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MR HUMILITY 🎶🎶🎸🎸🎧🎧🎤🎤🎹🎹🎼🎼🎵🎵

Chapter 22🍀🍀 fififif

(Th£ promise of new songs…..)

Lee stepped ©vt of h£r room, yawn!ng, and half asleep, all on h£r m!nd was to go straight to th£ fridge and get h£r chocolate milk. $h£ had [email protected]||en asleep at th£ piano while pray!ng, and wak!ng up !n that position was not pleasant at all. h£r wh0l£ b©dy ach£d as $h£ trudged towards th£ liv!ng room, but upon gett!ng th£re, $h£ met a very guilty look!ng Chan already at th£ fridge, sipp!ng on what looked a lot like h£r chocolate milk.

h¡s eyes met h£rs, th£n widened slightly, as th£ sleep !nstantly cleared from h£r own eyes. h£ yanked th£ milk packet ©vt of h¡s m©vth awkwardly, and was ab©vt to make th£ same awkward exit, but $h£ was not go!ng to allow that.

“Good morn!ng!” $h£ greeted ch£erily, catch!ng h¡m off guard as expected. h£ stared at h£r suspiciously for a few seconds, before nodd!ng h¡s h£ad awkwardly. $h£ smiled and walked over to th£ fridge, ₱v||!ng it open wider. h£ fl!nch£d as $h£ got close to h¡m.

h£r grip on th£ fridge t!ghtened as $h£ realized that h£ had j√$t f!ni$h£d th£ last packet of chocolate milk. $h£ wanted to get mad, but forced a smile on to h£r face. $h£ couldn’t believe that h£ had been th£ one steal!ng h£r beverage after all th¡s time.

“Wow. Looks like you took th£ last packet. No worries, I’ll j√$t get some m©r£!”

h¡s eyes narrowed at h£r, th£n became cold. “I’ll buy it for you.” h£ said curtly.

“It’s no problem really. I’m glad you’re enjoy!ng it….”

“What are you do!ng Lee?”

Lee sigh£d, th£n bit h£r l¡p, but didn’t answer.

$h£ saw h¡m scoff at h£r silence.

“Stop act!ng like everyth!ng is okay.”

“And what’s so wrong with that? I’m not act!ng. I know everyth!ng will be okay. I’m prepp!ng myself for wh£n that happens.”
A defeated look wa$h£d over h¡s face at h£r words, and $h£ saw h¡s l¡ps quiver. h£ bowed h¡s h£ad, clench!ng h¡s fists so [email protected] $h£ saw h¡s knuckles turn!ng white.

“Why….why are you like th¡s? You always do th¡s. You make my anger seem worthless. You my feel!ngs seem shallow. Wh£n you smile like that, everyth!ng I feel pales !n comparison, and you make me want to believe that it’ll all be f!ne.”

Th£y were both silent for awhile.

“Why don’t you?”

h£ looked up. “What?”

“Why don’t you believe? Why don’t you allow yourself to believe that everyth!ng will be f!ne?”

h£ sigh£d, a h£avy sigh, and $h£ could feel th£ burden and pa!n on h¡s shoulders.

“Because noth!ng has ever been f!ne. Why would it be f!ne now j√$t because I start believ!ng that it will be?”

“Because you’re believ!ng !n God th¡s time. And h£ will give you th£ strength to keep on believ!ng.”

$h£ saw h¡m smile and scoff aga!n bitterly. “I hurt you yesterday Lee. With my words. So why are you be!ng nice to me? j√$t cut th£ act already….”

Lee felt anger $h£ had been surpress!ng fill h£r m!nd.

“WHY do you keep mak!ng excuses? You keep look!ng for a reason for people to treat you badly. It’s like you’re look!ng for reasons not to trust people, and wh£n th£y don’t give you, you make up ones yourself. That’s not right. And it’s not fair to th£ people who ¢ar£ ab©vt you.”

h£ watch£d h£r silently as $h£ spoke, th£ turned h¡s h£ad away from h£r stubbornly. $h£ grit h£r teeth !n anger.

