November 29, 2021

Mr ceo episode 2 – 3


πŸ’‹ MR
CEO πŸ’‹
( Too cold and possessive)

(handsome devil)

Episode 2.
Written ✍️by Simrah Saeed

Alexa’s POV

I entered into the big building with my jaw dropped.
It’s so large and beautiful, I wonder how many department they have here.

Lots of gazes fell on me and I found it hard making a step, I was being very careful not to fall under their gazes.

I walked up to the receptionist who was busy punching her laptop.

” Good morning ma’am ” I greeted.

She raised her head giving me a look before smiling at me.

” Good morning, how may I help you?” She asked

” I am Alexa Sidney, I am here for the interview ”

” Oh, take the general elevator to the 5th floor, you will meet other applicants at the waiting room by your left ” she said while I nodded.

Seriously, I just feel scared about this interview.

” Thank you ma’am ” I smiled genuinely at her.

” You can call me Pearl and good luck ” I smiled heartily nodding my head scurrying to the elevator.

I pressed the button to the 5th floor and in no time I was there.

When I entered into the waiting room, I felt my hope of getting the job was dashed out.

They were about five beautiful ladies dressed classically seated on the chairs with legs crossed .

I clutched my CV tightly sitting on the empty chair near a lady who was chewing gum.


I know I won’t get this jobs, with this beautiful ladies here. What if the CEO is a flirt? He will definitely pick one of them.

I am not even fitted here, I bowed my head doing away with those unfortunate thoughts.

The interview began and the CEOs secretary began calling in people after the other.

Since it’s not yet my turn,
Maybe I should use this opportunity to introduce myself.

I am Alexa Sidney, 21years of age and a single Mum of two. I have one best friend whom you already know, Andrew !

He’s not just my best friend but my family, my father and mother.

It’s funny not to know someone you had a night stand with right? Well that’s my case.

I was clearly drunk that night four years ago which resulted in the pregnancy of my two babies.

I have struggled to raise them as a single Mum and of course with Andrew by me.


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know I won’t be able to pay back all what he’s done for me and my kids.

When Jason cheated on theme or should I say cheated on his wife with me because with the way it went, I was the sidechick, he was in New York for his modelling career and when he got back, he combed the city for Jason and gave him the beating of his life.

Andrew has been my all in all, protective of me and won’t let a scratch on my body after that incident.

I could have thought that Andrew has a feeling for me because of the way he’s being helpful but no, he doesn’t do girls. I am sure you know what I mean.

He love me as a friend and sister and I love him a brother I look up to too.

When he learnt I was pregnant, he stopped me from doing any kind of job, he provided for me through out that period like the unknown man I got pregnant for could have done.

I am very certain he’s a rich man because the money he left for me that day was huge and his kids are struggling to live under my care.

He has definitely forgotten about me, what am I saying? I am just a girl he had a night stand with.
Who knows, he might be a married man!

Wait, why are all the girls crying out of the CEOs o office? The last lady was cursing and crying, that brought fear in me, what’s making them cry?

Miss Alexa Sidney ”

I snapped out of my thoughts as I heard her call my name.
Oh lord! Don’t tell me it’s my turn already!

” The CEO is waiting for you in his office, please follow me ” she said politely.

I nervously stood up adjusting my dress before following her.

She stopped at the second door pointing towards me.

” You may enter miss ”

I breathed out clasping my hands together. God please let this be good !

I opened the door and entered to meet a cold pair of eyes staring at me.

Immediatetly our eyes met, I shivered in fear. He’s so handsome like a demigod. Pink lips, pointed nose,cute face. Grey eyes, long lashes and spotless skin but why is his face so cold?

” If you are done checking me out, you might as well sit or get out of my office ”

He flared his nose angrily while I gulped embarrassingly. I quickly took a sit opposite him trying not to stare.

” Good… morning Sir ” I greeted stammering. Even the aura around him is intimidating. Now I get why those ladies were crying.

” Keep your damn greetings to yourself and place your CV ” he snarled.

Why’s he angry now? I haven’t committed any offense aside checking him out.

I dropped my CV in his front and he took it. He flipped through it before tossing it back to me.

” Give me five reasons why I should hire you as my assistant, your CV is good but you don’t have any work experience, how am I supposed to work with you? How am I sure you are not going to make me loose many contracts?”

Hump! I breathed out again, did he really think I am incapable?

