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πŸ’‹ MR
CEO πŸ’‹
( Too cold and possessive)

( I want her back)

Episode 16
By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

Alexa’s POV

” You two know each other?” Andrew asked glancing at me and Eric.

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I can’t believe he will turn out to be Andrew’s brother gosh!

This world is indeed a small place.
I nodded my head smiling at him.

” I guess there’s no need for any introduction then ” he said taking a seat opposite his brother.

” Wow! Andrew you never told me you have a beautiful lady as a best friend ” Eric said and I bowed my head with my cheeks flushed.

” I am very sorry for the other day Mr..I mean Eric, I was in haste to submit a file to Mr Kingsley ” I apologized and I heard him chuckled.

” It nothing Alexa, please sit ” he said gesturing to the chair beside Andrew which I did.

” You are welcome to Reese corporation, I will love you to stay on this floor with me for easy access so you take the office after mine ” he said

” Thank you ”

” Such a humble lady, I wonder how that asshole will let go of a lady like you ” he whispered but I heard it.

Andrew and I exchanged looks then I looked down!

I just wish I could forget about that Mr Kingsley forever but I don’t think that’s happening soon.

His name seems to be everywhere around me.

” You can go to your office, I will inform my secretary to put you through ” he announced.

I glanced at Andrew smilling genuinely at him.

” Thank you Andrew ” I said standing up while he grinned.

” Anything for you buttercup, see you around” he replied and I nodded.

It was easy to locate the office because according to him, it’s right behind his so yeah!

I got it!

I believe things will be better here, Eric isn’t like Mr Kingsley.

There are way too different and apart!;

I wish he was just like Eric, he isn’t even seeing me as an employer!

Finally! My peace of mind will be back!


Eric’s POV

Really? When I researched about her yesterday, it never occurred to me that my brother was the Andrew in the picture.

The very one Jeff refer to as Alexa’s husband.

I chuckled over his stupidity, I am sure going to make him suffer before he gets her back.

That girl, there’s something about her that I like and I can’t really place a finger on.

” And big bro, do not mention that Jeffery’s name in her presence. It almost turned her mood sour ”

Andrew said and I narrowed my eyes at him.

” Seriously Andrew, how come I never knew she is your friend?” I asked

He rolled his eyes taking the cheeps on my desk.

” How would you know when you spent literally all your life in America? You attended your highschool there, including your college as if that wasn’t enough, you were enrolled in the university there too so how did you expect to know her and besides she’s my best friend not my friend ”

He blabbered and I chuckled! That’s true though!

I barely come home even on holidays!

” Seems my kid brother is still angry with me over that, I already promised to make up for our childhood bro ” I said to him .

H snorted standing up!

” Well, I don’t want you to make up for it anymore. I am glad you are home now, all I want is Alexa’s peace of mind and safety and I leave that in your hands”

He said !

” Wait! Are you sure you don’t have feelings for her? Why did you care so much about her?” I asked bemused.

This is really amazing! I see reasons why Jeff thought they were an item.


look at their close relationship!

I will just get informations from him, it will be easier!

” Ah na! I love Alexa so much as a friend, her happiness is my priority bro. She’s gone through a lot and she doesn’t deserve anymore stress but you see that fuΓ§king bastard that burnt her yesterday, I will kill him ”

He said glaring hard at the table!

” Who burnt her?” I found myself asking! This is more interesting than I thought!

” That Kingsley guy, I just hope I don’t see him anywhere close ” he gritted his teeth and I choked.

Jeff? He didn’t tell me about that! Why will he burn her? For what reason?

” That’s my best friend you are talking about Andrew ” I glared at him even when I know Jeff was wrong.

” And he dare touch my best friend too, how could he have purposely poured a hot coffee on her? What was her offense? Bringing it for him? ”

His eyes widened as if he just thought about something.

” wait, your best friend? How the hell on Earth did you get to know a dumbass like him? ” He snapped.

Oh is he forgetting I am the elder brother here?

” Chill bro, we’ve been friends since highschool ”

He flared his nose nodding his head!