“See Lee? !n th£ end, you’re gett!ng tired of me too. I won’t hold on to people j√$t because I’m afraid of be!ng abandoned. I’d rath£r th£y abandoned me !nstead.”

Lee ran h£r [email protected] through h£r hair. It felt as if $h£ was tak!ng one step forward and three steps [email protected]¢kwards. $h£ alone was not go!ng to be enough to get through to Chan. To h£lp h¡m trust th£ people @r0vnd h¡m. And to h£lp h¡m trust God.

h£ didn’t wait for h£r to say anyth!ng else, as h£ walked quietly ©vt of th£ liv!ng room. h£ left h£r feel!ng m©r£ exhausted than before, and beg!nn!ng to wonder if h£r prayer th£ previous night had meant anyth!ng at all. $h£ had prayed, so why wasn’t $h£ see!ng answers?

No. $h£ shook h£r h£ad. $h£ didn’t need to see answers immediately to know that God was th£re and that h£ was work!ng. $h£ trusted God. And that trust was pres£nt especially wh£n $h£ couldn’t see any answers to h£r prayers.

$h£ glanced @r0vnd th£ liv!ng room. Hadn’t Aster slept th£re th£ previous night? $h£ couldn’t see h¡m anywh£re right now.

Shuffl!ng of feet made h£r turn h£r h£ad, and $h£ saw th£ lady that had come !n th£ previous night, Cynthia or so, walk!ng !n, hold!ng a pillow. h£r eyes were puffy and red, and $h£ looked like $h£ hadn’t slept much.

Lee chuckled to h£rself. Guess $h£ wasn’t th£ only one. !n fact, $h£ didn’t th!nk anyone !n th£ house had slept well at all.

“Oh, good morn!ng…. Lee right?”

Lee smiled. “We didn’t get to properly !ntroduce ourselves last night did we?”

Cynthia smiled sadly. $h£ was very pretty, and if $h£ didn’t look so haggard right now, h£r beauty would have lit up th£ room.

“Yes, we didn’t.”

“Take a seat. I’ll make you some coffee.”

“Oh, th£re’s no need to trouble….”

“It’s okay, really.”

Cynthia smiled aga!n, but th¡s time it was an almost happier smile.

Lee grabb£d th£ coffee maker, plac!ng a cup under it and fill!ng th£ top with th£ crisp coffee beans. Th£y both watch£d !n silence as th£ maker began to white, ₱0ur!ng fresh coffee !nto th£ cup. Lee grabb£d th£ cup and set !n d©wΠ before Cynthia, who smiled gratefvlly and brought th£ cup to h£r l¡ps.

“It’s delicious. Thank you very much.”

Lee smiled,th£n began to pick at h£r f!ng£rs.

“It was a h£ll of a night yesterday right?” $h£ asked cautiously.

Cynthia’s eyes narrowed. “It was pa!nful.”

Lee bit h£r l¡p. “Yeah. For all of us.”

Cynthia looked up at h£r and smiled aga!n. “I’m glad Chan has someone like you watch!ng ©vt for h¡m.”

Lee’s face went red. “W-what do you mean…?”

“I k!nd of…. eavesdropped on you guy’s conversation j√$t now. Sorry ab©vt that. But from what I h£ard, and what I saw yesterday, you both really ¢ar£ ab©vt each oth£r.”

Lee’s shoulders slumped. “Well at least you can see that.”

Cynthia chuckled at h£r reaction. “h£…h£’s been through a lot. I…I used to be so angry at h¡m for turn!ng ©vt th£ way h£ did, so angry at h¡m for be!ng so arrogant and untrust!ng of people, but I guess… I can’t really blame h¡m for be!ng that way.”

“Uh…sorry to ask th¡s so suddenly…but who… exactly are you to h¡m?”

Cynthia smiled sweetly. “I’m h¡s manager.”

Lee’s eyes widened !n understand!ng. “Ah.”

“Actually….I’m m©r£ than that. I uh…..” $h£ saw Cynthia’s grip t!ghten on th£ cup of coffee.

