Mr Teacher

Mr teacher episode 14

Mr teacher episode 14
Leah slowly sat up now and asked,
“Do you know who I’m?”
“Yes…” I stammered. “Your name is Leah.”
“Leah what?” She asked.
I stuttered for an answer but came up blank so she offered the answer. “My name is Leah Mathew and I’m from Bayelsa state. I have no single family or relative here in Lagos.”
I swallowed hærd. “Then, how come you are in Lagos?”
“Because where I’m, you don’t need family or relatives to get by. You are all by yourself.”
I realized now that she looked pale and when I carefully reached out and touched her arm, it was cold. I withdrew my hand in horror. “How did you get in here?” I asked.
“Does it matter?” She answered with a question then a sinister smile appeared on my face. “You drugged me, didn’t you?”
I felt shame totally envelope me and I sheepishly looked away. “If you had succeeded in raping me, I’d have killed you.” She said and I stared at her in shock on how bold she sounded. “But I’ve other plans for you.”
“Please forgive me…” I pleaded, now scared for my life.
“That was the exact words the man who cost me my life said.” She answered and I gave her a surprised and puzzled look. “And he has been roaming the streets of Bayelsa for the last seventeen years for what he did to me.”
I was sweating now even though the atmosphere in the room was cool. “What are you talking about?”
“I’m supposed to be thirty two years this year but I’m stuck. My dream was to grow up, become a lawyer and have my own family but that man who called himself a man of God made that impossible!” She hissed venomously. “I was fifteen years old when my problems started. I was having repeated bad dreams of falling in an endless abyss and it made me scre-m always in my sleep. When it was during the day, I was happy and cheerful but once night drew near, I was dismal and scared. My fear was so great that I trained myself not to sleep and I would only sleep in the morning, even during classes in school. While some thought that i I was pregnant, others thought that I was a witch.”
One day, after a new priest was posted to our church, he was leading the congregation in prayers when he paused and stretched his hand towards the congregation and with his eyes closed, he said, “There’s someone here. The devil is seeking your soul. He has been visiting you in your dreams, pulling you closer to him that you find it difficult to have a normal life like other people. The Lord has told me today, that if you do not come for a week’s deliverance, prayer and fasting, your funeral will take place.”
I thought nothing of it but with the way my parents turned to look at me, I knew that they be had already concluded that the priest was referring to me. After the service, my mother coerced me into going to see the priest in his office. While he attended to us, he kept staring at me while mother told him about my dilemma. My mother even told him that I hærdly slept anymore but I knew that I had insomnia and this had nothing to do with any evil spirit. My parents were illiterates so they had little knowledge about most things. My mum insisted that I was being haunted by a spiritual husband who was trying to get me in my dreams.
The priest told my mum that the reason was because I was too beautiful and such traits were bound to attract an Incubus. He declared that I must pray and fast for seven days and a deliverance must be performed on me to cleanse me of the evil spirit. I decided to play along because I wanted everything to be over with but when he stated that I must live in the church till everything was over and I was never to go to school, I started to protest and my mother snapped at me to shut up and that it was an abomination before the eyes of God to talk back at the Lord’s anointed or defy his orders so I kept mute.
That day, my mum brought me back to the church in the evening with a few of my clothes and the other necessities that would last me throughout my stay. I was given a small room in the priest’s quarters to inhabit for the meantime. The first day my socalled deliverance began, the priest came into the room and told me to remove my clothes and kneel down in front of him to pray in my undies. When I asked why, he said that I was not to disobey a man of God’s orders. Unwillingly I complied. After praying for twenty minutes with his hand on my head, he would anoint my forehead, my cle-vage and my crotch, claiming that the anointing oil would repulse my spiritual husband.
This happened the next day. The same thing happened but it was worse this time. He placed his hand on my head to pray while I knelt before him and this time his crotch was brushing my face and the way he shook my head while praying only made matters worse for my face kept slamming into his crotch. When my mother came to visit me that evening, I tried to tell her but she didn’t even let me finish. She scolded me seriously and told me not to slander the priest’s name or God would punish me so I kept my words to myself. My mother so much believed abd trusted in pastors or priests that she respected them more than she respected my father. In fact, she worsh¡pped the very ground priests or pastors walked on.
