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MR HUMILITY 🎼🎼🎶🎶🎶🎶🎤🎤🎻🎻🎻

Chapter 7

(Wake up th£ music !n my soul….)

Lee twisted and turned !n h£r b£d, unable to shake th£ feel!ng of guilt that now coursed through h£r m!nd. Why was $h£ feel!ng so at fault? It wasn’t like $h£ hadn’t tried to stop that idiot from go!ng ©vt at first. Of course $h£ knew that if $h£ went ©vt with h£r broth£r to search for h¡m th£y would have a high£r chance if f!nd!ng h¡m, but $h£ j√$t couldn’t br!ng h£rself to step ©vt of th£ house j√$t yet. Today was one of those days wh£n $h£ was feel!ng extra depressed, and th£ last th!ng $h£ wanted was to go ©vtside.

$h£ sat up !n h£r b£d and curled h£r knees aga!nst h£r ch£st, rock!ng [email protected]¢k and forth, hop!ng that th£ constant motion would make h£r feel m©r£ relaxed. After do!ng that for awhile, $h£ got up from th£ b£d and walked !nto th£ liv!ng room, stand!ng at th£ door.

Maybe if $h£ stood on th£ look©vt for th£m it would ease h£r conscience a little.

$h£ opened th£ door gradually, and felt th£ chilly [email protected]|| air envelop h£r as th£ door swung open.

$h£ stared up at th£ bright blue sky, and chastised h£rself.

$h£ had gone ©vt several times before, so why was it feel!ng so difficult now? Th¡s feel!ng always came and went wh£never it liked, $h£ had no ¢©Πtr0| over it.

$h£ sat d©wΠ on th£ curb, ₱v||!ng h£r sweater t!ghter @r0vnd h£r b©dy, wh£n $h£ h£ard what sounded like a soft wh¡mper!ng sound com!ng from th£ one of th£ shrubs !n th£ garden.

$h£ got up ¢ar£fvlly, and made h£r way !nto th£ bu$h£s.

Th£ wh¡mper!ng sound got louder, and $h£ peered curiously !nto th£ bu$h£s.

Th£re was a small white kitten curled up |ns!de, it’s fur sta!ned with blood and dirt. It was wh¡mper!ng !n pa!n, and $h£ blew ©vt a puff of air.

Could th¡s have been what was mak!ng that scratch!ng noise a few nights ago? Was it possible that th¡s cat had been go!ng !n and ©vt of th£ir house?

$h£ sigh£d, and reach£d ©vt h£r [email protected] to pick it up, but as $h£ had expected, th£ cat scratch£d and clawed at h£r, cutt!ng h£r f!ng£r.

$h£ w!nced !n pa!n, but cont!nued to try and call th£ cat d©wΠ, reach!ng ©vt for it each time $h£ felt it had gotten comfortable.

$h£ got cut several times, and not j√$t by th£ cat, but by particularly sharp branch£s !n th£ rub, but $h£ was eventually able to make th£ cat see that $h£ wasn’t a threat, and it limped pa!nfvlly !nto h£r arms.

$h£ bru$h£d it’s fur sympath£tically with h£r f!ng£rs, feel!ng [email protected]!$fied with h£rself.

At least….at least $h£ was still able to save lives with th£se [email protected]….and not take th£m.


Chan cont!nued to stare at th£ !ntrigu!ng and mysterious monument, that had th£ names of several people engraved !n it.

h£ narrowed h¡s eyes, but th£n quickly shook h¡s h£ad.

Now was not th£ time to get distracted. h£ needed to f!nd a way [email protected]¢k to Aster’s house.

Th¡s place, and th£ probable significance of that monument, was start!ng to creep h¡m ©vt a little. h£ cont!nued to jog lightly, bow!ng h¡s h£ad wh£n h£ came across people, seem!ngly forgett!ng that h£ had wanted to ask someone for directions !n th£ first place.

Somehow, h£ stumbled on a payphone, and thank!ng God, entered, sl¡pped !n th£ fee and dialled Aster’s number.

It trilled for awhile before Aster picked it, sound!ng understandably frantic. Chan did h¡s best to describe h¡s location, and it looked like Aster understood h¡s haphazard descriptions, , because h£ was th£re !n less than twenty m!nutes.

“Chan! How could you go and get lost?!”

Chan h£ard Aster’s panicked voice before even see!ng h¡m, and h£ quickly turned round to correct h¡m. “I didn’t get lost. I j√$t missed my way.”

Aster reach£d h¡m, and smiled. “Isn’t that th£ same th!ng?”

“It’s not. Gett!ng lost would mean that I didn’t have a s£nse of direction, which is absolutely not true. And it’s all your sister’s fault anyway.”

“Lee? What happened?”

“$h£ annoyed me wh£n I went ©vt. Made me lose focus.”

Aster chuckled. “Okay Chan. Let’s go home.”

Chan failed to notice th£ teas!ng tone !n Aster’s voice, and th£y began to walk home steadily.

Th£y arrived home sooner than h£ expected, and both h£ and Aster were surprised to see Lee stand!ng ©vtside, cradl!ng someth!ng !n h£r [email protected]

“Lee? Were you ©vt wait!ng for us?” Aster asked, and $h£ turned @r0vnd.

$h£ was hold!ng a small white cat !n h£r arms, and it looked like it was !njured.

“Huh? Oh…somewhat.”

Th£ three of th£m entered |ns!de th£ house, and as $h£ gently set th£ cat on a soft pillow, Chan saw that h£r [email protected] were bleed!ng.

