Mr lecturer 2 episode 29 – 31

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Episode 29

I headed straight to Henry’s hotel as soon as I left the hospital. I really felt so bad and ashamed of myself. I regretted ever doubting Comfort. I regretted the cold manner I dragged her and our little child to the hospital without any consideration. I just didn’t know how to face the poor girl nor my future or what direction my life was even heading.

Henry expertly guessed that all wasn’t right as soon as he saw me in his hotel that fateful evening. He quickly led me to a quiet corner and ordered for drinks. For the first time in my life I took three bottles of beer. I just wasn’t alright in any way. My conscience wouldn’t let me be. I felt the drinks would at least clear my head.
‘’I’m sorry bro. it really was all my fault’’ Henry apologized as we drank quietly. I forced out a smile and shrugged.

‘’you did right bro, by telling me what you found. It isn’t your fault in any way’’ I answered.
‘’so what now?’’ he asked.
‘’I don’t know bro. I just don’t know. My hopes were really up, but now I feel so miserable’’ I muttered.
‘’there isn’t anything wrong with what you did. Most guys would have done the same. The thing now is how to face the future and live with the reality on ground’’ he said softly.
‘’hmmmm , I’m tired’’ I breathed.
‘’anyway I think you owe Comfort an apology. She deserves it. No matter what, she’s still the mother of your son and you really have nothing against her at the moment. As a gentle man, you should give her the test result and apologize. That’s the right thing to do, no matter how bad it sounds’’ he said seriously.

Just that moment, my phone rang and it was Comfort calling.
‘’good evening dear, what’s up?, is the result out?. I’m overly anxious here’’ she asked curiously.
‘’don’t worry, I’m coming over’’ I answered and hung up.
By 8pm that same evening, I arrived at Comfort’s apartment after spending hours in Henry’s hotel.
Comfort was extremely shocked by my looks. She drew back with surprise as soon as she perceived alcohol in my breathe.

‘’dear Lord!, have you been drinking? ‘’ She asked. I settled on her couch, looked around and gave her the result sheet which she opened quickly, smiling as she read the contents.
‘’where is our baby and your mum?’’ I asked.
‘’they are sleeping inside’’ she answered.
‘’I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry for ever doubting you’’ I apologized slowly. Her eyes shone brightly.
‘’I won’t doubt you ever again. Goodnight’’ I promised and got up to leave. She watched me silently till I got to the door. She quickly rushed forward and held me back.
‘’I forgive you. Yes I understand why you behaved the way you did. But right now you are drunk and I can’t let you leave like this. It’s by God’s grace that you even got here safely. How on earth did you take so much’’ she cried, holding me back strongly and locking the door.

‘’I will call your mum and tell her you are with me’’ she added and dragged me back to the couch. I surprisingly offered no form of resistance.
she quickly called my mother on the phone, spoke with her, went to the kitchen and returned with a cup of coffee.
‘’I believe this will get the drinks out of your system’’ she said softly, offered me the cup of coffee and disappeared into the bathroom. She returned soon afterwards smiling sweetly.

‘’I have prepared water for you. When you are done with the coffee, you can go in and take a shower’’ she said calmly. I gulped down the coffee, stood up and stared at her pointedly. She drew forward and threw her arms round my neck, kissing me. I didn’t know what got over me. Perhaps it was the alcohol, perhaps it was something else. I kissed her back, grabbing her strongly.
We kissed for a while before she broke away from me.

‘’you are still not yourself. You know I seriously want to be with you but I can’t allow myself get carried away. I won’t want anyone accusing me of taking advantage of you again. So go take your shower. I will arrange my room for you to sleep’’ she breathed with tears in her eyes, chilling my heart with the touching words.

Fifteen minutes later, I was in the toilet throwing up and feeling very sick. I regretted taking too much drink, but yea it was way too late for regrets. Unlike Henry I wasn’t an alcoholic and it really was a terrible night for me.
I woke up on comfort’s bed the next day to see ten missed calls from Jessica waiting for me. I instantly knew i was in another trouble.
”hey dear thank God you are up. your wife kept calling last night and i had no choice than to talk with her. she still continued calling after i told her you are fine. i don’t know what’s wrong with her” i heard comfort say to me from the room door, leaving me gasping with fear.
I tried calling back Jessica but her phones were switched off.

