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Mr flirt episode 3


Mr Flirt 🎀
🍭(The hottie is my roommate) 🍭

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Episode 3
©️ Simrah Saeed

✨ Tamara ✨

” I’m sorry for my brother’s behaviour” Nina said as we came out for lunch. The class was pretty good and we had computer and mathematics.

” It’s okay, I think I have to get used to it cause I’m stuck with him till God knows when ”

” Yeah thou he’s a cool person to live with, you will love him when you get to know the type he is. Let’s go, I’m famished”
Her stomach grumbled while we laughed.

” Cafeteria please and bills on me ”

We ordered for fried chicken with cheese.
Wow! Yummy,

” The food is all yours Mara” Nina chuckled

” I know right, it’s so tasty ” I enthused

” Can we know about us now? Before the next class ”

” Yeah, like you Know I’m Tamara Owen, my father’s sponsoring me. I’m his only child and I lost my mum at a young age ” I said monotonously.

” Your love life?” She asked while I shrugged

” I only have an ex, no boyfriend ”

” Wow! You mean as pretty as you are no boyfriend?”

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” I chose not to date ”

” Okay okay”

” Now about you ”

” Nina Nathan, Ryan is my twin, came from the family of 5, I , Ryan , Jeremy, mum and Dad. I don’t have a boyfriend but got a crush on my brother’s friend Nate. We came together ”

” I wish I had siblings” I said sadly. Aside dad, I don’t have any family.
No one to do some crazy things with, especially a sister to do girly stuff with .

” C’mon I’m your sister okay? Take me as one ”

“And I’m your friend, take me as one ” a voice said as we both turned to see it was Ryan and a guy
Can’t this guy give me a break?

” Hello pretty” he said and sat beside me while his friend sat beside Nina
I won’t let him know he has effect on me. I won’t let him know he’s my weakness, I have to show him I will never fall for his charm after all they are all the same.
My ex left me for a more beautiful girl so any other guy can leave.
He took my food and began eating

” Give me back my food ” I muttered

” No pretty ” he said with his mouth full of cheese

” You are a sicko ”

” Only your sicko. Mara meet my best friend Nate, Nate this is my roommate I told you about. Isn’t she pretty? ”
So he’s Nate? I stared at Nina to see she was flushed. Her face reddened, it’s so obvious she love him .

” Yeah she is, nice meeting you Mara ”
I passed him my best smile remaining silent.
This is so awkward!

” What where you discussing?” Ryan asked
I caught a glimpse of Nate staring intently at Nina..
There is a hidden chemistry between them.

” It’s girls stuff Ryan ” Nina replied

” But I said I will be your friend already. I mean it ” he pouted

” I don’t want you as my friend” I glared at him

” Pretty please, I promise to stop being flirty with you ”

” No!”

“Yes, I want to be ”

” She doesn’t want to be your friend man! I’m your brother right? ” Nate asked while I nodded

” So let my sister be ”

” Nate!” He called sternly

” You Know sis just consider him for my sake, if he tries anything callus, I will kick his ass ”

” And I will blend his nose ” Nina added

” Okay, friends ”

“‘ yaaay!”

“So we will all go for an ice cream treat from me ” he announced hugging me

” Let go off me, you promised not to be flirty ”

” Sorry ” he said scratching the back of his head
Ryan came with a bowl ice cream. Yum! I can’t wait to leak it, I don’t care if they stare weirdly at me or not .

” Here ”
We gathered the bowl with our 🥄 leaking it with pace like we are in some kind of food competition..
The way I was packing up in my spoon shows that I do already cheat them

” Calm down guys, I’m gonna get another one, this time around you have your own. Y’all cheated me” Ryan said pouting before he stood up.
I couldn’t hold my laughter, we used spoons quite alright but my hands is full with ice cream.
How amazing I munched it

” Be right back” Nina said leaving me alone with Nate

” Sis , I can trust you right?”

” Yeah ”

” Uhh.. I have always liked Nina since we were kids but… I can’t tell her that”

” Why?”