My mother could postrate on the floor when she saw a priest coming and she could do almost anything that was asked of her. She believed that if she did all these things, God would bless her abundantly when anyone said anything against a priest, she would flare up and defend rhe priest as if she knew what he could or could not do. Anytime my father was broke and needed money from her to tend to some family matters, she would claim that she had no money but anytime a priest asked for donations like chairs or other things, money will automatically become available and she would purchase double. She was the vice president of the church women association and would never miss anything. Sometimes, she would go to the church to wash the priest’s clothes while she forced my father’s laundry on me.
The next morning which was the third day, the priest came into my room and the same process happened. He was practically car-ssing his swollen crotch against my face while he claimed to pray. When he was done, he told me to open my mouth, dipping his index finger into the bottle of anointing oil, he placed it on my tongue and told me to s-ck on his finger which he slowly t—-t in and out of my mouth. I only stared at him in confusion until he pulled his finger out and licked it himself then he told me to rise and turn my back to him, when I did, he anointed my buttocks and my br-asts through my undies. I said nothing to anyone because I thought that if my own mother didn’t believe me then no one else will.
The fourth day, he came around yet again and told me that out prayers would be longer this time because we were drawing close to the end of the deliverance. Asking me to close my eyes as usual after making me strip. He didn’t put his hand on my head this time but on my br-asts then slid his hand into my b-ra. He would twist one n—-e then do the same to the other as he murmured incoherent words he claimed to be speaking in tongues. When he was done, he asked me to take off my p-nties and lie down on the bed then told me to spread my legs. Telling me that he would anoint me this time with his powerful tongue of prayer, he stuck out his tongue and licked me. I flinched but he was not done yet. He moved his tongue to my tiny opening and dipped the tip of his tongue into it.
I didn’t understand what was happening and I didn’t like it one bit. After running his tongue across my v—-a in the guise of anointing it, he k-ssed my c–t and told me to get dressed and as he walked out, I noticed the tent in his robe but I said nothing, ate the food my mother had brought for me then slept. The next day which was Friday before I could even dress my bed, the priest was already in my room before the usual time. He instructed me to kneel down that he just had new instructions from God and that it was very important that he prayed with me now. He claimed that my spiritual husband was very angry and that he has threatened to take my life very soon.
I undresed and knelt down but this time, he said that I had to be completely unclad for the prayer to be very effective and I reluctantly discarded my undies. When I knelt down, he told me that I was never to open my eyes no matter what happened if I wanted to save my life. He said that the angel of the Lord was going to descend from heaven to do wonderful cleansing to my body and I was never to open my eyes, not even a peek or everything we have been doing would go to complete waste. I nodded my head and closed my eyes then he began to fondle my br-asts and twisting my n-pples. I tried to cover my chest with my hands to make him stop but he only pushed my hands out of the way and continued as he murmured words of prayers that I couldn’t hear.
Soon, I felt something soft and warm push against my l-ips. A sticky liquid touched my tongue and I grimaced at it’s strange saltiness. Whatever it was came again and forcefully parted my l-ips, sliding into my mouth. I heard the priest mutter “S-ck on the Angel’s rod of deliverance and you shall have your miracle!” Then he slid into his inaudible prayer again. Reluctantly, I began to s-ck on whatever was in my mouth and it kept sliding in and out of my mouth. Unknown to me, I had s—-d the priest’s d–k for ten minutes when he told me to rise then he helped me lie on the bed since my eyes were closed.
I waited and I could hear the ruffling sound of his robe. Just when I thought the prayers will continue, I felt his warm mouth on one of my n-pples and I shuddered. As he s—-d my n—-e, he stroked my v—-a with his fingers. He s—-d me for a while and my body reacted in a strange way it had never done before. Soon, I felt him spread my thighs and kneel in between my legs. I had no idea what was happening because my mother never gave me any s€× education, all she emphasized on was that I must at all cost end up like Esther in the Bible who married a king and brought wealth to Mordecai.
The priests held my h¡ps with both hands and I felt something soft and warm brushing against my opening where I bled through every month. Suddenly the soft object pressed hærd against my opening and I winced but it didn’t stop. I tried to open my eyes but the priest reminded me that the devil would take my life if I did or resisted the miracle rod of a man of God so I tried to remain still. The soft object pushed again and with much force suddenly popped into me and I let out a cry of pain. Immediately I felt a hand clamp down on my mouth to muffle my cries. Whatever soft object had broken into me and invaded in,side of me now felt very hærd and I could hærdly breathe.
When my cries died down, the priest removed his hand from my mouth and told me that this was the painful process to eject the spiritual husband from my life and make my body repulsive to the demon. I thought that was all he had to do to my body but I was wrong.
To Be Continued…

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