” I know right! Just tell him to stay 100 meters away from Alexa and 1000 meters away from my sight else, I will beat him to stupor ”

He said standing up and left angrily ignoring my calls too.

My brother has that type of temper that when he says he will do something, he never goes back on his words.

Age doesn’t matter, Andrew can be very dangerous when he’s angry!


as his elder brother is very afraid to get him angry and Jeff?

He should be prepared for it, I can’t wait to watch the show!

Maybe the beating will reset his brain!

I guess it’s time to start messing with him!

I brought out my phone and dialed his number! Time for fun!!


Jeff’s POV

I sighed frustratedly running my hands through my hair .

I have been sitting here for almost two hours without being able to do a thing.

The thought of Alexa clouded my head.

I miss nagging at her, I miss seeing her determined face. FΓΊck! I miss her!

I wish I can go back to the past and become a little nicer to her.

I fling the docvments Stella brought earlier for review! That’s the least of my problems now.

Going to her house is out of it, what if she pours hot water on me to get back at me?

The more I remember her, the more guilty I feel!

I ignored her red hand and chest the day I poured a coffee on her yet she didn’t complain.

But I went extreme by insulting her family and personality!

Bringing up two children by yourself isn’t an easy task!

And their father? Eric didn’t get a clue about it yesterday!
I just wish I can know her past!

I rubbed my knuckles together glancing at my phone that was beeping.


πŸ“² Hey bro πŸ“²

His sharp voice came in loudly!

πŸ“² You don’t want to break my eardrum do you? What’s the excitement about?πŸ“²

I asked

πŸ“² Well! Seems the lady you carelessly lost, she’s now working for me as my manager and guess what, she’s the most efficient lady I have ever seenπŸ“²

My heart sank at that? She got another job? She wasn’t thinking of coming back?

πŸ“² Jeff! She just came in today and have won the award of my best worker for the month, you lost a treasure, a hard-working, selfless and dedicated lady πŸ“²

He said!
I know I messed up but did she have to start looking for another job the day she quitted?

Was she that tired of me?

πŸ“² Guess what? I think I like herπŸ“²

I could hear him grin on the other side!

πŸ“² You must be joking Eric, you can’t like her. She’s mi…πŸ“²

I stopped myself before I could blurt out what was forming in my head.


She’s what? Huh? Why did you pause ? πŸ“²

I sighed not knowing what to say!

πŸ“² Eric, listen to me! I want her back πŸ“²

πŸ“² You must be crazy Jeffery πŸ“²

He scoffed and ended the call! FΓΊck!


πŸ’‹ MR
CEO πŸ’‹
( Too cold and possessive)

( Concubine )

Episode 17
By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

Anika’s POV

” Here take it baby, I bought a dress for the party for you ” Dad said handing me a beautiful dress.

Wow! My Dad has a good taste for fashion no doubt!

Just take a look at this pink velvet dress.

” Oh my God! You are the best Dad ” I beamed giving him a hug.

Oh! You might be thinking of where my Mum could be, well, she’s dead!

She died when I was barely twelve and I have been with dad ever since.

” You like it? ” He asked.

” Of course dad, I love it!, It’s beautiful . I really need to try this on ” I said in ecstasy!

” Go on baby, you know I don’t want you to look disheveled to the birthday party in the next two days, I want Jeffery to be thrilled by your appearance ” he said smiling at me.

As if he knows my mind, I want to have Jeffery all to myself that day.

I am going to Edna’s birthday party because of him.

That girl really annoys me, I left in anger the day I went there and her parents asked her to give me a tour of the mansion.

She pissed me off at every slight chance.

I got frustrated and I had to lie that I got a call from Dad and he wants me home.

I couldn’t stay for dinner because of her.

I am glad Jeffrey owns his own mansion, I can’t imagine living with that riff raff after my marriage.

When I get married to her brother, I will make sure I stop her from coming to our home.

I don’t care if it happens to be her brother’s house.

This all started during our highschool. .

It wasn’t my fault that her boyfriend had a thing for me.

As handsome as he was, I couldn’t let him go knowing that he’s my friend’s boyfriend.