” Ryan, he will bury me alive if he knows I’m interested in his sister. He’s very protective of her. He wouldn’t let any guy come close to her except I, him and their elder brother Jeremy”

” Confess your love for Nina then, since the very moment I met you, I know you love her. Can I tell you a secret?”

” Yess”

” She love you too ”

” Really?” He beamed while I nodded

” I’m scared. Ryan and I made some rules before we became friends. One of them is not to date either of our sisters and I happened to be the victim ” he said sadly
What sort of rule is that? Incredible..

” There must be a way out, don’t worry bro, I gat your back ”

” I’m back ”
Ryan was carrying two bowls of ice cream and Nina too.
It will be better that way.
My face brightened as he extended one to me
With no hesitation, I began taking it directly from the bowl which made them laugh..


It’s been a week since Ryan, Nina, Nate and I became friends and I enjoy their company
Nina was right, Ryan isn’t all flirty this days but very protective.
Imagine he almost killed a guy who stopped me yesterday just to ask of my name.
He appeared from nowhere punching the guy..
I got really pissed by his protectiveness!
All he could say was that guys here on campus are dangerous..
Thou I see reasons with him.

I was about entering my car when some one shouted my name …

” Asher?” I panicked and opened the car door to enter.
This isn’t a good thing.

” Wait up 👼 angel” he said huskily
I never want to set my eyes on him again .
Asher is my ex and he’s a bad ass, I don’t know why I dated him in the fist place.

” So you are here senorita”

” A.. Asher what did you want”
He leaned over me pinning me to the car

” You know I have always wanted you ” he whispered into my ear

” If you have wanted me, you wouldn’t have cheated on me ”

” That’s why you left? You are mine and you know that”
My back was hurting as I wince in pain

” I’m not yours, I will never be yours ”
He pushed me inside the car with him on top of me

” Get off me Asher ” I struggled to get up but his arm weighed me down
This isn’t going to end well.

” Shut the fvck up, you are mine Tamara”
He slapped me kissing me roughly.
Tears welled up my eyes as I blamed myself for packing my car in a secluded spot. I even forgot what I came here to do…

” P..le.. please” I pleaded.
His hand made way to my panties shifting it lightly..
My hands where tied with his muscles my knees were far from his balls..
God please bring a saving grace

” A..Asher p.. please” I whispered between sobs but his two fingers were slid into me already


✨ Ryan ✨

I laid on the bed playing a game on my phone.
Mara left an hour ago and she’s yet to return.
I asked to accompany her to wherever she was going but she bluntly turned down my offer saying it’s personal.
Maybe she went to see her boyfriend, but Nina told me she doesn’t have a boyfriend right?
The feeling of jealousy in me is driving me crazy.
I feel she’s mine and I have all reasons to protect her from all the chaos on campus .
I know I can get any girl I want with just a snap of my finger. Ladies flock around me like flies but ain’t interested in any.
The only two ladies I care about is Nina and Mara
I don’t know what’s the feeling but…

” What’s wrong Mara?” I threw my phone on the bed running to her .
She was sobbing uncontrollably making my heart clenched.
It pain me to see her hurt and whoever is behind it won’t escape my wrath .

” Talk to me please, who bullied you? Did anyone look for your trouble? Are you sick ?”
I asked sitting her on the bed with me by her side.
All she could do was to cry .
She hugged me so tightly as her tears drop on my shoulder

” Mara please stop crying”

” H…h…h…(hiccups) he ..ab…(hiccups) abused me ”
My jaw tightened as I heard that, who the hell abused her ?

” abused you? How? Who’s that bastard?” I asked enraged

” A..Asher”

” Who’s Asher ?”

” ..my…ex, h..he..f.fingered me ”
Her sobs increased
The Asher guy have the guts to finger her?

” The swaggering braggart bastard. The
corpulent! The good for nothing slime bag. I will break his bones when I get to know him and set my eyes on him, I will pieces his brain, I will crush that coccydynia ” I roared and punched the nearest wall.
I’m beyond angry

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