Mr lecturer 2 episode 9 – 10

Mr. Lecturer

Episode 9

As i got up to leave, Comfort’s father appeared once again, staring at me curiously. It was obvious he heard everything.
“so what’s up between you and my daughter?, did you come to take her back to the city?” he asked with a strange smile. I scoffed, shook my head and walked out on him. A behaviour i instantly regretted as soon as i got to my car.

As i drove back home that hot afternoon, i thought of what to tell my wife and how to face her in the presence of her mother. It really would have been a lot better keeping everything away from them but as things stood, lying to my wife would definitely worsen my case because of course she would find out in the end.
I just couldn’t imagine what the future had in store for me. I scratched my head as I remembered the priest’s words . For the first time, I had some doubts over them.
I drove home with a heart plagued with confusion.

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Jessica and her mother were in the sitting room when i got home. They clearly looked anxious, very curious to know how things went with Comfort. With Jessica’s soft eyes on me, lying became an option i couldn’t dare take.
“so how did it go my love?” she asked with a soft whisper. I shrugged and forced out a smile
“She repeated the same list of demands she has been making since she got pregnant. She wants to have the same right as you do, a good apartment and her bride price paid before she helps out” i opened up. Jessica instantly coloured up while her mum sighed with anger.

“but please be rest assured that i will never do anything that can hurt you . I rather remain jobless than hurt your feelings again” i slowly added, reaching forward and leaving a kiss on my wife’s lips. She stared at me with a look of disbelief. I smiled nervously.

“i have to go rest my dear. I’m so tired” i breathed, got up and headed to our bedroom. But as i shut the connecting door between the sitting room and corridor leading to the bedrooms, i stopped and eavesdropped on what she was going to discuss with her mother.
I knew they had a lot to talk behind my back and i equally knew she always shared her mind freely with her mother just like she did in the morning.
“mum i feel like doing something to that girl. I’m so annoyed right now. Imagine demanding for an equal right after breaking my home” i soon heard her cry to her mum.

“you have to use your head my dear. As a good wife you got to support your husband. There isn’t any doubt he’s regretting every mistake he made. Just help him get his job back. Help him get back his destiny. Who knows in the next twenty years he could be the school Vice chancellor and you will have the fruits of your sacrifice before you” her mother spoke in a very surprising manner, leaving my heart swelling with joy…
‘do you think so?’ she asked
” my dear as a wife you sometimes have to put your pride and happiness aside to support your family . Even if it looks insane doing it. Your husband badly needs that job. Sacrifice your feelings for him.” she advised. I felt like crying as I listened on .

Later in the evening, after a very wonderful dinner. My wife looked up at me with eyes filled with love and care while her mum nodded in support.
“go ahead, pay the silly girl’s bride price, rent an apartment and do all she demanded. If you don’t have enough money with you. Mine is available” she spoke softly, leaving me filled with shame, happiness and gratitude.

“my love” i breathed, shaking with great excitement.
“please don’t say anything to me” she stopped me, got up and ran to our room. I tried going after her, but her mum stopped me.
“let her be for now, you can go in later. But please don’t ever forget this moment” she said seriously. I nodded and swallowed hard.

Even though i was happy, i equally was ashamed of myself for putting my wife in such situation.
Suddenly Jessica’s cry ripped through the building, throwing us up.
“what’s wrong?” my mother in law asked.
“i don’t know” i answered and ran to our bedroom where i saw my wife crying with her hands on her stomach.
“i feel terrible inside. My baby. My stomach. No no no” she cried.

Episode 10

“we have to take her to the hospital right away. She’s losing the baby” my mother in law cried with desperation. I trembled as her words sent cold fear into my heart. I knew what losing the baby could do to my wife. I just couldn’t imagine what the effect would do to our family.

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“no mum, it’s better i stay here. I can’t move right now. I can’t risk it. My stomach is turning and biting badly” my wife managed to say, battling hard to hold down her stomach with her hands.
“my love, i can carry you to the car, just hold on tight” i added, reaching forward to grab her but she shook her head.

“don’t worry my love, just pick up my phone, search for Dr Sandra and call her. She’s a good friend and will come right away to help” she begged softly, faced her mum and demanded for a cup of water which was dutifully brought for her._

Dr Sandra showed up twenty minutes later, looking very serious and concerned. My mother in law led her to our bedroom while i waited in the sitting room with prayers on my lips.
“Dear lord, don’t let anything happen to her or the baby please. It’s all my fault. I should be the one to suffer, not the innocent baby or my wife” i prayed. I begged. I cried.

The doctor came out fifteen minutes later with my mother in law behind her.
“your wife is stable at the moment, but i can’t say how safe she will be, keeping the baby with her current health situation. Her body seems not to be accepting the pregnancy and my advice is for her to be moved to a private clinic where she can easily be looked after or where she could have at least total bed rest without anything to disturb or stress her” she said calmly.

“don’t worry about that doctor. Just like i told you in the bedroom. I will take her to my house tomorrow, and when she gets more stable, will take her to the capital city where she will get the best treatment” my mother in law added. The doctor shrugged, smiled and left.
I quickly ran to our bedroom, to see Jessica looking pale and tired. I sat on the bed, beside her, holding her hands.
“my love don’t be scared, i know our baby will be born” i said with a sweet smile. She nodded and smiled back at me.
“yes i know dearest. I promise nothing will happen to him. His name will be CALEB, handsome and intelligent like his father” she added sweetly.

“that’s my girl” i said happily, leaving a kiss on her lips. She blushed.
“but i’m just worried.” she complained..
“my love please don’t be” i said reassuringly. She shook her head and breathed deeply.
“my mum wants me to leave with her tomorrow. It’s good for the baby but i’m worried about you. How are you going to cope without me?” she asked. I drew forward and kissed her again.
“don’t worry about me. Just go with your mum. It’s best for the baby” i said seriously. She closed her eyes, saying nothing again.

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The following evening, my wife left the house with her mother and it really was quite a touching moment especially as we held on to each other as we kissed good bye.

She left with a part of me but it was all for the best.
Early the next day, i headed to my father’s house to seek his support and equally plan things concerning Comfort’s bride price with him. But the old man surprised me by saying that he wasn’t going to be part of such move, leaving me totally confused and empty.
“my son, i love you very much. You are my pride and everything but i’m not going to bring myself too low by accompanying you to the girl’s house for anything again. I’m an elder and there is a limit to what i can subject myself to. Of course you have my support, but i can’t go with you. Just get a couple of friends, go there and pay what ever they ask for. That’s it my son” he said seriously, giving me no chance to argue. But thinking of it, i saw wisdom in his words.

“A bride price paid without the presence of the man’s family as witness is as good as something that never happened”…
Deep down, i was far from being at ease. Anything could still happen…