Mr Lecturer

Mr lecturer 2 episode 44 – end

Mr lecturer

Season 2

Episode 44

‘’I have to go check what’s going on out there’’ Henry muttered , bravely heading to the door but my mother in law instantly stopped him.

‘’no my son it isn’t safe. Let’s wait till the detective returns’’ she said , stopping him. I swallowed hard and shifted nervously on my bed. I was extremely scared. I just couldn’t wait to find out what was happening outside. I just couldn’t imagine who the gunshot we all heard was meant for.

‘’oh Lord protect Jessica. Keep her safe for me’’ I prayed silently.

‘’hey brother what’s up?. I just got back to the city yesterday only to learn from detective Johnson that someone shot you’’ Henry suddenly said to me. I breathed deeply and stared at him accusingly.

‘’you have a lot to tell me. You have a lot of explanation to make. you have to start talking’’ I said seriously. He shrugged, drew closer and held me by the shoulder.

‘’yes I know I do have a lot of explanation to make’’ he muttered slowly, but before he could go further, detective Johnson walked into the room, sweating seriously.

‘’she got away. The d–n girl was smarter than I imagined. She fired into the air as soon as she left the hospital reception area, creating chaos that made me lose her. Nevertheless she dropped my gun outside the hospital gate. That girl is something else’’ the detective explained, settling my mind with the explanation. I instantly thanked God that no one was hurt.

‘’you guys do have some explanations to do. I’m still unable to understand the drama that played in this room some minutes ago’’ he pushed on, throwing a sharp look at me. I smiled nervously, nodding at Henry.

‘’I guess Henry has a lot of explanations to make because I’m also confused’’ I answered, turning everyone’s attention back to Henry who shrugged and breathed deeply.

Just that moment, Jessica walked in with my parents and my good old friend, my parish priest, making the room a full one. I smiled with great delight on seeing them all while Jessica instantly looked around with suspicion.

‘’what’s going on here?. You all look so tensed up’’ she asked curiously.

‘’Comfort was here. She held us at gunpoint for some minutes’’ her mother quickly explained. She instantly gasped with shock.

‘’my God!” she exclaimed.

‘’apparently she was here to say good bye to your husband when we walked in on her. But I think it’s a good thing it happened that way because it seems like everyone in this room has a secret’’ the detective answered, creating more tension with his words.

‘’well you should all listen to what I have to say’’ Henry chipped in, drawing back every attention to himself.

‘’I very much knew Comfort before my friend Caleb got to meet her. In fact we had a little affair. I meet her through my cousin. The girl standing before you all’’ he explained, touching the familiar looking girl by the shoulder.

‘’I think you should all listen to what she has to say first’’ he added, paving way for the girl to talk. She instantly cleared her throat, breathed deeply and smiled at me.

‘’you stare at me as if you don’t recognize me sir?’’ she asked. I shook my head unable to say a word.

‘’The first time Comfort walked into your office, I was the girl she later brought in to meet you. The girl that failed to show up at the hotel you arranged to meet us for the exam i missed. Comfort just lied to you by attaching herself in the said exam. she wasn’t even a student as of then ’’ she explained carefully while my mind slowly played back the events of that fateful day (season1). I slowly remembered her face. She was definitely the girl who was supposed to meet me at the hotel with comfort but failed to show up.

‘’yea that cursed day’’ I breathed with regret.

‘’I failed to show up because firstly, you asked us to come over to a hotel very familiar to us. The hotel managed by my cousin. And Even though I badly needed to pass that exam, I had to stay back. Secondly my friend Comfort desperately wanted you by all means and that was her only opportunity, using the exam i really missed as an opportunity to get to you, not minding that she once had an affair with the manager of the hotel where you invited her. However she never knew you guys were friends until she met you two together at the hotel and luckily Henry pretended not to know her.’’ She narrated and stopped for a while.

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The room was as quiet as a grave yard as the story buried in our heads.

‘’well to cut the long story short. My friend Comfort was rusticated in 200 level when a person she paid to sit for an exam on her behalf was caught. Prior to that moment, she followed the bad girls on campus for money because her parents never catered for her and the girls she followed got her into cultism, forcing her to do a lot of dangerous things that affected her studies. All these happened before you got employed in the school. And in a bid to get herself back into the department, she tried reaching a deal with our former HOD (head of department) . Dr Okorie who retired before you got into the school. Dr Okorie demanded for hundred thousand naira which she couldn’t afford at that moment and so had to do everything to get it, including sleeping twice with my cousin Henry to raise part of the money. Unfortunately the old man couldn’t help her in the end and soon got retired from his job, leaving Comfort very dejected and confused. She couldn’t go back home to face her family as a failure and instead stayed around in school and hoped for the best. Finally when we got to our last year in school which equally would have been hers as well, she grew more desperate and tactful, finally deciding to dig her fangs on you Mr Caleb who just joined the department as a newbie. Though she presumed you were single. But after learning that you were married it never stopped her from throwing herself on you. According to her, marriage was the only way out of disgrace and uncertain future. However it seemed that she fell in love with you afterwards and began doing crazy things until she finally got pregnant. when she got pregnant, she never expected you to treat her the way you did at first. And She finally had to travel home after our house rent expired and her parents got involved, something she never bargained for.