“Chan’s family took me !n wh£n I was twelve. My parents had j√$t died, and Chan’s mom took pity on me I guess. I had no wh£re to go. Amelia. $h£ was such a k!nd soul.”

Lee bit h£r l¡p. $h£ couldn’t believe it. j√$t yesterday Cynthia and been so adamant ab©vt not tell!ng anyone anyth!ng ab©vt Chan’s past.

“So I grew up with Chan. h£’s like family to me. And wh£n h¡s mom died….$h£ told me to take ¢ar£ of h¡m. But…but I haven’t been do!ng such a good job have I?”

Lee didn’t know if $h£ was ask!ng h£r or h£rself.

“Cynthia….th!ngs might look so complicated right now, or like th£y can never be fixed, but I a$$ure you…it’s….it’s all go!ng to be f!ne.”

Cynthia looked up at h£r with hopeful eyes. “How do you know?”

“I… I j√$t do.”


Lee soon had to leave for h£r cla$$es, and $h£ hoped to God that everyth!ng would still be peaceful wh£n $h£ got [email protected]¢k home. $h£ knew $h£ had to pay attention to h£r lessons, but $h£ was too worried ab©vt what could happen, and it showed !n h£r work.

$h£ cr!nged after mak!ng h£r second mistake while go!ng through a particular beg!nner’s melody h£r teach£r wrote for h£r.

h£ sigh£d and took a seat beside h£r. “I can tell you’re distracted Liana.”

$h£ cr!nged aga!n, wish!ng th£ ground would open up and swallow h£r. “I’m so sorry teach. It’s j√$t… th£re’s a lot go!ng on at home and I’m really sorry because I know that isn’t an excuse and….”

h£r teach£r chuckled and motioned for h£r to take a deep breath. “I th!nk I have five m!nutes to spare. Do you want to take a break?”

“We really don’t have to…”

“You can’t work if you’re distracted, you know that Liana. So use th¡s time to get your h£ad !n th£ game.”

Lee bit h£r l¡p and slumped !n h£r seat. h£r teach£r rested h¡s ch!n on h¡s palms and smiled at h£r. “Now, I’m no longer !n teach£r mode. ¢ar£ to tell me what’s go!ng on?”

“It’s j√$t…so complicated. Th£re’s someone I ¢ar£ ab©vt. But h£’s go!ng through a lot right now, and I don’t know how to h£lp h¡m. h£ has some family problems and….!n fact…I j√$t feel that if we don’t resolve th¡s issue quickly, it might end up ru!n!ng all our relationships. Wh£th£r h£ likes it or not, my broth£r and I already got !nvolved !n h¡s life, and I have no idea how to conv!nce h¡m to rely on me and God, and to open up ab©vt h¡s scars. I j√$t…want to h£lp h¡m and I don’t know how.”

h£r teach£r smiled warmly at h£r.

“You have a good h£art Liana. That’s one of th£ th!ngs I appreciate ab©vt you.”

h£ sigh£d and relaxed !n h¡s chair.

“I understand that feel!ng…you try so desperately to reach someone, but it feels like no matter what you do, th£y j√$t keep ₱ush!ng you away, not really realiz!ng j√$t how much you ¢ar£ ab©vt th£m. !n th£ end…it’s never easy to stand by people. It’s not easy to truly love someone from th£ bottom of your h£art. Because that means you have to accept th£m, both th£ good and th£ bad, and !n th£ best cases, you h£lp th£m change and grow to be better people. No one really is ever ready for that k!nd of mental journey. It’s someth!ng that can only be achieved by th£ grace of God. So that’s anoth£r reason why I really respect you, Liana.”

Lee felt h£r ch£eks grow red at h£r teach£r’s praise.

h£ cont!nued.

“Now, I don’t really know if I can say anyth!ng to h£lp, but j√$t like you…I had a student, a long time ago, before I ever came to th£ Island, I had a student, a very promis!ng and talented young lady….$h£ had such a unique talent that gave h£r th£ ability to hold th£ attention of everyone !n a room wh£n $h£ began to ₱|@y. $h£ would go places, I would always tell h£r. And $h£ did. At such a young age, $h£ was already well known, people couldn’t get enough of h£r. $h£ was that blessed.”

j√$t like Chan, Lee thought to h£rself.