Episode 30
My mother gave me a piece of her mind when I returned home that fateful morning. She wasted no time in telling me how disappointed and angry she was with me.

‘’your wife called me three times last night, crying so miserably. I just didn’t know what to tell her. Tell me what on earth happened?, why did you chose spending last night with Comfort’’ she asked after scolding me. I shook my head and headed to my room, saying nothing to her. Of course I knew how badly I messed up my relationship with my wife. I equally didn’t know what exactly Comfort said to her nor the tone she used. I felt very bad about the whole thing and I really had a hard time controlling my nervousness.
For one whole week, Jessica refused speaking to me nor answering my messages. I equally tried reaching out to her mother who also refused listening to me. I was left with no choice than to prepare for a journey to the capital city to see my dear wife once again.
Late Friday evening, I dropped off my mother in the village and returned quite on time to have a little discussion with Henry in his hotel.
‘’I pray Jessica listens to you when you finally meet up with her. My friend you are really in a messy situation’’ my friend said to me seriously while I shrugged slowly.
‘’Jessica loves me. I believe she will listen to me. Continue keeping an eye on comfort’’ I begged. He smiled and nodded.

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5:20pm, Saturday, @ Jessica’s family residence Abuja
I gently settled down in the sitting room as the house girl who ushered me in disappeared to fetch my wife. I was extremely anxious and scared. I just didn’t know what to expect.
Jessica showed up five minutes later looking very cute in a well designed green gown. I swallowed hard as I gazed at her beauty, standing nervously.
‘’I don’t understand. Why are you here?’’’ she asked seriously.
‘’my love’’ I breathed, drawing close to hold her. She quickly avoided my touch.
‘’let’s go to my room. We sure have a lot to talk about. i don’t want you creating a scene here’’ she said slowly and headed to her room. I diligently followed her.
On getting to the room, she turned and faced me seriously..

‘’I really don’t know what you came here to do. It’s very obvious you can’t live without that silly girl you call comfort. You always run back to her no matter how much you try to pretend and deny it. She makes you happy. You enjoy sleeping with her, so why are you here. You already know I can never accept her nor any other girl. So be with her, enjoy your life and let me be’’ she barked.

‘’oh Jessica’’ I breathed, drew close and kissed her hotly. She surprisingly kissed back, returning my kisses hungrily for a moment before getting herself together and pushing me away.
‘’I don’t know what is wrong with you or even me. The signs are already there that we can’t be together, let’s stop this madness’’ she stammered nervously. I licked my lips, drew close and held her.

‘’I love you Jessica. Yea I know some unbelievable things has been happening. I also know I promised that I was about getting freed from Comfort’s influence only for you to call the next day to discover I slept in her apartment. Please trust me’’ I begged.
‘’trust, trust, trust. That’s what I always get. I don’t think we are ever going to be together. please stop using that word *trust* on me’’ she breathed.
‘’you look so beautiful when you get anxious’’ I muttered, brought down my lips and kissed her all over again. She slowly responded until her emotions got her carried away one more time. We kissed hotly for some minutes, stopping when my phone rang.

‘’I guess, she’s the person calling you’’ she muttered as I checked my phone. The call however was from an unregistered number. I quickly answered and grew chill as the caller’s voice hit my ears.
‘’hello Mr Caleb, I’m detective Johnson from state central command. I heard you left town this morning?’’ he asked,
‘’yes, I traveled to Abuja to see my wife. Is anything wrong?’’ I answered nervously.

‘’apparently your friend Mr Henry was shot minutes after you left his hotel. We need you back in the state as soon as possible to answer some questions. You were the last person to be with him before he was shot, I hope you know what it means’’ he said seriously, leaving me totally stunned.

‘’is he dead?, tell me please’’ I begged fearfully but unfortunately the detective hung up while Jessica stared at me with great concern, very curious to know what was happening.
I just didn’t know what to tell her nor how to carry on with the news. i was totally scared and lost as a thousand and one questions rang through my head.