$h£ looked up and caught h¡m star!ng.

“Did you hurt yourself try!ng to rescue that th!ng?”

$h£ glanced d©wΠ at h£r bleed!ng [email protected] “It was s¢ar£d.”

Chan scoffed.

“That’s a stupid th!ng to do. Why would you hurt yourself for anoth£r person? I had a guitar once. Th£ str!ng cut suddenly. Guess what I did? I cast it away. What if th£ str!ng had cut while I was ₱|@y!ng it? I could have gotten hurt. I won’t even allow you to get close enough to cut me.”

Lee narrowed h£r eyes at h¡m, feel!ng that th£y weren’t really talk!ng ab©vt th£ cat anym©r£. $h£ patted th£ cat’s fur gently.

“Well, Jesus does that for us everyday, doesn’t h£? No matter how many times we hurt h¡m, h£ keeps com!ng [email protected]¢k to save us, no matter how many cuts we give h¡m. Even if those cuts are j√$t because we are too s¢ar£d to trust h¡m.”

$h£ looked up at Chan, a soft and k!nd look !n h£r eyes, and it threw h¡m off guard. h¡s eyes widened slightly, as h£ stared at h£r, $h£ seemed like a completely different person from th£ person h£ had known for th£ short time h£ had.

h£ felt h£r words try!ng to pry th£ir way !nto h¡s h£art, but h£ [email protected] h¡s h£art, and grit h¡s teeth.

Aster, who had gone !nto th£ kitch£n as soon as th£y had entered th£ house, arrived [email protected]¢k !nto th£ liv!ng room, hold!ng a first aid kit and to Chan’s relief, break!ng whatever spell Lee had managed to cast on h¡m with h£r words and k!nd smile.

“Okay, so I got th£ first aid kit. But we might still need to take th£ cat to a vet though. That leg looks bad.”

Lee nodded, and grabb£d th£ first aid kit from h£r broth£r’s [email protected] “No, I’ll do it. You’re hurt. You need to take ¢ar£ of yourself.”

“Th£ cat is still terrified. It might scratch you too if you try to h£lp it. It already knows me, let me do it.”

Aster scratch£d h¡s h£ad !n thought, th£n tugged at h¡s sister’s sweater sleeves, smil!ng gently at h£r.

“Are you plann!ng to clean a wound with dirty, bloody [email protected]?”

$h£ gave h£r [email protected] anoth£r glance, th£n sigh£d !n defeat.

“F!ne. But if th£ cat scratch£s you, don’t come cry!ng to me.”

“Ha ha. I won’t don’t worry.”

$h£ grabb£d some dis!nfectant, and band aids, and stalked off to h£r room, slamm!ng th£ door shut beh!nd h£r.

Chan stared off at h£r as $h£ left.

“Why does $h£ lock h£rself !n th£re all day?” h£ asked quietly.

Aster began to treat th£ cat’s wounds, earn!ng a few scratch£s of h¡s own.

“Ah. That’s…a really long story.” h£ responded, chuckl!ng lightly.

Chan hummed !n response.

“On th£ surface, my sister might seem like an edgy, and typical teenager, but $h£’s really….”

“Nice once I get to know h£r?”

Aster chuckled as Chan f!ni$h£d h¡s s£ntence for h¡m.

“I guess you’re not buy!ng th¡s th£n?”

“Frankly, I don’t want to get to know h£r.”

“Yeah well, but no one knows how long you’ll stay h£re for. It would be great if you two could get along. You’re both alike !n a way.”

“Don’t. Compare me to your h£adstrong, immature sister.”

“Sorry. Sorry.”

Aster f!ni$h£d up with th£ cat, and began to pack up th£ first aid kit.

“Poor th!ng. I’ll have to take it to a vet once mom comes home. Th£re’s only one vet on th£ island, and my mom knows th£ guy, $h£ might get us !n to see h¡m f*ster.”

Chan shrugged.

Th£ front door opened at that moment, and Aster’s mom walked !n.

$h£ glanced at th£ first aid kit, and th£ kitten that was [email protected]!ng comfortably on h£r couch.

$h£ rose an eyebrow.

“Do I even want to know? Th¡s is Liana’s do!ng isn’t it?”

Aster chuckled, and followed h¡s mom to beg!n to expla!n th!ngs, while Chan h£aded !n th£ direction of h¡s own room.

h£ pa$$ed by Lee’s room, and stared long and [email protected] at h£r room door. h£ sigh£d, and opened h¡s own door !n anger.

h£ got !n, and [email protected] on h¡s b£d, not both£r!ng to shower or take off h¡s shoes.

Lee’s words cont!nued to r!ng !n h¡s h£ad. It felt as if $h£ had been talk!ng directly to h¡m, well, $h£ was talk!ng to h¡m, but it felt deeper than that. And h£ couldn’t shake that k!nd, soft look on h£r face ©vt of h¡s h£ad. !n all th£ haze, h£ had even forgotten to ask Aster ab©vt th£ th£ater.

h£ whipped ©vt h¡s phone, suddenly feel!ng like h£ wanted to go [email protected]¢k to h¡s normal life.

h£ opened h¡s !nstagram, and h¡s fanpage, want!ng to see what h¡s fans were say!ng ab©vt h¡m, after almost a month of !nactivity.

At least, see!ng th£ir earnest words, and how much th£y missed h¡m would rem!nd h¡m why exactly h£ was h£re, and who exactly h£ was.

However, noth!ng could have prepared h¡m, for what would see as h£ opened h¡s fanpage.

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Written by Authoress Covenant.

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