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Mr lecturer 2 episode 25 – 28

Mr. Lecturer

Episode 25

4pm, Caleb’s Apartment
‘’my God I can’t believe you went against my wish. I cant believe you got that girl back to my house. What’s wrong with you?, why are you so hell bent in making me suffer?” Jessica cried over the phone immediately after I confessed that comfort was back in the house with me. I just couldn’t utter anything to defend myself. I simply went dumb while she cried, cursed and swore at me.
I deserved every tantrum she threw but to be honest no one will really understand the difficult position I was in. I just couldn’t bundle comfort out of the hospital to a new apartment or eject her out of the house forcibly. She was also human and sometimes my heart do melt whenever I tried going hard on her. She also was suffering. She was in love with me. She was someone’s sister, daughter and now the mother of my first son.

I wasn’t in love with her but I felt some kind of sympathy, bond, connection with her.
‘’seriously I’m fed up. I’m disappointed. I’m disgusted. Goodbye’’ Jessica screamed and hung up.
I felt empty as i thought about myself. I had my job back. I had money. My career was going fine but I was far from happy. The love of my life very far away from me.

‘’what’s the essence of life without the person you love the most?”
I was still battling with my thoughts when my mother came into the room. She sat beside me on the bed, smiled and held my left hand.
‘’Jessica called me’’ she muttered carefully. I breathed deeply, saying nothing.

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‘’she isn’t happy with you but I managed to calm her down. Please try your best to resolve issues with comfort as fast as possible’’ she said, got up and left. I stared at my mother as she left the room. I felt like calling her back and crying on her shoulders but I was too old for that.
Minutes later, I grabbed my car keys and headed out to see my friend. The good old priest.

‘’at least he will have some answers. I pray he’s around.’’ I said to myself.
5pm, catholic church premises
‘’my son just like I told you in the house of God, please don’t rush things. Leave things to unfold by itself. I do understand your condition and also appreciate how you shared your fears this evening to me as your friend and not as your priest. Talk to comfort, if you can convince her to leave the house that will very cool but please don’t use force on her or in any way try to injure her. Remember, her baby is yours and it’s your duty to care for him. In the end things will happen the way God wants it to happen.’’ The old priest advised as he escorted me out of the parish building. I stopped and looked at him.
‘’I’m really desperate father. Perhaps all that is happening is a test from God but seriously I’m confused and scared of tomorrow. I’m also scared that Comfort could harm my wife’’ I poured out.
‘’I will keep praying for you. Be strong’’ he said seriously while I bit my lips with great tension.

8pm, caleb’s apartment
I was about preparing a lecture note when comfort slowly walked into my room. I looked up at her curiously. She smiled, drew close and stood before me.
‘’I came for us to talk’’ she muttered. I drew back and paid more attention.
‘’it’s about the naming of our child and baptism. I want everything to be done as fast as possible. You have given him the native name of your choice already but I want his baptismal , middle or official name to be Caleb and nothing is going to stop me from giving it to him.’’ She said seriously while I scoffed.
‘’I thought you wanted us to talk?. What’s there to talk when you have already made up your mind?’’ I asked. She raised her eyebrows, saying nothing.
‘’ fine, you are also leaving my house in two days and nothing is going to stop you from leaving. You better start packing’’ I said with same tone she used on me.
The room instantly fell silent as we exchanged cold glances.
If looks could kill , I would have died by the ferocity of her gaze.

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Episode 26

‘’why?, why are you doing this?’’ Comfort slowly asked, tears quickly formed in her eyes as if I just slapped her. I was surprised by her sudden change of mood, but it didn’t change my mindset.
‘’I’m doing it because It’s the right thing to do. You are not my wife and I don’t love you. The sooner we separate is better for us all’’ I breathed fiercely.

‘’you mean even after giving you a son. You still don’t love me. Unbelievable’’ she gasped.
‘’I have arranged a very comfortable apartment for you. Every house equipment and things that will make you feel at home has been provided as well. By tomorrow I will check out the place for the last time to make sure everything is in order. You have nothing to worry about” I said softly. She drew back and shook her head.