” I don’t have any work experience Sir but I can do my job perfectly well, I won’t make you loose any contract Sir, I ….”

” Shut up, just shut it! What you are saying doesn’t go in line with what I asked you, give me five reasons why I should hire you as my assistant Miss Sidney ”

Why is he this cold towards me? This doesn’t suit his handsome personality, he’s a handsome devil.

How did the people working for him pass this godforsaken interview?

” I.. I. .can do my job well Sir, if I am given the job, I will work hard to make sure this company grows higher, with my few skills, I believe I will draw investors into the company and.. ”

” That’s enough you can leave ”

” Huh? Sir? ”

” Get out Miss Sidney ”

Tears welled up my eyes, my thoughts were right. I lost this job. The only hope I had.

I thought I will have this job and pay my kids school fees before they stop them from coming to school.

” Please Sir, I really need this job. I promise to be loyal and hard-working, just please don’t send me away ” I said in tears.

He stared at me with no expression whatsoever .

” Poor people beg a lot, will you see yourself out or should I inform the security to throw you out? , Get out of my office this minute ” he bang his desk loudly while I flinched in fear.

I stood up frightened by his attitude, picked up my CV and headed for the door.


will just accept my fate, maybe this job is not for me.
He’s just so cold and heartless!

I feel so humiliated, he didn’t give me the job yet, he insulted me and called me a pauper!

I told Andrew I won’t get this job! Not with this man as the interviewer.

” You are hired ”
Huh? Wait! Did I hear him right?

” W..what did you say Sir?” I asked taking a quick turn to him.

” Are you daft? ” He asked.

” No Sir, ah! Thank you Sir, thank you ” I screamed in my head excitedly.

Whatever changed his mind, I am very grateful!

I thought I lost the job! Oh God, thank you!

I face palmed myself cleaning the tears that dried up on my cheeks.

” Are you going to stand there and dramatise all day like a clown or listen to my instructions?” He asked icily. I will just have to endure everything, I will do anything not to loose this job.

” Your work starts now ”

My jaw dropped, what? I only came for interview! But do I have to loose this job?
I will just put a call across to Andrew to pick my kids from school.

He will be excited to hear the news too.

” Y… Yes Sir ”

” Good, your office is opposite mine. My secretary will put you through on the work you have to do and your pay will be sent to your email before the ending of today”

” Half of your salary will be sent into your account after you settle in and make sure you are dedicated to your job ”

” I hate tardiness, if you come late to the office more than three times, you will be fired and I will make sure you never get a job anywhere with a pen order ”


πŸ’‹ MR
CEO πŸ’‹
( Too cold and possessive

(Mr Jeffrey Kingsley)

Episode 3
By Simrah Saeed

Alexa’s POV

What? I almost yelled out as u heard what he says. He will fire me and make sure I don’t get a job anywhere?

How wicked can he be?

” Hope I am cleared ?” He asked with a neutral expression. Can’t he just smile for once?

” Y. Yes Sir ”

” Damn it, did you have to stutter in all your response? It shows how weak you are ” he yelled punching his telephone.

I took in a deep breathe bowing my head, will I be able to work here with this grumpy man as my boss?

I will have to quit if I get enough money, his cold attitude is freaking me out.

” Yes Stella, to my office ” he said and hung up.

I stood there fidgeting with my fingers without looking at him.

The only thing I was hearing was the sound of his keyboard he was pressing aggressively.

The door opened revealing the lady earlier, that should be Stella, his secretary.

Seriously, Stella is very strong to have worked with him all this while.

” I am here Sir ”

” Yes, take Miss Sidney to her office and put her through her work ” he instructed without raising up his head.

” Yes Sir, please follow me ” she said to me and I did just that.

Stella opened the office opposite Mr grumpy.
Wow! It looks so beautiful!

” This is your office Miss Sidney, as might have had the idea, your work is to assist the boss. You are to receive calls, reply and send emails ”

” Copy and go through files before he sign it, he can give you other works to do also so please settle in and welcome to J Group of company ”

I passed her a smile nodding my head.

” Thank you and please call me Alexa ”

” Right and I am Stella ” she smiled.

” I advice you not to get Mr Kingsley angry, he gets angry easily and won’t hesitate to fire you instantly. In just a month, he fired three of his personal assistants ”

Huh? Three in a month? Goodness! Does that mean I will be fired too?