Her parents involvement changed her whole plans and after they came to the school to embarrass you, she became totally scared. But the school authorities instead of investigating properly , hurriedly punished you to save the school from public scrutiny because of the public attention the news gathered. The press equally did no form of investigative journalism which left everything back to her favour. She capitalized on it and got back to your house. You all know the rest.’’ She narrated solemnly, leaving a great air of suspense and confused minds all over the room.

We all faced my friend Henry to finish up the story, because he still had a lot to explain, especially his reason for keeping every helpful information concerning Comfort from me…

Mr. Lecturer 💝💖💖



Episode 45…

‘’well I guess It’s now time to explain myself’’ Henry muttered , breathing heavily. We all nodded, eagerly waiting for his own side of the story.

‘’I met comfort through my cousin some years back and as a young man was very much attracted to her, but her behavior kind of pushed me off because the silly girl simply friendzoned me upon everything I did to win her. So I had to walk away and move on with my life even though I still saw her occasionally through my cousin until she had problem in her department which she needed cash to settle. I cashed in on the opportunity, had s-x with her and gave her the money. Ever since then, she totally blacklisted and turned me to her enemy.

She stopped every contact with me and having nothing to lose I equally avoided her until about a year and half later when Caleb invited her to my hotel.

The d–n girl pretended not to know me and I equally pretended not to know her since I knew all my friend Caleb wanted was just to catch fun with her. I felt telling him about our past would definitely spoil his game and as a friend, I kept my mouth shut and allowed him to catch his fun but soon afterwards it became a constant thing for both of them and before I knew what was happening Caleb started avoiding me.

I tried numerous times to reach out to him, but he always had an excuse to avoid me. Of course I wasn’t a fool to force myself on anyone. So I also had to keep my distance until I read on paper about him taking advantage of a student and putting her in a family way. And the girl in question was no other person than Comfort. I tried once again to reach out to my friend but he still avoided me. Isn’t it so’’ he wrapped up, throwing a quick look at me. I nodded with embarrassment.

‘’’however , I forced myself to visit him in his office few months later, after reading another publication posted about him and Comfort. At first he wasn’t too pleased to see me, but later confided in me, telling me his story. I really felt pity and wanted to help, even though deep down I felt comfort’s child wasn’t his, knowing the girl’s history. Nevertheless I offered to help out in getting a house for Comfort, which I did.

I desperately looked for a way to get Caleb suspicious of the girl’s pregnancy without being too direct since I wasn’t sure if the baby was actually his or not and so had to tell him the truth about Comfort’s doctor, hoping that it will give him enough reason to be suspicious which it did but unfortunately the baby turned out to be his child after the second DNA test was conducted, clearing every suspicion.

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But I don’t know how comfort found out that I had a hand in it and called me for the first time to threaten me. According to her words, Caleb is the reason she’s still alive and if I should take him away from her. She won’t have any reason to live again and she won’t go down alone. She threatened to kill Caleb, Jessica and everyone who stood in her way before committing suicide. Of course I knew she was deadly serious about it and had no choice than to keep my mouth shut for Jessica’s sake. The poor woman has no reason to die over something she knew nothing about. I kept quiet to protect Jessica and her baby. Still the d–n girl shot me. She tried to kill me’’ he summarized with a heavy tone, leaving the room deadly quiet after his long speech.

Jessica instantly began crying while my mother drew close and held her. My good friend, the priest instantly cleared his throat.

‘’finally we have gotten rid of the devil and every secret has been revealed. We should all thank God that things ended the way it did. Let’s now forget about the past and forge ahead with our lives. My son Caleb made a mistake by cheating on his wife and there isn’t any doubt he paid dearly for it. But God forgave him the moment he realized his sins and ran to him. I still remember the very first day he came to me, crying and confessing. I told him what to do and he followed it to the last. Please let us forgive him. He has suffered enough’’ he begged everyone, leaving his gaze on Jessica who wiped her tears , drew close and sat beside me.

‘’marriage is for better or for worse. We made the vow together and I have always stayed by your side. Yes I have long forgiven you. I have nothing against you and I do love you with all my heart’’ she breathed, forcing tears down my eyes with her words.

‘’what matters most is learning from your mistakes. A man who makes a mistake and tries to correct it, is indeed a real man. You are a real man, my love’’ she breathed and kissed me, creating an emotional scene with her action.

‘’we also have to beg the young detective with us here. We have to appeal to him to close this case. If not Caleb may end up in another trouble if he proceeds with the case’’ my mother in law added, making everyone to face the detective, pleading at the same time. Detective Johnson blushed and looked down.

‘’yes I will find a way to close the case. We are all like family now. Isn’t it so’’ he said with a calm smile. Everyone clapped with happiness…


I was discharged from the hospital four days later, returning home to meet a great homecoming party my wife organized for me. My family, friends, colleagues were all present and it was such a happy reunion and a new beginning for me and my lovely wife.

Comfort never showed up till this day and nothing on earth would make me cheat on my wife ever again.

Cheating is bad. One way or the other you will get to pay for it. i almost lost my job, my family and my life over it. I was definitely lucky to survive in the end…. I sought for redemption on time and God helped me. Moreover I had an understanding wife and a great family..

Please dear friends, try to understand and stand by your spouse in difficult moments. Remember two heads are better than one..

Jessica and i still live together as one happy family till this day. Our house now filled with kids.




Finally we’ve gotten to the end of this amazing and captivating journey 🥰🥰

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