‘’you really want our son to grow up without his father. You want him to grow outside your protection. You want me to raise him all by myself. I won’t allow that. God forbid’’ she hissed and ran out of the room.
I silently watched her leave, saying nothing to stop her. I equally couldn’t continue with the lecture note I earlier was about preparing, instead I went over to my bed and slept off.

By 2pm the next day, Henry and I went over to the cute apartment I got for Comfort to check it out all over again. Henry really did a nice job in setting up the apartment for me. He simply saved me a lot of stress because the payment, paperwork, furnishing and every other thing was done by him. All I did was just to pay in the needed money to his bank account.
‘’so you see, everything is just as you wanted. The kitchen, rooms and electronics. You really care for this girl to spend so much for her’’ He said as we inspected the apartment. I smiled and shook my head.

‘’yea I do care because I’m very much responsible for all she’s passing through. But seriously all the girl wants is just to be with me and I really don’t know how to move her to this new house without applying force. She nearly fought me last night when i told her about it’’ I said slowly. Henry laughed.
‘’it’s time you show your strength as a man. Without it, you will never be free from that girl. She’s just blackmailing your emotions’’ he advised me. I smiled to myself.

caleb’s apartment
As I had dinner with my mother much later in the evening, I battled with my mind on how to move Comfort out of my house. Just like Henry advised, it was time to act like a man but I really was scared of using force on the d–n girl who was so bent on resisting my plans for her. It really was on the tip of my tongue to mention my fears to my mother but I just couldn’t get myself to do it.
‘’you really should take a good look at your child. His color is growing more pale and I hope you noticed he cried all through last night. Today Comfort prevented me from carrying him. She came up with excuses each time I tried’’ my mum said to me, interrupting my thoughts, but I wasn’t interested in what she said.

‘’mum please just leave comfort and her baby alone. They will be leaving my house by tomorrow or next. Just relax okay.’’ I said with lack of interest, annoying the old woman who instantly got up with great anger.
‘’then why did you invite me to your house when you won’t even listen to me’’ she barked and left the dinning room.

Two hours later, Comfort walked into my room as I was putting on my night wear. She smiled, drew close and held me.
‘’I came to tell you that I have accepted to leave your house’’ she announced softly, shocking me with her words.
‘’what?, you mean you are going to move to the new apartment without a fight?’’ I asked with joy. She nodded and held my face, caressing my cheeks.
‘’I love you much more than you can ever imagine. I can even sacrifice my life to make you happy. Have I ever denied you anything?, just try to think’’ she muttered while I swallowed hard, touched by her words.

‘’unlike your wife, I don’t care about my happiness. I don’t care about anything but you. I just wish things were different. I just wish there is a contest that can show between me and Jessica who loves you the most. Yes I’m leaving, and I’m doing it out of love’’ she breathed, drew down my face and kissed me softly. It was such a wondrous kiss…
” i believe we will end up together in future. No matter the obstacle, love wins in the end” she said with great certainty.
There wasn’t any doubt she meant every word.

Episode 27
Early the next day, comfort got set to leave my house with her mother and our baby. She shed few tears as I took her belongings to my car. To be sincere, she really looked so terrible even though she tried very hard to appear calm. If she really was faking it all, then she was such a pretty good actor because I was totally convinced that she had my best interest in all she was doing.
‘’seriously, I’m going to miss your home. I have gotten used to it’’ she breathed with tears as she threw herself on me. I held her softly, a bit confused on the right words to say.
‘’your new apartment has everything you can ever wish for. You are going to be more free and happy over there. Trust me’’ I whispered to her.

30 minutes later, @ Comfort’s new Apartment
Comfort gasped with surprise as we walked into the two bedroom apartment I got for her. She inspected the bedrooms, sitting room, kitchen, bathroom and the decorations with great excitement.
‘’I wasn’t expecting something this huge’’ she breathed happily, hugging me once again. Her mother smiled as she watched us, while little Caleb slept on her body.

