Mr lecturer 2 episode 5 – 8

Mr. Lecturer 🤩🤩

Episode 5

The senator’s daughter showed up at my house the following evening and in the presence of my wife, i told her my story, keeping nothing but little details to myself.
Just like i described in the first part of this story, the girl was a very matured young lady which made opening up to her a little easy for me. Moreover desperation takes away all atom of shame when you are out of options. And of course i was very desperate. Yes very, very desperate.

“you have quite a very long and interesting story sir. I will talk to my dad tonight, and if he’s willing to help you, i will give you a call to come over to our house tomorrow. Your case is just a small one to him” she promised after listening patiently while i thanked her with all my heart.

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I also couldn’t help but be pleased with the help i gave to her the previous year. Seriously i never knew she would help me one day.
“so what now?” my wife asked as soon as she left. I breathed deeply and shrugged.
“let’s just wait and hope for her call my dear” i answered. She reached forward and held my hand.
“seriously i really still don’t buy the idea of you going through all these length just to keep your lecturing job. Don’t you think perhaps your destiny is set in another job?” she breathed with great concern. I smiled and kissed her reassuringly.

Early the next day, the senator’s daughter called me on phone. I was overly excited as i answered her call. My heart pounded loudly.
“you can come over to the house by 2pm, my dad is ready to help you. Please don’t come a minute late, i beg of you” she said seriously, leaving a happy smile on my face with the news. Of course i had great hope in the old senator, because I very well knew what a politician like him could do for me.
By 2pm i was already in the Senator’s mansion, very anxious and a bit nervous. His daughter dutifully showed up and led me to his study.

“just act cool, my dad can be annoying sometimes” she whispered to me before disappearing, leaving me all alone in the study. I however didn’t stay alone for too long. The senator soon appeared, looking very serious and unfriendly. I nervously greeted him while he nodded in acknowledgement as he studied me slowly.
“young man, for the record you should know i don’t entertain embarrassing situations like yours, but i’m just helping for the sake of my daughter. Now spill your story and be fast” he said with a very authoritative tone.
I told him my story from the very beginning to the end, hiding nothing. When i was done, he breathed deeply and stared at me seriously.

“now listen up, you have to make a move like a politician. First package your story very well, talk with your Comfort, get her to your side and also get her to collaborate it all. Lastly, talk to the press and leave the rest to me” he said while i smiled with great relief.
“but don’t smile yet because with your story, i see Comfort as a very desperate lady and with my experience in politics, i know getting her to collaborate your story will make you reaching a new deal with her. You can’t win this game without her to back you up openly and i sure know she will definitely cash in on it. I only pity your wife” he concluded and got up, leaving me totally weak as his words took over my entire body.
Of course the old man was very right.

Episode 6..
After leaving the Senator’s house, i headed straight to a small bar close to my neighbourhood to think things through. Yea I so badly needed to calm my head and think straight, especially on what to say to my wife.
Of course the senator was d–n right, Comfort won’t help me without making new demands. Something that could ruin the new relationship i was building with my wife.
“My God, but i need my job back. Where in this country will i get a better job in few months?” i asked myself, breathing heavily as i stared at the bottle of stout before me.
I so badly needed cash. I had so many problems waiting on me with just little balance left in my bank account.

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“dear Lord, please make my wife understand when i talk to her. Please make her see reason in my request. I have to tell her everything. She has to understand, please” i prayed miserably, fighting hard to control my emotions. Just that moment a man walked up to me, greeted polietly and settled down on a chair, facing me.

“i’m Mr Victor Moses, from Vanguard Newspaper. We spoke on phone the other day, i hope you remember?. Actually I was in the Senator’s house when i saw you walk in through the other door, and i followed you as you left, hoping for an opportunity like this one” he said softly while i stared at him speechlessly, not knowing what to say. Of course I wasn’t pleased with his presence and i equally wasn’t happy over the way he was stalking me, but he was a pressman and i sure needed him.
“just drop your card or phone number. I will call you when i’m ready to talk” i said calmly. He studied me for some seconds, shrugged with resignation and handed over his contact card to me.
“i will be expecting your call sir” he said, got up and left.