I heard a roar of laughter, Stella was laughing!

” You don’t have to freak out, just make sure you do anything he ask you to and on time, he hates tardiness and lazy people around him ”

I sighed softly placing my hand on my desk.
Mr Kingsley is really a big problem to deal with.

” Yeah, I will try. Thank you Stella ”

” You are welcome, see you later ” she waved her hand leaving my office.

Now where do I start from? There are lots of files on the table and I have to reply the emails again but first, I need to call Andrew to pick my kids. .

I brought out my phone dialing his number.

πŸ“ž I know it’s a good news buttercup πŸ“ž

I removed the phone from my ear as I heard his loud scream. Is this guy okay?

πŸ“ž Hey did you have to scream ? You almost damaged my eardrum πŸ“ž

I replied rolling my eyes like he was seeing me.

πŸ“ž Whatever so tell me, how was the interview?πŸ“ž

He asked

πŸ“ž Well, I got the Job and. … πŸ“ž

πŸ“ž Oh my goodness, I knew you were going to get the job, you are intelligent and have a good CV, who wouldn’t pick my buttercup to work for them? You know what? Just wait for me, give me few minutes and I will be there πŸ“ž

I creased my forehead together !

πŸ“ž Can you calm down already Andrew?πŸ“ž I said chuckling

πŸ“ž No buttercup, I am with my car keys already expect me in ten then…πŸ“ž

πŸ“ž Andrew! I already started work today πŸ“ž

I cut him off tiredly! He talks too much.
I waited for him to say something but it seems he was processing what I just said.

πŸ“ž Wait what? πŸ“ž

He finally spoke after what felt like forever.

πŸ“ž Yeah, Mr CEO is going to be a pain in the ass Andrew, after the interview, he asked me to start work immediately, he’s too cold and insulting πŸ“ž

I said with a pout. I heard him cracked and I hissed. I could have smack him if he’s to be here.

What’s funny about what I just said huh? So annoying.

πŸ“ž Wow! I think I love him already! Is he handsome? Or sΒ£xy? πŸ“ž

He asked which made me miss again.

πŸ“ž Andrew! You’ve lost it πŸ“ž

πŸ“ž I am sorry buttercup, I heard he’s rude but you have to endure it but if he tries hurting you, do not hesitate to tell me, I will break his arm and leg πŸ“ž

He said in a serious tone, I know he meant it. Just anything for me. Aren’t I lucky?

πŸ“žI have heard you Mr warrior, I want you to help me pick the kids from school please handsome πŸ“ž

πŸ“ž What am I getting in return?πŸ“ž

πŸ“ž Are we talking some kind of business here Andrew?πŸ“ž
What am I going to do with him?

πŸ“ž If I don’t get anything in return then I am not picking them πŸ“ž he said.

πŸ“ž Fine, when I receive my salary, I will take you on a treat πŸ“ž

He grinned devilishly while I rolled my eyes.

πŸ“ž That’s like my best friend, I gotta go take care buttercup πŸ“ž

πŸ“ž Andrew don’t….πŸ“ž

He hung up before I could say anything else. Seriously!

Dropping my phone, I opened the laptop to go through the emails.

Gracious Lord ! 112 messages! How on Earth am I going to finish replying all this?

I am so done for!
I breathed out and got to work, I will reply some then complete the rest tomorrow.

The first email was from Minnesota Industry.
A meeting with Mr Kingsley by Monday 12pm, I will have to go through his schedule to see if he will be free on Monday.

I jolted out in fear as I heard the telephone ringing. Gosh! When will I stop being afraid of little things?

I picked up the call.

πŸ“± hello, this is J group of company. How may I help y…πŸ“±

πŸ“± Quit talking Miss Sidney, look for a red file in your shelf and bring it right now. In two minutes πŸ“±

Ugh! Mr Kingsley, can’t he be a little nice?
I stood up to the shelf in search of the red file.

How can he give me just two minutes for search for a book in this full shelf?

I checked the first roll, second, third, fourth, fifth! Ah! Found it.

Glancing at the wall clock, I shrieked in fear. Five minutes gone!

My legs began running out of my office to his. God please don’t let him fire me.

Stella’s words replayed in my head and I shivered more.

With a shaky hand, I knocked on his door and heard a faint come in.

” Are you trying to test my patience Miss Sidney? ” He asked angrily.