And she caught us one day! That was it!

I don’t get why she’s still mad about that but I don’t care either.

” Yes Dad, I will look my best to Edna’s birthday party. I need to try this beautiful dress on. Thank you Dad, love you ”

I yelled and dashed out of the sitting room.


Alexa’s POV

” Here’s the account of the money used for the past two months ” I said dropping the paper on Eric’s desk.

He nodded giving me a sly smile like always!

He went through it before raising his head to look at me and I bowed my head.

” You did all this arithmetic in less than thirty minutes? ”

He asked sounding amused!
That’s not a big deal, if there’s one thing I am good at, that should be arithmetics.

I just nodded my head not knowing what response that suits it.

” Wow! I must say that I am impressed, you are such a brilliant lady ”

He complimented and I couldn’t help but smile.

Aside Andrew, no guy has given me that complimented before or perhaps! Jason!

Oh puh lease! I don’t want to remember intoxicated people this beautiful afternoon.

” Thank you Si… Eric ”

” It’s just a compliment anyways, I want you at lunch with me, hope that’s okay by you and don’t worry, we won’t go out of the company ”

Humph! That made me remember my lunch with Mr Kingsley.

That day, he was very nice! He was happy and carefree.

We talked like two lost friends, he told me about his childhood and some crazy things he did.

All I wished for was that to continue but it changed the next day.

He was back to being grumpy and rude.

” Alexa?” Eric called and I breathed out.

” Sorry I spaced out ” I said.

” It’s fine so will you have lunch with me? Courtesy of my brother” he said and we both laughed!

Andrew must have told him to take care of me.

I am not a kid but he treats me like one.

” Right, I know what he can say ” I replied and he nodded.

” So protective of you and I must say, I envy your friendship” he said and I laughed.

So free like Andrew! They have the same trait!

” I will just go finish up my work and meet you before lunch ” I said.

” That’s fine by me, till then, I will be waiting ”

I smiled, bowed my head and left to my office.

… Few minutes later ….

We both ordered our food and sat down at the cafeteria.

I so much love the way he relate with his workers, he’s talking freely with them and equally laughing too.

What Mr Kingsley will never do! When he told me he’s his best friend, I found it hard to believe but I did anyways.

” You know, Jeff’s grumpy attitude wasn’t what made me like him and decided to make friends with him”

He said as we wait for our food to arrive.
Why’s he talking about him now?

Isn’t he always grump? What must have made them become friends? Because all I can see is two different polar .

Just like like and unlike charges. They are way too different from each other.

” What made you like him?” I blurted.

” Well, his kind gestures ” I scoffed before I could realize what I just did.

Way to go Alexa!

” I..I am sorry, I didn’t mean to do that ” I replied in embarrassment!
I totally forgot he’s my boss!

” It’s fine Alexa, I understand it hard to believe coupled with what he has done to you ”

Wait! He isn’t mad that I scoffed at him?

” It hard to believe but that’s it, Jeffery is a good person underneath the cold aura around him ”

Why’s he telling me all that?


Jeff’s POV.

I came down from my car in haste entering into my parents mansion m

I never wanted to come till Edna’s birthday party night but what do I do?

I need her help so badly and Eric, he wants to punish me too.

I am so confused, I want to see Alexa but her house is out of it.

I can’t go there! At all!

” Son ” Mum beamed on seeing me and I ignored her making my way to Edna’s room..

If she had picked up her phone, I wouldn’t be here in the first place.

” You didn’t tell us you were coming ”

I threw her hand away from my shoulder and she flinched! Oh not expecting that?

” Do I need anyone’s permission before I enter my father’s house?”
I asked and she shook her head!

” Do not stop me again by holding me else, you won’t like what I will do ” I said harshly and stormed off only to bump into Dad!

Just perfect!
Where the fΓΊck is Edna huh?

” Son you are here, I was about coming to your office for an important discussion ” he said as he regained his stance

” What discussion did you want to have with me? Nothing is important than my Mum that you and this concubine of yours killed ”

I could see a flash of hurt and guilt in his eyes then, I pushed him out of my way into my sister’s room .



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