Thirty minutes later, i returned to my apartment to see my wife a bit worried and anxious.
“my love i hope all went fine?” she asked as she opened the entrance door for me. I nodded silently, settled on a couch.and breathed deeply. She dutifully joined me, holding my hands softly.
“i’m all ears my love. Tell me how did it go with the Senator?” she demanded seriously, leaving me with no choice than to tell her every single detail of my discussion with the senator.
She listened calmly, her face growing cold as i revealed everything to her. Her eyes lighted up as soon as i was done.

“what if Comfort asks you to kick me out of the house in order to help you. Will you do it?” she asked, leaving me defenceless.

“seriously i think you are putting much priority in getting your job back than building your family. I just don’t know what to say” she breathed sadly.
“my love c’mon, what will you have me do?. Sit idle and let the job that is still within my reach slip away?. How fast do you think it will be to get another job?, or do you think i will be comfortable seeing you run the house all alone?. C’mon i’m a man, trust me on this” i begged desperately.
“supposing i’m the one in this mess. I cheated with a colleague and i’m now begging you to allow me go back to the same colleague and work with him as if nothing happened while you are yet to live through the old mistake i made with him. Will permit me?. Now my love, your answer will determine mine. So talk to me. Will you permit me?” she asked with voice laden with pain and dissapointment.

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I just couldn’t utter a word. Of course her question threw me in a very tight position. Saying “yes” was a big lie and saying “no” could ruin everything.
I simply was speechless. Very, very speechless….

Episode 7

“My love” i breathed, clearly confused on what next to say.
“just answer honestly, i beg of you” she insisted, throwing me apart with her demand.

“fine you want the truth, here it is. I won’t accept” i murmured with resignation. She breathed deeply and drew back with a cold smile on her face.
“so tell me the reason you won’t accept?” she pushed on, getting on my nerves with her prying questions.
“my love, please stop. Let’s just forget it” i begged sadly. She caressed my face with her left hand, staring deep into my eyes.

“of course you won’t accept because no matter how hard we try to forget a painful past, it still lives on in our memory and we are scared of it happening again” she said softly.
My eyes fell with great pain and regret. Of course it was a bad idea telling her everything and hoping she would play along.

“so tell me, how do you feel right now?” she asked. I swallowed hard and shrugged. I really was fed up with her annoying questions.
“anyway you can go talk with Comfort and see if she can help you without making unnecessary demands. I have no problem with it as long as it will make you happy” she suddenly added, shocking me with the unexpected words.

I quickly sat up with surprise, a big smile appearing on my face. She nodded and equally forced out a smile.
“i just don’t know what to say right now my love. Thank you” i breathed happily, drew forward and kissed her affectionately. She closed her eyes, saying nothing more.

Deep down i knew she was far from happy. I also knew she simply allowed me to go on with my plans just to make me happy. Of course she looked very hurt and i just couldn’t help but pray that the situation doesn’t affect her health or cause her to lose our baby she was carrying. It would be a fatal blow to her and to me as well.
I also couldn’t help but wonder what Comfort’s demands would be. Of course i very much knew she would make demands even though i tried not to accept the reality..

I spent all night thinking about everything, managing to sleep around 3am in the morning, and waking up by 9am to hear my mother in law’s voice coming in from the sitting room as she discussed with my wife. I smiled to myself, happy that the old woman visited to keep her daughter company. It was something i so badly wanted.

I quickly freshened up and headed to the sitting room to greet her, but on getting to the connecting door between the sitting room and corridor leading to our bedroom, my wife’s voice stopped me.
“mum you don’t know how i feel. I’m dying with pain. He so badly needs his job back that he’s willing to do anything for it. You could have seen the joy in his eyes when i accepted that he should go talk to the miserable husband snatcher called Comfort” she sobbed. I simply froze as the words hit my ears, not knowing what to do than to stand quietly and listen.