” No.. Sir, I couldn’t find the file on time. I’m sorry ” I apologized with my head bowed.

” That’s a lame excuse Miss Sidney, this is just your first day and you are already showing me that you can’t manage time. I am going to be a little merciful not to fire you ”

My head snapped at him and his expression was still same. I sighed in relief at that. He’s not going to fire me at least.

” And that doesn’t mean you won’t serve the punishment, here, take this file, go through it, correct the errors and submit it before lunch ”

My eyes widened in shock! Before lunch? This bulky file? How did he expect me to do that before lunch.

It’s like there are five files together. What sort of punishment is this? Coupled with the fact that I haven’t eaten since morning.

Did he want me to die? To finish this in less than 3hours?

” But Sir ”

” Out of my office Miss Sidney, be back before lunch with this file edited. You may leave ”

I stood there dump founded, how do we do this?

” Yes Sir”
I replied as I strode out of his office.

” Miss Sidney?” He called.

” Yes Sir ”

” I don’t know where your mind went to out of the four walls of this office, the file is still on my desk ”

I cursed under my breathe walking back to him. He made me forget about it.

I gently took the file from his desk and left his office.
Mr Jeffrey Kingsley was boldly written on it.
I won’t be able to handle this for long.


Andrew’s POV

I came down from my car searching for Emma and Evan amongst the pupils.

I am glad Alexa found a job, she’s strongest woman I have ever seen.

She have handled everything that comes her way bravely. Gone through a lot but she’s still struggling for her kids.

My eyes caught some children fighting and I discovered it was Evan.

He was beating up a boy! Goodness!
I quickly ran to him separating him from that boy

His face and mouth were swollen while the rest of the pupils were laughing.

” Evan, why did you beat him up?” I asked sternly.

He looks so angry like he wants to murder someone right now. I have never seen him this way and it amuses me.

” Uncle, he have the guts to slap my sister. Emma is not just my sister, she’s my twin sister and this idiot here laid his hand on her face ”

Evan fumed angrily. That was when it downed on me, Emma!

The moment I turned, my eyes landed on her. Her face was red! What the hell?

I turned to the little boy who was bruised up too, he should be older than the twins. Why will he slap Emma?

” Why did you slap her?” I asked calmly.
The boy stood and did not answer.

” You see now Uncle, he doesn’t have a genuine reason for slapping my sister. Just warn them, no one should come close to her ”

I chuckled at Evan’s words, if you don’t know, you will think he’s more than ten years old but he’s just four.

” You shouldn’t slap her next time, you see what it resulted to? Emma has a champ for a brother so do not fight her next time and I am sorry for the bruises”

” Do you have to apologize Uncle? He deserve it ” Evan groaned.

Like seriously? This two are like cat and rat and he just beat someone else for touching Emma?

I shook my head taking Emma’s hand!

” Are you okay baby?” I asked.

” Yes uncle, I am fine ”

” Let’s hop into the car then, I will cheer up your moods with ice cream ” I said and their face lit up. .

” Yaaayy, Uncle Andrew is the best uncle in the universe ”
They both yelled excitedly. Just what I wanted.


Alexa’s POV

I sighed sleepily, my pen has been falling down since.

It’s almost closing hour and I am not done with the work Mr Kingsley gave me.

When it was lunch time , I told him I wasn’t done and he asked me to finish it before I go home.

Why is he so wicked huh? I am glad I am in the last part. In few minutes, I will be done.

I feel so tired, weak and hungry! Not even water have I tasted since morning.
I might even pass out if time is not taken. I am sure my eye bag is full and red.

I closed the file, took it together with my bag and head out. .

I will just leave for home immediatetly I give this file to him.
I miss my kids already!
I heard a come in as usual and I entered.

Isn’t he going home? That’s his business anyways.

” I am done Sir ” I said handing him the file. He looked up at me folding his arms.

” Trash it ”

Huh ?

” I don’t get you Sir ” I replied staring at him.

” You are not daft Miss Sidney, you heard me right. I said fuΓ§king trash it, it’s of no use to me, the file is a 2013 file and we are not using it. I hope you’ve learnt your lessons ”

Wait! I didn’t hear him right! Does that mean everything I did was useless?

Mr Jeffrey Kingsley, how wicked can you be?



This Jeffrey is something else o 🀣

And Evan is really a champ.

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