“However, $h£ fell madly !n love with th£ young son of a very big conglomerate, and I was happy for h£r, until I began to realize that h£ was try!ng to run h£r life. $h£ ended up gett!ng pregnant,even before marry!ng h¡m, and th£y had a hu$h£d marriage, to save face. Not long after $h£ had given birth, $h£ started to come to see me with bruises. It was little, and [email protected] to miss at first because $h£ covered th£m so well, but wh£n you start see!ng someone wear!ng a cardigan !n th£ h°t summer h£at, you know someth!ng is wrong.”

h£ paused and took a deep shaky breath.

“I tried to get h£r to talk to me. But $h£ only ever smiled and told me everyth!ng was okay. Th£ very last time $h£ spoke to me, $h£ told me that h£r husband had told h£r to quit h£r music ¢ar£er and take ¢ar£ of h£r h£r home. h£ said that h£ had actually suspected that $h£ was hav!ng an affair with me, and that h£ wasn’t comfortable that h¡s wife was mak!ng h£rself seem available to th£ world. Th¡s com!ng from th£ man that was too ashamed of h£r that h£ married h£r so quietly. After that, I never h£ard from h£r aga!n. And I didn’t try to reach ©vt to h£r. I was so angry that $h£ had abandoned h£r pa$$ion that way, for a man who clearly ¢ar£d noth!ng ab©vt h£r. I was so bl!nded by my rage and disappo!ntment…..well, I guess what I’m try!ng to say Liana, is that… Don’t be like me. No matter what happens, if you truly ¢ar£ ab©vt someone, don’t leave th£m. Eventually… th£y’ll open up. Eventually th£ir h£arts will h£al. Everyday I wish I had talked to h£r a little m©r£. I wish I hadn’t let h£r go so easily. But…at least I hope that wh£rever $h£ is now, $h£’s liv!ng happily.”

Lee’s eyes widened as $h£ took !n h£r teach£r’s confession. So that was why h£ was always say!ng h£ didn’t want to see anoth£r person through away th£ir pa$$ion and dream, and why h£ was so disappo!nted with h£r for do!ng so.

It was such a powerful confession, and it strength£ned h£r resolve to stand by Chan and h£r family till th£ end.

$h£ felt a nudge !n h£r spirit to ask for th£ woman’s name.

“Teach…what was h£r name?”

h£ smiled at h£r. “Amelia.”

Lee’s eyes widened furth£r.


Hadn’t that been th£ name Cynthia had called Chan’s mom?

$h£ shook h£r h£ad.

“What was h£r last name?”

h£r teach£r rose h¡s eyebrows at h£r !n confusion,but answered.

“Uh…h£r maiden name was Grange, but I th!nk h£r husband’s last name was Kim. Manny…. no…Mann. That’s right. I always thought it was such a strange name. Mann Kim. So $h£ became Amelia Kim.”

Lee struggled to calm h£r b**t!ng h£art. $h£ whipped ©vt h£r phone and Googled Chan.

Th£ article loaded, and $h£ scanned through h¡s bio, h£r h£art !n h£r throat.

‘…..Th£ [email protected] was born Chan Kim, but little is known ab©vt h¡m family except of th£ fact that h£ is th£ son and Chaebol h£ir of a very large conglomerate. h£ however, changed h¡s name to h¡s moth£r’s maiden name, for personal reasons h£ never discussed, h£nce now bear!ng th£ name we all know h¡m as, Chan Grange.’

Lee almost fell from h£r chair.

Th¡s….th¡s had to be a co!ncidence. Th£re was no way th¡s was real.

$h£ turned to h£r teach£r.

“Liana, is everyth!ng okay?”

“Teach…I’m sorry, but could you follow me somewh£re?”


Th£re it is my lovelies!!!

Hmm, it looks like th£re is anoth£r big secret to be revealed oh😌😌😌

Hope you guys are gett!ng ready for th£ f!nale!!!

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Written by Authoress Covenant.

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