Mr Irresistible

Mr Irresistible episode 8 – 9

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Episode 8

I switch on my flat screen LG to be updated on th£ country happen!ngs, th£ h£adl!nes are mostly of me. one of th£ broadcaster face caught my attention Timi fath£r.
th£ man hate me so much due to what I
did to h¡s daughter, not really my fault, I went to h¡s birthday party before I got married
to Chichi, h¡s daughter was all over me giv!ng me no chance to m!ngle with anoth£r lady.

I utilize th£ opportunity to unleash my d–k on h£r, we didn’t go !nto any form of relationship ‘Cause I never for once like h£r. I j√$t had taste of h£r and that is all. Broadcaster 1: what are you say!ng concern!ng our Mr. Irresistable who is com!ng [email protected]¢k from death.
Broadcaster 2; is good to have h¡m [email protected]¢k, th£re will be a lot to write ab©vt s!nce h£ is [email protected]¢k.

Timi Dad: I’ll rath£r advice parents, husbands to safeguard th£ir daughters and wives from h¡m, *we wouldn’t like th£ hospitals to be flooded with unwanted pregnancy.
B—h! I cursed, I switch to to anoth£r channel to see a familiar face, yes! Even !n 30years I’ll always remember that face, Cath£r!ne th£ one who took my !nnocency !n my primary days.
I changed _to_ anoth£r* school !n my primary 4
to know Cath£r!ne as big girls !n primary
school, th£y are three highly favored by teach£rs.
I caught h£r !n th£ school toilet with h£r phone and h£r f!ng£rs under h£r skirt do!ng mojojo don’t ask me what it means me self don’t know oh.

$h£ begged that I shouldn’t tell on h£r cause
phone was highly prohib¡t£d. But what $h£ was watch!ng |ns!de h£r phone is what I don’t know th£n, I promised not to and $h£ said $h£ will give me a gift that I won’t forget !n a
hurry, $h£ didn’t actually give me th£ bra!n factory restore gift till Uncle Tomtom transfered h£r to my seat, see short teach£r see busy b©dy, is eith£r my f!ng£rs is |ns!de h£r skirt
or h£r [email protected] is |ns!de my short, we always pee everyday, $h£ will ask me to |¡¢k h£r w€t [email protected] with p—y fluid, as a mumu boy I was, I’ll do it. [email protected] wey I no know if $h£ wash, on a faithful h°t afternoon we did it.

I will tell what we really did that our humble
pervert scurity man caught us. Cat asked
me to wait beh!nd, I obeyed like a puppet.
Th£ power of woman is sweetness of h£r p—y. after th£ clos!ng bell, we went beh!nd th£ school.
[email protected] d©wΠ, $h£ raise h£r skirt up. face to face with bare buttocks, I didn’t know what to do.
$h£ h£lped my pencil ©vt of it hostage.
directed me wh£re to put it, I did as $h£ commanded
as a Nigerian police whose above order is been done, I grunt like pig as I work tiredlessly like civil servant and $h£ didn’t even oohhh… or ahh…
story that touch£s, shark really swallowed Jonah !n th¡s case, h£r p—y chop my pencil and
kept space for m©r£ pencils. $h£ will sh©vt at me don’t c-m |ns!de me oohh.. and do f*st,
spank my a-s I will slap h£r a-s, why is my life opposite of what people expected?

Episode 9

We were on th£ hmm.. hmm… wh£n we h£ard
ummh.. ummhh.. we panicked like Nigerian
politician that EFCC serve letter for fraud.
Th£ man threaten thunder, fire, h£ said
we will be flogged mercilessly and disgraced.
anyb©dy that always threaten like th¡s has a price. Cythia said $h£ can do anyth!ng for us not to be reported to th£ school authority I was even cry!ng like small pik!n, th¡s life sha…
Th£ man smiled with h¡s burnt brown teeth.

I wonder if someone can locate h¡m !n th£ night
with©vt th£ h£lp of armed robber’s torchlight,
respect to those night guys, how many days did th£y charge those torch£s. h¡s darkened
sk!n by Nigeria h°t sun, h£ live half of h¡s years under th£ sun that resulted to burnt sk!n.
h£ demanded for what Cythia is giv!ng to
me, Cythia agreed with©vt much argument.
th¡s life, $h£ turned [email protected]¢k and hold th£
wall, h£r bare a-s sh!nn!ng like Rihanna
diamond, th£ man spank h£r a-s that vibrated like Okoro bus under h¡s palm, h£ unzip h¡s trouser to unleash Africa Anaconda.

I was j√$t watch!ng th£ live p–n with spiritual popcorn and coca cola bottle, at first I thought h¡s BBC won’t go !nto h£r p—y but h£ nestle h¡s d–k h£ad that disappeared !nto h£r p—y, h£ pounded !nto h£r roughly.
and ahhhs and ohhhs.. you are given me
[email protected], th£ man grunt like a pig. Th£ s€×🤦🏼‍♀ is like world war 7, $h£ thank h¡m and also promise to meet h¡m for m©r£ pound!ng, I was ignored like I was never th£re, to have pencil
as d–k isn’t a good th!nk oohh…. from that day h£nceforth I determ!ned to boast my b£dmatic prowess that landed me !n coma, am really happy isn’t Early grave.

I switch off
my television and left to my room to have a nice
sleep, a text from my act!ng manager
if I’d like to come to work tomorrow to conduct !nterview for my new secretary. Do you know that th£ bible says we are fearfvlly and wonderfvlly
made, th£re are th¡s specific people that do womderful th!ngs Sambisa, my best friend and my act!ng manager is one of th£m.hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to be added to th£ story room to enjoy m©r£ of th¡s.

how can you leave your house and go to a forest
to have s€× through ©vt th£ weekend, h£ will
call it nature s€× or picnic s€×, that one is my s£nior !n s€×ology, h£ isn’t even s¢ar£d of hiv, I s£nt h¡m a message to carry forth th£ !nterview, I need to !nterview ugly girls for
my housegirl position, I dive to dreamland after I s£nt th£ message. Th£ next morn!ng is a new day, and a new day comes with a [email protected] d–k. and a [email protected] d–k need a good f–k.


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