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MR HUMILITY 🎶🎶🎶🎻🎻🎤🎤🎼🎼

Chapter 8

(Distorted tune….)

Cynthia walked briskly !nto Chan’s mansion, cross ch£ck!ng everywh£re before th£ ¢ar£taker arrived. It had been j√$t over a week s!nce Chan left, and th£ media had buzzed ab©vt h¡s sudden disappearance, and had hounded h£r excessively, but $h£ was able to do h£r job and put th£m off Chan’s trail.

h£ needed th£ break h£ was tak!ng, it was $h£ th£ one that needed it?

Was $h£ th£ one that desperately needed to get away from h¡m, and from th£ way h£ treated h£r?

$h£ sigh£d to h£rself, as $h£ began to s1©wly m©v£ through th£ mansion.

“Yoona, I’m sorry. I guess I wasn’t th£ right person for you to trust to take ¢ar£ of your son.”

$h£ would have to ch£ck !n on h¡m aga!n soon, but that would mean call!ng Aster, s!nce $h£ still didn’t want to speak to Chan.

But th£n whatever $h£ had felt th£ last time $h£ and Aster had spoken, was seriously putt!ng h£r off.

Maybe $h£ should j√$t s√¢k it up and call Chan !nstead.

Geez Cynthia! You’re supposed to be th£ mature and older one! Behave like an adult!

$h£ ran h£r [email protected] through h£r hair, th£n s1©wly opened Chan’s b£droom. Memories of th£ir last conversation and argument flooded h£r m!nd as $h£ entered th£ room. $h£ took a deep breath, glanced @r0vnd, and was ab©vt to walk ©vt wh£n $h£ spotted a guitar rest!ng aga!nst th£ wall.

Hadn’t Chan taken h¡s guitar? h£ always had that th!ng with h¡m. Come to th!nk of it, $h£ had recently noticed that h£ was us!ng a new guitar.

$h£ m©v£d closer, and upon !nspection, $h£ noticed that one of th£ str!ngs was broken. $h£ ran h£r [email protected] through it, sigh!ng !n amazement.

Oh Chan. Was th¡s enough of a reason for h¡m to abandon th£ guitar? h£ had had it for so long. Was th¡s broken str!ng too much of a fault for h¡m to try and fix?

Could h£ abandon h£r like th¡s too if h£ felt like it?

No,$h£ shook h£r h£ad. Th¡s wasn’t ab©vt h£r.

Th¡s was ab©vt th£ fact that if Chan wasn’t ¢ar£ful, h£ wouldn’t have anyone else @r0vnd h¡m that truly ¢ar£d for h¡m.

‘Does that mean you would leave h¡m too? You would abandon h¡m if h£ ₱u$h£d you away as much as h£ could?’ A small still voice asked !n h£r h£art, and $h£ immediately knew who it belonged to.

“But Lord, we can’t hold on to people who hold us [email protected]¢k, we have to m©v£ forward. And I’m not say!ng that Chan holds me [email protected]¢k, but…. I can’t force h¡m to trust me, and I can’t even force You on h¡m eith£r. I would have to….”

‘Leave h¡m to th£ world? How many times have I stayed with you no matter how much you ₱u$h£d me away?’

Cynthia rubb£d h£r h£ad !n frustration. “Lord, you’re not mak!ng th¡s easy for me. I’m….not you God. I can’t be as compa$$ionate as you, or as patient as you are.”

‘Wh£n last did you pray for h¡m? Wh£n did you stop pray!ng, and only start focus!ng on try!ng to reach h¡m through your own wisdom? Don’t you know that if you tackle h¡m spiritually, it has m©r£ effect than physically?’

Cynthia opened h£r m©vth to answer, but th£n h£r phone rang, and $h£ quickly grabb£d it.

It was th£ ¢ar£taker, and $h£ hurried ©vt of th£ room, th£ words $h£ had j√$t h£ard weigh!ng h£avily on h£r h£art.


Chan opened up h¡s fanpage, and began to scroll through th£ comments of th£ fans. As expected, th£y were ab©vt how much th£y missed h¡m, some people were shar!ng videos of h¡s old concerts, oth£rs were ask!ng for pictures of h¡m, th£ likes.

h£ snorted to h¡mself. j√$t see!ng th£ir comments and long!ng for h¡m made h¡m feel much better. Th£y could never leave h¡m.

h£ glanced at th£ time, and decided to do a little m©r£ scroll!ng before go!ng ©vt for lunch.

But, as h£ read through th£ comments and discussions, h£ stopped !n h¡s tracks.

h£y you guys, I know th¡s is an unpopular op!nion, but I’m gett!ng really tired of wait!ng for Chan to show up. I mean, th£ least h£ could do is give us an update every now and th£n, but h£’s j√$t gone radio silent. I know I’m go!ng to get seriously !nsulted by th¡s comment, but does anyone have any updates ab©vt h¡s condition?

300 comments 70 likes. 6050 dislikes.

Chan’s eyes widened as h£ read th£ comment. How dare th¡s person say $h£ was tired of wait!ng for h¡m?! h£ had only been !nactive for two months now! And plus, h£ could be !nactive for even longer than that! And $h£ still shouldn’t have any reason to compla!n! Th£y were lucky to even be blessed by h¡m! How dare th£y?! And what th£ h£ck were those 70 likes?! So up to 70 people agreed with h£r comment?!

What th£ h£ll!!!!

h¡s [email protected] shook slightly, as h£ c|¡¢ked on th£ comments, h¡s h£art thump!ng !n h¡s ch£st loudly.


OMG I agree lol. But we’re both probably gonna get murdered by th¡s. But like, h£’s keep!ng us !n th£ dark too much? And th£re are so many new s!ngers com!ng ©vt now, it’s gett!ng [email protected] to stay devoted to someone who isn’t pres£nt all th£ time lol.


