counter.

” I don’t want to think about anything that will change my mood right now, all I want to think of is my buttercup and her happiness ”

He replied going back to the gas. My best friend is more than thousand boyfriends!

I can never choose anyone over him, he will always remain my first love, my brother and my bet friend.

He fetched a quantity of hot water and added the tea ingredients then handed it to me.

” Thank you best ” I said sincerely. I haven’t thanked him since morning.

Even when he has a photo shoot that moment I called him, he told them to cancel it and he came right to my aid at the company.

And now instead of him to go back as he already dropped me, he’s making lunch for me and took a day off .

” Anything for you” he winked making me chuckle.

” While you were taking your bath, I called my brother and you are to resume work tomorrow. No interview, or should I say I am the interviewer and I already interviewed you? I know my best friend is good for the job ”

He said and my face beamed! I don’t know I will ever get a job again!

At least, not this fast and bigger! I will be a manager!

Promoted without doing anything!

” Are you serious Andrew?” I asked.

” Of course buttercup, you start work tomorrow and your pay is lit. I already told my brother to double it for you. You are not just a worker but my best friend”

I flew from the table he placed me earlier hugging him like my life depended on it.

” I can’t thank you enough Andrew, I am very grateful for having you in my life ” I said.

If all guys are like him, the world could have been a better place.

” Don’t mention buttercup, I am not your big brother for nothing. Now if you would stop being clingy right now. I need to get done with the lunch then go right to school to pick up the kids”

He said and I nodded!
He was the only one that did not laugh at my stupidity of getting pregnant for an unknown man.

He understood and loved me the more. He took care of the kids like they were his.

I owe him forever so long as I live!


” I feel so nervous Andrew, what if they don’t like me?” I asked fidgeting with my fingers as we came down from his car.

This place looks very beautiful like that of Mr Kingsley’s too.

” You don’t have to buttercup, no one will dislike you. C’mon let’s go” he held my hand protectively.

I could see some ladies raising up their dresses to make it short and be noticed by Andrew, some flirting with their eyes while some were glaring at me.

I chuckled in my mind ! If only they know Andrew isn’t giving them any single attention.

If only they know he’s a gay, they won’t be jealous of me being next to him.

All I was hearing was good morning Sir, good morning Sir till we reached the elevator.

He answered few and smiled at few.

We stopped at the 7th floor and he pushed open on the left which was an office. His brother’s office I guess.

” Hey bro ” Andrew said as I trailed behind him with my head bowed.

That’s my new boss, I should give him some respect!

” I have told you countless times to knock before entering into my office Andrew, why can’t you follow a simple instruction?”

His brother asked and my stupid best friend shrugged!

I gulped as his eyes landed on me!

” Alexa?”

My head snapped to him with a frown as I heard him call my name !

I have been friends with Andrew for years now and I only know his parents and sister so how did he know my name?

I stared at him as he stared back at me with shock!

Did he know me from somewhere?

” Good… morning Sir ” I greeted to ease the tension.

I can’t remember this face at all, Andi can’t remember meeting him anywhere!

This should be the first time I am seeing him and he called me by my first name unlike Mr Kingsley.

He was so harsh even on my first day!

If all the bosses are like him, I’d rather die of poverty!

Turning into a begged will be better than working under him.

And him, he must be very happy that I left!

I just hope he’s not planning on ruining my life like he always threatened.

Loosing this job again is what I don’t want.

” Are you saying you don’t know me Alexa? Remember the guy you bumped into the other day at J group of company ” he explained,…

Ah! How could I have forgotten? Mr Kingsley asked me to bring a file in 5seconds and I bumped into him in haste.


” Mr Eric?” I called with my eyes widened in shock!

” Oh Alexa, cut the formalities, call me Eric ”


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