Episode 31

I forced out a smile, drew closer to Jessica and helped her sit on the bed. She stared at me anxiously, not knowing what to expect. I clasped her hands with mine and looked into her eyes.
‘’it was the police that called. You see my friend Henry was shot last night and I was the last person seen with him. I could as well be a suspect who knows’’ I explained slowly. She gasped with fear while i smiled to reassure her.
‘’Henry actually has been helping me to unravel several mysteries concerning comfort. He’s been quite helpful’’ I explained, taking my time to tell her about the new DNA test, the unexpected result and how I passed out in comfort’s apartment the night she called. It really was a long tale. She listened with all her mind.
‘’so what are you going to do now?’’ she asked curiously.

‘’I will take a flight back home tomorrow, by Monday morning I will show up at the police station’’ I answered nervously.
‘’who knows if your friend is dead or not. You could be in a lot of trouble’’ Jessica muttered, tears dropping from her eyes.

‘’perhaps we were never destined to be together, all that is happening is just to push us further apart. The more we try to fix things, the more complicated it gets. I cant imagine my life if you get thrown into jail. I will end up raising our son all alone’’ she sobbed, touching my heart with her words.
I drew her to myself and embraced her softy. Tears equally formed in my eyes. The last thing I wanted was going to jail. I could never survive that horrible place. Moreover a man of my status isn’t supposed to end up in such a horrible place.
‘’but who could have shot Henry, for what reason?. To silence him or was it a robbery gone bad?’’ I wondered deeply.
‘’my love I have to go get the table ready for dinner’’ Jessica said softly, breaking my thoughts.


Dinner was a very quiet one. Jessica and I couldn’t say much to each other as we ate. We really were so busy with our thoughts while my mother in law kept throwing occasional glances at us. Of course she noticed how tensed up we were.

I really was scared of returning home the next day. Yea I was very scared of many things. To make matters worse Henry’s phones were also dead or switched off which gave me the impression that he probably was dead. Knowing the type of police in the country, I felt I could be used as the fall guy moreover my scandal with Comfort and the publicity it generated was still fresh in many minds. But to be sincere, how I felt was nothing compared to the pain in Jessica’s heart. Ever since we got married, it has been one problem to another.

I woke up in the middle of the night to see my dear Jessica crying her heart out. I felt so bad. i needed not asking what was wrong with her.
”my love” i breathed, holding her hands.
‘’I just can’t sleep. I don’t even know what to expect tomorrow. This moment might be our last together who knows’’ she muttered breathlessly.

‘’my love, nothing makes us stronger than what we feel for each other. Our love will overcome all the obstacles facing us. In the end we will be together as one happy family’’ I breathed prayfully. She shook her head.
‘’I don’t know. I don’t just know. Happy endings only happen in telenovelas or coolval’s stories but not in real life. I’m scared. I’m afraid. Sometimes I feel that staying away from my matrimonial home was a bad idea’’ she muttered.
‘’no my love, you are much safer here. I love you’’ I whispered, kissing her softly. She slowly responded to my kisses which soon got more intense. We spend almost thirty minutes kissing each other with a very wondrous passion. But we didn’t make love….

By 4pm the next day, I took a flight home to face my future. However before I left, Jessica gave me her necklace and prayed I keep it with me everywhere I went.
‘’I’m really going to miss you. It’s also going to be terrible leaving with the feeling that anything could happen to you once you get home. But please keep this necklace with you, always leave it round your neck. Whenever you feel bad, touch it and know that I’m with you in spirit’’ she said with great love.
As the plane took off, I closed my eyes and touched the necklace,
‘’oh Jessica, I promise we will be together in the end’’
7am, Monday morning
I walked into the building of the state police central command and headed straight to detective Johnson’s office. Of course I was very scared. I knew anything could happen to me right there, moreover I came alone with no lawyer.
‘’God help me’’ I prayed nervously.
‘’good morning detective. I’m Mr Caleb, you invited me over on Saturday because of my friend who was shot’’ I introduced myself with a smile.
“please is Henry dead?”” I asked nervously.

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The middle aged officer instantly drew back on his chair and studied me curiously. It really was an intense moment.
“why are you so interested to know if he’s dead ??”” he asked suspiciously while I stared at him like a cornered rat.