‘’I just want you to be happy and satisfied. This apartment cost me quite a huge sum, but that’s the sacrifice I made in order for you to be happy’’ I explained slowly. She rolled her eyes and breathed deeply.
‘’but there are still some things we have to agree on’’ she pointed softly. I stared at her curiously. She smiled and dragged me to one of the rooms, stopping to face me as soon as she shut the room door.
‘’see, I hope you are not going to disappear after this moment?’’ she asked curiously.

‘’of course not. I won’t try such thing’’ I promised. Her eyes dropped.
‘’promise me you will visit everyday. You will be present in our son’s baptism. You will be present in every stage of his life. Promise me’’ she demanded solemnly. I stared at her with slight hesitation. A bit uncomfortable with her demands. Nevertheless, I made the promise. Something I wasn’t really sure I would keep.
‘’I will forever love you. I will never stop loving you’’ she breathed with satisfaction, holding my face for a kiss but I drew back sharply, colouring up instantly.

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‘’you know you are a young and beautiful girl?, why are you so bent in ruining your beautiful life because of me. You are still young. A graduate. A girl with bright future. Seriously you are not acting like an African lady with the way you are behaving’’ I said frankly, opening up to her bravely. She instantly frowned as my words touched her pride.
‘’you think loving you unconditionally is nothing but stupidity?. Thank you’’ she breathed, tears quickly forming in her eyes.

‘’I have to go now’’ I muttered, kissed her forehead and ran out of the apartment.
‘’dear Lord, please help me.’’ I prayed……..
I returned home later in the day to meet my mother anxiously waiting for me. I hugged her happily, breathing with satisfaction.
‘’mum you see, she left without a fight. I told you I had things under control’’ I said proudly but the old woman wasn’t moved.

‘’didn’t you for a moment reason that she probably left without a fight because she’s hiding something?. She could easily hide whatever she’s covering up over there than here. That girl isn’t stupid my dear’’ she said, getting on my nerves with her words.
‘’mum, I’m also not stupid either. I have someone watching her every move’’ I replied, bit my lips and headed to my room. I really was tired of my dear mother always talking to me as if I was still her little baby of yesterday..
On getting to my room, my phone rang. The caller was no other person than Henry.

‘’Hey bro, I have something that might interest you. I just dug around just like you asked me to. Guess what I found??’’ he poured out with excitement while I listened on..
‘’I found out that the owner of the hospital where Comfort put to bed was no other person but the son of her uncle. The M.D of the hospital is her cousin’’ he revealed.
The news rang in my head a hundred times over..

Episode 28
‘’so what are you going to do now?’’ Henry asked quietly.
‘’seriously with this news, I now believe everything about that d–n girl are all lies. For her to keep such minor information from me means she has been keeping away a lot more from me’’ I breathed painfully.
‘’if you want, I can arrange for you to meet another doctor. You know a second medical opinion will be good for you’’ he asked.
‘’yea of course, that will be great’’ I accepted.

‘’I have a doctor friend. He attended the same university with us. I will talk to him tonight, by tomorrow we will go meet him’’ he offered, while I smiled in appreciation.

‘’please just calm down, don’t over react until we are sure of what we are dealing with. Good night’’ he advised and hung up, leaving me totally occupied with my thoughts.
I couldn’t sleep that night. All I did was think, regret and ponder over everything that happened over the short period Comfort came into my life. I knew deep down that nothing would make me forgive her if at the end, her little baby turned out not to be mine.
All night long, all that filled my mind were questions.

By 12pm the next day, Henry took me to Holy Cross hospital located at the outskirt of the town to meet his doctor friend.
‘’you have to calm down bro, I hope you haven’t talked to Comfort yet?’’ he asked as we headed to the hospital. I shook my head and said nothing.
It really was hard for me acting normal and not confronting the silly girl with the way i felt.

