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MR HUMILITY 🎼🎼🎶🎶🎻🎻🎤🎤

Chapter 6

(My h£art b**ts like boom!) Fifif

“h£y Cynthia.”

Aster sigh£d as h£ settled !nto h¡s b£d, feel!ng th£ comfort of th£ matress seep!ng !nto h¡s ach!ng bones.

“Hi Aster. I j√$t wanted to ask….”

“How Chan’s do!ng?”


h£ chuckled lightly.

“Shouldn’t you be ask!ng h¡m that?”

h£ h£ard a scoff from th£ oth£r side of th£ phone. “If I keep call!ng h¡m Aster, it’s gonna fuel h¡s ego even m©r£. h£ won’t realize that what h£ said to me was extremely hurtful. I guess I’m be!ng selfish though. h£ didn’t j√$t !nsult me. h£ !nsulted h¡s moth£r too.”

Aster sigh£d aga!n, rubb!ng h¡s temples.

“Well, s!nce that’s th£ case, h£’s do!ng pretty well, at least that’s what I can see.”

h£ h£ard Cynthia sigh !n relief. “Is h£ settl!ng !n well?”

“h£ hasn’t compla!ned ab©vt anyth!ng yet.”

“Yeah well, if I were you, I wouldn’t get too comfortable. h£’s bound to make trouble one way or th£ oth£r.”

Aster chuckled lightly.

“You really do ¢ar£ for h¡m, don’t you?”

Cynthia sigh£d. “That’s an odd question to ask. And to answer.”

Aster chuckled aga!n. “Oh that’s right. h£ met my sister today. Or…rath£r $h£ s¢ar£d th£ daylights ©vt of h¡m. It was hilarious, but h£’d better not h£ar me say!ng that. I’ve never seen h¡m look so shocked before. I had to restra!n myself from burst!ng !nto laughter.”

Cynthia snorted. “Really? That would have been fun to watch.”

“It was. My sister is known for br!ng!ng ©vt th£ worst !n people anyway.”

“I honestly don’t know if you mean that literally or not.”

Aster began to laugh and Cynthia jo!ned h¡m, both of th£m burst!ng !nto reliev!ng laughter for a few seconds. As th£y began to quiet d©wΠ, Aster felt h¡s h£art thump!ng loudly !n h¡s ch£st.

Cynthia was quiet too, and th£ silence b£tweeΠ th£m was deafen!ng.

“Uh….” Aster began, wonder!ng j√$t what !n Earth h£ could say to dispel th¡s awkwardness that had suddenly descended on both of th£m.
“Thanks a lot for th£ update, Aster. I’ll call aga!n soon. Goodnight.”

“Um… goodnight Cynthia.”

As $h£ hung up th£ phone, Aster chuckled softly. “$h£ really sounded like th£ h£avy air b£tweeΠ th£m had not happened at all. h£ guessed be!ng able to [email protected] th!ngs like that were one of th£ perks and wisdom that came with age. $h£ was after all, almost seven years older than h£ and Chan.

h£ fell [email protected]¢k on h¡s b£d, feel!ng h¡s h£art cont!nu!ng to thump loudly, no matter how much h£ tried to calm it.


Th£ sky was still dark ©vt wh£n Chan came ©vt of h¡s room. Th£ house was quiet, and h£ guessed that h¡s hostel family were all still sound asleep.

h£ was plann!ng to go for an early morn!ng run, h£ had to stay fit after all, break or not.

h£ entered th£ liv!ng room, and h¡s h£art almost burst ©vt of h¡s ch£st wh£n h£ saw Aster’s sister,Lee, seated at th£ table, quietly sipp!ng on a packet of chocolate milk.

$h£ turned to h¡m, h£r eyes widen!ng slightly. Upon closer !nspection now,$h£ didn’t look that frighten!ng.

Well, mostly because now h£r hair was tied up !nto a bun and not matted across h£r face.

But, what th£ h£ll was $h£ do!ng sitt!ng !n th£ dark, sipp!ng chocolate milk at six am?

h£ huffed and prepared to ignore h£r.

“Wh£re are you go!ng?” h£r voice was soft but accus!ng,and it halted h¡m !n h¡s steps.

h£ turned to face h£r. Perhaps now was th£ right time to tell th¡s kid off properly.

“Wh£re does it look like I’m go!ng?”

$h£ scoffed, th£n smiled, roll!ng h£r eyes at h¡m. h£ bit h¡s l¡p !n anger.

“Do you know your way @r0vnd? Hun? What if you get lost? Anyway…?”

$h£ rose h£r arms up and shrugged.

“What do I expect from someone that hangs ©vt with my broth£r? You’re probably as much of a doofus as h£ is.”

Chan clench£d h¡s fists.

“I don’t appreciate your tone of voice. Do you have any idea who I am?”

$h£ looked h¡m over, not th£ least bit impressed.

“Sure I do. You’re that popular s!nger, Chan.”

Chan folded h¡s arms, smil!ng smugly.

“Oh I see what th¡s is now. You’re try!ng to get my attention. Well, I can’t blame you. But your attitude is gett!ng old f*st.”

$h£ stared up at h¡m, h£r m©vth hang!ng open slightly.

“Wow. You are a h*g£ jerk! Do your fans know that your ego is th£ size of your h£ad?”

“Excuse me?”

“What on Earth is my broth£r do!ng be!ng friends with someone like you anyway? Gosh that idiot. I’m sure you bullied h¡m !n some way. h£’s too easygo!ng.”

“Aster and I are co-workers. And I fired h¡m for exactly th¡s k!nd of !nsolence. I see it runs !n th£ family.”

Th£ girl ran h£r [email protected] through h£r hair.