“mum you know that girl can do anything. She’s pregnant and in the village where every form of witchcraft is easily accessible. What if she gives him something to eat, or does something to turn his eyes away from me?” Mum i’m tired. This isn’t the life i wanted” she complained to her mum, forcing me to return to my room, where i hid, pondered over her words and cried like a man….
Of course this also wasn’t the life i wanted, but I had to do my best to live with my mistake.
“I have to see Comfort, no matter what” I resolved.

Episode 8

I finally picked up myself after some minutes, headed to the sitting room and pretended as if i was just waking up. My wife faked a smile on seeing me while my mother in law greeted me pleasantly..
“mum said she had a very strange dream last night and so had to rush over to see me. She’s also spending the night here with us” my wife said sweetly as i sat beside her. I instantly thanked her mother over and over.

We spent some time together before I finally headed to Comfort’s home for the great task ahead. Yea the time was exactly 12nøon when i left my house and headed out of town.

Gosh i was so nervous and shaken. I definitely was oblivious of what to expect. I prayed hard as i drove, begging God to be by my side.
1:35pm, Comfort’s home
I parked my car in front of the quiet compound, made the sign of the cross before alighting from my car. I nervously made my way into the compound, missing few steps as i sighted Comfort’s father standing on the veranda.
“d–n old man” i cursed as i remembered the great scene he created in my office which led to my suspension.
He grew serious on sighting me while i boldly walked towards him, greeting politely when i got close to him. He responded a bit coldly.

“please sir i really wish to speak with Comfort and it’s kind of urgent” i begged after exchanging pleasantries with him. He studied me for some seconds before shrugging.
“she went to the hospital but here she is” he answered, pointing towards the gate. I turned to see Comfort coming with a sweet smile on her face. She looked way better than the last time i saw her.

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“wow, good afternoon, can you imagine i dreamt about you last night. You never informed me you were coming, why?” she giggled happily while i shrugged, saying nothing. Her father stared at us for some seconds, shook his head and left us to be alone.
“fine, i know all isn’t well, let’s sit here and talk” she added, pointing to a small bench close by. I obeyed, sat down with her on the bench, faced her and breathed deeply.

“well i guess you already have heard that i lost my job due to the mess your parents created for me, but i still have a small window of opportunity in getting it back and i do need your help in it. All you have to do is simply to come out publicly and collaborate my story. You know till now that you are yet to make any statement concerning our relationship and i have powerful friends who are willing to help if you as much as come out in public to defend me” i explained solemnly. Her eyes instantly lighted up. I stared at her hopefully.
“you ruined my life and left me in the village, my parents ruined yours and left you jobless. You are now here begging me to help you fix your life back without any consideration for my own life. Anyway i will help but my demand still remains the same. I deserve the same right, privilege and respect your wife enjoys. My bride price will also be paid and a decent apartment arranged for me and my baby. Of course you don’t expect me to defend you publicly from my father’s house?” she demanded seriously, igniting my temper with her words. I felt like strangling her that moment but controlled myself as i weighed the options before.
“of course you know your demands are very unrealistic. Supposing i even wish to pay your bride price where do i get the money from?. I’m already broke and jobless, moreover my wife won’t take this s–t” i breathed.

“your wife, your wife, your wife?. What am i then?. In case you don’t know, i’m going to be the mother of your first son, better start planning ahead. As for your job, i will help you get it back and equally take all the shame, fall and blame if you just fulfill my demands. That’s my final word. Infact do you think it will be easy for an expectant mother like me to come out openly and bail you out with all the curse and nasty comments the public will throw at me. If you are ready, just do the right thing” she breathed, got up and headed inside the house, leaving me totally ripped apart….

Yes i was totally crestfallen. The two sides to my position was as deep as grave. The options before me were totally unimaginable. I just couldn’t live being jobless and i equally couldn’t live letting my wife down over again.
What do i do?….