Doctor Daniel really was younger than I expected him to be. He smiled politely as he welcomed us to his office. Henry did a quick introduction before telling him what brought us to his office. He listened calmly, nodding at intervals.
‘’I know the M.D of NEW EDGE Hospital. He is a good doctor and I really doubt if he can do such thing as risking his license just to cover up for his cousin. Anyway if you want a second test to be done. I will gladly do it for you’’ the doctor said with a calm smile. I shifted uneasily and nodded.
‘’yes I need a second test done urgently’’ I answered while he laughed.
‘’calm down sir. Relax’’ he said politely.


‘’so what now?’’ Henry asked as we left the doctor’s office. I shrugged and faced him.
‘’firstly, I will have a long talk with Comfort. Secondly, I will return this evening for the test’’ I answered. He shrugged and smiled.
‘’just take things easy. Remember we could be all wrong with our suspicion’’ he advised.


2pm, Comfort’s apartment
I walked into the apartment with a very drawn face. Comfort stared at me suspiciously, a bit uncomfortable with my mood. I walked into her bedroom and went straight to her baby’s colt where little Caleb was sleeping. I stared at him for some seconds before turning to meet comfort’s gaze.
‘’what’s wrong?’’ she asked me.
‘’we have to talk’’ I breathed, walked past her and returned to the sitting room. She followed me quickly.
‘’why do you look so serious and withdrawn?’’ she asked once again. I bit my lips and stared at her pointedly.
‘’you have been lying to me comfort. I found out many things’’ I said coldly. She instantly coloured up, taking a step backwards.

‘’you never told me that the doctor in charge of the hospital you dragged me to is your cousin?. Or will you now tell me you don’t know him?. How could you?. Now I strongly know you are keeping a lot of things from me. Little Caleb isn’t mine, now do the needful and tell me the truth. What else are you keeping from me?’’ I demanded with a raised tone.
‘’unbelievable’’ she gasped, covering her eyes with her palms.
‘’where is your mother?’’I asked furiously.
‘’please lower your voice. My mother went out to get something’’ she answered, bringing down her hands from her face. Tears quickly formed in her eyes.

‘’yes the doctor is my cousin. He was the person that forced me to leave the village and return to the city in order for me to get adequate treatment in his hospital. i begged him not to tell you that we were related. I hid it from you because I knew you would be doubtful about everything, just like you are now. I never lied to you about our little baby. He’s yours and I’m ready to go any lengths with you to prove it’’ she defended quietly but I wasn’t moved by her body language.
‘’fine, get the baby. We are going for another test’’ I shouted down at her. She looked at me with disbelief. she never expected such rational behavior from me.

Doctor Daniel was very surprised when he saw comfort and I with little Caleb in his office by 4pm. He never really asked me to bring the little boy along but I wasn’t ready to take any small chances. In no time the test was done and I was told to come over to the hospital the next day for the result.
I took comfort and her baby home thereafter.
‘’I really hope your mind will come down at ease when the result of this new test comes out’’ she said painfully as she alighted from my car. I shook my head and drove away with a slight joy in my heart.

” If the baby turns out not to be mine, I will be free from all the mess that has taken over my life. i will be free to be with my Jessica’’ I reasoned.
Later in the night, I called Jessica, telling her that I will soon be free. She really was so surprised by my words and begged for the truth.
‘’relax my love, I will call you tomorrow evening with the truth’’ I promised..

At exactly 3pm the next day, I sat before doctor Daniel, very nervous as ever. I just couldn’t wait for the test result to be handed over to me.
‘’I had to make every possible effort to make sure this result came out on time’’ the doctor said to me with a smile as he handed me the paper. I eagerly grabbed it from him, opened and read the contents. My eyes grew dim as I read it.
‘’Mr Caleb, the little baby is yours. He is your son’’ the doctor added dutifully, shattering my hopes….


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