Episode 32

‘’so tell me, why are you so keen to know if your supposed friend is dead or alive?’’ the officer asked once again, fixing his trained eyes on me to read my body language. I scoffed and relaxed.
‘’he’s my friend and I have every right to know’’ I answered calmly.
‘’so what exactly is the reason why you left town on Saturday?’’ he asked seriously.
‘’my wife is heavily pregnant and I occasionally visit to check up on her just like I did last Saturday’’ I answered.

‘’so why isn’t she living with you?’’ he asked, making me a bit uncomfortable with the question. I breathed deeply and kept quiet for some seconds.
‘’it’s a private matter and I’m saying nothing else unless you tell me the reason you invited me to your office’’ I answered bravely.
‘’hmmm’ the detective breathed, nodding slowly.

‘’your friend was shot on Friday evening, immediately you left his hotel. It’s my duty to find the perpetrator of the act and the motive behind it. So tell me, are you having any issues with Henry?’’ he asked,
‘’no of course not. Actually I visited him that evening to tell him that I was travelling the next day’’ I answered. He laughed.

‘’so you drove all the way to your friend’s hotel just to tell him you were travelling?’’ he asked suspiciously, getting on my nerves with the question.
‘’do I need a lawyer?’’ I asked.
‘’you tell me?’’ he fired back. I scoffed again.

‘’I know you are a university lecturer. I know you are very educated, but I know how to catch people like you’’ he threatened.

‘’come on man, what’s your problem with me?. Did I commit a crime by hanging out with my friend?. I got nothing to hide. So you are free to investigate every aspect of my life, but mind you, it will be a waste of time’’ I said seriously. He got up from his chair, studied me for a while before breathing deeply.
‘’well Mr Caleb, I got nothing on you. As for your friend, he luckily survived the gunshot because he was rushed to the hospital on time. I’m actually about going to see him’’ he opened up, leaving me with great joy. I sprang up happily.
‘’thank God’’ I breathed.
‘’let’s go see him together’’ I offered. He shrugged, grabbed his pistol and jacket..

I tried asking some curious questions as we headed to the hospital, but the officer avoided all my questions, making the short drive to the hospital very boring.
Minutes later, we got to the private hospital where Henry was lying helplessly. He was awake when we got in. A young lady who looked like his sister was with him. I just didn’t know how to react.

‘’you are a very lucky man’’ the detective muttered with a smile as he studied him carefully.
‘’the bullet narrowly missed your spinal cord. The person that fired the shot definitely wanted to kill you. I’m glad you are pulling through. I could have questioned you yesterday but your doctor disallowed it. So now tell me, Are you having problems with anyone?’’ the detective asked while Henry shook his head.

‘’I have no enemies but you know someone like me that runs a hotel can have enemies without knowing it’’ he weakly answered.
‘’hmmm’’ the detective breathed,
‘’can you identify the person who shot you?’’ he asked. Henry weakly shook his head.

‘’it was very dark and I was shot from behind as I left my hotel to buy call cards for my phone across the street . I didn’t see anything’’ he answered.
‘’hmmm the person must have patiently waited for you to show up before taking the shot but I think it wasn’t done by a professional. Supposing it was a hitman, he wouldn’t have missed and if he did miss, would have showed up to finish it before taking off since no cop was around to challenge him as you struggled with yourself when you fell. But then if it wasn’t done by a professional, whoever took the shot must have known before hand that you were coming out of the hotel by that hour on foot. Or do you always leave the hotel by that hour every night?’’ the detective asked, while Henry shook his head again.
‘’I guess I should start leaving’’ the detective said halfheartedly and looked at me. I drew close to henry and smiled at him.

‘’brother, I have to go drop off the detective and head to my school. I will be back in an hour. We have a lot to talk’’ I said to him…

‘’I believe your friend is hiding something. I have strong reason to believe he was waiting for someone when he was shot’’ the officer said to me as we headed to his station together. I said nothing to him, instead kept my thoughts to myself.
‘’I believe he’s covering up for someone and I think you are also in it’’ he added, expecting me to say something. I still said nothing, however his words never left me all through that morning and when I headed back to the hospital I was full of curiosity.

‘’now I know it was wise of Jessica to leave this city”’ Henry said as soon as i joined him in his hospital room, further drawing up my curiosity. But no matter how much I tried to make him explain his words, he refused saying nothing more…