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Mr flirt episode 20

Mr Flirt 🎀
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Episode 20
©️Simrah Saeed
✨ Tamara ✨
” Luis ” I called as he fell down gro-ning in pain with his arm bleeding.
I can’t believe he took a bullet meant for me or Ryan ..
Ryan stood with me in his arm, we are both frightened..
” Ryan please follow this way and run with jellybean, just make sure she’s safe ” Luis said
He brought out his phone and dialed a number ..
” Yes be here with the boys immediately, at the wedding hall and some should stay by the entrance to ensure my sister and her husband goes unhurt ” he said over the phone
” You both should leave Mara it’s not safe”
I can’t just leave him in danger can I ?
” Luis..”
” Ryan take her with you ” he cut me shut holding his arm ..
” No please, Luis come with us . You just got injured almost to death because of me, I can’t leave you here ” it really surprised me where he came from knowing the bullet was about hitting me..
Isn’t that a great sacrifice? He almost lost his life
” Please…” I pleaded almost in tears while he chuckled
” The shot is nothing new jellybean, I will be fine and will see you when I’m done here. Please leave you are wasting so much time, I don’t want you hurt and it’s dang….” he didn’t finish his sentence when we heard gunshots, this time around it wasn’t one but many …
My grip tightened around Ryan’s shoulder fearfully ..
” Leave at once , Ryan please keep her safe ” he said to him as Ryan began running with me muttering a ‘ thank you ‘ . Goodness! Dad and Ryan’s family and Nate? Where are they? God! I hope nothing happen to them ..
The gunshots increased but stopped when we were almost at the gate .
” Tamara and Ryan, come this way, boss asked us to protect you ” a huge guy said coming towards us ..
” How are we sure he’s not playing us ” Ryan said fearfully ..
” He’s not, he should be the one Luis called ” I replied unsure ..
” Let’s go then and I promise to protect you with my last drop of blood ”
😉 Luis 😉
I gro-ned in pain trying to remove the bullet. It’s just my arm so I will be just fine .
I know my boys are already here , no need to panic after all, I got a gun with me but was sacred to bring it out in front of Mara , I don’t want to scare her more than she was and I don’t want her to see me as a gangster.
Just like I predicted , it happened.
I can’t believe June has the audacity to still made attempt to kill Mara after I warned her against the consequences..
She’s going to pay dearly . My phone beeped and I saw it’s one of my boys
📞 Did you get to see that head leaking godforsaken slimbag that shot the gun at my sister ?
I asked almost yelling
📞 No boss but the area is safe now and your sister and her husband were taken home by Don to avoid being attacked on the way .
📞 So thoughtful of you, I will meet you all shortly but I want you to track down and bring me that sc-mbag before the end of the day
📞 Noted boss .
📞 Good
I said and hung up . I was able to tear a side of my sleeve using it to tie up my arm is to stop the bleeding ..
Gosh! What if I was not here ?
Now it’s time to teach June a lesson ..
” Please believe me , I didn’t do anything after you warned me to stay away from her ” June said wincing in pain .
With everything she’s done to me in the past and trying to hurt my hurt Mara , all the rised like a blazing saddles .
I began lashing her with the chord
” Ouch… Luis please ”
” Shut the f-ck up June , I warned you ” I seethed with anger
” Luis please, I know I threatened to kill her but I didn’t carry out my threats you have to believe me ”
I don’t want to believe her , I don’t even want to here her speak but she looks sincere and innocent ..
If it wasn’t her that made the attempt then who?
The person should be ready to pay with his/ her life … I won’t spare him …
” I’m sorry for everything I have done, I have learnt my lessons in a hærd way . Please let me go ” she whimpered tearfully.
As much as I want to stop loving her , I can’t. My heart doesn’t agree with it .
I loved her and I think I still do…
✨ Ryan ✨
” Thank goodness you both came safely, we were worried sick ” mum said as we entered into Mara’s home
They were all here.
Mum, Dad, Nina, Jeremy, Nate and Mara’s Dad were all here .
I sighed in relief seeing that no one was hurt .I also hope no one else was shot at the hall .
” We are fine mum, Luis guy saved us ” I said dropping Mara from my shoulder..
Nina ran hugging us so tightly …
” I thought i lost you both ” she said sniffing. It’s been like ages since I saw her cry …
How much she doesn’t want to loose us ..
” You didn’t sis, we are safe and sound ” I replied wiping her tears ..
I’m still confused about the fact that one of us almost dies today. The day that supposed to be the happiest day of my life with my love bug as my wife turned out to be this way thou I’m glad we were joined together as couples.. she’s officially my wifey ..
But who the hell want us dead ? I badly need to find out real soon. That cold hearted human being must pay.
And Luis? I can’t really tell if I’m jealous.. Heck! I was jealous God!
I can’t believe he sacrificed his life for my Mara .
I don’t know him and the relationsh¡p he have with my love bug but I don’t like it, it will piece me off if I see him with her. Maybe I will ask Mara when everything goes well but that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for saving our lives .. I mean I, wha could have happened if he wasn’t there?
And he didn’t even bother dying to save Mara’s life in particular..
Ahh! Thinking of that creates a burning jealousy in,side of me ….
Who else pity June..😞
You shouldn’t threaten someone in any way ..
You wouldn’t know what might happen to the person thereafter and you will be tend responsible ..
It’s happening o..
Be careful of your choice of words too..

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