“Oh geez. I cannot believe what I’m h£ar!ng.” $h£ didn’t sound s¢ar£d, j√$t extremely amused.

Chan stuck h¡s [email protected] !nto h¡s pocket, gently f|¡¢k!ng h¡s guitar pick b£tweeΠ h¡s f!ng£rs. Th¡s girl was already gett!ng on h¡s nerves. But no way was h£ ab©vt to be bested by some emo teenager.

$h£ rose h£r [email protected] !n defeat. “F!ne. Have it your way.”

h£ smirked. So $h£ was all bark and no b¡t£. Figures. Aster was th£ same way.

h£ turned @r0vnd and h£aded ©vt th£ door, leav!ng h£r beh!nd. Lee stared at h¡s retreat!ng form. $h£ pressed h£r l¡ps togeth£r, th£n put h¡m ©vt of h£r m!nd.


Several hours pa$$ed and Lee soon forgot ab©vt th£ wh0l£ morn!ng !ncident. $h£ sat !n h£r room all morn!ng, listen!ng to music and read!ng books. Books $h£ had read over a thousand times already.

Songs $h£ had h£ard a million times over.

But th¡s was th£ life $h£ had chos£n. Some people might call h£r a coward, but $h£ had long s!nce decided not to ¢ar£ what oth£r people thought ab©vt h£r and h£r choices.

But…$h£ felt as if $h£ was runn!ng round !n circles, and not truly liv!ng. However, no matter how trapped $h£ felt, noth!ng could ever make h£r try to step ©vt of h£r cage, or to try to contradict th£ monsters |ns!de h£r h£ad.

$h£ sigh£d and rolled over !n h£r b£d.

Yeah. Th¡s was th£ life $h£ had chos£n. Th¡s was th£ cross $h£ had to bear.

h£r attention f|¡¢kered to a space, one that used to be occupied by someth!ng $h£ had long discarded, or had th£ th!ng discarded h£r !nstead?

$h£ sigh£d aga!n, and picked h£r book [email protected]¢k up, try!ng to five h£r attention [email protected]¢k to th£ blank words on th£ page.

h£r door burst open j√$t as $h£ was gett!ng !nvested aga!n.

And of course it was h£r idiot broth£r.

“Can’t you knock Aster?”

“I seem to be hav!ng problems with that.” h£ replied ch£ekily and $h£ rolled h£r eyes.

“What do you want?”

“You said Chan went ©vt jogg!ng right?”

Ugh. h£ was h£re to talk ab©vt that puffed up egomaniac.

“Yeah I did. So?”

“We’re ab©vt to eat breakf*st, and h£’s not [email protected]¢k yet.”

“So how is that my problem?”

“Did h£ tell you wh£re h£ was go!ng?”

“Of course not. I tried to stop h¡m, that h£ could get lost, but h£ didn’t listen.”

“Oh geez. And h£ left h¡s phone |ns!de too.”

“Wow. What a genius.”

“Now is not th£ time to be sarcastic Lee. We have to go look for h¡m.”

“No, you have to go look for h¡m. !n what way is h£ my responsibility?”

“Come on Lee. It will be f*ster if we both go. Mom’s gett!ng worried too!”

Lee looked ©vtside from h£r b£droom w!ndow, feel!ng goosepimples prick h£r f|£$h.

“Nuh uhn. No way am I go!ng ©vtside. And especially not for h¡m.”

Aster [email protected] “For goodness sake.” h£ muttered under h¡s breath, th£n shut th£ door.

$h£ shut h£r book as well, th£n stared ©vt h£r w!ndow.

$h£ knew that Chan dude was go!ng to be noth!ng but trouble.


Chan looked left, th£n right. h£ bit h¡s l¡p.

h£ was lost!

How could h£ have gotten lost?

Even though it had only been a week s!nce h£ had arrived h£re, h£ had accompanied Aster ©vt a number of times, and h£ trusted h¡mself to remember th£ notable landmarks and Aster’s house address. How on Earth had h£ gotten h¡mself lost?

No. Th¡s probably wasn’t h¡s fault. It was that Lee girl. $h£ had thrown h¡m off h¡s game that morn!ng. And h£ hadn’t brought h¡s phone along with h¡m.

Th£ sun was start!ng to rise, and people were start!ng to fill th£ streets, and h£ threw h¡s hoodie on h¡s h£ad. Th£ next course of action would probably be to f!nd a payphone and call Aster.

h£ sigh£d. h£ would need to ask someone for directions though.

But could h£ ask someone with©vt th£m recogniz!ng h¡m?

h£ smiled !nvoluntarily to h¡mself. Well, if th£y did, h£ would j√$t enjoy th£ attention. h£ walked a few metres, look!ng for th£ perfect person to ask for directions, wh£n h£ was stopped !n h¡s tracks.

Stand!ng !n a clear!ng, was a large and grand th£ater. h¡s eyes widened !n amazement. h£ couldn’t believe th£re was someth!ng as grand and beautiful as th¡s !n th¡s small and sleepy town. A monument near th£ entrance caught h¡s eye.

h£ m©v£d towards it and appraised it ¢ar£fvlly.

!nscrib£d on it were th£ names of several people. If h£ had counted, h£ was sure th£y would have been up to fifty.

Th£re were also flowers and candles left no doubt by th£ people of th£ town, at th£ foot of th£ monument.

Th£re was no doubt, th£ people whose names were written th£re were probably all dead. But, what on Earth could have killed so many people? Did it happen at th¡s th£ater?

h£ found h¡mself be!ng unexpla!nably drawn to th£ mystery, and feel!ng curiousity !n h¡s ve!ns, as h£ stared longer and longer at th£ monument.


Th£re it is my lovelies!!!

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Written by Authoress Covenant.

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