Shut up all you retards, Chan is th£ best and h£ doesn’t deserve fans like you! How can you say that after all h£’s done for us???

Chan scrolled through th£ good comments, only stopp!ng to read th£ bad ones.


I h£ard from a friend, that h£ probably really isn’t sick. What if all th¡s is j√$t a ₱vblicity stunt?

OMG lol, that would be sick.

Chan wouldn’t do that.

Y’all are crazy, SMH.

What does h£ take us for? I have m©v£d on with my life.

Chan really doesn’t deserve unreliable fans like you.

Chan felt h¡s h£ad swirl!ng with th£ numerous comments h£ had j√$t read, and h£ didn’t know wh£n h£ stood up from th£ b£d.

How….how dare th£y?

How dare th£y?!!!

How dare th£y talk ab©vt h¡m like that?!

How dare th£y talk ab©vt cast!ng h¡m away? h£ was th£ one that threw people away! h£ was th£ one that left people beh!nd!

No one had th£ right over h¡s life that way. How dare th£y?!

Th£ root of all th¡s problem was h¡m los!ng h¡s voice. h£ opened h¡s m©vth, and began to s!ng, but as usual, h¡s voice was hoarse, and awful.

h£ didn’t stop, h£ only cont!nued yell!ng, and sh©vt!ng as loud as h£ could.

“Why?!! Why th£ h£ll aren’t you return!ng [email protected]¢k to normal?!!! Aaaaaargh!!!!”

h¡s b£droom door suddenly flew open, and h£ turned @r0vnd frantically, to see keep stand!ng at th£ door, a frantic look on h£r face.

“Are you okay?!!”

h£ stared at h£r, only realiz!ng now that h£ had been yell!ng loudly, and would have probably s¢ar£d th£ liv!ng daylights ©vt of h£r.

“I’m f!ne. And you can’t j√$t barge !nto my room that way.” Was what h£ meant to say, but h¡s voice was so hoarse from all th£ sh©vt!ng, that it was barely audible.

h£ saw h£r press h£r l¡ps togeth£r, th£n walk !nto th£ room.

“Have you lost your voice?”

h£ grit h¡s teeth togeth£r, frown!ng as much as possible, hop!ng $h£ would get th£ message and leave h¡s room, but apparently $h£ was too clueless to get it.

“Mom and Aster took th£ cat to a vet. Thank God th£y weren’t h£re to h£ar you s¢r**m!ng like a madman. Th£y would’ve probably gotten h£art attacks. I h£ard you through my h£adphones.”

$h£ sigh£d, as $h£ m©v£d closer to h¡m. “Try to speak.”

“Get ©vt…!”

“Wow, it’s really bad. I can barely make ©vt what you’re say!ng. Why did you tell that much anyway??”

Come on!!

Chan felt like slapp!ng h¡mself unconscious.

$h£ left th£ room, and h£ sigh£d !n relief, but was surprised wh£n $h£ re-entered a few m!nutes later, hold!ng a cup of what looked like warm water and some limes.

h£ grabb£d h¡s phone, quickly typed a message !n and shoved it !n h£r face.

$h£ squ!nted at th£ screen.

“Get…©vt…of my room?”

h£r eyes widened and $h£ looked at h¡m !n bewilderment. “Seriously? You’re m©r£ of a child than I am Mr Chan. If someone judged us by character, th£y would th!nk you were th£ eighteen year old, and not me.”

h£ bit h¡s l¡p at h£r sarcasm, but h£ had oth£r press!ng matters on h¡s m!nd than h£r.

$h£ dropped th£ cup and limes on h¡s table, frown!ng slightly.

“F!ne th£n. I’ll get ©vt of your room. You can be alone for all I ¢ar£.”

$h£ th£n turned @r0vnd and stomped ©vt of h¡s room.

As h£ watch£d h£r leave, h£ couldn’t h£lp but th!nk, if it were Cynthia, $h£ probably wouldn’t have left that easily. How many times had h£ yelled at h£r like th¡s, and not once did $h£ leave h¡m will!ngly?

h£ sat d©wΠ and wr*₱ped h¡s h£ad !n h¡s [email protected], unable to get those comments ©vt of h¡s h£ad. How could th£y? Fififi

h£ opened h¡s m©vth, try!ng to s!ng aga!n, one of h¡s hit songs, but h¡s voice was still th£ same.

h£ felt tears trickle d©wΠ h¡s face, wh£n h£ suddenly h£ard someone s!ng!ng softly from ©vtside th£ room.

h£ stopped h¡s howl!ng, and stood up, walk!ng and open!ng th£ door.

h£ saw Lee still stand!ng th£re, look!ng up at h¡m guiltily.

$h£… hadn’t left?

“I…uh… figured you were try!ng to s!ng. You took a break because you lost your voice right? You shouldn’t stress it that way. You’ll only make it worse.”

$h£ twirled h£r hair nervously, a small blush creep!ng up h£r ch£eks.

“I…. normally don’t s!ng for people that easily…so consider yourself lucky.”


h£r eyes widened, as $h£ stared at h¡m.

“Why did I s!ng? Because I figured that would be th£ only way to get your attention….”

“W…why didn’t you leave?”

h£r m©vth hung open slightly, th£n $h£ bit h£r l¡p.

“Why didn’t I right? I guess I am turn!ng !nto my broth£r after all.”

h£ narrowed h¡s eyes at h£r, th£n turned @r0vnd and began to walk !nto h¡s room.

“I… don’t need your h£lp, or your pity. S…so stay th£ h£ll away from me.”

And h£ slammed th£ door shut.


Th£re it is my lovelies!!

What do you th!nk of today’s chapter??

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Written by Authoress Covenant.

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